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Title: Three Times The Charm Didn't Work – And One Time It Did

Fandom: Detective Conan; Magic Kaitou

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Gosho Aoyama for he created the awesomeness that is Kaitou KID. Ah, and Detective Conan, too. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, threesome, h/c, spanking, anal, explicit intercourse, double penetration

Main Pairing: SaguKaiShin

Side Pairings: MakoSono, MasuRan (one-sided?), TakagiSatou, KogoroEri, GinzouChikage

Detective Conan Characters: Kudou Shinichi, Mouri Ran, Suzuki Sonoko, Sera Masumi, Hattori Heiji, Tooyama Kazuha, Kyogoku Makoto, Agasa Hiroshi, Haibara Ai, Mouri Kogoro, Kisaki Eri, Megure Juzo, Takagi Wataru, Satou Miwato, Shiratori Ninzaburo, Kobayashi Sumiko

Magic Kaitou Characters: Kuroba Kaito, Hakuba Saguru, Nakamouri Aoko, Nakamouri Ginzou, Kuroba Chikage, Jii Konosuke, Snake, Spider (Gunter von Goldberg II)

Summary: Second in my Three-series, following 'Three's A Charm'. Again a three-chapter story.

Sure, the Black Organization got taken down, but did they get them all? And our favorite thief is still on the search for Pandora. But the worst was the everyday-life. The annual Police Ball is taking an unexpected turn. Who will rescue the day if most of the good guys are in danger?

Three Times The Charm Didn't Work

And One Time It Did

3. Shinichi: Of Luck, Love and Living-happily-ever-after

"So you're being a spoiled brat again and decided to pout?"

"Leave me alone, Haibara", muttered the Heisei Holmes annoyed and crossed his arms over his chest, turning away from the not-child.

"Why are you looking so sad, Shin-nii-chan?", hummed the brunette girl next to him.

"Because I've had a fight with Saguru...", sighed the detective.

"You're fighting a lot", observed Mitsuhiko with a concerned expression.

Shinichi groaned at that. He had gone to the mansion to have some time to himself, but he had calculated wrong. There was one fact that had slipped his mind. The Shounen Tantei-dan had claimed the Kudou mansion as their personal hideout, ever since they knew that it was not a haunted house. The four children were right now seated opposite of him.

"Ah, sorry, Kudou-kun, I try to tell them that this isn't their playground, but they just won't listen to me", laughed the professor apologetically and brought coffee and hot chocolate.

"No need to be sorry, hakase", sighed Shinichi with a weak smile.

If he would be honest, he would confess that he liked the children's company. They always managed to lift his mood, though he wasn't sure it would work this time.

Genta had stolen the remote and was aimlessly zapping around through the channels.

"Ne, ne!", interrupted Ayumi enthusiastically and stopped the big boy at one.

"Eh? What is it?", asked Genta confused.

"There is this really big police ball today!", chimed the girl with gleeful eyes. "I wanted to go, but tou-san said I'm too young! Can we watch it, please?"

Since neither Genta nor Mitsuhiko could resist her, they stayed at the live news about the ball, even though such a thing bored them. Shinichi groaned in annoyance. The last thing he needed now.

"So, Kudou-kun", grunted Agasa and sat down next to him. "Why are you not attending the ball?"

"Did you loose your glass slippers?", snickered Ai amused.

"No, it's just..." Something really stupid, was what he added in his mind.

He knew he was being a spoiled brat, as Haibara had phrased it. But he couldn't change it, he needed those very stupid fights these days. What else kind of reason could he invent to stay alone at the Kudou mansion?

Shots from the television interrupted his thoughts. His head went up and he stared at the screen. People were running around, trying to hide beneath the tables. And then there was a man clad in black, with a wicked grin. A disgusting face he knew all too well from previous heists. The man that tried to take his Kaito away from him.

"You heard that? I sincerely hope you'll make a special broadcasting for the occasion. Because I have plenty of hostages and believe me, KID, they will last the whole night. Every hour that passes without you showing your face here, will cost one of these poor, innocent people to die. And no imposer, because I'm fairly good at telling an amateur apart from the real thing. If the police, if anyone of them is still out there that is, sends an imposer, there will be many dead people here."

Great, just great. The last remains of an organization full of psychopaths decided to take his boyfriends hostage. Hadn't he said it would be better to stay away from that ball? But no, why should one listen to him anyway?

