Chapter 5: unfortunate events

For fear that something else could happen, Lucille begged Raoul and Emile them with urgency, upset by dying. With great anxiety recounted what had happened starting to lose consciousness for the turmoil, she could not also to calm down because Francoeur, after being mad for a while, had holed up closet trembling like a leaf, without address word to anyone. Lucille tries to pacify him, but the bug did none of that.
"So… the Professor would say that the potion of Francoeur is unstable?"

"That's right…."

"But this can't be possible. They were sure there never would have been more trouble on his mutation, he could live normally ... that all would end well!"

"You mean that the Professor saw wrong about this assumption of self-control?"

"I… don't know."

Silence fell in the house, they heard the ringing of a bell in the parisian night. Raoul hug Lucille whose eyes are full of tears, Emile fixed the corridor waiting for Francoeur could appear and guarantee to all the he was fine.
None of them knew what to do, it was really painful … …
How could they help their friend?
Such care could use?
"Maybe we should just leave him alone ... maybe the time will help him …"

"Takes much more Emile. Have you seen yourself how much is depressed. We must give him a awoken!"

"Raoul, think: insist in this way could be counter-productive."

"I know! But I can't sit without doing anything ... I'm worried about him…"

The two friends was sadly, without ideas and demoralized.
They wanted to do something, but the hadn't the capability.

Francoeur was closed long to exile from the whole world.
But especially to avoid falling back on that uncontrollable mood overhang.
While he was closed into that tiny space covered with dust he tried to remember his previous life before transformation humanoid.
The lighter were mainly the day he acquired human intelligence.
Than when it was just a blood-sucking insect were only fleeting images, fragments of memories that clouded his mind was forged, most of them with a single point of reference: the scientist that he realized that the serum had turned ... and a man with black glasses and silver hair.
Francoeur probably, in his animalistic nature, was struck by that human who sent him and his fellows in a tremendous feeling of danger.
But did not understand what kind of threat could represent.
"I don't know what to believe …" muttered quietly to himself, squeezing the ruined mask between the paws.
Couldn't help but think, had become an obsession in his head

Francoeur's Sleep was fitful.
He had a lot of nightmares, he woke up tired and sad, with the desire to remain in that little world forever.
He thought to Lucille and wondered how she was after he had left her alone for fear of hurt her, the night before he had heard Raoul and Emile at home, but he hadn't given importance. With caution he came out from the closet and realized that the girl was sitting there, sleeping, like an Angel: Francoeur could not get excited at that scene, she was so beautiful and innocent, gently put her head on his chest and gently stroked, hoping to make her dreams more happy. From the hall he heard snoring, Raoul and Emile had remained at home and understand well why. The man wasn't there, but he continued to warn his icy presence ... as if he were constantly in a walking distance to watch them…
A little butterfly enter from the window.
The insect leaned on Lucille face who woke, yawning, attempting to open the eyes full of sleep.
"Bonjour." said Lucille, when her eyes met Francoeur's eyes.
"Bonjour madame. Slept well?"
"Enough …"
Francoeur squatted like a puppy next to the girl who gently embrace, attempted to fall sleep again and this time more relaxed. He relaxes by the affectionate gesture, all doubts and uncertainties that had appeared to have been only a bad dream, a bad game of mind he didn't like at all. A fleeting glance made him realize that his beloved angel face was darkens, promptly he began to sing a song, the first he came in his mind, for make her happy and snatch a shy smile.
"You worry for me although you are the one who feel sick."
"Your smile is the best cure for me."
"I am pleased to hear this, but I don't want you to do this for me: your health is much more important."
Francoeur felt "guilty". He did not want his friends or Lucille worried for him, his heart broke every time he think about their sadness looks and almost felt the sadness of their minds remained etched in the house… he wished that the encounter with that man had never happened.
If it had never appeared, that anguish would never be born.
He shocks his head.
He nost did not have to allow a similar negative sentiment prevail upon him, and especially from a complete stranger.
After so long he find happiness and he dind't want to lose it.
He stood up and wore his human clothes, including the mask that had managed to settle, recovered the guitar and handed Lucille, confused by the sudden action. With shy she grabbed his hand and she was startled when Francoeur forced her to dance with him, starting to laugh for the energy that was suddenly showing.
"But what are you doing? You Should rest instead of play!" said she enjoyed.
"Why rest when I can do wonderful things with you? most effective medicine to heal is stand up and sing … dancing … rejoice ... all with you!"
"But that man …"
"He is nobody. Its only a bad dream that soon we forget, thanks to the splendour that our life offers us."
Francoeur joy of live was incredibile.
Lucille was happy to see him so positive, she wasn't regretted that Francoeur react to depression in that way, by contrast, she was happy that he did it, but couldn't help but worry that much energy could tired him. His smile erased the darkness that had oppressed them for days vanishes as if by magic, dissolving thank to the good mood suddenly found. She barely managed to understand such a sudden energy although she was incredibly attracted, the insect forced her to dancefor a long time, and as a result awoke the two men who were amazed by the scene.
He forced them to leave the house: he wanted to share his happiness with people who had more care in the world.

Outskirts of Paris.

"You could do actor."

"Is not so difficult to deceive someone."

"You think everything as we can expected?"


"What? But you said…"

"I know what I said, but the problem is not from them, but from another hassle."

"What kind of hassle?"

"Look with your eyes."

The silence ... the surprise ...
"Can I help somehow?"

"Yes … you need to prevent that everything is discovered before the time."