Special Victims Unit: A Story Of A Survivor

A Harry Potter/Law & Order: SVU Crossover

Part One

Chapter One

Author Note/Disclaimer: The book series was created and owned by J.K. Rowling. I take no credit in the amazing and creative world she made. The only thing I own is my imagination and any original characters you may see. I also do not own the series Law & Order: SVU, that was created by Dick Wolf. Any characters you see in this story from the show are not mine. I'm just using them for my own amusement.

This story was adopted from severus-is-my-man5690. Some parts of first and second chapter is severus-is-my-man5690, but I have also added to these chapters.

Summary: The Dursley's decide to take a trip to America, bringing Harry with them. There the Dursley's get caught red handed in an attempt to rid the boy. Will justice be served? Will Harry be able to overcome his pain and anger? Will he become a Survivor? A Fighter? Will he find a miracle in a world of darkness?

Pairings: Harry Potter/?

Settings: Takes place in the sixth year of Harry Potter, but it is different than the book in some instances. It takes place three years before season one of Law & Order: SVU.

Warnings: Torture, Cursing, Sexual Intercourse Scenes, M/M Coupling, M/F Coupling, F/F Couplings, Crude Language, Slavery, Rape, Attempted Rape, Talk of Rape, Kidnapping, Black Mailing, Drugs, Drug Dealing, Underage Drinking, Murder, Suicide, Racism, Racial Labeling, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Mental Abuse, Weapons, Stealing, Statutory Rape, Manipulative Dumbledore, Bashing of Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Dumbledore, ect. There may be bashing of other characters (depending)

"Prison Sex"

By: Tool

It took so long to remember just what happened.
I was so young and vestal then,
you know it hurt me,
but I'm breathing so I guess I'm still alive
even if signs seem to tell me otherwise.
I've got my hands bound,
my head down, my eyes closed,
and my throat wide open.

Do unto others what has been done to you

I'm treading water;
I need to sleep a while.
My lamb and martyr, you look so precious.
Won't you come a bit closer;
close enough so I can smell you
I need you to feel this;
I can't stand to burn too long.
Released in this sodomy.
For one sweet moment I am whole.

Do unto you now what has been done to me.

You're breathing so I guess you're still alive
even if signs seem to tell me otherwise.
Won't you come just a bit closer;
close enough so I can smell you
I need you to feel this.
I need this to make me whole.
There's release in this sodomy.
For I am your witness that
blood and flesh can be trusted.
And only this one holy medium brings me piece of mind.

Got your hands bound, your head down,
your eyes closed.
You look so precious now.

I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this
shit blood and cum on my hands.

I've come round full circle.
My lamb and martyr, this will be over soon.
You look so precious.

17th August 1996

Surrey, Little Whinging

Southeast England

7:30 A.M.

The streets of Surrey were deserted and quiet as the residences of the small community remained within doors, hidden away from the humid, hot, heat of summer. Lawns of the prestige owners had long since died and gone old. No longer were the lawns a fresh and glinting dark green, but now a dead yellowish brown. Flowers that were once full of life were now wilted and weeds. Only one house had a perfect lawn, even though many had decided to preserve the water for other more useful uses.

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of Number Four Private Drive were the type that many would call ordinary, mundane, if you will. Mr. Dursley worked as a Director of Grunnings, had been for nearly twenty or so years. Mrs. Dursley was a housewife, left to her own devices during the day and spying over the neighbors for whatever gossip she could fine. The last of this small "perfect" family was their son, Dudley Dursley, a rather obese sixteen year old with a short temper and spoiled disposition.

Many never realized that there was another residence inside the house. This individual tended to keep to himself and made the Dursley's a not so normal family. Harry James Potter was well known within his own "people". He was famous and notorious for something he couldn't even recall. Over the years of attending Hogwarts, Harry had discovered that he should hide just who he really was.

Sixteen-year-old Harry Potter was a rather intelligent individual. It was not well known within the Wizarding World that he has an IQ of 187. It was also not well known that he has an eidetic memory, remembering an exceedingly large amount of information with extraordinary detail. It allows him to apply it to information gathered visually (especially things he's read); as well as successfully in auditory information. He is also able to read over 20,000 words a minute. It was thanks to his genius level of intelligence that he was able to continue his Muggle level schooling. Harry didn't want to remain within the wizarding world for the rest of his life. He had always had a dream of helping the Muggle world by using his intelligence to catch criminals.