"What are you planning to do now, Kudou-kun?", whispered Ai with concerned eyes.

"Something very dangerous and stupid", muttered Shinichi and stood. "I'm going home, I need to fetch a few things first. You, turn the television out and keep an eye on the children."


Shinichi groaned in pain and blinked a few times. Everything looked like a picture from Van Gogh.

"Kudou-kun, you seem to be related to a cat."

"What?", was the first he could press out between clenched teeth.

"You have more lives than anyone I know", chuckled Haibara with a fond smile.

"What had... happened?", groaned the detective and tried to sit up, though a horrible pain shot through his guts and he laid down again.

"You've done something very dangerous and stupid", answered the blonde girl, scribbling something down on her sheet. "You're lucky I didn't listen to you."

"Why?", murmured Shinichi and grabbed his aching head.

Generally said, everything ached at the moment. A dull, all-present aching.

"Because I've decided to follow you with the professor. And when you got shot and fell through the window, we pulled you into the Beetle and I started taking care of you immediately. If we wouldn't have been there, you would have died out there. Even if your boyfriends would have gotten out there right away, there would have been no chance to save you."

"Where... Where are Kaito and Saguru?", was Shinichi's next question, looking around frantically.

The blonde's eyes darkened as she tried to avoid his eyes.

"Where are they?", growled the detective.

"They're not here", answered the shrunken scientist shortly.

"What does that mean? They're not here? Where are they? Can you... call them? I want to see them", asked the brunette confused and tilted his head.

Truth be told he didn't want to see them, he wanted to cuddle with them. But that piece of information would only lead to eternal teasing from his still shrunken friend.

"Shinichi-kun", whispered the blonde gravely.

That wasn't good. She never used his first name, even after years of fighting the Black Organization together, being shrunk and stuck in kiddie-school together. Never.

"What's wrong?", wanted Shinichi to know, his voice panicked. "Did... Did something happen to them? Did they get hurt? Are they alright? What's wrong?"

"They're alright, please don't worry", reassured the girl.

"Then what is it?"

"They... won't come", sighed Haibara. "I'm supposed to call them when you wake up, but... they won't come. They don't... want to see you."

"What are you talking about?", grunted the detective confused, before he started to laugh. "Is that one of Kaito's stupid jokes? His revenge for when I had him all tied up?"

"You had him tied up? Oh, don't even bother to explain, I do not want to know. No, it has nothing to do with any of your kinky sex practicals. They... blame themselves for what had happened to you. And they decided that it would be best for you if you wouldn't see each other anymore."

"Well, then I have to tell their balls that it would be better for them if they change their opinion. Because otherwise I will use them for a game of soccer", growled Shinichi darkly and stood.

"You're not allowed to get out of bed, Kudou-kun!", grunted Haibara annoyed. "I didn't patch you back together so you can to and tear your stitches!"

"I'm sorry, but... I have to boyfriends' asses to kick!", protested the detective.

"You may beat them, or hit them, or bite them. But you will not kick them. That would put too much pressure on the stitches. And I will personally tear you apart, if you tear those stitches."

He blinked surprised. He would have thought she would put up more of a fight if he wanted to leave. When he looked down at her, he saw a fond and disturbingly soft expression on her face.

"Go and get your two loverboys. I know you wouldn't cease your whining otherwise anyway."

"I... thank you. Just one thing... How long have I been out...?"

"Three weeks. Mouri-chan and the others think that you've fled to your parents after a horrible fight, by the way", informed the scientist.

Shinichi nodded in understanding and looked himself down. He was heavily bandaged, it looked like it would live through the drive. Grabbing the neatly-folded clothes from the chair next to the bed, he slowly got dressed again.

"Hakase?", called Ai.

"Yes, Ai-kun?", asked the elderly man and entered the room.

His eyes widened as he saw Shinichi. Joyful tears streamed down his face and he pulled the teen close to his heart.

"Shinichi-kun! I'm so glad you're finally better!"

"Thank you, hakase", smiled the detective and hugged his neighbor closer. "Can you... do me a favor an drive me home?"

"Uh...", stuttered the man. "Didn't Ai-kun tell you...?"

"Oh, she did", grunted the brunette annoyed. "That's the reason I have to beat some sense into them. Stupid morons, thinking they'll get rid of me so easily!"

