Mother Knows Best

Author: Bunni Girl

Disclaimer: DON'T OWN DBZ. Get off my back. Damn.

Description: Basically every kid's nightmare: mom's matchmaking schemes. Only she's a Saiya-jin. And trapped behind a mirror. And... well, you get the idea.

Rating: PG-13 (Revised 2007: K+ for now, T in the later future for sexual situation, language, and violence).

Note: It's during the wonderful three years before the Androids arrive - however, it is an A/U. Bulma is not engaged to Yamcha...yet, and Vegeta is still living in CC.

Revised 2007: Okay, a few changes. I've rewritten huge parts of this, making it more coherent and understandable. I've also given more of an explanation for situations. When I first wrote this, I neglected to mention just WHY Vegeta had his tail when it was chopped off before and then the whole Namek market scene (which had to be left to the imagination before) will be included here, especially a nice bargain scene.

Vegeta's mom will not be some wuss - and will most likely be hard to love sometimes. She is Saiya-jin, so she's gonna be lying... going to be murderous... and all that - with the delightful contradiction of being crazy (since she IS a mom). Vegeta's mother will be explained more, her past given in small doses, and since she IS an original character, I'm hoping she's well-received.

I've revised all of the following chapters and included new ones at the end.

So not only will you laugh, but you'll be able to enjoy the subtle romance of manipulative mothers.

Mother Knows Best

Chapter One

Mother's Intuition


And staring into oblivion ..

And sighing ...

And... staring into oblivion ...

Then looking at the stars. So many, many stars. Oh look. A comet.


Dark eyes suddenly had frustration in them. Ugh, was there nothing to do except sigh and stare in the damn blasted oblivion??

Her brown tail twitched around a little, before settling around her waist. This was beginning to wear on her nerves. How long had she been like this? Stuck in the dark place .. floating in the endless space? Why did she have to have such a cruel punishment?

It's not like she hurt anyone.. well .. if you didn't count that one galaxy.

She had never committed any mortal sins (loosely speaking).

Never cheated (much).

Never lied (a lot).

I fact, she was a SAINT compared to most other Saiya-jins - as much as Saiya-jins could be saints. They even made FUN of her for being such a stickler. And still, she got the short end of the rope and was stuck behind this damn mirror for who knows how long.

Banging her head against the glass, the dark eyes stared at her faint reflection. Floating in space did get pretty boring after thirty years .. She stopped. Had she been in here that long? She looked back thoughtfully at her reflection, and smiled, feeling rather pleased with herself.

She didn't look a day over her thirty-first year ... which was an obvious lie because she was thirty-nine. Her raven hair with a purple tinge to it curled beautifully around her bangs, and sloped down her body. Her husband and son always loved to play with it, she remembered.

Sighing again, her thoughts drifted to her son and husband. Ever since... she winced not wanting to mention it, even to herself. Ever since "the incident", she longed for husband and son. Over time she felt her bond towards fade .. fade .. growing dimmer which each moonless night and sunless day, trapped behind the mirror in Oblivion. Finally she felt him. It was the most exciting thing to happen to her in such a long time. But woe, as quickly as it came it disappeared, never to be felt again.

Banging her head, now hard swift motions, against the cool glass, she glared at the space junk around her. 'What I wouldn't give to blast this all to kingdom come...' She would give anything for excitement. Sighing again, HFIL, what she wouldn't give to blast anything!

Opening her eyes, she sensed something. A small ship was making it's way across the space junk. She looked curiously at it. It's been so long since she saw a ship, let alone another living being.

Yet she had the feeling she should conceal herself. Disappearing, she watched behind the glass, hidden and curious. Unbeknownst to her, she would get her wish soon enough - she would see her son.


A green alien mass of eyes and fat chuckled to itself. This mirror would make a fine buy. It looked as if fit for a queen. Gold everywhere and such clarity of a reflection. His greedy eyes roved over it.

He smirked. Oh yes, he would get a handsome price for this item. Chuckling more to itself, it drove in the direction of New Namek. There would be a sucker for sure to buy this item.


Her black eyes narrowed as she watched the ugliest alien to ever grace her with it's presence chuckle maliciously.

Leaning against the glass, she somehow felt despaired. 'I wonder Vegeta is doing now..' Somehow she smiled. Whatever her son was doing, she knew it was yelling... Call it mother's intuition.


All mothers are nuts, says Holden Caulfield.