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Title: Three Times The Charm Didn't Work – And One Time It Did

Fandom: Detective Conan; Magic Kaitou

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Gosho Aoyama for he created the awesomeness that is Kaitou KID. Ah, and Detective Conan, too. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, threesome, hurt/comfort, blood, violence

Main Pairing: SaguKaiShin

Side Pairings: MakoSono, MasuRan (one-sided?), TakagiSatou, KogoroEri, GinzouChikage

Detective Conan Characters: Kudou Shinichi, Mouri Ran, Suzuki Sonoko, Sera Masumi, Kyogoku Makoto, Agasa Hiroshi, Haibara Ai, Mouri Kogoro, Kisaki Eri, Megure Juzo, Takagi Wataru, Satou Miwato, Shiratori Ninzaburo, Kobayashi Sumiko

Magic Kaitou Characters: Kuroba Kaito, Hakuba Saguru, Nakamouri Aoko, Nakamouri Ginzou, Kuroba Chikage, Jii Konosuke, Snake, Spider (Gunter von Goldberg II)

Own Characters: Taisho Daisuke

Summary: Second in my Three-series, following 'Three's A Charm'. Again a three-chapter story.

Sure, the Black Organization got taken down, but did they get them all? And our favorite thief is still on the search for Pandora. But the worst was the everyday-life. The annual Police Ball is taking an unexpected turn. Who will rescue the day if most of the good guys are in danger?

Okay, it's official; This plot does what it wants! The first chapter was supposed to be sappy and fluffy and cute. It turned out depressing and dark (even made me cry while writing it...). Gah! But on the other hand, I like that new twist. xD

By the way, I have decided to make this a trilogy. So 'Three Times The Charm Didn't Work' is the second of three fanfictions in that verse. ;)

Three Times The Charm Didn't Work

And One Time It Did

1. Kaito: Of Difficulties, Doom and Dancing

Kaito rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"That's cheating, Shin-chan! Sagu-chan, tell him that that's unfair!"

"But Kai-chan", breathed Shinichi against the magician's ear. "That's neither cheating nor unfair."

The brunette detective licked the earshell, his hands wandering over the exposed torso beneath him, stopping at a certain spot and pressing it. The thief hissed in pain and went limb.

"And that is the reason why it's neither cheating nor unfair, Kaito", commented a chuckling voice from behind the brunette detective. Saguru stepped up to the bed and looked at Kaito darkly. "You got yourself shot. And tying you to the bed is the best solution."

"But he stripped me off my tools!", whined the magician. "Even my hidden tools!"

"Of course, moron", snorted Shinichi and placed a soft kiss on Kaito's lips. "Because you'd escape otherwise. And we want you in bed, for at least this weekend."

The Heisei Holmes smirked and stood, leaning against the blonde. Shaking his head at the pitiful way the magician looked, the half-Brit slung one arm around his fellow detective's waist.

"But it's not fair!", whined Kaito again. "You can't lure me into bed under the promise of hot, kinky sex and then leave me tied to the bedframe without doing anything!"

A devilish smile tugged at Saguru's lips and the Heisei Holmes wondered how much of the magician had rubbed off. The blonde sneaked his hands down to squeeze Shinichi's ass. Mewling in surprise, the brunette blushed and stared at him.

"How about be torture him a bit?", whispered the half-Brit.

"That would be so mean... I like that", grinned the Heisei Holmes and led him out of the bedroom.

They heard the protests of their magician and laughed to themselves.

"Come back! That's even more unfair than tying me up here!"

Kaito scrunched his eyebrows in irritation. It wasn't the first time he got shot. And he had always dealt with it on his own. Until Saguru came. The blonde had most of the time only scolded him and left him do his night job how he deemed it right. But ever since Shinichi had joined their relationship, everything became more... complicated. Not only because the Heisei Holmes always fussed over every time Kaito got shot. No, it were the simple things. Like going to bed together, not knowing who should lay where, because they all wanted to lay in the middle. Or fighting. When two of them were fighting over something completely trivial, the third would be pulled into the middle of it anyway. It sometimes was hard enough to decide where to go, too. May it be restaurants, cafés or movies. The worse part were the looks they got. Kaito wasn't bothered by such things, he pranked the ones that were looking at them strangely and the matter was done with that. Even Saguru was only merely annoyed by it. But it was still a problem for Shinichi. Maybe because Kaito and Saguru were used to strange looks, they had received their fair share of those by just being a gay couple. Or it was because of Shinichi's fame. The Heisei Holmes was back in the newspapers ever since his return, especially after the fall of the Black Organization. Even though the brunette detective had spend most of the time unconscious, it was still mostly him and the FBI according to the official statement (Kaito, Saguru and most of the others involved preferred to stay unnamed). It was like a boost to Shinichi's fame and reporters were following him everywhere. He was a celebrity, his private life seemed to be the most interesting thing for the vultures. This was probably also the reason for their biggest fights, most of the times resulting with Shinichi storming out of the house to spend the night at the Kudou mansion.