Agasa looked at his younger charge, asking silently what he was supposed to do now. The blonde only smirked and rolled her eyes at that, but nodded nonetheless.

"Well, if you think so", shrugged the professor with a weak smile.

The two men walked out of the house, up to the Beetle and drove off.

"What... do my parents think?", whispered Shinichi.

"Nothing. They don't know. Ai-kun was rather optimistic, she said you wouldn't just go and die. So we decided to wait. Just a few days. And then... just a couple of days longer... I don't know... but telling your parents would make it so much more real...", sighed the elderly man. "You know, Shinichi-kun, you have pulled some dangerous stunts ever since I know you. But this time... I really thought we would loose you... Hattori-kun is angry with you for leaving, by the way. We couldn't really tell him, it is Kuroba-kun's secret after all..."

"And... What about... Kaito and Saguru... Did they..." Never come to see me?

Agasa bit his lips and cast a sideways glance at the young man next to him.

"Just... Tell me if they really never came...", whispered the detective.

"No. They hadn't visited", sighed the professor, though he added hastily at the crestfallen look in the sapphire blue eyes: "But they called. Every six hours, to be exact. And you know how Hakuba-kun is when it comes to such things."

"Always on the exact same second", giggled Shinichi with soft eyes, though his laugh died all too soon. "But why didn't they come..."

"I don't know", shrugged the older man. "Maybe... it was too much to see you like that. You looked rather dead most of the time."

"Maybe", whispered the detective and shrugged.

The rest of the drive happened in complete silence. Shinichi nodded off for some time, the professor woke him up once they arrived at the house.

"Shinichi-kun, do you want me to come with you?", asked Agasa.

"No, it's alright. I can... handle that myself", smiled Shinichi and got out of the car. "Thank you for driving me home, though."

"No problem, Shinichi-kun."

The detective closed the door behind himself and walked up to the door. He hissed in pain and grabbed his stomach. Maybe Haibara had been right, he shouldn't walk around just yet. Now he was home, now it didn't matter anymore. He could just... get into bed and rest for the rest of the month. Slowly unlocking the door, he entered again.

"Kaito, are you back already?", called a voice from the living-room.

He wanted to go to the voice, but his stomach hurt. A head of blonde hair entered his view, astonished, honey-golden eyes stared at him.

"Sh... Sh... Shinichi...", muttered the half-Brit shocked. "Is it really you?"

Shinichi bit his lips in anger and lifted his hand. The slapping sound of a hand colliding with a cheek echoed through the hall. Lifting his shaking hand to his now red cheek, Saguru stared at him.

"Sagu-chan, I'm ho-", called a voice from behind the brunette. "Shin... chan...?"

His hand still in the air, he whirled around to slap the magician. Though whirling around obviously was one of the things he wasn't supposed to do.

"You two are damn lucky Haibara forbade me to kick you, because otherwise I would show you just what exactly I am thinking at the moment!", growled Shinichi, gripping bis stomach with both hands.

"You're not looking well, Shin-chan", whispered Kaito with worried eyes.

"Don't even get started, jerk!", hissed the brunette detective. "What is this crap Haibara had told me about you morons breaking up with me?"
"Shinichi... You nearly died", sighed Saguru and shook his head slowly. "You were in a coma for twentytwo days, eighteen hours, thirtythree minutes and... twenty seconds. If it weren't for us, this wouldn't have happened. This... relationship had been complicated to begin with. Maybe it would be better if we would end it now."

"I will slap you again if you dare saying bullshit like that ever again!", threatened Shinichi, sweat covering his forehead.

"You're really not looking good, Shin-chan", repeated the magician.

"I'm... al... righ...", panted the brunette detective, doubling over in pain.

"And who's telling bullshit now?", grunted the blonde, lifting the smaller detective up bridal style to carry him into the bedroom. "You're supposed to rest."

"I would... still be laying in bed if you would have been there!", sobbed Shinichi with teary eyes, his face contracted in anger and pain. "Why... Why haven't you been there?"

"Because we're not good for you", whispered the half-Brit with sad eyes. "You nearly died, damn it! I would rather give you up than loosing you forever!"

"You're idiots if you think that I did that only for you", grunted the brunette detective as he was laid down on their bed. "Just for your information: Nearly everyone I know had been there. And all of you could have died. Besides, you should know me better. I would have pulled such a reckless stunt, how you would phrase it, Saguru, even if no one I know would have been there."

