A/N: Hey Everone yeah so this is a Hunter/Emily, Jayden/Emily, and Mike/Emily Fanfic that wanted to do for a long time and I also have the guts to post it now so enjoy!

At the Shiba house Jayden and Emily were training when all of a sudden a ninja zoomed in and zoomed to Ji, "Hi, I'm Hunter Bradly and I want your land and this place." Hunter said pointing at the window.

"Excuse me, but I think you better get out because I am not going to stand for this insult!" Ji said then he stood up.

"But I want..." Hunter's words got cut off.

"GET OUT!" Ji screamed pointing his stick at the door behind Hunter.

"Sir I was just joking! Hunter said as he pushed the stick away from the door.

"Okay I understand." Ji said then all of the Samurai Rangers came in.

"Hunter this is Jayden our Red Ranger, Emily our Yellow Ranger, Kevin our Blue Ranger, Mia our Pink Ranger, Mike our Green Ranger and Antonio our Gold Ranger who is most likely fishing at this moment, that's he does is fish...I hate fish." Ji introduced them all then he looked down at the floor.

"Who hasn't been cleaning the floor?" Ji asked then he looked up and gave a mean look at Kevin.

"Uh-oh!" Kevin said then he ran out.

"I will get you Kevin!" Ji said holding his stick up in the air; he held it tighter than he has ever held it before.

Then Hunter rubbed his forehead and said, "That was...Interesting."

Then Emily walked over to Hunter and said as she grabbed his hand, "Come on I will show you around."

When Emily was showing Hunter around Jayden and Mike were furious, "I hope that Hunter goes soon." Mike said hitting the dummy even harder than usual with his stick.

"Me too." Jayden said watching angrily at how close they were getting.

Then Kevin ran to Jayden screaming, "Jayden, Jayden!"

"What is it Kevin?" Jayden said catching Kevin as Kevin almost fell to the ground.

"It's Hunter I found out that he's the Crimson Thunder Ranger!" Kevin screamed then he jumped away from Jayden because Ji came out of the Shiba house and started to chase Kevin.

After a while Hunter left but before he left he and Emily kissed and he told her something, "The reason why I came was to see if all of those rumors were right about a sweet yellow ranger unlike the one that everyone tries to pair me with on Fanfiction." Hunter said then he left to go back to his students.

Then Jayden walked over to Emily and said, "So did he tell you why he came?" Jayden asked Emily as he put his arm around her.

Yes he said..." Emily's words were cut off.

Jayden grabbed her and kissed her as well then he ran off and Mike ran up, "I'll get you for that!" Mike said as he chased Jayden and when he went by Emily he kissed her on the cheek.