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2 Years Later

Rose Weasley

Rose Weasley where are you?

Stop ignoring me. WHERE ARE YOU?

Hmm… I have a sudden urge to talk to that gossiper Nurse Jaime over there and tell her about the interesting shapes you were able to make with your body last night in bed.

Don't you dare. I'm in my office, you dunce.

The Office of Rose Weasley, Assistant Head of Lycanthropy Department and Coordinator of Press Relations

"Why'd you call me a dunce?" Scorpius asked with a bit of mock hurt as he shoved through the doorway with two takeout bags from Le Bon Mot.

"Because the first place you should check is my office, you dunce," Rose said as she smiled.

"Well it happens that more often than not, I'll come to your office only to find that you are nowhere to be found inside it. And it hurts when you insult me with a smile on your face. I feel hurt. Hurt, Rose. I feel hurt." Scorpius frowned in an exaggerated manner and put down the food.

"Oh, is this from that new place in the French Quarter?"

"Yeah, Al told me that the chef was a good friend of his so I thought we should check it out. They don't usually do takeout but they did us a favor for Al."

"It's nice having family in high places," Rose said brightly as she opened one of the boxes to find some sort of fish drowned in a buttery lemony sauce. "You're going to the new district opening, right? It's supposed to be mainly shops and a few cafes here and there."

"Of course I'm going. Al promised that I could be one of the people who cuts the ribbon. After all, I am a very important man with me being the Editor of the Health Section and all."

"You're really going to have to stop inserting that into every conversation. You've been the editor for a full week now and you still can't stop proclaiming it to the world. And that's the only reason why you're going? Not to support a friend, but to cut a stupid ribbon?"

"You only call it stupid since Al won't let you cut the ribbon," Scorpius said with an evil smile on his face.

Rose mumbled, "You'd think that family would be first, but no, Al lets his pal Scorpius cut the damn ribbon and claims that there isn't enough space for me in the ceremony. I'm going to grind up the two of them into itty bitty parts and mash them into a hamburger and grill it and feed it to-"

"Rose," Scorpius said suddenly interrupting her dreams of revenge, "is that the dress?" He was pointing his fork at the beautiful white wedding dress hanging in the corner of Rose's office.

"Yeah it is," she said as she put down her fork. She stood up and reached for the beautiful white concoction of silk and pearls and put it in front of her. "What do you think?" she asked as she struck a pose.

"Speaking as a straight man, I say it's one hundred percent gorgeous. I'm guessing that Lily made it herself?"

Rose fingered the gown gently and replied softly, "Mmhmm. She didn't trust anyone else to do the sewing so she did it all herself. It took her four months to finish it." She waved the gown around and it glimmered in the light.

"Well she's going to look great in it. What's it doing with you?" he asked.

"She wanted me to put some charms on the gown. Warming charms, anti-bacterial charms, and about twenty more." Rose sighed, "It's taken me the better part of the day and I'm way too behind on my work, hence why I didn't want you coming in and distracting me."

"Wow she's not taking an chances, is she?"

"Nope. The wedding's only a week away. She's running mad with all the preparations and even though Darius is being a complete sweetheart about her crazy person antics, I'm pretty sure he can't wait till the wedding is over- am I right?"

"Completely," Scorpius agreed as he took a huge bite of salad, "but not because he can't handle crazy Lily. I think he's genuinely looking forward to declaring his love for Lily to the wizarding public and being married."

"What a sap," Rose said with a shake of her head.

"Remember his proposal?" asked Scorpius.

"Pink sparklers hanging in midair in the shape of hearts? Too much, Darius, too much," said Rose.

Scorpius reminded her, "And that's after the bouquet of lilies in the shape of a heart and the heart shaped confetti that rained down. Oh, and don't forget that cheesy speech of his."

Scorpius and Rose cackled like pair of hyenas at the memory. The conversation took a natural turn to the sappiness of most couples and how the two of them were a much better couple than any other couple in the history of the universe, but probably not the most modest. The small silver ring on Rose's ring finger seemed to shine a bit brighter with every peal of laughter that she made.

Lily's shop.

"Stop moving or I'm seriously going to stab a pin in your eye," Lily muttered through the seven pins she was holding in her mouth as she made last minute alterations to Darius' tux.