It wasn't as if their relationship didn't work, it was perfect. As long as they were at home, or with their friends. Especially in the bedroom everything was perfect. Just like now.

"Ah, good morning, Kuroba-san, the doctor is ready to see you!"

Kaito blinked at stared at the door. His eyes eyes went wide and he gulped. Shinichi was wearing the nurse dress the thief loved so much! And right behind him stood Saguru in his doctor attire.

"Nurse Shinichi, how is the patient?", asked the blonde in a strict voice.

Shinichi bit his lips shyly and leaned over to look as the magician closely, a thermometer in his hand. "I—I think we should maybe check his temperature, Hakuba-sensei..."

"Maybe we should check your temperature first, you're all flushed", growled the half-Brit and came up behind the other detective, pressing against the curve of Shinichi's behind. "And I happen to have just the right thermometer for it."

"B—But, doctor!", squealed the brunette 'nurse' and turned around to face the taller man.

"Now, now, I know what a naughty, little thing you are", murmured Saguru and squeezed the Heisei Holmes' ass hard, before lifting one and bringing it down on the round firmness again, causing the smaller detective to squeal and blush. "I think someone is in severe need of a proper punishment."

Needless to say that the phantom thief was rock hard by now.

"My, look at the time! We were requested by the police station, Saguru!", gasped the brunette detective and hurried out of the bedroom, pulling the blonde after him.

"Now you're just being sadistic!", hissed the magician with a pout.

Great, he was tied to the bed without any means of getting free, to top it all off he was achingly hard and couldn't even jerk off because his hands were tied to the damn bed!

When did his lovely detectives turn into such sadists?

He averted his eyes and stared at the bandage on his shoulder. His eyes darkened some. Yeah, he had hoped that it would finally be over once the Black Organization was taken care of. But they were too many all over the country, it was impossible to take the weed out of the garden completely. There were still some roots left deep within the earth. And to their misery Snake was one of those. After the fall of the organization, the killer seemed to grow even more interested in killing him. Every heist with Snake present made Shinichi and Saguru edgy.

As if their relationship wasn't complicated enough, Snake seemed to be set on breaking them up with his stupid attempts to kill Kaitou KID!

Not that he thought about breaking up. Gods, he would never think of breaking up! He cherished his detectives and enjoyed every second with them. But he had a feeling that Shinichi didn't want them anymore. And the magician couldn't really blame him.

The stress by the press was hard enough as it was, but them prying in on their love-life, all the prejudices and insults were taking their tolls on Shinichi. Since he was the most popular and thus also most wanted detective in Japan, he was also very busy was cases. The Heisei Holmes was just too nice to say no to people in need. He wanted justice for everyone. He was still neglecting his health because of his job, but Saguru and Kaito were pretty good at taking care of the moron.

Strangely enough that was Kaito's biggest fear. He was sure he could live without Shinichi, if that would be what would make the brunette detective happy, but he feared that the Heisei Holmes would neglect himself to death without them. And that was nothing he could live with.

It was harsh that he was even having such thoughts, but he couldn't stop them from time to time. The nights Shinichi spend at the Kudou mansion become more frequent. This week alone it had been two nights, and it was only Thursday.

"Kuroba-kun? Are you at home?", called Ran's voice from downstairs.

"Ran-chan, Hakuba-kun called us because Kuroba-kun is at home", snorted Masumi.

"Well, since we are talking about BaKaito, we can never know", snorted his best friend.

"But we are also talking about the two Holmes-geeks. If anyone could manage to cage Kaito-kun, it's them", hummed Sonoko and Kaito could practically hear the grin on her face.

"I'm upstairs! Come and rescue me!", cried the magician.

"We are not here as your knights in shining armor, BaKaito, we are here as your prison guards!", screamed Aoko irritated.

"Shinichi said you hurt yourself trying a new trick and he asked us to keep an eye on you while he and Hakuba-kun were busy at the station", explained the blonde as she and the three brunettes entered the bedroom.

