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With Fleur

It only took Fleur a moment of staring at the patch of air her love had vanished from to know she had made a grievous mistake. She could still feel Hermione through the tenuous connection created by the rings, but it was hardly adequate. If anything it made it worse, to feel her but not being able to see her, hold her.

Nearly as pressing an issue was the knowledge that the other Veela would soon notice Hermione was missing. Elise was likely to be furious, she had appeal to many of the older Veela to allow Hermione a place in the city. Fleur wondered distantly if Melody had already run to Elise, claiming Fleur had released Hermione, which, in a way, she had.

Fleur knew she should find Elise and inform her of Hermione's departure or at least go and clear her name. She did move, it felt like if she left this place that her last true connection to Hermione would be lost to the silence of the trees. She should have insisted on going with the younger witch, there had been no real reason not to, besides Hermione's insistence that she didn't want Fleur dragged into this. As far as Fleur was concerned if the young witch was in this, so was she.

It was only when the dusk settled against her skin with pale fingers that she accepted the fact she could not remain there. A sentry awaiting the return of its reason to live. She walked back up to the mountain city, aware of the whispers around her. She ignored them; she was obligated to speak with Elise and no one else. She walked the silent streets remembering the smile on Hermione's face as she explored the city. Why had she let her go?

With Hermione

The loss was nearly a tangible thing, seeming to hit her like a brick wall. Like ripping off one of your own limbs. They had reappeared by a great lake; the air held a bite to it and the air a cold bitterness that made Hermione guess they were in the mountains somewhere. They dropped hands and the boys surveyed her awkwardly. "So, you and Fleur," Ron began, rubbing the back of his neck and averting his eyes. "Is that a problem Ronald?" Hermione asked, slipping into her familiar role. It did little to cheer her up but it did make her feel more settled. "No! Don't get us wrong Hermione," Harry smiled, jumping in before Ron could make a fool out of himself, "We're happy for you, it's just a surprise. After Bill and all."

"Yes well, it kind of just happened," Hermione shrugged, it was a rather long story, one she didn't currently have the energy for.

"You and Fleur," Ron gaped, "Blimey."

"Whatever you are thinking about Ronald, stop, right now," Hermione scowled, knowing the boy far to well to have to think to hard to guess what he was picturing. "Do you love her?" Harry asked suddenly and Hermione nodded weakly. "Didn't she volunteer to come?" He frowned.

"Of course she did, I told her not to," Hermione scowled miserably.

"To protect her?" Ron guessed, sometimes he could be surprisingly astute. Hermione nodded. "She can look after herself 'mione."

"I wish you had been there to tell me that before," She mumbled.

"Go back and get her," Harry suggested.

"I can't, if I did, they wouldn't let me go," Hermione sighed. Even so, with her heart heavy in her chest, she was tempted.

With Fleur

"You let here leave!" Elise exclaimed, facial features slightly birdlike as she contained her anger. "Yes, but Melody gave her permission to leave," Fleur murmured. "The war cannot be won without the trio surviving," Elise hissed.

"How do you know that, Grandmother?" Fleur demanded.

"A prophecy about the chosen one," She countered.

"Harry Potter, yes, not his friends, not Hermione," Fleur scowled.

"It does not take more than meeting the boy to know he needs his loyal friends to succeed in this war," Elise sniffed, eyes glowing.

"If it is so crucial they survive, let me go to her," Fleur begged.

"You would not bring her back," Elise refused matter-of-factly.

"Then you leave her and the others to danger?" Fleur demanded.

"Of course not, I have sent others to bring them to safety," Elise informed her coolly. "Others?" Fleur scowled.

"Camille, Skye and Melody," Elise allowed, surveying Fleur closely.

"Are you insane?" Fleur exploded, worry ripping away her loneliness and filling her with worry. "Melody has more chance of finding her," Elise dismissed.

"More chance than anyone but me," Fleur retorted heatedly.

"I suggest you remember you are speaking to a superior," Elise hissed.

"From the quality of your choices I wouldn't have been able to guess," Fleur snapped. "She has a clearer mind, and it is in her interests to bring Hermione back here," Elise reasoned.

"She has an interest in fucking Hermione senseless!" Fleur cried exasperatedly.

"I think your mate has proven she is resistant to Melody's charms," Elise shrugged.

"Mate?" Fleur blinked.

"You love her, do you not?" Elise shrugged.

"Of course," Fleur nodded.

"You cannot stand to lose her?"

"Of course."

"Then she is your mate, at least for now. If she is your true love, do not fear Melody," Elise countered.

"All the same, let me go with them," Fleur implored.

"They have already left," Elise sniffed, "Melody came to me hours ago."

"Did she tell you that she was the one who released Hermione from the binding magic?" Fleur hissed.

"Yes, but she was happy to make amends," Elise shrugged.

"You are blind to her true character!" Fleur snarled.

"And you best be careful of my own," Elise snapped.

"I'm going after her," Fleur hissed, surging to her feet.

"You will do no such thing," Elise roared, her face fully transformed, yellow eyes glinting fiercely. "Or what?" Fleur demanded; tone equally heated.

"You know the punishments that fall upon Veela who disobey and their lovers," Elise scowled.

"You are trying to keep Hermione safe," Fleur countered.