Young Harry lazily lay upon his bed in the smallest bedroom of the house. His long limbs, with the help of potions from Madam Pomfrey, had allowed him to grow the correct height a sixteen-year-old boy should be. It also helped him with his malnutrition and physique. He now looked like any teenage boy that played sports and kept himself in shape, which he did. There wasn't much else he could do, unless he rather stay in the confines of his Aunt and Uncles home, which he shuttered at the very thought.

The sounds of muttering voices of his Aunt and Uncle walking down the hallway towards their bedroom made Harry freeze as he listened attentively to what his "family" was speaking of. How he hated living in Private Drive, the place he called hell on Earth. Most would think he was exaggerating the fact, but if only they knew what really want on behind the closed doors of Number Four Private Drive.

"Why take the boy?" Vernon grumbled with an angry huff.

Petunia sighed and crossed her bony arms over her equally bony and flat chest. "We could finally get rid of the brat, Vernon." Petunia hissed with a shake of her head. She wondered at times just how dense her husband could be.

Vernon gave a small hum, his beady eyes squinting in thought. He looked constipated, like it hurt to think. "Yes, yes that's a very good idea." He nodded his head in agreement before glancing at the boy's room, his eyes dark with malice.

"We can't do anything to him." Petunia snapped in a hiss. "What would people think of us if they saw him with bruises?" She demanded. Her dull, dark brown eyes glinted fiercely as she glared at her husband. "I won't let you ruin our image of a good family." She stated firmly. Image was everything to Petunia Dursley, as she was a rather boring looking woman and not very pretty, either. She had a long giraffe like neck, a thin bony body that had no meat and a flat chest.

The obese man nodded as he rubbed his chin as he tried to think of what they could do that would rid them of the boy. "Hmm…how about a vacation?" Vernon decided with a nod of his head. "It would be a perfect excuse. Perhaps New York City, we'd never been there yet." It was a well-known fact that the Dursley's tended to spend more money than they actually had. They loved flaunting their "wealth" and showing that they were better than others, which was far from fact.

"New York City does sound like an interesting place to visit." Petunia mused aloud with a hum. "Yes, I would like to see that city." She said with a smile. "I'll just go tell Dudders, you buy the tickets, and make sure the boy sits as far enough away from us as possible." Mrs. Dursley reminded with a nod.

Harry sighed as the conversation ended between his Aunt and Uncle. It was just his luck. Now he was going to be dragged off to New York City to be rid of. Hopefully, they just left him at a corner and he'd find the entrance to the Wizarding World in New York. He had educated himself on some fascinating facts about New York's Wizarding branch and wouldn't mind seeing it. As well as finally seeing The Statue of Liberty. He had read that it was truly a magnificent sight to see.

"Boy! Get packed and ready to go!" Vernon Dursley bellowed from the master bedroom. Harry silently thanked his mind that he had thought to buy a shrinkable chest and chain that could hang around his neck. As well as what he had done to make sure his money that he had inherited from his parents, godfather and a few other distant relatives, were never touched by anyone, except by him. It led him to buying new clothes that fit and were comfortable. With a sigh, Harry quickly and silently packed his trunk before shrinking it and hanging it around his neck.

With another heavy sigh, Harry began to pack an old knapsack with Dudley's old clothes. If there was one thing he was good at, it was out thinking his relatives, and this was just one of them. Turning to his beautiful owl, Harry sighed. "Hedwig." Harry murmured softly as he walked over to the snowy white owl. "I want you to head to Bill and Charlie's place. I want you to stay there for me, alright girl?" He ordered quietly, though he made it sound like a request. Hedwig gave a small hoot. "I want you to stay there." He muttered. "I don't want you searching for me. I have a bad feeling about this trip, and I don't want you getting hurt, alright pretty girl?" Harry gently pet his familiar with a smile filled with love and devotion for his owl.