"But you...", started Kaito, his fingers gliding through the soft, brown hair.

"No! You two idiots are not allowed to break up with me and that is the final word!", interrupted Shinichi definitely. "I love you and you will not get rid of me that easily! Regardless of how much you want it, you will not get rid of me! And you have no say in that!"

"It's cute how determined you are", grinned the magician and sat down next to the other brunette.

"Well, you should know how stubborn I am", muttered Shinichi and crossed his arms above his chest, pouting a bit. "I will stay here. And I won't leave."

"Shinichi...", sighed Saguru and massaged his temples. "I... This is not good for you. Not just because you nearly died. We've fought every single week in the past months."

"But those fights weren't so serious!", objected the brunette detective.

"Not so serious?", snorted the magician. "You've stayed at your house most of the time."

Shinichi blushed and averted his eyes. "That was... something else..."

"And what exactly was it, then?", grunted Kaito curiously.

"Well... Most of your tricks are easy to look through – at least for us detectives. But there is a difference between knowing how they work and doing them yourself. I... I don't say that I started the fights on purpose, but... I used them as an opportunity to train in secret... It's pretty hard to do something without you noticing when you two live under the same roof..."

"But... why did you do that?", asked the magician confused.

"Your birthday is next month and I... I wanted to surprise you", confessed Shinichi with a blush. "I even planned a heist. I thought this through, you know... I wanted to fake a heist note and confuse the task-force and lead Saguru away... So he could... capture KID and bring him home to you as a birthday-present... I hadn't planned on using this to rescue your asses. But since I'm rather fond of your asses, I certainly could not just turn blind eyes on this. The black organization took you hostage. I love you. And I will not let you die."

"You mean you... sneaked out of the house to learn my tricks so you can surprise me on my birthday?", the thief's eyes were sparkling brighter than ever before. "That is so cute!"

"And so stupid", grunted Saguru irritated. "You know what we thought when you ran off all the time?"

"I didn't do it with the sole purpose of training!", defended the Heisei Holmes himself. "I really needed the time alone. I've been alone ever since my fourteenth birthday. I'm not used to being around someone all the time. I mean, sure, I've lived with the Mouris for two years, but in some way I've been alone there, too. Because I wasn't myself. I don't know how to deal with such things like fighting or anything... But I promise, I can learn!" He turned watery, wide eyes on his two boyfriends. "I don't... I don't care what others say, I love you and I'm happy and I don't... I don't ever want to miss you again... But sometimes it's just too much and I need some time to myself to calm down. That doesn't mean I don't like you anymore or anything, it just means that this is new to me. I've never been in a relationship before, I've not lived with someone else, who doesn't treat me like a little child, in years. I still need to adjust to that... But I love you and that's more important than anything and if I run off to cool down, then just... I don't know, hit me upside the head and tell me to stay instead of letting go every time! Just... stop me. Stop me and I'll stay. But I need you. I never want to live without you again. I know we can manage. I know it won't be perfect. I know there will always be some assholes, who will laugh behind our backs, I know we will fight. But at the end of the day, I want to crawl into bed next to you and in the morning I want to wake up next to you."

"That was... very sweet", smiled Kaito and lowered his head until his lips graced the softness of his brunette boyfriend's lips.

Saguru sat down on Shinichi's other side and pulled the other detective onto his lap.

"You're so complicated", sighed the blonde and placed tender kisses on the Heisei Holmes' collar bone. "So complicated..."

"Too complicated...?", asked the brunette detective half-afraid.

"No", smiled the half-Brit. "Never too complicated."

"Besides, it would be boring if it wasn't complicated", hummed Kaito and rested his head on the blue-eyed detective's chest, his fingers skipping over the shirt.

"But you know I will still kick your asses once Haibara allows me to kick again, right?", grunted Shinichi and closed his eyes relieved.

"For now, you will only rest and do nothing else!", warned Saguru. "Don't dare moving around!"

"Will you punish him if he disobeys?", asked Kaito with mischievous eyes.

"Kaito, stop being a complete perv!", warned the Heisei Holmes with a blush. "Especially when I'm not even up to something like sex..."

"Say, Shin-chan", murmured the magician curiously. "Do I still get my birthday present?"

"It's stupid. The surprise is ruined", objected Shinichi and shook his head.