"Which I can do quite effectively by keeping her away from you," Elise smiled cruelly. "I will not stand for this," Fleur growled.

"You have no choice," Elise smirked as Fleur stalked out of the villa.

Of course she had a choice. This time she wasn't going to make the wrong one. She gripped her wand tightly, hating that it contained the essence of the woman who currently infuriated her. Instead she stroked the ring on her finger and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. "I'll find you, ma chaton," She whispered, with a finale glance over her shoulder, she vanished into the trees.

With Hermione (Three Months on the search)

Harry was a good guy, he truly was, but he couldn't fill the hole left when Ron left. She hadn't seen it coming, not really; she understood that he could be moody, but she had never expected him to go so far as to leave. Harry was keeping a brave face but it didn't change the fact that they were re-walking old roads. She was sitting against a tree trunk outside their tent, trying her best not to think about Fleur. She missed the Veela sourly and it was definitely not helping her concentrate. A twig snapped to her left and Hermione physically jumped, scanning fiercely as she tried to figure out where it had come from.

A hand fell on her shoulder and she through a wild punch that collided weakly with flesh. "Relax," Harry winced as he sat beside her and passed her a cup of tea in a chipped ceramic mug. "Thanks," She sighed and leant against his shoulder.

"Where you thinking about Ron?" He asked and Hermione glanced at her feet, she probably should have been thinking about him. "Fleur then," Harry half smiled.

"Yeah," She murmured.

"You miss her a lot," He half smiled, "I miss Ginny too."

"I'm sure she's safe," Hermione assured him.

"Good, because I'm not," He laughed weakly, "I just wish one of us could sleep soundly at night."

"We're haven't found them yet, Harry," She sighed, "And I can't think of any other place to look."

"We'll find them," Harry promised, Hermione knew he didn't just mean the Horcruxes. "I know," She smiled, "At least I hope so."

"We just have to keep moving," He stood up slowly, stretching careful so as to not spill his hot tea. "I'll pack the tent if you get the wards," Hermione sighed.

"Always," He smiled and kissed her in a brotherly fashion on the top of the head. Hermione sighed and took a sip of her tea before raising her wrist to her nose. She had taken to wearing Vanilla perfume. It didn't come anywhere close to the woman she loved and hadn't seen in months and had no idea when she would be with her again.

With Fleur

Fleur was disheartened, she had been camping out on this field for three days and there had been no sign of Hermione in any of the locations she had tried. Whatever defenses they were using they had to be effective. Fleur could only get the general idea of where Hermione was through the rings, so she could have been right beside her or a few kilometers away.

What she could tell was when her witch apparated away, because it was like the elastic ban holding them together snapped altogether for a second before the connection popped back up.

She felt the process happen again and was flooded with despondent frustration. Veelas were not built to spend time away from those they loved. They needed physical and emotional contact with the person in order to feel whole.

The only saving grace was that Fleur had not seen any sign of the trio of veela sent after Hermione. She apparated away from the field and into a copse of trees by a sunny creek; the sun glinting off the water like fairy lights winking at her. The cheery setting directly juxtaposing her mood. She was lonely and she felt no shame in that.

By that point she would have sold her Veela heritage and all the galleons in her vault just to hold Hermione again.

With Hermione

Hermione felt trapped, she knew you couldn't see the shields around them, knew that she could walk straight through them if she felt so inclined, but that didn't stop the fact that she felt caged. Eventually she gave up trying to feel settled within the bounds and told Harry she was going for a walk. He had taken some convincing but in the end decided it wouldn't be a disaster.

She instantly felt better stepping outside the protections, as if somehow they blocked the circulation of fresh air. They were camped just inside a copse of trees and she was happy to walk out of their shade and sit on a sun soaked rock, taking off her shoes and dipping her toes in the cold creek. She took in a deep breath and the gentle scent of vanilla and musk drifted over to her.

She relaxed further; breathing deeply and imagining Fleur's light laugh bouncing around the trees. The scent wrapped around her; taunting and comforting her at the same time. The balance was to perfect to be anything but the Veela and Hermione figured she must have finally gone insane with longing. "Ma chaton," A throaty voice murmured. "Fleur," Hermione gaped.

With Fleur

Fleur rested her feet in the water and stared out across the sparkling surface. She was lost in thought when she heard a soft feminine gasp, like someone putting their feet in unexpectedly cold water. She recognized the gasp, her eyes snapping open in disbelief. She jumped to her feet and bolted through the trees coming to an abrupt halt by the tree line.

Sitting on a rock, head tossed back as she soaked in the sun, her toes dipped in the stream. Her heart thudded painfully in her chest, "Ma chaton," She murmured, her voice catching in her throat, thick with happiness and disbelief. The witch spun around, eyes widening, "Fleur!"

Fleur wasn't aware of moving, one second she was beneath the trees the next second Hermione was in her arms and her heart was crowing for joy. "You have no idea how hard I have been looking for you," Fleur murmured, burying her face in Hermione's soft locks. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that," Hermione gulped. Fleur pressed her lips to Hermione's fiercely, her heart roaring its approval as her soul healed itself.

Hermione stepped backwards, overbalanced and slid back into the water, taking Fleur with her. Each was so lost in the other they didn't have time to care.

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