It would break him if she was ever hurt. She was his only true best friend; his first friend and only friend that he could trust with all his secrets. Hedwig gave another small hoot and nipped her owner's finger. "I know girl. I'll miss you too." Harry stated in a whisper. "But you better go. Before Vernon or Petunia come in." Hedwig stared at her owner for one last time before giving a nod and jumping off her post and flying out the window. With a smile, Harry re-sized his trunk and placed his familiar's post and cage into the trunk. With a smile, he clipped the necklace around his neck. The necklace would only come off if he took it off.

At times, it was nice being a genius. Harry thought to himself as he made his way out of his bedroom. His knapsack hung over his shoulders as he trotted down the stairs and towards the Dursley's car. This would be a vacation he would never forget.

New York City

8:07 P.M.

It had been eight hours since the Dursley's and Harry Potter had arrived in New York City. Throughout the day Harry and the Dursley's did separate things. While the Dursley's went off to shop and out to eat, Harry walked amongst the city streets, seeing historic sights and going to a vendor to by a hotdog. During his visits to historic sights, Harry had given a very in-depth lesson on the history of many of the things he saw.

Harry knew he had shocked, surprised and impressed those that had actually stopped to listen to the genius that explained the history of the Statue of Liberty. As well as the history of many other building and museum artifacts he had seen during his walk through the city. It had been a very relaxing and pleasant day for Harry, and he hoped he'd have more of a relaxing trip in America.

Harry sighed heavily to himself as he continued to stare up at the tan painted ceiling of the hotel room he and the Dursley's were staying in. It was a rather nice hotel, considering where it was. With a furrow of his eyebrow, Harry wondered when this trip to New York was going to fumble, trip and break and become the trip from hell he knew was coming. Nothing good ever truly lasted for Harry James Potter. He had realized that early on in his life.

Harry twitched as he thought back to when he had finally discovered just how fake his "friends" truly were. He always knew Ronald Weasley and most of his family were backstabbing fakes. From the instant he met Ron on the train to Hogwarts first year he knew the other boy was a load of bullshit. Just like his family. How could a mother of seven, who had taken all her children to Platform Nine and Three Quarters, conveniently forget where it was at the exact time he arrived at Kings Cross Station. It was not likely. Everything from how he was picked up, to the history lesson he got from Hagrid and meeting Ron on the train, it was all a ploy to get him to be a good little disciple.

Harry knew this and he played along. He acted like the clueless little boy who was desperately in need of attention, affection and love. Now, he may want attention and love from someone or some people, but that didn't mean he wanted it from the fakes that followed Dumbledore like the sycophants he knew they were. It shouldn't take a genius to figure that out. Harry was relieved that he had at least some friends to count on. It wasn't well known, but Harry had been determined to be friends with those inside and outside of Gryffindor House, he just made sure it was kept secret.

With a yawn, Harry stretched out, popping his sore muscles and groaning at the pain his back was in. The hotel may look nice, but the beds surely needed to be updated. He thought to himself with another uncomfortable grunt. Shaking himself from his thoughts, Harry pushed himself up off the bed and walked over to the window. Taking a seat at the table he watched through the window as New York civilians went about their business.

If Harry hadn't accidentally walked in on Ron and Hermione talking, he would have never known the backstabbing friend Ron was. Learning this, Harry composed a scheme that would keep his heritage and money from the thieving hands of the wizards and the gold he, now they, thought they would get when he "died" fighting Voldemort because of a fake prophecy, would never happen. Dumbleore planted the Prophecy in the Department of Mysteries when he blackmailed an Unspeakable into helping him. If Albus Dumbledore had never had the blackmail on the Unspeakable, Harry knew the Unspeakable would have never had helped Dumbledore.

If there was one thing Harry had studied about an Unspeakable, it was that they cared more about their secret projects instead of destroying a life of an innocent child. Harry had listened to Ron explain to Hermione just what they wanted to do with the Potter line. They had wanted to wipe it out of existence. As legally, the Potter line was the richest. And if Harry remained alive, he became one of the richest wizards in Gringotts and the world, both wizarding and muggle. Harry had early on learned everything he could get his hands on, on the Potter line and whom his ancestors were. It turned out, that the Blacks and Potter's (among other families he inherited from) were related to many famous and rich wizards and witches throughout history, many of them being the Hogwarts Founders, Merlin, Le Fay and many others.