"Wouldn't say that", disagreed the blonde. "We don't know your heist-plans after all. It would be... like us chasing Kaito. But in the end..." A predatory grin sneaked onto Saguru's lips. "In the end, I would cuff you..." How often had he fantasized about cuffing KID. "And bring you home... And then Kaito and I would ravish the helpless, bound Kaitou KID..."

Shinichi blushed brightly, he had never heard the half-Brit purr like that! Seemed that birthday present wouldn't be just for Kaito then.

"Kaito's kinkiness rubbed off on you", noted the Heisei Holmes with a chuckle.

"I know I'm a bad influence. Corrupting my pretty detectives like that!", grinned Kaito proudly and broadly, his hands wandering over his boyfriends' bodies.

"That's nothing to be proud of", chuckled Shinichi and shook his head.

"Why did I get myself two boyfriends, who cause me one headache after the other", sighed Saguru gravely and closed his eyes tightly.

"Because you love us", chorused the brunettes, each of them kissing one of the half-Brit's cheeks.

Rolling his eyes in amusement, he laid his arms around his boyfriends' waists and pulled them close. Both brunettes snuggled into the embrace.

"Sagu-chan?", asked Shinichi and batted his eyelashes innocently at the half-Brit. "Can we pretty-please watch the Holmes movies now?"

"You need to rest, Shinichi", objected the blonde and shook his head.

"But he said pretty-please", grinned Kaito. "And Sagu-chan."

"But he needs to rest, Kaito."

"But he doesn't look tired", noted the magician.

"But he needs to sleep."

"But he doesn't want to."

"He doesn't get a say in that", snorted the half-Brit. "And stop objecting everything I say, Kaito!"

"You're fighting again", chuckled Shinichi.

"You're... right", sighed Saguru. "How come we always fight?"

"Because the three of us are just too different", shrugged Kaito and stood up. "We'll always edge on, because we disagree on many matters."

"Where are you going now?", called the brunette detective after him.

"I'm getting the movie you want, Shin-chan", answered the magician from the living-room.

"I said he's supposed to sleep!", growled Saguru back in annoyance.

"Well, I have a wonderful solution for our constant fighting and bickering. It's called democracy. And two against one means we win. So now we'll watch the movie."

Kaito wore one of his famous KID-grins as he leaned against the door-frame, the movie in his one hand and a banana in his other.

"I understand why you brought the DVD, but I don't really get what you want with the banana... I already said that I'm not up for your kinky stuff!", muttered Shinichi and raised one eyebrow at his brunette boyfriend.

"What would a banana have to do with... Oh! You kinky, little thing!", laughed the thief and shook his head. "No, that's food! Didn't your mom teach you not to play with your food? You need to eat something, you've been out for way too long. But you need something light for starters."

"Oh...", the detective blushed at his own dirty thoughts. "Right. Thank you, Kai-chan."

"Aw, he said Kai-chan!", grinned Kaito broadly and got the DVD into the player before jumping onto the soft bed again.

Shinichi rolled his eyes and took the banana, hitting the magician upside the head with it.

"Ow! I think I like your other idea about it better than that one", whined the thief.

"You two are adorable morons", smiled Saguru fondly. "And now shut up, I want to hear what they're saying if we have to watch it now!"

"Hai!", agreed both brunettes and cuddled closer to the blonde.

"I love you two", whispered Shinichi, right before the movie started.

Robert Downey Junior hadn't even shown his face for the first time as the Heisei Holmes drifted off into a deep slumber.


"Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to a very special show tonight!"

The white cape flew behind him as he stood proud admits the task-force, who turned around with wide, disbelieving eyes, as did all the bystanders. Though they weren't sure where to turn to. There were at least a done KIDs all around the place. Kaito smiled and leaned back. He knew the trick, but he wouldn't want to spoil the fun for his blonde boyfriend.

"Catch him!", snarled Nakamouri, pointing his finger at the white-clad thieves.

The task-force divided into small groups, trying to persuade all the KIDs, only to discover that they were mere mirror-images. But where was the real one?

"Goodness, I'm really not up to that now", sighed Masumi and yawned.

"You could have gone to bed earlier yesterday", noted Saguru and shook his head.

"I've been up all night talking with Ran...", the female detective blushed slightly.

"Is there something I've missed?", asked Kaito with one raised eyebrow.

"No", answered the other two detectives at once.

The magician raised his other eyebrow at them now, too.

