Author's note: Okay, so all of you are going to kill me. But I just had to make this story. I had a very elaborate dream okay?

And it's been taunting me, and ugh, I don't even want to go in depth about how much my mind is tormenting me to post this.

So here you go. A new story.

I am trying to write – but it just seems like I never have enough time, and when I do, I'm always napping. So there you go.


Chapter One:

A for Agreement

He felt the sun filter in through his half opened window shades and groaned in his sleep a little as he felt himself waking up. A deep inhale and he realized he was in his bed, but how?

He snapped his eyes open as he started seeing fragments of last night.

Maybe he shouldn't have had that fifteenth drink…

He sat up and tossed his sheets over and felt the cold air hit his nude body.

Wait, what?


He looked down and gasped as he found his black boxers and quickly put them on. He looked to the other side of the bed and saw it had been flipped over neatly, as if someone had slept with him.

And as far as he knew, he never slept naked.

He looked around for a note and rummaged a hand through his thick hair when he felt rumpled paper.

He took it rapidly and saw the neat writing.

'Woke up early, I'm in the kitchen, coffee's ready.' He furrowed his brows at the ink penned in pretty writing.

His eyes widened in realization.

He had had intercourse – with a girl.

Getting out of his bed hurriedly, he gently stampeded over to the kitchen. Upon entering the living room area of the fraternity house, he saw a slim and womanly figure sit hunched over on one of his barstools in his kitchen island.

She turned her head and he stopped as he quickly blushed. She had her clothes on and sipped on a mug of coffee.

"I see you're awake." She said politely as she gestured to the cup of coffee waiting for him in a spot next to her. He quickly came over and sat down and took the coffee. He examined her, now he was beginning to remember last night.

Well definitely not the late hours, but most definitely the party they were at last night.

"What time is it?" He asked groggily and she glanced at the clock hanging in the kitchen.

"Only eight o' clock in the morning." She seemed more interested in her novel than she was in him, which made him a little irritated, but he couldn't really expect anything else.

"Are you okay?" He had experience in that before, plenty of it. He was just scared something bad might've happened.

She snapped her book closed and looked at him through her thick black framed square lenses that suited her deep indigo eyes.

"I am more than okay. You're pretty good Ichigo. You were a little aggressive, but I'm more than fine with that." She critiqued as she laced her fingers to prop her chin up. A slight smirk formed on her pink lips which were more than desirable at the moment.

Now he was beginning to remember how he met her last night.


He made his way to the living room of the fraternity house and sat down on the couch exasperated and tired. He liked parties, a lot, but he just hated the girls.

He looked over and realized he wasn't alone. There he saw a girl sitting on the separated chair, reading her novel. Her hair was pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head, her bangs and a slim bang hung in between her eyes. Her glasses were on the brink of falling off of her nose. Her deep violet eyes were encased with a light smoke like eye shadow effect. Her lips were glossed over lightly with a naturally pink lip gloss.

She donned a purple and black plaid elbow sleeved shirt that was open and a white tank top was showing. Her legs were encased in denim skinny jeans, which were tucked under her body. He looked down and saw her black stilettos had been dropped carelessly on the floor. He looked up and saw her arching a brow at him and returned to her novel.

"That's Shakespeare, right?" Ichigo asked and the pretty college girl smiled at him kindly.

"Why yes it is, it's Twelfth Night. It's becoming one of my favorites." She stated and he nodded in agreement, already beginning to somewhat like and desire the cute college girl reading his favorite author's novel.

"What's your name?" He asked and she put a satin blue ribbon as her bookmark and closed it.

"It's Rukia, yours?" Rukia asked as her book rested on her thigh. He looked away as he scratched his orange hair.

"It's Ichigo, why aren't you enjoying the party?" Ichigo pondered and she smirked as she rested her elbow on the arm of the chair and propped her delicate cheek on her fist.

"Why aren't you with your friends? Besides, I'm not the one for partying and such, I was dragged here." Rukia answered as she gazed at him with a slight smile on her face.

