Chapter 1: Dream of a late summer day.

Paris 1910.
The sun is high in the sky hung over the French city in all its splendor, giving the illusion of being located above the Eiffel Tower as the diamond crown.
Paris was perfect that day.
The lush gardens were scattered in the capital the greenest of the most beautiful emeralds, enhanced by the delicate flowers that adorned them with their delicate silky petals and children playing carefree, the blue sky in all its purity was lost in the world of the imagination of young minds French admired the white clouds sailed across the white shapes of things to which they gave to their families, were clear and placid rivers. It seemed that nature was giving that day show of all its beauty in that afternoon of September 23 that gave a farewell to summer and welcome autumn which has not yet felt the presence because of the smells and colors of summer still soaked in Paris.

In a modest apartment located on the rive gauche, the singer Lucille improvise teacher, teaching with patience and clarity of the main bases of writing to the special student who, despite some difficulties, had already learned to write almost perfectly.
"Très bien Francois, you've made progress in these two weeks. Now you are perfectly capable of writing."
"You're too good mon cher, my handwriting is not yet understood ... and frankly even beautiful to see."
"Do not worry, you can already do what makes you a very good student."
Francois was not easy to perform those normal human activities, since he was not human, which every now and then created the setbacks. Francois was very unsure of himself in those cases in which he could not play a simple gesture, but Lucille never missed an opportunity to encourage him not to fall at the slightest difficulty, helping him carry to term "business" that he initially considered impossible, and Solar smile appeared on his lips always gave her great satisfaction.
With patience and love she taught half of the gigantic flea human to outweigh its disadvantages, particularly happy to be able to help overcome the fact that the population of Paris regarded him as a monster.
He was not a monster.
Unlike the monsters he was as smart as the most learned of men on earth, had a heart with which emotions and feelings, and especially a soul that made him human. These Lucille its precious virtue only could see them, and to interpret music and singing, wonderful to listen to in their notes as perfect as they could exorcise a magical fairy tale.
She would never get tired of listening to that song, not once.
"Well, I would say that is enough for today, we deserve a little 'rest." She said, putting away books and school notebooks that she had used as a child.
She looked out the window of his apartment and saw the wonderful day. The idea occurred to her that made her smile, and hoped he could do the same with Francois.
"What a beautiful day it is today! Paris seems magical!"
"True mon cher, but your smile is even more." Francois said, patting her hand with his thin hands and knees.
"Is ideal for a walk, what do you think?"
"Great idea. I hope that you can have fun with Raoul and Emile."
"I meant ... out with you." She remarked with a smile.
"With ... with me?" He repeated incredulously and slightly embarrassed.
Francois because of its very nature could not show himself in public without, adequate masking his skin blue, four paws, golden eyes and red irises, could leave you breathless at first sight, or worse, terrorizing everyone. The only times when he was out from home to attend the shows with Lucille at L'Oiseau Rare, and nothing more.
"Come on, do not you pray. We'll have fun together! We could go to the Champ de Mars and relax after all the evenings spent at the club."
"I do not think it's a good idea ..."
"Come on Francois! I do not want you to remain segregated in the house."
Francois could not resist the call of his beloved Lucille.
Sure, can move to fresh air entices him very much, but he feared to be discovered, and this would have meant to make miserable
But just as he would if he had said no.

An hour later, after having to dress to hide his appearance, Lucille and Francois carefree strolling in one of several paths, surrounded by green trees and meadows, a source of inspiration for young artists or peace of mind for young couples who exchanged timid voice their confessions of love.
Francois was happy.
Being able to stay in a charming place like that, along with the one he loved, was absolute perfection. He could not wish for anything better at that time, ... felt really good.
"Are you still of the opinion that it would be better to close in the house?" She asked jokingly.
"I admit it was wrong. Never seen a day more beautiful than this. It's all so ..."
"Oui. Perfect ... Like you."
Lucille slightly blushed at the compliment, clutching tightly to the arm of her companion, as if by magic, a small rose that made it seem like the kind offered free of charge. She accepted it with pleasure, inhaling the delicate scent that emanated from the crimson petals.
"Monsieur, you embarrasses me with all this attention."
"No attention is ever too much for her Madame. Offer her even the world if I could, with all the wonders that it can offer and that only few can enjoy."
"What a surprise, I could not live with a poet. Do I need to write some poetry to read every time it makes me feel romantic."
"I promise that as soon as I am able to write just for her will fulfill all the rhymes she wants. But I want something in return, does not agree Madame?"
"Ah! But you see what kind of student I find myself! Very weel, what you want in exchange for his services?"
"Well, we have to decide this together."
Francois had to get closer to the face of Lucille, gently stroking the cheeks and admiring the shimmering emerald of her eyes. Sensing his intentions, she pushed him away and ran, looking for a brief moment to shout with great joy that she thought:
"First you have to be able to get me! And said that he ran, pursued by her lover who jumped up and ran after her, also laughing with joy."