Summary: When Voldemort rose again he had no idea that the strongest under his service had no intention of bowing to him this time. Lucius decided to stand against the Dark Lord and get something for his troubles as well. Thanks to a very strict marriage contract and Narcissa's infidelity he is able to claim any other Black as a new spouse, too bad no one thought to inform Harry that his Godfather had adopted as his heir when he was a child making him more than a Potter, making him Potter-Black.

Warning: Male/Male slash, M-preg, torture

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea.

Chapter Two

Lucius had been correct in thinking that Sirius would go directly to Dumbledore. Less than twenty-four hours later the Headmaster of Hogwarts sent him a missive requesting a meeting to discuss the school board, immediately. Lucius had written back explaining that he was awaiting a rather important owl and couldn't leave his manor at the moment.

He had also been pulling strings behind the scene while he waited. The editor of the Daily Prophet was in his pocket even more so than Fudge and had contacted him immediately about Fudge wanting a smear campaign against Harry Potter started. Lucius was lucky he had been able to stop it before it got started and had simply given the man more interesting news to use for the moment. After all a divorce in one of the old families because of a 'Lady's' indiscretion was very big news.

He had also decided he needed to know everything about his soon to be young husband and had contacted a private detective he had used before. Edward Marks had been a muggleborn three years below him in school and had made a rather lucrative business ferreting out secrets. Lucius had used him several times in the past to investigate potential partners and investments as well as to dig for blackmail on other politicians when he needed leverage. It had taken a simple floo call before to put Marks on the case and three days after Voldemort had been revived, on the night of the mark removal Marks had returned with a very thick file.

Lucius was sitting in the ritual room with Severus, Evan and Marcellus Nott. They were waiting on Cassius Nott and Adriana Flint to arrive before they could start the ritual when the house elf informed Lucius that Edward Marks had arrived.

"Bring him here Mipsy." he ordered the female elf. It only took a few minutes for the elf to lead the roguishly handsome man down to the ritual chambers underground.

"Lucius, Snape, gentlemen." he nodded at them in greeting, his voice gruff as he spoke around the thin cigar in between his lips.

"Marks, come in and sit down. I trust you have been successful?" Lucius queried as he offered the man a drink.

"Aye, I have, though I am still not sure how I feel about it."

"What do you mean Edward? Surely there isn't much shocking about the boy." Severus tone was sharp, tinged with disgust.

"I admit I hadn't expected there to be. I was able to finish my investigation quickly with a few simple truth and compelling charms and potions. Muggles had no idea what to look for so they were no problem. The only ones I had any issue with were wizards but I have enough favors and blackmail to get just about anything I want and I was able to get the boys sealed records. Here is the file."

Lucius took the file and began flipping through it, reading the reports from the ministry and surprisingly the obliviators and healers before moving to read the interviews of his muggle guardians. It was all there in black and white. For almost the boys entire childhood his magic had been reacting violently to violent abuse. There had been alert wards up to indicate if he had needed a healer and there were over twenty incidences of a healer and then an obliviator being dispatched under the orders of his guardian Albus Dumbledore.

It was evident that every time both healer and obliviator were the same and every time they tried sending word to Children and family services and the Aurors but because Harry's records had been sealed under the orders of Dumbledore just days after the attack in '81, none of the requests for interference were ever even seen. Dumbledore simply ordered them to patch the boy up and then obliviate the memory from his and his guardians minds.

The interview with the Dursley's showed a level of hatred and fear that appalled Lucius and had him seriously beginning to rethink his handling of the boy. Harry would not be cowed by control, now he would have to be made to believe he was making the choice and he would have to come to care for Lucius for this to work.

Lucius finally came up to Harry's school records and Madam Pomphery's medi-witch records on the boy. It seemed that every time the boy was in her infirmary she stuffed him with nutrition potions and that she had dictated many times the evidence of long term abuse and malnutrition and requested the boy be removed from his guardians and she had also suggested a Healer be brought in to set a potions and healing regimen to attempt to repair what damage they could. Dumbledore had denied her every time, even forbidding her setting the boy on a simple nutrition potion regimen on her own. He forbid her any contact with the boy other than absolutely necessary.

