Thank you for all the reviews! This was originally supposed to have two sex scenes, but I got carried away. Enjoy :)

Aang finished the bowl of stew and smiled, "Thanks Katara. That tasted great!"

Katara smiled as she cleaned the pot, "You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it so much." She packed the pot back in their equipment and cleaned his bowl next.

"So where is Sokka?" Aang asked, hoping not to have another encounter like the one he had earlier. It's not that he had a problem with it, but he was sure it would ruin their night if Sokka randomly decided again to bend him over and pound him again.

She smiled to herself, "He's training with the Warriors and eating with them, so it's just you and I for tonight." Everything was going according to plan, if Sokka came back, she would be sure to freeze his dick off. "Do you want some dessert?"

His inner child suddenly came out, "Of course!" A big smile came across his face, "What's for dessert?"

Katara turned to him and dropped her robe, "Me." His jaw dropped. She wasn't wearing any of her breast wrappings or her panties, so she was completely nude to him. Unlike Suki, Katara's nipples were darker, but around the same size. Katara wasn't as trim as the Kyoshi Warrior, but he enjoyed Katara's body a lot more. "Come get me Aang." She ran off to their bedrooms and Aang chased her down. They entered his room and he tackled her to the bed. Their lips found each other as Katara started to de-clothe Aang. Once he was as naked as she was, his lips went to her neck and lightly kissed it. "Mmm, Aang." She moaned. Katara felt his hands grope her breasts, slowly kneading them in circles. "Do you like them? They're not too small are they?"

Aang smiled, "They're perfect Katara." He took one of her nipples in his mouth and lightly sucked. She moaned in pleasure, enjoying the new attention to her breasts.

Her legs squirmed, feeling her love fluids already moistening her nether lips. "Aang," She whimpered. He continued his attention at her breasts, making it harder and harder to beg for the attention downstairs. "A-Aang," She tried again, he looked up at her, not moving from her chest. "P-Please…" Her eyes went down her mound and he caught on. Katara felt relieved to see him move lower and in between her legs. He stared at the wet folds in front of him. Aang used his fingers to spread her apart, Katara bit her lip, trying not to moan loudly. The smell of her sex was intoxicating, almost begging him to stick something in there. Again, he found himself comparing her to Suki, but Katara still trumped over her. He looked up at Katara, who stared back at him with lust filled eyes, begging him to do something. Aang stuck his tongue in her tight hole, his nose rubbing against her clit. "OH FUCK AANG!" Katara screamed. It definitely sounded like she liked it, so he continued to move his tongue inside her, tasting all she had to give him. "Oh right there Aang! Please more!" He briefly removed his face from her folds to take a breath, but his finger quickly replaced his tongue, getting a little deeper than his tongue. "I can't take anymore Aang, just put it in me." Aang removed his fingers and coated his shaft with her fluids and put himself at her entrance and slowly pushed in. A satisfying moan came from both of them, the feeling of her heat enveloping him was wonderful and his rock hard erection entering her was better than whatever Suki or her brother could do. He kissed her as he bottomed out inside her and she wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing him a little deeper access. She moved around a bit, feeling something was off. "D-Did you get bigger?"

"I don't know," He said. "Did I?"

She shifted a little, "I think you did." They both just shrugged it off and continued their love making. His thrusts inside her gave her more pleasure then ever imagined, Katara held on to him for dear life. "Spirits, fuck me Aang." Her nails dug into his back, causing him to thrust harder at the pain. Aang kissed her neck and experimentally sucked on her neck. She moaned even louder, signaling that she really enjoyed it. He applied a little suction, slowing down his thrusts. "Aang," Katara groaned, her fingers started to play with her clit. He pulled away from her neck and focused on his thrusts. Each time their hips met, Katara felt herself get closer and closer to her orgasm, until finally he pushed her over the edge and she cried out his name, her love fluids coating his cock. She pulled him closer to her as she was brought down to her blissful high. "Aang…" She whispered. "Will you…put it in my other hole?"

"You mean…" She nodded; a blush of embarrassment came across her face, asking something so dirty. Aang pulled out of her and got up, leaving the room. Katara got up on her elbows, fear striking her heart, thinking that it may have scared off her love. But he came back, easing her heart, he had the jar of olive oil. Aang poured a little on his index finger and slowly pushed into her rectum. Her muscles instantly clenched around his finger, he looked up at her and her face was still red in embarrassment.

"Sorry…it's a little new to me…" Aang nodded and pulled his finger out, thinking it was lubed enough. He put some of the oil on his shaft and set it aside. Katara lifted her hips up a little more, allowing Aang a better position to get inside her. He put himself against her wet hole and pushed a little, Katara bit her lip, trying not to clench down on Aang and stop him from his progress. Aang was surprised at how easy he could slide into her. He finally made it all the way into her, her warm tight ass surrounding him. She saw the strained look on his face, "Aang…are you okay? Does it not feel good?"

He shook his head, "No…it feels wonderful. Your ass feels great Katara…" Aang put her legs up on his shoulders and continued his pace that he previously had in her other hole. She would have never thought that having sex in this hole would ever feel as good as vaginal sex, but it did. Even with Sokka it didn't feel this good. Her fingers dove into her sex and pumped into her, in time with his thrusts in her ass. He groaned as he felt his orgasm come and doused her hole with his white hot seed. Aang pulled out as Katara rolled on her stomach, her butt jiggling at the movement. He leaned down and put a small kiss on her butt. "That was great Katara."

"Yeah…" She smiled, "You were a lot better than my brother." Her eyes went wide at her confession.

"Wh-What?" Aang stuttered, "You had sex with your brother?"

Katara rolled around, "Aang…I'm sorry, it just happened…"

"…I guess I should come clean too…I had sex with him too…" It was Katara's turn to be surprised, never did she think that Aang would have sex with anyone guy.

"You're gay?"

Aang shook his head, "No…it just happened."

Katara strangely felt pissed off, knowing that even though they were even, the thought of anyone with her Aang infuriated her. "I can't believe you would sleep with my brother."

"What? You slept with him too! That's incest!" He got up and picked up his robes. "Oh and by the way, I had sex with Suki too!"

"Me too!" Katara fought.

"And Zuko!" Her eyes widened in shock. "It was more like fuck him or die, but I guess I win!" He yelled as he put them back on and left the house. She pulled her legs up to her chest as her tears brimmed at her eyes, feeling her heart break a little, but a small smile began to pull at her lips. It was their first fight…even if they weren't officially a couple.