Note: Following the previous chapter by two days, all of the vampires are finally back to normal.

Back home. Hikari sighed as she sank onto the bed. Classes had resumed today, and she should have been back in Unova, but she was still exhausted. She'd go back tomorrow, she promised herself. She flopped back onto her pillows, closed her eyes, and shot back up again as something tackled her feet.

"Anso!" she choked in surprise.

The little Giratina had entered the room silently. He looked up at her now. "Hello Mommy."

"Hello, Anso," she sighed as she laid back again.

He jumped up onto the bed next to her, and curled up against her arm. She reached out and hugged him. He was warm, and she smiled, comforted by the return to normalcy.

"Mommy needs to sleep, Anso."

He shifted, pressing harder against her. "Then I will sleep also."

"If you want."

"Yes." He relaxed. "And when we wake up we will go swimming and then we will eat gumdrops and then we will find Daddy and watch Spongebob."

"Maybe this weekend."

She felt him move restlessly. "Why? Why not today?"

"Mommy has to go back to school tomorrow."

"No." He stomped all six feet.

"Yes, Anso, it's not optional."

"No," he said again.

"I am not going to argue with you."

"I do not wish for you to go away."

"Nor do I, but sometimes these things have to happen."

"No. You can stay and you should stay and you have to take care of me and Daddy and you cannot go away or I will continue stomping my feet and be very unhappy."

She sat up again. "Anso, do not throw a fit, or I will make you go downstairs. Moreover, I do not need to stay to take care of you and Daddy, he is perfectly capable of caring for you, and himself."

"It is not the same."

Hikari rubbed the bridge of her nose. "There is nothing I can do about that, Anso, I'm sorry."

He leapt from the bed, landing with a thud to show his irritation - usually he made no noise at all. "I am leaving," he declared.


"It is easy for you to leave so now it will be easy for me to leave also."

She stood, but in an instant, he was gone, through the floor to the first story. Groaning with exhaustion and frustration, she went to follow him, only to nearly walk face-first into a figure in the doorway.

"No," Cyrus said. "You sleep." He held out a mug of tea, which she accepted. "I will handle it."

She began to protest, but he shook his head. "Fine."

"I am sulking."

Cyrus glanced over his shoulder at the small Giratina curled up in a chair behind him. "Usually, one does not announce sulking."

Anso got up and stomped in a circle in the chair, then curled back up again. "Well I am. I am sulking," he repeated.

"As you wish."

Moments passed in mutual silence, as they often did in the basement. Anso flopped around in the chair intermittently, making grumpy noises, which Cyrus did not acknowledge. Being part ghost-type, Anso did not often make noise while moving, unless he deliberately chose to.

After long minues, the ghost-dragon spoke. "She said she will be back for the weekend."

"And so she will."

"But then she will have to leave again."

"Yes. And then she will be back the next weekend."

Roll, roll, roll. Anso ended on his back with his feet in the air. He kicked them absently as if pawing at the far-off ceiling. "And then she will leave again," he repeated.

"And then she will return. This is her home, Anso. She has not left it, she is just going to school."

Anso rolled off the chair. He padded over to Cyrus and placed his feet on the man's knee. "Why," he demanded flatly. It was not a question, it was an argument.

"To continue her education."


"So that she can get a degree to teach."


Cyrus looked down, breaking eye contact with his computer screen. "Anso."

His "son" knew well that meant to stop whatever he was doing. Usually he obeyed immediately. This time, he stared up at Cyrus, debating. If he could have scowled, he would have been. "I am angry."

"Are you enjoying it?"

A long pause passed, during which they continued to stare each other down. "No," Anso said finally.

"Then what purpose does it serve to be angry?"

There was another pause. Anso stepped down, and sat. "I do not know but I am. I am angry because Mommy has left me and even after she comes back she will continue to leave."

"It does not mean she loves you any less." There was an edge to Cyrus's voice at /that/ word, not that Anso noticed.

"But I want her to stay."

"I am aware."

Anso backed up, and then ran forward to leap into Cyrus's lap. He nearly missed, scrambling up up, and brushing his head against the underside of the desk. "Pets," he demanded once he was sitting solidly. "Alright." Cyrus obliged, stroking Anso's head absently.

The Pokemon closed his eyes. "I miss her. She is not here to read me stories at night."

"I'm sure she misses you as well."

"I do not like missing people. It is unpleasant."

"It is."

Long minutes ticked by. Cyrus went back to the computer, leaving one hand on Anso's head to continue petting him.

"She left because of me."

"She left because she must, Anso. Do not read anymore into it than that."

"Was it because of the fish?"

"She was not fond of the fish, but she would have had to leave even without them. She will be back."

"Alright." A pause. "Promise?"