"You know how glad I was to hear that", sighed Ran and sat down next to Kaito on the bed (with enough space between them – she didn't trust him not to steal something, anything, from her to use it to free himself from the handcuffs). "I mean... it means he's talking to you again..."

She averted her eyes and stared at her lap. The female detective laid a hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner and smiled slightly. Right behind them was an angry-looking billionaire's daughter, walking up and down in front of the bed.

"This... moron! I don't understand why he lets those dumb reporters crawl under his skin like that! But I've always said it, he's a moron! You two are the best thing that could possibly have happened to him and he's sooo short of throwing everything away!", ranted the blonde.

"You're being unfair, Sonoko-chan", muttered Kaito. "He's put under enormous pressure. Ever since the case he had been working on for two years had been closed, reporters from not only every corner of Japan, but also from overseas were chasing him 24/7. Then there are all the clients and the police and even those stupid American three-letter-institutes were trying to get him to work with them. It's much to digest for him. And a coming out is hard enough as it is, but more so for a celebrity. Especially for a celebrity coming out and saying 'ah, by the way, I got two boyfriends!'. It's hard for him and I know he's trying... But they're making it hard for him..."

"Kaito...", whispered Aoko and stepped into the room.

Her voice was silent and grave and she told her three friends with a glance to leave the duo alone. Once the brunette girls were out of the room, she sat down next to him.

"What? Are you going to preach now?", grinned the magician.

But she still looked so serious. It was unnerving to see her like that. Normally, he would pull a prank to make her smile, but he was kind of tied at the moment.

"Kaito", she breathed deep. "Maybe it would be better if you'd end it. It would be better for all three of you. After you got together with Hakuba-kun, you've been the happiest I've ever seen you. And... And I really thought that Kudou-kun would, I don't know, make you even more happy. Because I knew that you were in love with him, from the first time we introduced you to him at the café. You had that look in your eyes, the same one you always have when you look at Hakuba-kun. I thought he could make the both of you happy, but he doesn't. And he also doesn't make himself happy. It was fine the first two months, but the last four had been hell. Suzuki-chan and I had to listen to your whining, Sera-chan had to listen to Hakuba-kun's complains and Mouri-chan practically moved in at the Kudou mansion to listen to Kudou-kun. Whenever we meet to go somewhere, you are either fighting or not talking. That's not healthy and it's not making anyone happy. Don't you think it would be better for you... to end it? Our time together was great before he joined you in a relationship! Everything was good. I... want it to go back to that."

Kaito was silent for some time, the two old friends not daring to look at each other.

"Saguru and I... we talked about that the seventh time Shinichi had left...", admitted the magician. "We thought that maybe it was selfish of us to keep him to ourselves... When we talked to him about it, he broke down and cried. He even begged us not to give up and apologized. Even though it wasn't his fault. It's... a problem. We need him just as much as he needs us. And I think that everything could be fine... if not for the press... You know, he receives fanmail, right?" Aoko snorted and nodded. She still thought it ridiculous that detectives had a fanbase. "But that's not all he gets. He sometimes receives hate mails, too. Regardless of how happy we might be at our home at that moment, whenever he reads that we'll burn in hell because we're sick garbage... it gets to him. I don't give a damn about stupid people and their stupid world-view and I think Saguru can handle it rather good, too, because his coming out had been years ago and we two had been in a relationship for some time. But Shinichi... I don't know. I never thought that the high-and-mighty Heisei Holmes would give so much about the opinions of others, but it were many things at once he had to digest. Maybe it's just too much... Too much at once. Being openly gay can be hard enough, but living such an unorthodox life-style as we do as a celebrity... And still he tries. He could just say he doesn't want it anymore, the hatred, the stupid questions, the looks. He could just end the relationship and live his isolated, lonely life again, but he doesn't want it back. He loves us. And he's trying..."

"But sometimes, trying isn't enough", whispered Aoko with guarded eyes. "You need to think about it. Sometimes it's not enough, regardless of how much you want it. And sometimes what we want is not good for us, even if we love it."

She stood and left the room, giving Kaito the benefit of privacy to cry on his own when she saw the tears glinting in his eyes.

It was a truth he tried to deny for months now. Their relationship wasn't working, not outside their home, so how could it possibly be a real relationship? If you have to hide it?

It caused Shinichi pain and Shinichi's pain caused them pain, too.