Darius stood as still as a statue as he said, "So did Rose tell you anything?"

Lily spat out the pins. "No, she remains frustratingly quiet on that subject. Scorpius?"

"He also remains frustratingly quiet on that subject. I asked Al and he said he has no idea how it happened either."

"It's insane. I don't even know if I noticed it right away or if that ring has been on her finger for months and we've just been too wrapped up in this wedding business to notice- I said stop squirming!"

"Ah! Ow! You've pricked me!" shouted Darius. "Remind me again why I'm marrying you?"

"Because I'm utterly amazing and you would be lost without me," she said without a hint of sarcasm. "Anyways, we've got to figure out how and when exactly it happened. I don't understand how the two of them could have gotten engaged without me knowing."

"Well don't take it out on me with pin pricks!"

"They're completely accidental, honey!"

"Pfff, I have a hard time believing that. I know you're stressed and I think you're taking out that stress on my poor little body with your evil pin pricks!"

Lily exaggeratedly posed as if she were thinking and said, "How about this then, every time I accidentally prick you, I'll give you five kisses?"

Darius immediately perked up at this and replied; "I think I just felt a prick right now!"

"Oh yeah, you just felt a prick? Where?"

"Right here on my arm. Now give me my kisses!"

"Funny that you felt a prick on your arm when the pins are all on the floor right now." Lily arched an eyebrow. "Lying already to the wife I see."

Darius smiled sheepishly and Lily, unable to resist, gave him a quick kiss.

Well, it was supposed to be a quick kiss. The two were lying on the ground recovering from their unplanned activities when there was a knock on the door.

"Lily? Lily, are you in there? It's your mum!"

"And your father!"

"Yes, and your father. Are you in there, sweetheart?"

Darius' eyes opened wider than humanly possible as he processed what exactly was going on. The Potters, aka the saviors of the wizarding world, who had enough power in their little pinkies to demolish said world were right outside the door. He and Lily were in no state to be called upon and by his estimations it would take at least three minutes to put themselves right again. Darius would have to face the facts; he wasn't going to be marrying Lily in a few days for he was certainly going to die in the next few seconds.

Lily, on the other hand, jumped up immediately and began to put herself, her fiancé and the room in order. She quickly barked that she was "Coming!" and in one minute flat, she had Darius standing in the position he was in earlier, with seven needles poking out of his clothes. She draped the measuring tape over her neck to complete her outfit and went out to greet her parents.

"Mum! Dad! This is a surprise!"

The Lucky Cat

"You guys know that there are like seven new bars in Diagon Alley, right?" said Al as he dropped into his regular booth. "And you know that I'm doing all these initiatives to make sure that the new businesses are going to thrive, right? And as my friends, you guys are supposed to support me supporting the new businesses."

"But we like it here, Al!" said Rose as petulantly as she could.

"Yeah, Al. Go tell other people to go to the new bars. We like it here." Lily rubbed her butt into the bench to emphasize her point.

"You'd think that my relatives would be supportive of me," he sighed.

"Where's Ella?" asked Scorpius. Ella was Al's on again, off again part Veela girlfriend. They broke up and got back together about ten times a year, no exaggeration.

"We broke up." The entire table groaned, as Al protested, "No, it's really real this time No matter what we aren't going to get back together!"

"Who had two weeks three days?" asked Darius as he pulled out the betting slip.

"It honestly hurts that you guys have been betting on my relationship with Ella. This is why I need normal friends that are actually nice and would actually support me."

"Bah!" scoffed Scorpius. "You'd tire of these "normal friends" within minutes. It's much better fun to be friends with sarcastic assholes like us." He smiled his most sincere smile, which wound up looking like his sarcastic smile at half wattage. He turned immediately to Darius as he said, "And as for the time it'll take for them to get back together, I officially place three galleons on three weeks four days." Everyone at the table immediately began groaning. Al, in utter embarrassment at the way his friends were behaving and the others because they had wanted to have first bet.

"You all are going to love me, so start heaping on the compliments now," said Darius.

"You didn't," said Scorpius.

"There's no way!" said Al

"Even my father told us he wasn't certain if he could," said Rose.

"My dad told me he could, but only for himself," said Lily.