With a pounding headache, Harry rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back into the comfortable cushioned chair. He could hear the loud, pounding footsteps coming from down the hall, and what he presumed to be Dudley's whining to Petunia about some odd assortment of sweets he couldn't have this time. The sliding of the plastic hotel card 'key' was heard before his Uncle opened the door. "Pet, why don't you take Dudders to get those chocolates from the store a few blocks down. I'll only be a moment." Harry heard Vernon order. Pursing his lips, Harry warily waited for what was to come. The pit of his stomach began to turn in fear as his throat tightened with unease. Was his Uncle going to finally be "rid" of him?

"Of course Vernon." Petunia replied as Dudley whooped in the hallway. The married couple shared a silent look, communicating what they had spoken about earlier that day when the boy was gone and Dudley was distracted. Harry listened as the exchange of paper bills were swapped. Breathing in through his nose, to calm his nerves he watched in dread as Vernon walked through the door; grin vanishing from his face as he did so.

8:17 P.M.

"What do you think your doing?" Vernon demanded with a squint of his beady eyes.

Harry froze as he looked at his Uncle with wariness. "Sitting on a chair." He replied slowly, wondering just how stupid his Uncle was.

"Don't you speak to me like that you little freak!" Vernon hissed. Charging forward he grabbed Harry by the arm and threw him to the floor. Harry yelped in pain as his shoulder dislocated from the force of the sharp tug. As Vernon let him go, the sixteen year old crashed to the floor, his head slamming into the bed's leg. Harry protectively curled his arm to his chest to protect it from further damage.

Vernon's foot swung backwards before quickly swinging forward, slamming into Harry's chest. The sixteen year old gasped in pain as he felt a break in his ribs. He went breathless as it became harder to breathe the more times his Uncle kicked him in the stomach and chest. He was going to feel those in the morning. With a large stomp, Harry screamed in pain as the bones in his leg snapped from the pressure his Uncle put on it, breaking it.

The seconds passed slowly in what felt like hours. Harry could feel his head pulsating from the hit to the bed and the throbbing of his stomach and chest. He just wished to lose consciousness. Vernon grabbed Harry by the bloodied color of his shirt and lifted him up off the ground. "You're not going to pass out on me yet, boy!" He said as he sneered in his face. Harry smirked and spat in the older man's face. If he was going to die, he was going to put up a fight. Blood dripped down Vernon's face as the man turned an ugly reddish purple color.

"I – will – not – give – up – without – a – fight." Harry growled with breathless gasps between each word. His anger was clearly heard. He was not weak, and he was not helpless. He raised his foot and kicked, hitting Vernon in the nuts. Harry felt his body crumble to the floor as Vernon released him, grabbing onto his private parts with a groan. He hoped the bastard was in pain. Breathing heavy, Harry began crawling across the carpeted floor for the door. He was getting closer to the door when he felt Vernon grab his ankle. Turning to his side, Harry raised his other foot, and kicked the obese man in the face.

Harry relished in the loud crack that echoed in the room. He had broken his Uncle's nose. "I'll continue – to fight – until my – dying breath." Harry vowed through pants of breath with another kick, this time hitting his Uncle in the chin with his boots. Thank god he had decided to wear them today.

"Someone!" Harry screamed loudly. He knew. He knew someone would hear him. "Help me!" He yelled again. The sound of his Uncle approaching made Harry scream louder as he called out for help. Harry grunted as he was tackled by his Uncle. Over obese weight was not helping him breath. Shuttering for breath, Harry groaned as he felt his Uncle turn him over. Raising his one good arm he threw a punch at his Uncle's face. Skin on skin connected with a loud slap. If the evidence of what his Uncle left behind wasn't enough to put him behind bars when they discovered his body, then the evidence of his fight against his Uncle would.

Vernon reached to the side, haphazardly knocking over a lap and causing it to fall with a crash, and grabbed a bottle of whiskey that was on the dresser across from him. Grabbing it with thick hands he yanked the cap of the bottle off and tipped it over his nephew.