Would they maybe really be happier if they'd end it? There was just one problem; Kaito would never be able to get back to 'normal' again. Never again would he want to miss Shinichi.

The way Shinichi's hair was always neat, even in the morning, even after rough sex, it always looked perfect. How he would smile when he solved a case. And that he wasn't working without a coffee, or how he read the newspapers and sucked his thump when an article got to him. How he handled even the most gruesome murder all professional and seeked justice for everyone. The way Shinichi's lips felt against his and how he always messed Kaito's already messy hair up when they were kissing. The hour-long praising of Sherlock Holmes he did together with Saguru. That Shinichi managed to burn nearly all food he tried to cook. The way Shinichi's eyes would light up at small things like lemon pie or meeting the Shounen Tantei-dan. Oh, those eyes. He was an internationally wanted jewelry thief and still, he had never seen a sapphire bluer or brighter than those eyes.

He could go on like that forever. There were small things and big things and he loved them. Life would never be good again without Shinichi. So why was it also not good with him?

Wasn't Kaitou KID supposed to posses an extra portion of luck? That's what the detectives, the task-force and the press were saying. So why was that lucky charm failing him when it came to the most important part of his life? This so-called luck only worked when it wasn't most important. It had failed to rescue his father all these years ago and now it failed to let him live a peaceful life.

"Kuroba-kun? Are you still there? It's... unusual silent in here?", asked the worried voice of Ran.

"Yeah, I've just... been thinking about something Aoko had said", smiled the magician.

"Oh", nodded the detective's daughter and entered the room again.

She closed the door behind her and turned honest eyes on him.

"Don't you dare giving up on him!", warned the karate champion in a low voice.

"What?", blinked the thief perplex.

"I – alongside with everyone else – have seen how you fought to get his attention ever since the first day we met. You're a fighter, you hadn't given up regardless of how stubborn or clueless he is. He's dumb when it comes to stuff like that, but that never stopped you. So don't give him up just because he can't handle the situation. I know he'll come around, he never was one to be impressed by the judgmental opinions of others. I don't know what it is, maybe that damn case that took him two years to solve, but something made him rather insecure. But he loves you like crazy. So don't give him up just because he's too dumb to notice that having you is more important than what others think about it."

"But don't you think he would be better off without us? The reporters would finally stop asking inappropriate questions, the hate-mail would stop, the gawking would stop..."

She stood in front of him with her arms crossed over her chest, a stern and scolding expression on her face as she shook her head.

"You don't know anything about reporters, do you? They will never stop asking inappropriate questions. If they can't ask him about you three anymore, they'll find something new. Even if it would mean to invent something. And the hate-mail? Really now. There will always be someone who thinks what he does is wrong, may it be the way he solves his cases or the way he doesn't solve all the cases – because he's only one human being with a regular 24-hour-day. Someone will always find a reason to complain. Haters gonna hate, it's the way life goes. And people have always gawked at him, mostly because he's famous", she took a deep breath and stared at Kaito. "Right now he's the healthiest I've ever seen him. You make him sleep between his cases and eat and drink something else aside from coffee. I've tried to do that for years and it didn't work. He laughs more often, he's free and happy whenever we come over. The problem are not the people in your relationship, because you three complete each other and make each other happy, it's the people outside your relationship. You need to learn how to deal with them and then everything will be good again. That's the whole, damn secret."

"That's... true...", agreed the magician after a short pause.

"I know", chuckled Ran. "And now I'll leave you to your cushion. Shinichi said to make sure that you sleep, because you need to get better. He worries very much about you."

"He worries too much about me!", called the thief after her as she left again.

A small smile tugged at his lips. She was right, they were good for each other. It's the others that were the problem. With that thought in mind, he drifted off to sleep.

"But I don't understand why we're having to go there anyway!"

"It's the annual police ball", the British accented voice sounded annoyed and stressed.

Kaito yawned and looked around. It was dark outside. It had been morning when the girls had arrived. Damn. Had he been out for that long? Maybe his boyfriends had been right to force him to rest. Not that he would admit that to them.

"And? We're not part of the system – as Nakamouri-keibu never fails to point out!"

Great, they were fighting again. The magician groaned at that.

"It's just a stupid ball, we go there, eat, drink, dance and socialize. That's it. What in the world is your problem?", sighed Saguru in a tired voice.

"Well, maybe, for starters, that we two got separated invitations. While even Takagi-keiji and Satou-keiji got one invitation together – and they are still trying to keep their relationship out of the work! And we both got 'plus one' invitations. Great! Are you going to take Kaito with you, or should I?"