He was appalled and passed the file to Severus and the others, Cassius and Adriana had arrived while he was reading.

"Edward was that all, did you find out anything else?" he questioned while the others read things over.

"Yes. The Dursleys, his muggle family, they made the boy sleep in a cupboard under the stairs until he had received his first Hogwarts letter. They took the boy to orphanages three seperate times and every time Dumbledore brought him back and made him forget but left their memories in tact informing them they could punish the boy as they saw fit so long as he lived." Marks' tone was disgusted, and he chewed his cigar as though wishing it was his enemies.

"Well I will have to change my plans. Severus did you know nothing of this?" he questioned his longtime friend.

Severus looked up sharply from the medical reports he was reading, his normally sallow skin pale in shock and his eyes burning. He was gritting his teeth and when he spoke it was the quietest Lucius had ever heard him.

"No, had I any idea I would have stopped it years ago. You know how I feel about child abuse Lucius. Dumbledore assured me the boy was spoiled at home and foolishly I refused to look deeper when thing s didn't add up."

"Very well. I wonder how many others are being harmed like this that we do not notice. After all if it can happen to the boy-who-lived then it can happen to any of them. I will see bout getting a healer ready though as soon as confirmation comes in. Severus what do you think? Have you heard anything from the Headmaster?"

"Oh yes. Albus has been sequestered in his office with Black and Lupin since about noon the day after the last task. Fudge had been there that morning as you already know and denied everything saying the boy and the headmaster were mad and he wouldn't allow them to spread lies. I had expected something in the news but with everything about your divorce suddenly being big news I guess it has been pushed back." he raised an eyebrow at Lucius daring him to explain.

"I simply suggested the editor, Belby, might want to wait for a bit before daring to infringe on the honor of the boy-who-lived until he was able to set up an interview with the boy. He agreed it would be career suicide if he was wrong and chose to use my timing as a bluff to keep Fudge off his back until he could think of some way to sway the man." Lucius explaned calmly while the others chickled.

"Yes well, Dumbledore and Black waited until today when Potter was released from the hospital wing before telling the boy. I know because Albus demanded I be there for it after I couldn't give him any insight on your thought process."

Evan spoke then, his tone questioning. "How did the boy take the news?"

"Not well in all honesty. He was very upset upon hearing that legally he had no choice. Black explained it as being similar to the Tri-wizard cup, a binding contract. He yelled about you being a death eater and this being an attempt to hand him over to Voldemort which I put a stop to. I ensured him it was a slight against your honor to think you would ever not protect your family and Black was forced to agree with me due to you demanding a bonding instead of the more modern and muggle wedding."

"Do you think he will settle quickly Severus or should I take precautions?"

"Honestly, Luc I have no idea. An hour ago I would have said you would have to force the boy to do anything but now, after reading all of this I just have no idea. I would say that if you treat the boy with any amount of kindness it would have to be better than what he comes from but he will still likely fight the evil dark wizards." the last was said sarcastically and the others all laughed.

"What about you Edward, what do you think?" Lucius turned back to the muggleborn.

"I think he likely doesn't have any idea about the honor of the old families. Merlin knows I didn't until you all taught me. He likely has no knowledge of the old ways or of Balance. I think, given everything I have learned he will fight any attempts of control but kindness is something he will not be expecting. But Lucius, I believe the boy has the capability for great loyalty if given the chance. He isn't like you or I, money means nothing as is evident by his wardrobe and the company he keeps. All accounts are of him being a polite boy who attracts trouble like bees to honey. The shopkeepers in Diagon dealt with him quite a bit during the summer before his third year and apparently he is kind and helpful if wary. He doesn't seem to like crowds much and is supposedly surprisingly able to disappear if he chooses to. I would suggest canceling your usual huge balls for this summer and simply have a few dinners with friends, introduce him to only those you hold in high confidence. Allow him to invite his friends over one or twice but not too much and allow him to write them often. I think your best bet at getting to him is through Black. Everything points to him loving the man as a father despite Dumbledore doing his best to keep them appart. Get the godfather and you get the boy."