"Some of the girls here are crazy." Rukia laughed lightly and looked at him with shining eyes. "We have Human Anatomy class together, am I right?" Rukia asked and he shut himself off of a reality for a moment to see if they did.

"Yeah, we do." He answered and Rukia's eyebrows went up in excitement. She got up and faced him.

"So, how much do you know the human anatomy?" Rukia asked as she stepped towards him and he got up as well and went to face her as well. But he found out she was up to his shoulders, so she had to tilt her head to look at him.

"I know it pretty well, how about we have a game about it?" Ichigo suggested and Rukia smirked.

"Better go get the alcohol." Rukia ordered in a fun tone and he went off.

And that's all he could remember after that.

-Flashback end-

He snapped his attention back to reality and groaned as he rubbed his forehead. Rukia looked up at the clock, her gaze struck away from Ichigo's form.

"It's almost eight fifteen, I need to go to class, but we had fun last night." Rukia said as she hopped off the stool and grabbed her black stilettos and began putting them on. He spun around and looked at her.

"Yeah, the guys might be up soon, so it'll save us some embarrassment now that you're going back to your dorm." Ichigo laughed weakly as Rukia grabbed her novel and clutched it close to her chest.

"You sound like you want me to leave." Rukia held a slight mocking tone and he waved his hands.

"No, not like that, it's just; you get what I'm trying to say right?" Ichigo said nervously and Rukia laughed lightly as she waved him off.

"I understand, besides I need to shower anyways. I liked last night by the way." Rukia leaned against the small arc structure that separated the kitchen from the other rooms of the house.

"We should do it again sometime." She suggested and Ichigo raised a brow at this.

"Like, a friends with benefits type of thing?" He asked, he was curious, was she really instigating what he thought he was? He thought about it, and realized he did want something like that, he didn't have a crush on her, but he felt extremely attracted to the girl he spent the night with.

"Sure, we could call it that." His arched brow went even higher.

"Those don't really work out, you do realize this right?" Ichigo retorted immediately, it was his logic speaking – he didn't really like relationships anyways, but he saw those chick flicks about those friends with benefits relationships.

Rukia smiled as she pushed herself off the wall and walked towards him.

"Look," She stopped right in front of him, "You're smart, and I'm smart, we're intelligent people, we both like having fun, but with each other. We don't have feelings, but there's a lot of attraction. I'm sure we won't end up in that kind of situation." Rukia explained as she crossed a leg in front of the other and Ichigo stretched his shoulders and muscles.

He thought for a moment, but did he really have to think about this opportunity? He was a college student, which permitted him to have some kind of fun he reasoned.

"Sure, so, how are we going to work out a schedule?" Ichigo asked as he downed the last of the coffee in his mug. Rukia slipped him her number.

"We can attend to our arrangement whenever we both want to, I'll notify you, and you notify me." The deal had been struck and Ichigo took out his phone immediately.

"I'm going now, see you later." Rukia said as she turned on her heel and began walking around; Ichigo looked at her small retreating form.

"Eh, are we only going to do this thing in my room?" Ichigo yelled after her, Rukia stopped and turned her head slightly and shrugged.

"I have no qualms about our arrangement to be happening in my room as well." Rukia began walking away, the sound of her high heels disappearing as he heard her open the door and walk out.

Ichigo dialed her phone number immediately into his phone and heard another pair of footsteps come down into the kitchen. Ichigo looked at one of his roommates Renji and saw Renji tying up his long hair into a ponytail.

"Was there a girl here?" Renji asked as he got out a carton of orange juice.

"No." Ichigo lied, a small smirk forming at his face as he finished editing the contact info for his new friend.

Rukia Kuchiki.

Author's note: Really short, but it's going to be like a Alphabet type series kind of thing. That's what I'm aiming for. I'm sorry for releasing this when I obviously have other things to be updating. My bad! I couldn't resist!