"Love me," she whispered. "It won't hurt."

Lids opened slowly, he looked up at her. She didn't move. She couldn't. He was about to run away, she was going to lose him, and this time it would be forever...


"H-hi," she answered. Had he heard? He certainly hadn't reacted as if he'd heard her request his love. Surely if he had, he wouldn't still be leaning towards her, eyes sliding closed. She'd stopped moving her hands, but now forced herself to begin again. If the moment was to end, it would do so even if she remained frozen in shock, but if she just kept on...maybe the spell wouldn't be broken.

Time was at once completely still, and racing forward. She'd lost it completely - time, and her sanity. And yet this moment was happening, or was it? It was as if it existed outside reality.

And then, she couldn't resist any longer. She knew this would end it, when she slid into the armchair with him, fingers still combing his hair. She knew this would be the end. He shifted, but she knew as he did that it was to accomodate her, not reject her. She was sure she wasn't breatheing, that her heart had ceased beating altogether, and was currently residing in her throat, cutting off all air. Surely she was imagining this. It was a dream, or else her depression had finally driven her to delirium.

This could not be real.

He reached up, taking one of her hands. See, Hikari, how small they are in comparison? See the difference - your calluses are only from writing, mine are from years of working with machinery. Your nails, you should stop chewing them, though they're no shorter than mine, they could be healthier.

Finally, he put them down, both hands resting on her leg. He wasn't holding on, but neither had he completely let go. His eyes were closed again, his breathing careful and measured. He'd fallen asleep.

She couldn't. She couldn't bear the thought of sleeping any part of this away. It was her moment, and she wouldn't lose it. She wouldn't lose him.

She felt herself smiling.

"Our secret," she promised.