Harry fought back the scream forming on his lips as the burning of alcohol was poured over him. Harry pulled his head back and then swung forward, knocking heads together. The dizziness of the hit winded him for a moment before he crawled away from his momentarily stunned Uncle. He rolled away from the mess on the floor and began to crawl to the door again. Harry froze as a shoe stomped next to his head, blocking his escape from the door. He wasn't going to give up hope. It was all he had left in this nightmare from hell.

"I've had enough of you freak." Vernon growled angrily as he grabbed Harry by the back of the head. He yanked the sixteen-year-old up from the floor, holding his hair in a tight grasp. Harry bit down on his tongue, stopping his screams from emitting as he was forced to stand on his broken leg. At the height of five foot eleven, Harry knew he would continue to grow, to become the height of his own father, who stood at a height of six foot one. But for now, he was shorter than his Uncle, which made it easier for him to overpower him.

"Like I said," Harry grunted out from pain. "I'll keep fighting and fighting until you finally kill me." He promised with dark emerald green eyes. He stared the man in the eyes with a look that said; try all you want you won't break me, you've tried countless times before and it never worked, why should it now? Vernon glared and huffed at the blatant disrespect and fight that the boy had. Grudgingly Vernon admitted that Harry Potter was one tough son of a bitch.

Vernon gave a sickening smile. "I'll have you begging by the end." He stated with a nasty smirk on his face.

Harry gave a breathless laugh that held no amusement as he was tossed carelessly onto the hotel bed. His body felt weak and tired, but he'd fight, he'd fight with all he had left in him. "You can try." He released a hysterical laugh. "It won't work." He reiterated firmly. "I will never beg for you, you sick fuck." Harry spat a wad of blood at the monsters shirt.

"It won't matter then!" Vernon furiously bellowed. "I will kill you." He stated with darkness in his eyes that showed Harry the monstrous side of Vernon once again. This wasn't the first time he'd seen it. "But first, I'm going to get some enjoyment out of hearing you scream," He looked down at the defiant teenager, and knew he would have trouble with him. "While I rip every last bit of you're livelihood from you." Vernon advanced on the glaring boy who lay on his back.

"There's not much to rip or tear away." Harry spat with a dry laugh as he struggled and kicked at his Uncle, even with a broken leg. "Remember, this is not the first time you or Petunia have tried to shred me apart." He stated darkly. "It has not worked in the past Vernon, it will not work now." The raven-haired boy declared. "You will get yours Vernon Dursley, and I'll watch as you and Petunia loose everything." He felt his chest heave with pain and his eyesight blur and go in tunnel vision as the lost of blood began to affect him.

Vernon tried to ignore the words the freak stated as he tore the teenagers pants off and dispose of the undergarments in an uncaring fashion. Harry stared up at the ceiling at the sound of the zipper of his uncle's jeans reached his ears. As he felt the large member brush against his leg, Harry struggled once again against his Uncle. He tried to fight the man off of him, he fought to get off the bed, and he fought with everything he had in him. Harry froze in pain as he felt his Uncle's penis penetrate him. His eyes blurred with tears and his throat tightened and his jaw clenched against the pain he felt.

It was a familiar pain and the worse pain he felt when it was by force. Harry could feel his blood flowing from his anus and drip down his leg. It was often said that at the worst points in your life random thoughts will appear in your mind, the random thought that appeared in his mind was familiar lyrics he had become appreciated as it fit his life story.

"You're breathing so I guess you're still alive, even if signs seem to tell me otherwise. Won't you come just a bit closer; close enough so I can smell you, I need you to feel this. I need this to make me whole. There's release in this sodomy. For I am your witness that blood and flesh can be trusted. And only this one holy medium brings me piece of mind."

Harry's mind continued to echo the lyrics of Prison Sex by Tool, a song that had become his idol. His mind tried to run away from the pain his body felt and the painful memories it was trying to bring back, but Harry wouldn't allow it as he fought against Vernon Dursley while staring the obese man in the eyes. He wouldn't cower and he wouldn't show Vernon the pain he felt. Only anger showed in his eyes as he stared at the man he called family. He could feel Vernon pull out before thrusting harder back inside of him. His eyes were glossy with tears that he pushed back in sake of never giving Vernon the satisfaction that he had brought him pain.