"Anyway, you should get after them, or the... prize escapes...", hummed the magician.

The predatory grin on the brunette's face could practically be heard.

"Prize?", repeated Masumi confused.

"Ah, nothing. I think he's still a bit beside himself after the last night. He really... overdid it", chuckled the blonde.

"Please, no details about your sex-life!", interrupted the female detective with a grossed-out expression on his face.

"I object! Please, some details about your sex-life!", interjected the blonde, rich girl next to them.

"Oh, I really need to tell you all about last night!", grinned Kaito broadly and turned to her.

"Excuse me", grunted Saguru irritated.

"Yeah, yeah, you go and catch KID-sama for us", ushered the magician. "I'm busy talking with Sonoko-chan here! Anyway, there was this maiden-dress I've bought for Shin-chan, together with the stockings and..."

"So you're not fighting at the moment?", interrupted Ran.

"Eh? No. Why?", blinked the messy-haired young man confused.

"Because he's not here, BaKaito", snorted Aoko and rolled her eyes.

"Because he's away with the professor, he had promised it to him after all, Ahoko!"

"But that would make this a whole month without fighting... How did you manage that?", asked Ran curiously and leaned in some.

"We're decided that running away from the fights is no solution. We stay and discuss them, until we find an arrangement that fits best", explained Kaito.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's great and all, but could we get back to that maiden-dress?", grunted Sonoko irritated and stared at her mischievous best friend.

Saguru rolled his eyes at them and turned to chase the thief along with his best friend. What he didn't know was that the not so real KID had been right next to them the whole time, disguised as a member of the task-force.


"Tantei-san", purred the thief on the rooftop. "That took you some time."

The blonde walked up to him and pressed him against the wall, holding the brunette's hands above his head, pulling his cuffs out with the other.

"I must confess that I've underestimated you. Wouldn't have thought that you could change your disguise as fast as Kaito", murmured the half-Brit, nipping the other man's ear. "Or that you would put up such a show... I still try to figure out how you've managed to walk through the wall..."

"A magician never spoils the fun by telling how the trick works", chided the brunette.

The cuffs clicked around his wrists and he laid his arms around the half-Brit's neck.

"And how are we getting home now?", chuckled Shinichi.

Saguru smirked like a shark and lifted the white-clad detective-turned-thief into his arms and jumped down the roof, landing on the soft mattress he had placed there earlier. A black car was already waiting for them, Jii waving with a broad grin.

"You've planned that one through, eh?", grinned the detective.

"Yes. And now silence, prisoner", smirked the blonde. "You have the right to shut that sweet mouth of yours, everything you may say will be used against you... And will be punished with a hard spanking. You have the right to ask for a lawyer, but since I'm not fond of peeper, you won't get one. You have the right to beg for mercy, but that's one thing you won't get either."

"Yes, sir", purred the Heisei Holmes and licked his lips.

"That were two words. Means two slaps to that nice, round ass", hummed the half-Brit and shook his finger at the white-clad brunette.

"Are you always so harsh on your prisoners?", chuckled Shinichi.

"Eight more. Makes it ten in total", smirked Saguru. "Keep talking and you won't be able to sit for weeks."

"As if you two don't plan on fucking me all night long until I won't sit right for days anyway", snorted the brunette and rolled his eyes.

"Twenty more", noted the half-Brit. "Makes thirty. You will beg me for mercy later on."

Jii in the front blushed furiously and tried his best to not be there.


"Ow, ow, ow!", whimpered the teen.

"Now, now. You need to count, KID-sama", smirked the messy-haired brunette.

Kaito leaned back some and licked his lips. Watching how a handcuffed Kaitou KID (though by now without his pants) laid over Saguru's lap and received a rather hard spanking.

"T—Thirty eight... thank you, tantei-san", pressed the Heisei Holmes out of gritted teeth.

"You shouldn't have been so vocal during our drive, KID-san", hummed Saguru and placed another hard slap on the already red behind.

"Thirty nine, thank... you, tantei-san..."

He wouldn't have thought that Saguru would stay true to his treat. Sure, Kaito was a bit kinky, with all his costumes and roleplays. But the blonde never seemed as kinky. And Shinichi had never really considered that the half-Brit would seriously want to spank him.

"Ow! Forty, thank you so much, tantei-san!"

"Such a good, obedient little thief", smiled Saguru and stroke the red, heated ass softly.

