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Alternate Universe Dramione.


Hearing the sound of footsteps on the grass outside the abandoned bar was when I knew. It was in the middle of the night and the bar had been closed for hours, it couldn't have been one of the locals as they were all in bed at this time this was one of the sad drawbacks of moving to a small secluded village. The footsteps were slow and quiet, whoever was there was trying damn hard not to be noticed but it was no use my body was trained to hear from a wider range your average human. Surprisingly enough panic didn't rush into my system as this was a regular occurrence for me and I was trained to deal with far worse than this. It was drilled into me from an early age that whatever happens, don't panic.

Steadily I turned towards the locked door of the dark, damp bar; stilling my breathing and heart rate I strained my ears trying to pinpoint how close the footsteps were to the door. They were getting closer. This was my chance to act; the best option was to get out of the bar before the threat managed to enter. I hurried towards Draco, who was lying in one of the worn out booths towards the back of the pub, without making a sound. Lightly, I shook his body to awaken him from his peaceful sleep and signalling for him to be quiet and follow me.

We had almost made it when the door burst open and eight hooded figures entered holding guns. The leader of the group stepped forward raising his gun in an attempt to intimidate me but it didn't work and a smirk spread across my emotionless face. I found it amusing that they thought they could defeat me, if it was really that easy then I wouldn't be here right now. I edged closer to Draco, he was my main priority right now keeping him safe. The leader clocked on to my train of thought and began to pull the trigger.

I was faster. Pushing my body towards Draco I threw both of us to the ground and rolled us out the way. All the while covering Draco's body with mine in hopes that any stray bullets hit me and not him. Once I had navigated us behind the bar I pushed Draco in to the farthest corner that was fully covered and leaped over the bar taking down two people. This was a piece of cake; I knocked the two of them unconscious and dodged a bullet from my right which just skimmed my sleeve. Big mistake on there part, that was the closest a bullet has come to me in two years they were going to pay for that. Grabbing the gun from their hand I thrust it upwards into their face pushing their nose high into the skull. That will teach them.

Draco ran from behind the bar and grabbed one of the discarded guns. He moved towards the nearest man and elbowed him in the face and they proceeded to aim blows at each other until the man's gun was lying a few feet away. It was then that Draco pulled the gun away from his belt and swiftly shot a bullet into the man's chest. Surprisingly enough he didn't look shocked at this action but that was a good thing. It meant that we wouldn't have a problem in the long run and for that I was grateful.

Moving round I managed to knock out three more of them without even breaking a sweat, this was far too easy. That left two but I could only spot one. Running towards him at full speed I heard something behind me that made my whole body freeze. There was a very loud grunt and the sound of a body being forced to the ground. Turning round the sight I saw filled me with horror. Draco was on his knees with a gun at his head.

I stared at the man I had recently met and promised to protect being threatened by the leader of the group. It was one thing to try and take my life but to take some one I loved was a whole other ball game. The anger I carried with me every day seem to erupt, I could no longer control it and began to see red. This man was going to die for trying to kill Draco and I would take pleasure from the kill.

He would never get away with this. I laughed knowing that only one of us was going to walk away from this alive and I intended to go on living a happy life with Draco by my side. There was absolutely no way he would live.

"Big mistake threatening his life" my voice was calm but deadly

"Why is that? Everyone in contact with you must die, that is the law" The man's voice was scratchy and deep.

"The law my bastard father set up, well now you went and made it a whole lot personal love" I was still inching towards him.

"One step closer and I will pull the trigger" This guy was really pushing it now

"Well then I guess I will see you in hell because it looks like we are both going to die doesn't it" Tom's reply amused me and I laughed.

Sauntering towards them with a sadistic smile on my face the sound of a bullet leaving a gun was heard.

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