They will find you. Harry's eyes showed. It infuriated Vernon that even being raped; Harry wouldn't allow him the satisfaction of breaking him. But Vernon had not and would not break him.

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Here is the OMC's personality/looks information for the Poll on my profile. It's to decide who Harry's partner will be.

Mikhail Zabini – He is a very handsome and muscular man. He has mocha brown colored skin; short, soft black hair and beautiful hyacinth eyes that sometimes look amethyst colored. His voice is seductive and smoky. Mikhail is confident, but not arrogant. He's easy-going, but determined when he needs to be. He's also very forgiving to those he loves. He's charming, an intellectual, resourceful, smooth talker, and an honorable person. Mikhail also loves his son very much. He's protective of those he loves and he'd do anything for them. He's a hard worker; he built his company from the ground up by himself. He's funny; he has a good sense of humor and imaginative. He's also generous and courageous. He's also a bit witty and sarcastic at times, but very trustworthy.

Nikolai Malfoy – He is an attractive and strong man. He has creamy pale skin; short, silky light blond hair that falls into his steel gray eyes. His voice is smooth and soft. He's inventive and sensible. He loves his family, but doesn't agree with them joining Voldemort. He can be a bit narrow-minded and headstrong when he puts his mind to something. Nikolai is also virtuous, he confirms to his moral and ethical principles. He's also stubborn, but not self-righteous. He's patient and pensive, but can also be gentle and suave. He can also be sardonic and harsh when he's upset or angry. He's trustworthy to those he loves.

Malachi Malfoy – He is a beautiful and shapely man. He has golden brown skin, chin length, dark blonde hair that falls into silver blue and crystal blue eyes (he has two different colored eyes). His voice is pleasant and husky. He's clever and ingenious. He loves his family, especially his younger siblings, but left them when his father became abusive towards him when he didn't agree to join Voldemort, Nikolai and Gregory took him away from the Manor. He's trustworthy towards those he loves and towards those he considers friends. He can be a bit straightforward, but knows when to be polite and vicious when he loses his temper. Malachi can also be very cheerful and sociable. He loves meeting new people. He's humble when it comes to his looks and always pensive on things. Malachi can be a bit rash and impulsive, but he knows when to be silent and watchful. He's also cynical and satirical when he thinks about his past or gets defensive.

Gregory Malfoy – He is a good-looking and sturdy man. He has lightly tanned skin, short, light brown hair that is usually messy and falls around his face. He has electric blue eyes. His voice is rich and steady. He loves his family, but is a bit too favorable to his oldest nephew. Malachi reminds Gregory of himself when he was the young man's age. He's precocious and wise, and willing to listen to what someone wants to say. He's dedicated and trustworthy to those he loves and constructive and creative. He knows when to be attentive and reliable. Gregory is a very organized individual and also responsible. He can be a bit cheeky and immature at times, but usually only when he's in a playful mood or trying to cheer someone up. He's hospitable and jovial to new people; he's always willing to make new friends. He's benevolent to those that he knows needs a little understanding. He can be a bit too nonchalant in serious situations. Gregory can also be obstinate and petty when he doesn't get his way.

Benjamin Rowle – He is attractive and manly. He has tanned skin, short auburn hair that is usually spiked up. He has sea green eyes and a low and soothing voice. He loves his brother, but doesn't believe in the Pureblood zealots, and so he left their crazy beliefs. He is an educated and talented man. He's truthful to a point that sounds harsh and he's also a trustworthy person. He can be cordial and genial. He loves making people smile and feel better. Benjamin can be a bit sullen when he doesn't understand something. He's known to be mischievous and rebellious when he's feeling immature. He's confident, but not cocky. He can be serious when he needs to be and can also be kind and considerate to others. He's a very persuasive person and earnest when he truly believes in something. He's also diligent, always watching those around him. He can seem to be a bit prejudiced, but that's usually against Pureblood wizards and witches and how they act.