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Aang continued on his air scooter to impress the fan girls, enjoying the slight fame he had on Kyoshi Island. Even though he had the attention of the younger girls on the island, he really wanted Katara's attention. Ever since they had sex in the abandoned Fire Nation ship, their relationship stayed more like friends. Added the sex with the Fire Prince, he was still confused about everything. Thanks to his thinking, he realized that he was about to collide with a wall. Aang crashed through the wall and landed on his back with a grunt. Once the dust settled, he looked up to see the naked Kyoshi Warriors. He had mistakenly crashed into the bathhouse. The girls instantly covered up and ran out of the room. "Sorry," He said, before his head hit the ground again, "Ow…" Aang heard some light footsteps and he looked up again to see the main Kyoshi Warrior, her face still covered with her face paint and, like the others, completely naked.

"Avatar? What are you doing in here? This is the female bathhouse." She asked, her hands on her hips. His eyes scanned over her tan body. Aang had never seen a girl completely naked before, her breasts gaining most of his attention. From what he understood, they were at least C-cups. Her pussy was completely shaven and looked wet with anticipation.

"I, uh, I kind of crashed," Aang told her, getting up and brushing off the bits of wood and dust. What he didn't realize was that once he stood up, it became more obvious he was completely hard. Suki's eyes went to his pants and smiled.

"You look very happy." She teased. Aang blushed and tried to use his robes to cover it, but obviously failed to. Suki walked over to him and took his hand, "Come on, I'll help you." He tried his best to protest, but his mouth was too dry to respond. Even the thought of being with the Kyoshi Warrior made his pants grow tighter. Suki brought him into a small steam room. She shut the door behind him and smiled. "I would suggest you undress, this might get messy." He did as he was told and undressed, leaving his clothes in a corner. His erection was now throbbing so much it hurt, the excitement of being completely naked with Suki was driving him crazy. "Wow, you're a lot bigger than I thought you were." She sat him down and got on her knees in front of him.

"Suki, I don't know if we should do this, I mean, I think Sokka likes you and-"

"And you like his sister?" Aang bit his lip and nodded. "It's fine. I'm a warrior of Avatar Kyoshi and my duty is to her, you're her reincarnation and my duty is to you now. Let me at least do my job." She licked his penis from bottom to top, making him moan. Once she reached the top, she engulfed his blood engorged head. Aang threw his head back, his fingers going through her hair as she slowed bobbed her head up and down. The feeling of her tongue expertly licking the underside of his shaft was almost too much. Her blue-green eyes looked up at him as her lips stopped at the crown of his shaft. She pulled him out of her mouth before giving it a small kiss. Suki got up and turned around, bending over and teasing her round backside to him. "This is for you Avatar." Aang smelled the sweet arousal of her sex draw him in. He leaned in and buried his face in her folds. She gasped as his tongue lapped up the fluids that came out of her. "You're really good at this Aang," Suki panted, loving the feeling of his tongue inside her.

"You taste so good," Aang mumbled into her folds, sending vibrations into her most sensitive place. Suki bit her bottom lip hard as she came on his face, which he lapped up the rest of her love juices. Suki turned around with shaky legs, crawled up on his lap, his penis poking against her stomach.

Suki licked her cum of his face, "I do taste good." By now, Aang really felt the heat get to him, his body covered with a thin layer of sweat from the sauna. The same thing was happening with Suki, her face paint started to run.

"Before this ends…can I see your face?" He asked. Suki smiled a little and grabbed one of the small towels left in the sauna, wiping off her face. Just like her body, her face was flawless. "You're beautiful."

"You're not so bad yourself," Suki kissed him, surprising him a little, but enjoyed it. She lifted her hips up and placed him inside her, slowly sliding down his shaft until their hips met. Moving up and down his shaft, she couldn't help but think about how jealous the other warriors would be knowing that she was sleeping with the Avatar. Groans and moans were shared between the two as they continued their hot passionate love session. It wasn't long until she felt her second orgasm came over her, "I'm gunna again," She whispered into his ear, bringing him over the edge. His seed poured in to mix with hers, making her sigh with approval. He pulled out of her, but she didn't move from her position over him.

"Thanks Suki, that was…just amazing," He smiled.

Suki gave him one last kiss before getting off of him, "I honor is mine Aang. If you ever need any help again, don't hesitate to ask."

Aang grinned even wider, "I'll be sure to keep you posted."

