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Updated: 12/7/16


The team had just gotten back into the cave, and they had already started again. Lately, Batman and Robin argued just about every time they were with each other.

The first time that the team saw it happen was shocking, because no one had ever seen the "Dynamic Duo" argue before. Those two were usually the perfect team: always in sync, able to predict each other's thoughts, and most importantly they never argued. That is, until recently…

After the initial shock, no one thought much of it. After all, it is normal for a parent and child to argue every now and then, or that's what they thought. It didn't take long for them to realize that they were wrong. The duo could hardly be in the same room for more than ten minutes before they started fighting, anymore, and each time they argued it seemed to get worse and worse.

Their latest argument had been the worst by far. Robin was exuding indignation towards Batman.

"I'm getting tired of this, Batman!" Robin seethed. Most of the team had vacated the room to escape their incessant arguing, and that day's "Den Mother" had long since given up on trying to stop them.

"We'll finish this later, Robin." Batman growled out, his own voice filled with a barely contained cold fury and irritation.

"No," Robin said. "You say that every time we argue, but we never do, and then you treat me even more like a defenseless child than you did before!" His anger was radiating off of him, and his blood was boiling. Batman never seemed to listen to him anymore, nor did he treat him with the respect that he deserved. They had been partners for years, and yet Batman had only started babying him more and more as time goes on.

"ROBIN," Batman shouted at him, all remaining eyes shot over to him. He was getting closer and closer to Robin so that he could drag him home. "That's enough for now," he said in a quitter voice. They could continue this later, it wasn't something that they needed an audience for.

"I said no, and I meant it," Robin said, standing steadfast and defiant against his mentor. "Either treat me how I deserve to be treated or…" Robin started, but he was cutoff before he had a chance to finish.

"This is silly, Robin." Batman told him. Now, Batman was within arm's length of his protégé. He reached out and grabbed the boy's arm and started to drag him away, leading him towards the zeta-tubes.

"I've had enough…" Robin said, his voice almost seemed like a whisper and it had an icy hint to it. The young man ripped his hand out of his mentor's grasp and fought the desire to yell. "I quit, I'm done." He continued walking towards the zeta-tubes on his own.

Batman reached out and tried to grab hold of Robin again, but it turned out to be the wrong move. Robin quickly spun around on his heel and delivered a solid upper-cut straight into his mentor's jaw. He didn't say a word, but he didn't need to, because the act alone said everything. They weren't the Dynamic Duo, not anymore. He continued to the zeta-tube and let it whisk him away in a beam of light.

The Dark Knight was laid out on the floor in a daze. Everyone was shocked at what their young bird had just done, but no one was more shocked than Batman himself. He seemed almost frozen in place, with a large red mark already appearing where he was punched. If there was one thing he had to admit, it was that the little bird could throw a pretty solid punch. He was nearly seeing stars.

The small audience in the room was watching with bated breath. No one knew what to do or what to say. Frankly, everyone was afraid to get involved. They simply hoped that it would all blow over, and that everything would be better and back to normal tomorrow. After all, there was no two people on earth that were closer to each other than the Dynamic Duo. Everyone knew that Batman and Robin would patch things up, and everything would be as good as new. Or, at least, that's what they wanted to believe.

M'gann was the first to recover from her daze. She hesitantly floated over to where Robin had last been, and gave a short, uncertain glance around the room. The only other people in the room were Batman and Dinah, and both of the elder heroes were still frozen in place. The Martian girl felt her heart clench, as if someone were personally squeezing it in their hand, and her stomach knot up. Merely calling her anxious or scared would have been an understatement, but that wasn't all she was feeling. Inside her heart, M'gann was feeling twinge of regret for not stepping in and preventing it from escalating to this point. "Robin… I'm sorry..."