Evan and the others all thought it sounded like fine advice and Adriana spoke up then.

"What about his manners and etiquette. As your bonded it will be up to him to host galas and parties, does he have any idea how?" her voice was soft but their was a core of steel threaded through her that not many dared to cross.

Adriana had been forcibly bonded to Desmond Flint, a cruel wizard who cared only for his own ends. He had forced her to take the mark when he did, not caring for her wishes. She had finally killed the man when her youngest, Marcus Flint, had finally started Hogwarts. No one could prove it but everyone knew and Lucius respected her for finally ending the man who had tormented her for years.

"I was hoping you and Marcellus might take on the task of aiding him in that once I have his etiquette caught up. I don't dare host any functions until I am sure he will not shame me."

"Well I would love to help the dear Lucius. You know Cassius never lets me do anything more." he grinned teasingly at them all before flashing a loving smile at his husband and bond mate.

"Oh hush you, I simply think you should be able to relax with our children. If you like you may go to work and I will stay hone with Theodore and Annebelle." Cassius grinned as he pulled his bondmate closer.

"No that is all right. I have it well in hand Cass." Marcellus was quick to ensure him as the others laughed.

"Well I would gladly help the boy. Marcus is finally old enough to be on his own now so only Micah still remains at the manor. He has found a bond mate and they will be bonding by yule so I can use that as a teaching point for Harry. By next summer he should be able to throw his first gala." she smiled.

"Well we shall see but enough of this for now. I believe we are all here for a reason." Lucius grinned.

Marks watched them all with a mild sense of bemusement as Lucius pulled out a pure white paste and had them all apply it directly to their marks before moving them all to a warding circle. The spell was a purification ritual based on blood sacrifice and required a living sacrifice so Lucius had gathered several perfect new lambs and they each had to wait for their paste to dry and then with a steady chant they had to peel the paste up which ripped out the black tentacles of magic with it and then allow the past to latch onto the lamb. The magic was awful and the evil could be felt as soon as they began peeling it from themselves. The longest tentacle felt like it was being pulled from the bottom of their stomachs with other coming from around their hearts and along the magical pathways in their arms. It burned and tugged and made them all feel nauseous but they had to keep going once they started or the marks, which had alerted Voldemort and were now being used as weapons, would kill them.

As soon as they touched the lambs the poor things began bleating in agony as they attempted to fight off the magic that was stealing their lives. The sounds were horrible but the images were even more so as the poor things shrunk and shriveled in on themselves until they were little better than husks and the magic with nothing left to draw from finally disappeared in a roar of fury.

They were all exhausted, their magic depleted from the ritual and from forcing the tendrils from themselves and Marks had to help them all from the ritual room and back up the stairs to a parlor where they could all rest and recuperate. Severus called for his personal house elf to fetch them all some pepper-up potion to help.

Soon Adriana laughed, a giggle really before Evan joined and the others followed. Lucius felt free for the first time in years. There had been a weight, a restriction and constant drain on his magic since the dark mark had first been applied back in the first war that was gone. He could feel the freedom that he hadn't even realized he had missed and it made him light heart-ed and happy. Even Severus, the most severe wizard he had ever known was giggling like a school girl at the fact that they had all just bested the dark lord.

"Do you know what I am going to do first thing tomorrow?" Marcellus spoke once he had caught his breath.

"What?" Evan questioned.

"I am going to Paris to Emils and I am going to have him design a new style of robe which is sleeveless for the summer. We can start a new fashion statement and my arms, my newly unmarked arms can be visible for everyone!" the feminine man grinned.

"That is a wonderful idea Marcellus, I think I shall join you. Ladies fashions turned from corset dresses to long sleeve even in the summer back during the first war, I think it is time they changed back. Let every see exactly who wears the mark. They will not dare show their arms and it will give the Ministry a great starting point." Adriana grinned deviously.

"Well then I think we should all get some of these new robes, after all I refuse to fall behind in fashions." Lucius smirked. The others agreed and made a plan with Lucius agreeing to pick some up for Severus since he would still be required to be at the school because the students still had a week.