"Those are formalities", muttered the blonde, his voice slowly coming nearer. "It's only standard. What do you expect? Them printing special invitations?"

"Why, yes", growled the Heisei Holmes. "They're so accepting, well then, I want some acceptance!"

"One time you want acceptance, the other time you want everyone to leave you alone...", muttered Saguru distressed. He heaved another sigh. "You know what? I'm tired. There had been three robberies this week and the case exhausted me. I just want to crawl into bed and forget it."

"How can you forget it? Don't you care about it?"

"Actually... no. One of us takes Kaito and the other takes Chikage-kaa-san as 'plus one', so everyone will be happy. It doesn't matter with whose invitation we all get there, as long as we're together."

"But it does matter to me! Haven't you heard the snickering behind our backs when we got the invitations?", hissed Shinichi, Kaito could hear in his voice that the Heisei Holmes was at the verge of either crying or screaming.

"Those were some unimportant newbies", snorted Saguru unimpressed.

"Oh yeah, everything is so unimportant to you!", screamed the brunette detective.

The magician wasn't sure, but he thought that screaming was better than crying. Maybe.

"No, not everything", grunted the half-Brit obviously very annoyed at that point. "Just the really unimportant things. And, by everything holy, I can't understand how a genius like you is still unable to differ between the opinions that matter and the ones that don't."

"Great! Here you go again with the 'you're so clever, just figure it out already'-attitude! You know what? If you think I have to figure that out, then fine. I'll go and figure it out. And you and Kaito can go to that stupid ball on your own!"

The door was closed. In a manner that certainly woke all neighbors. A few seconds later and a very irritated looking Saguru stood in front of him.

"How was your day, darling?", asked Kaito in a sweet voice.

Instead of an answer, a key was thrown at him. The blonde muttered some English cusses and got changed while the magician freed himself.

"I take it, you've been fighting again. Well... I also heard it, so...", drawled the thief.

"I love him, but he's slowly driving me insane!", groaned the half-Brit and let himself fall onto the bed next to his mischievous boyfriend. "Everything had been good this morning!"

"Maybe we should stop going outside?", suggested the magician in a joking manner.

Saguru looked up at him darkly. "This is all just a big joke to you, isn't it?", accused the blonde.

"No! I just think you should side with him from time to time, too!", grunted Kaito and raised an eyebrow. "It's hard for him!"

"You always say that!", growled the detective and stood again. "Don't you think it's hard for me, too? They're talking at the police station, making stupid jokes. Regardless of how often Satou-chan and the others defend us, I still can hear them! Shinichi is not the only one for whom it's hard!"

"That's not a reason to raise your voice at me, mister", muttered the magician annoyed and stood up himself. "I know that it's also hard for you. But he's just having it a bit rougher, with all the reporters and stuff."

"Well, but he has Hattori-kun to complain to", snorted the blonde.

"You're still jealous because Shinichi had spend the weekend in Osaka? I can't believe you!", gaped the thief surprised. "And here I thought it's about his PDA-issues."

"It is about his PDA-issues!", screamed the detective back. "He has no problem to be seen in public with Hattori-kun, but he gets all distant when we are out with him! We are his boyfriends, for Pete's sake! I don't need to make out in public, but sometimes holding hands or anything! A little peck on the lips when I collect him from a crime scene, but all he thinks about are the damn cameras! You don't really believe that crap about the invitations! He's just afraid to be seen with us!"

"He's not", whispered Kaito. "He's just afraid to get hurt..."

"But how are we supposed to protect him if he can't even tell us what it is that is bothering him?", groaned Saguru and buried his face in his hands.

The magician lifted his hands and laid them on top of his boyfriend's, causing the blonde to let them sink again and look at the thief.

"I think that that's the main problem."

"What?", asked the blonde confused.

"That we try to protect him from everything. Maybe this demon of his is something he needs to face on his own. We always run after him and try to shield him from the mails and the press and the evils, but I think he needs to face them. He needs time to think his priorities through. We should give him this time on his own so he can get things straight again."

The blonde laughed humorlessly and shook his head. "But that's the question. What if he thinks everything through and comes to the conclusion that being straight would make life easier?"

"I have a simple answer to that", smiled Kaito and linked their fingers. He leaned up until their lips were nearly touching. "Our combined charm is too irresistible. He'll come around, he just..."

"Needs a wake-up call?", smirked the blonde and leaned down to kiss the other.