Chapter 1

Merlin was late again. Not a lot, maybe half an hour. But Arthur would be furious. He could wake Arthur up and leave him to get breakfast before Arthur had the change to notice that Merlin had woke him to late.

Merlin thought it was a good idea, and it was working. He had only forgot to think what to do after he had given Arthur his breakfast.

"Merlin.'' of course Merlin didn't even want to look at Arthur because this was the part where Arthur would be mad at him.

"yes Arthur." best to pretend that he didn't know what Arthur was going to say.

"is there a reason your late today?"

"well Gaius had a few chores for me last night and because of that I overslept this morning."

"so you where tired." Arthur said. It was with such an innocent voice that Merlin feared what he was going to say next. "well Merlin, I know the perfect solution for that. We are going on a hunt. So you can start to prepare everything."


Just like always when Arthur had started hunting Merlin whished that they could go back to Camelot. But Arthur was clearly thinking different than Merlin.

For once the hunt was going well. No bandits or any other form of trouble.

In the evening they made up a camp and Arthur told Merlin to find some firewood.

Not far from the camp Merlin found a lot of wood. He had just picked up a few sticks when a voice behind him spoke.

"you have already proved to me that you don't need anything to light a fire." Merlin immediately recognised the voice.


"Merlin good to see you again"

"like wise! What are you doing here?"

"don't worry I am not going to kill the new king I that is what you're worried about. But there is a meeting from sorcerers in three days I was hoping that you would come with me." Merlin was surprised he gad never heard about meetings from sorcerers but I would be great to go there. Than he would be away a few days and he could use magic without being afraid that someone would see him.

"really, where is it?" Merlin asked.

"Somewhere in the forest Ascetir near Enged. If you go you could come with me."

"I would love to! But I need to get a few days off and if I don't get a few days off I'll write a letter to my guardian to ask I he would like to make up an excuse for Arthur to explain why I am not at work."

"So you are coming?"


"when will you be back in Camelot?" asked Gilli.

"tomorrow. I can meet you at the gates. We will probably be back around noon and then I will come there as fast as I can." Merlin answered. He and Arthur would go back to Camelot in the morning.

"very well I'll meet you there then. See you tomorrow"

"yes now I have to get firewood or Arthur will ask where I am."

After Gilli left Merlin used magic to get the firewood and went back to Arthur.

"you took your time." Arthur said when Merlin entered the camp. Merlin was about to reply when Arthur continued in a sarcastic voice. "Did you get attacked by baby bunnies?"

"couldn't find some firewood first. So it took a little bit longer."

"well you can light a fire and after that you can make us some dinner."

"still haven't learnt how to cook?" Merlin asked with the most innocent voice he could manage.

"still haven't learnt how to respect those in a higher rank?" Arthur asked back in the same innocent tone.

Merlin didn't know what to say and started on his chores. When they where eating Merlin decided that this was a good moment to ask Arthur for a few days off.

"Arthur, can I have a few days off so that I can…" Merlin cursed himself for being stupid enough not to think for a reason first.

"so that you can do what?" Arthur asked.

"I just want a few days off. I always work very hard for you. It's just a few days. Please Arthur."

"Merlin you don't even have a good reason so I think you know very well that I won't give you a few days off."

"But-" Merlin wanted to say to Arthur that it was just one time but Arthur interrupted him.

"that's my final word, Merlin" Arthur said it with a warning in his voice and Merlin knew that if he continued he would only make it worse. He would just have to sneak out of the castle when he was away Arthur would not be able to do something.

Arthur was not stupid. He knew very well Merlin had a reason but if Merlin decided to lie to him to get a few days off it was probably something not good. Like going to the tavern or something else like that.

They went to sleep and in the morning at first light they where heading back to Camelot. When they arrived Merlin sprinted to Gaius's chambers packed his back and left a note for Gaius. 15 minutes later Merlin was at the gate where Gilli was already waiting for him.



Arthur was furious. He was searching through the castle for Merlin. Merlin was supposed to meet him in Arthur's chambers when they where back. But after half an hour Merlin still hadn't been there and Arthur had started to search.

He first went to Gaius's chambers. When he arrived there was no one on the main room. But maybe Merlin was in his bed room and Arthur went upstairs to find also Merlin's bedroom empty. When Arthur was walking back through the main room to the door he saw a letter addresses to Gaius on the table. He could see that it was from Merlin. If he would read it he might find out where Merlin was. But the letter was for Gaius.

Eventually Arthur decided to read the letter. He picked it up and started to read.

Dear Gaius.

I won't come home for a couple of days.

Gilli asked me to come to a meeting and I really want to go there.

There is just one problem and it's called Arthur. I can't tell Arthur where I'm going because the meeting is of course one with sorcerers. I tried to get a couple of days off but Arthur didn't give me a few days off. I just left Camelot without telling Arthur can you give him a reason for my absence. DON'T TELL HIM I WENT TO THE TAVERN.

See you in a few days.


Arthur placed the letter back and went to his chambers. He needed to think.

Okay what did this letter mean. A)Merlin was away. B) Merlin was going to sorcerers. C) Merlin had met someone named Gilli. According that Merlin didn't explained in his letter it meant that Merlin new him for a while. At least long enough to let Gaius know who Gilli was. D) Merlin-.

His thoughts where disturbed when someone knocked on his door.

"enter" Arthur looked up and hoped that Merlin would enter.

A servant stepped in to the room and Arthur couldn't help to be disappointed.

"my lord, a villager is in the throne room he says that he has urgent news."

Arthur stood up and went to the throne room it looked like that he had to think about Merlin later.

When Arthur arrived in the throne room the council was already there. In the middle was a farmer.

"what is your name" Arthur asked. He asked because it was polite but he really wanted this to be done quick so that he could continue with his thinking.

"Lucas, sire"

"what news do you bring?"

Lucas look up very nervous. Like he didn't want to say what he was going to say next.

"I'm from one of the outlying villages near the borders of Cendred's old kingdom. In the forest of Ascetir near our village there will be a meeting for sorcerers."