One by one they all left until only Severus and Lucius remained.

"What do you plan now Lucius?"

"Well I know the goblins delivered the letter and contract to Sirius Black three days ago so he only has two more days left. I know Dumbledore wishes to speak with me so I think I will visit the school tomorrow evening for dinner. After all, showing off my new robes will definitely be in order."

"You must make thing difficult on your self. Shall I inform the old man of your impending visit?" Severus snarked.

"You may inform him. I imagine he would like to have an answer for me by then."

"Alright Lucius. Now I have to be getting back. I imagine after reading those madical chart that the healer you higher to examine the boy will order a rather sever course for potions to heal what can be healed. Simply send me a list and I shall begin brewing them. I will also be making use of my rooms here this summer as a medi-wizard on sight if needed. I imagine the boy will need it."

"Thank you for that Severus. As soon as I know anything I will let you know. I do have one request though, the 'occulus potion'. I know you can brew it and I will gladly pay you for your time. They boys eyes shouldn't remain hidden behind those ridiculous frames."

"Certainly Lucius. It takes about a month. You may give it to the boy for his birthday. I imagine he would enjoy it. Now I really must be getting back, who knows what is going on with the Slytherins. Likely they have blown up the castle by now." his tone was long suffering and Lucius couldn't help but chuckle at him over it as the darker man floo'ed away.

Lucius took the time to read through the file Marks had gathered one more time once he had bathed and settled in bed. The details were damning and he remembered why he hated muggles. Honestly this could be used but not with out exploiting the boy. Maybe he could find a way but he was to tired to think of it tonight. He set the file away and with a simple nox the torches were out as he settled back in his comfortable bed. He fell asleep looking at his bare arm in the moonlight and his dreams were filled with dark hair and green eyes flashing in fury.

The next morning Mipsy woke him early with breakfast and a bath already run. He took the time to groom himself well before dressing with care. He read the paper while he ate breakfast and noticed that Narcissa was pictured on her lovers arm in Diagon looking decidedly worse for wear. The normally put together witch was obviously not accustomed to grooming herself and with out the maid elf he had assigned her her clothes were wrinkled and her hair that was normally perfectly styled was frizzy and in a simple tail instead of her elaborate curls.

He left for Paris with a smirk on his face and met up with Cassius and Marcellus in the wizarding district of Paris near the Louvre. Within half an hour Evan and his wife, a pretty little muggleborn names Maria, and Adriana had joined them and they headed to DeFaynes Fine Threads where Emil was more than happy to aide them in their new fashion statement.

The little old man was worried for a moment until the men all took off their over robes revealing unmarked flesh. He looked at them all in shock and then joy before quickly summoning bolts of fabric in every color and weight. Since it was summer and it would be sweltering they all chose light weight fabrics for their over robes and Adriana for her dresses. Emil decided on the perfect style with a mandarin collar and buttons down the sides of their chests, completely sleeveless. The robes would go to the floor and be fitted to the hips and under them they would wear a simple linen sleeveless tunic and breeches.

There was another more formal style that was an open front sleeveless robe that they could wear a tunic under that the robe would be held together with fine chains and breeches under that. Lucius ordered several sets in silks and fine linens and he ordered several sets for Severus as well. Luckily Emil had Severus' sizes and was able to send a couple of the robes with him promising the rest would be delivered within the next week.

Lucius, knowing it would be his future bond mates first impression of him after receiving the news decided to change into a new set of stunning teal robes edged with silver. They complimented his coloring and bared his unmarred forearms for everyone to see. The group took well past lunch to outfit and they decided on catching a late lunch before heading back to England and Scottland. Lucius, knowing he would need every advantage took the time to do a bit of shopping and buy a few gifts for his intended including a gorgeous pair of self sizing dragon hide boots that cost more than a new broom and a few other items and trinkets.

When it was getting close to supper he dropped his purchases off at the manor and after steeling himself he apperated to Hogsmead and with one last smile he headed up the hill to the gates of Hogwarts, his future waited for him.