"Well, there ya are…" The man sets the morning paper on Jethro's desk. The day awakened only half an hour ago and Jethro is already at work. He sits at his desk with his coffee in his hand and looks at the paper his co-worker and best friend gave him. The front page reads:

Reapers Strike Again, Kill Two Children.

Jethro feels his gut churn as he sees the newsprint photographs of the two young girls. He tears his eyes away and looks at his friend who sits at his spacious desk catty corner from his own.

"Sad ain't it?" He says with his voice as rough as sandpaper. Mike Franks has known Jethro for years before they started working at NCIS together. They share a mutual friend and after a few weeks they were near inseparable. "These damn things don't know what the hell they're doing now. They're just killin' for sport it seems." Mike says, putting his feet up on the desk as he looks through his mail. Jethro shakes his head as the final member of their elite team enters the squad room or "bullpen" as Mike likes to call it. "Glad you finally showed up probie" Mike says as he watches the woman take her spot at her desk next to Jethro's.

"Mike, I've been working here for 6 months. I don't think I'm a probie anymore" The woman says as she starts to log into her computer.

"Jen, you're a probie until we get a new probie" Mike says, looking across the bullpen at her. The fiery red head, special agent Jennifer Sheppard, drills her green eyes into him and Mike puts his feet down off of the desk. Jethro smirks to himself.

"So, I assume you three know about the most recent murders…" A voice comes down from the catwalk overhead. A man older than Jethro but younger than Mike is looking down at them, the director of NCIS is a short man, balding gray hair adorns his crown. He however is not intimidated by the agents seated below.

"We were just talking about that director Fornell" Jethro says, looking back at the newspaper on his desk. Jen pulls up the newspaper online and starts reading it.

"Children?" She asks, unable to contain her surprise.

"Yes. It seems they're switching targets." Fornell, the director of NCIS now appears in the bullpen.

"Quite a jump from drug dealers and scum to kids if you ask me" Mike says in his raw voice.

"I agree. That's why we need to be ready to take action." Fornell barks.

"We can't just jump right into this!" Mike argues.

"I'm not saying we will. We've spent too long studying these creatures. Agent Gibbs." Fornell looks to the silver-haired man.

"Yes sir." Jethro responds concisely.

"You know these things better than anyone. I need you to go into the field. Find them." Fornell states.

"You know that's a tall order…" Jethro starts to turn it down.

"I need you, Agent Sheppard, to go with him." Fornell states.

"Me? Why…" She can't finish her thought before she gets cut off.

"When you find them, put a tracking device on one of them. They travel together so it won't matter which one. But that will lead us to where they live. There we can easily kill them." Fornell states

"Wait a second bub, what do I do?" Mike asks.

"You will stay here, monitor Agents Gibbs and Sheppard's movements. Then the Reapers' movements." Fornell informs.

"You know I have no computer skills. They're about as foreign to me as the moon!" Mike tries to turn down the offer to instead go with Jen and Jethro.

"I need you here Franks." Fornell snaps before he makes his way down to the Medical Examiner's office.

"Of course I get stuck with the lame job…" Mike complains.