The brunette on his lap flinched at the touch. What kinky boyfriends did he get himself there? The blonde parted Shinichi's cheeks, presenting the plugged, puckered entrance to the real KID.

"Kaito, wouldn't you want some of that nice ass? It's my present for you. I had no time to wrap it, so I just spanked it until it was nicely red", grinned the blonde.

"My, such a nice present, thank you so much, Sagu-chan!", giggled the messy-haired brunette and hurried up to the sweet ass. "But I like the color you put on it way more than a stupid wrap!"

Shinichi's blush darkened some more as he heard the birthday boy's gleeful voice. Okay, so Saguru wasn't the only one who was into the new fun game Spanking Shinichi. Well... It wasn't bad. It hurt, but not in a bad kind of way... He felt someone pulling the plug out of his hole Somehow this a relieve, after wearing it the whole day. On the other hand it brought an odd kind of loss to the Heisei Holmes. He had special plans, after all. So he needed to be prepared properly. The detective-turned-thief bit his lips in anticipation as he felt the tip of Kaito's cock at his entrance.

"Odd, I don't remember that we had such a big butt-plug", grunted the blonde and laid the toy onto the bed next to him. "And you've been wearing that thing the whole evening?"

"The whole day, yes", nodded Shinichi, moaning in delight as the magician entered him.

"Why? Kaito's rather well-endowed, but not that well-endowed", snorted the half-Brit, removing the cape from the costume, before helping Kaito to turn their boyfriend onto his back.

Shinichi threw a razor-sharp grin at the blonde, though interrupted by his own moan as the real KID was finally seated deeply within him.

"Didn't I say that I have a very... special plan for tonight?", purred the brunette detective.

"What kind of plan?", moaned Kaito and started thrusting.

"Well... There was something you've wanted to do for some time now, Kai-chan", smiled Shinichi.

"Eh, there are plenty of things I want to do to you", chuckled the magician. "You need to be a bit more specific!"

"It includes your cock and Sagu-chan's cock, both... you know... in the same place..."

"You mean...", the sparkling in those violet eyes was nearly too bright to look at.

The magician leaned down and kissed the other brunette harshly, wrapping his arms around the younger one's back, pulling him close, lifting him up some.

"Sagu-chan", purred the real thief. "How about you... join me in here? It's nice and tight and warm."

"You mean...", the blonde blinked wide-eyed and licked his lips, his mouth suddenly surprisingly dry at the thought of what was about to happen.

Saguru and Kaito had tried to pursue the Heisei Holmes into doubling him for months now, but Shinichi had always been too shy and too afraid of their thickness.

"Are you sure?", whispered the half-Brit, edging closer, pressing his erect member against the creek between those red and sore cheeks.

"No one forces you, Sagu-chan. You don't have to if you don't want", hummed Shinichi.

Saguru snorted and entered a finger to stretch the already occupied hole, slowly forcing his own cock into the tightness next to his messy-haired boyfriend. They both groaned at the extreme tightness and the feeling of the other pulsing member next to theirs. Shinichi in their middle whimpered at that and breathed deep. It was a bit much, but it felt unbelievable good. They started thrusting, in a different rhythm, one ramming his hardness deep into him while the other pulled back some, both taking him like never before. It didn't take long for Shinichi to come, he had been aroused for hours with that plug up his ass. His muscles tightened at his orgasm, soon sending his two boyfriends over the edge, too. They came within their white-clad boyfriend, all three of them collapsing completely exhausted on top of the bed.

"That was... the best birthday ever... I can't express with words how much I love you two!", grinned Kaito broadly, kissing one after the other.

"I love you two, too", laughed Shinichi, still panting.

"So... How are the chances that we'll repeat that?", smirked Saguru predatory.

"The roleplay, the spanking or the doubling?", chuckled the Heisei Holmes.

"All three", chorused his two boyfriends with broad smirks.

"Depends... On how nice you beg me", smiled Shinichi and yawned, closing his eyes while cuddling closer to his boyfriends and falling asleep.

This relationship was the happiest time of his life and he couldn't wait for the years to come.

~*~ The End ~*~

End note: Yeah... The last part had to be done, because I realized that while I flood the PJatO fandom with smut, I haven't written a single thing about DC.
Anyway, that's the end of the second part of this series. The third - One Thief, Two Detectives, Three Weddings - will follow soon, I guess. I hope you liked it this far. ;)