"You didn't," repeated Scorpius.

"Oh, but yes I did. And you can tell your fathers that this is why I am better than them. Wait no no no no no. Never tell that to your parents. Never." Darius took out six tiny laptops from his bag and enlarged them. "These are the newest set of magic compatible electronics, or wiz-tech. They're called, 'laptops.'"

"What a bizarre name," said Scorpius as he picked one up.

"So I'm guessing you're enjoying your newest position in the Department of Innovation."

"Well yes I am. When I took the proposal to bring laptops to the Ministry I never dreamed that they'd let me spearhead the project, let alone start an entirely new department of the Ministry for R&D. I was just sick and tired of scratching out Percy's stupid reports over and over again."

"To Darius!" they all cried.

"The man who got us free laptopy things!" cried Scorpius.

"My future husband!" said Lily

They all cheered and downed their drinks.

Dear Hugo Weasley,

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Darius Zabini + Lily Luna Potter

August 25, Saturday

Le Rêve Pavilion


P.S. Hugo, if you bring a potion as a date, I will twist your head off your puny little body with my bare hands. Lysander's little sister is going to be there. Dress nicely

The Wedding

"Oh Lily you really look so beautiful!" Rose had squealed this at least 47 times before, but Lily didn't seem to mind one bit.

"Thanks for all the charms Rose. It's so warm and I feel good all over."

"You have a glow!" Rose had said this line about 23 times, but again, Lily didn't mind one bit.

"Thanks Rose."


"You nervous, mate?" asked Al

"Not in the least."

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Scorpius, leave. I need to have a final discussion with my soon to be brother in law."

Scorpius shot a wry smile at Darius before closing the door and making his way over to Rose.

"Darius, you're my mate."

"Yes, you are."

"But Lily's my sister and you know what that means?"

"I'm fairly certain I know what that means, but I feel like you're going to tell me either way so go ahead."

"It means that if you hurt her in any way, I will hunt you down and kill you."

"Yes, Al. Okay. Thanks for the pep talk."



"AUGH! Hugo! Don't sneak up on people like that!"

"I wasn't sneaking up on people. You two should really be more careful when you guys are canoodling. Anyone could have walked by this little alcove and seen you."

Rose and Scorpius stepped into the main corridor and brushed down their clothes.

"So Hugo, did you bring a date?" asked Scorpius.

"I was going to bring my potion, Burt 4.6, to show him off to people, but Lily specifically told me not to. Anyways, I wanted to ask you if you had seen Lemon around."

"Don't call her that! Her name is Lenora Scamander and she's our close family friend."

"Fine, have you seen Lenora around?"

"Yeah I actually saw her a couple of minutes ago… she was looking for you."

"Hugo, mate, you know that there's absolutely no way that you're going to avoid her this entire wedding, right?"

"Yes, logically I know that to be correct, but can you blame me for wanting to hold off the inevitable for as long as possible?"

"He's got a point there," Scorpius said turning to his fiancée, "Let the poor boy avoid his stalker for as long as he can."

Rose rolled her eyes and said, "Lenora is perhaps the only girl in the world that actually enjoys listening to your little potions lectures and you spend your entire life running away from her. Okay, Hugo. Do whatever stupid thing you want. Just don't come crying to me when Lenora finally meets another guy and you realize that she's the only one for you."

"That's never going to happen," said Hugo.

"We'll see," said Rose with a twinkle in her eye.


"I now pronounce you husband and wife!"

The entire audience gave a great big cheer! Sparklers, ribbons and confetti were streaming out of everyone's wands and great big tears could be found on Ginny Potter's face.

Besides the minor struggle in the beginning of the ceremony where Harry had a hard time giving Lily's hand to Darius, the wedding had gone smoothly.

At the reception, Rose caught the bouquet, which caused people to realize that there was already a silver ring on Rose's finger. In the midst of all the commotion over Rose and Scorpius' engagement, Lily and Darius managed to sneak away for their honeymoon.

By the end of the ceremony, Scorpius had received dozens of hearty slaps on the back welcoming him to the family and Rose had been subjected to even more hugs. The two didn't mind though, for through all the slaps and hugs, they were holding hands under the table, just as they had two years ago when they first went on a date.

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