Katara walked back with her grocery bags to the small house they were staying at while they were on Kyoshi Island. She hadn't seen Aang all day because he was being followed around by those Fan girls all day. She had bought some nice food for dinner tonight so that maybe her and Aang could have a special night tonight. In truth, she was completely jealous of the girls that have been following Aang every waking second. She hoped that the dinner tonight would re-spark what had been between them in the abandoned Fire Nation Ship. Katara entered the house and shut the door behind her with her foot. "Sokka, please come help me with the bags." She didn't hear an answer and she sighed. Katara put the bags on the counters and went towards the bedrooms. There was some small noises from his room and she went in, ready to yell at him, but was to stunned to say anything. Her brother was on his bed, masturbating. He hadn't noticed her yet, but she did notice her breast wrapping in his hand as he held it up to his nose. "Sokka!" She had finally found her voice and his eyes shot open. Sokka covered himself up as his face went completely red. "You had my breast wrapping? I was looking for that this morning! I can't believe your using it to masturbate!"

She took it from his hands, "I'm sorry Katara…I've just been so lonely."

"That doesn't mean you have to smell my breast wrapping Sokka! I'm your sister," Katara yelled.

"Katara, there are no girls in our tribe our age, you know that. And training with the girls has gotten me…more worked up," Sokka explained. "I just needed a release. And…my attractive sister had to do…"

Katara blushed a little, "You really think I'm attractive?" He nodded. She sighed, "Just please don't do this again Sokka."

She began to leave, "Wait Katara." She stopped. "Is there…any possible way…"

"Sokka, that's incest…"

"Please Katara…just once…I know you could use some release too." It was true. Ever since her first time with Aang, her urges had increased and sadly had been responsible for her own orgasms since the Southern Air Temple. But that's why she had Aang, he would satisfy her…but he was out with the other girls, not ready for her right here. It became an internal struggle, sleep with her brother or wait for Aang.

Katara looked out of the room and shut the door, 'Aang forgive me'. She stripped down as Sokka uncovered himself now, feeling himself get hard again. "This is a one-time thing Sokka," She told him, pulling off her panties. "You can't tell anyone."

"Of course." He said. Katara got on the bed and he made room for her. She said back on the bed as he got in between her legs. Sokka couldn't help but admire how beautiful his little sister had become over the years. Her breasts were perky and fire, her dark nipples erect. Without warning, he leaned down and kissed her. Katara's eyes went wide, but eventually she put her arms around his neck, pulling him in closer. Sokka pushed himself into his sister, both moaning against each other's lips. He was too busy with there make out session to realize there was no barrier inside his sister. Sokka broke the kiss and thrusted harder into his sister, making her cry out in pleasure. "Katara, you feel so good…"

His thrusts became harder and faster, her breasts bounced with each thrust, "Harder Sokka, please, harder!" He obliged and thrusted harder into her. Katara held onto her brother, not wanting the pleasure to end until she came, crying out his name. Her grip loosened on him and she relaxed back on the bed, trying to catch her breath. But her brother wasn't finished.

Sokka flipped her over, her luscious ass sticking in the air. He wiped up some of her cum from her dripping pussy. He worked his finger into her tight hole, making her groan a little bit. "Shh," He calmed her, "It's going to feel a little weird." Once she was lubed up enough, Sokka slowly pushed his penis pasted her tight ring. Katara cried out into the pillow, but didn't want him to stop, feeling pain and pleasure from the intrusion.

"Stay there for a second," She gasped. Sokka was in heaven being in her tight warm hole, not wanting to ever leave it. "Okay, go ahead." Katara told him. He pulled out and let a small trail of saliva drop down onto his shaft, lubing his dick even more, being able to slide a little easier into his sister. Sokka pushed back in, Katara's grip on the bed sheets hadn't lessened. He reached around and stuck his fingers into her folds, playing with her in time with his thrusts, hoping to make it more pleasurable for her. It indeed helped as she moaned loudly as he played with her. "Sokka, it feels so good," She finally said. Sokka let some more saliva drop, now he was able to get in and out of her easier.

Sokka finally felt his orgasm come to him and he thrusted harder, "I'm going to cum!" He buried himself to the hilt inside her and came in her ass. Katara groaned a little at the new feeling off his hot cum flood inside her. Sokka collapsed beside her, sleep weighing down his eyes. "Thank you so much Katara."

"You're welcome Sokka," She softly smiled, getting out of the bed, feeling his fluids start to come out. "I'm going to take a bath before I start dinner." Katara told him, she looked back at him to see him asleep. She picked up her clothes and left the room, hoping that Aang would at least cuddle with her after they did it tonight.

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