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Chapter Two

With my mouth hanging open I stared completely shocked into silence. This couldn't be, he couldn't be like me. Tears were rapidly clouding my eyes, I hadn't cried since I was six when my training had begun. I wanted to save him from my screwed up world, protect him from being hunted like an animal and now there was no way I could do that.

"What….What do you mean?" I manage to squeak out, my voice small and shaky

"I'm different too, always have been" Draco spoke confidently and moved closer to me taking my hand gently in his own

"How did I not notice this? What can you do? Do the Death Eaters know about you?" I finally found my voice and asked all the questions that came to mind.

"I have Pyrokinesis and I don't think they do, I only just found out about them what you said" His voice was soft and calm

"Wow that is so cool, I always wanted to control fire" I couldn't stop the smile that graced my face

"Well I can only do small things like light a candle or move fire from a lighter. The real question is what are we gonna do about your little creepy friends" Draco took his brew and drained the cup in one big gulp

"We lie low for a couple of days, play it safe" I settled down on the sofa and lent my head against Draco's broad shoulder whilst drinking my almost cold tea.

"Ok but your staying here until the coast is clear and I'm not taking no for an answer" He placed his arm round me and reached for the remote. Once the tv was on it signalled the end of our conversation and I drifted off to sleep listening to NCIS.

Slowly, I opened my eyes to a crack of sun shining across my face. Turning over I noticed that I wasn't in my bedroom but Draco's. Puzzled, I sat up didn't, I fall asleep on the sofa with Draco. He must have carried me up here. I took my time looking around his room. It was massive with deep green walls and a black carpet. The bed I was on was a large mahogany four poster facing a large wardrobe made from the same wood. Off to the right of the bed was a small set of draws which held a black lamp and a cordless house phone which matched the one in the living room. He had no television but there was a desk in the far left corner of the room that had a stereo and a laptop on it.

After observing the room I climbed out of bed and wander out of the room, down the stairs and into the kitchen to find Draco making bacon and eggs. Upon entering the room he turned round holding a cup of tea and placed it on the breakfast bar.

"Well hello there sleepy head" Draco turned back round and placed the eggs and bacon on two plates. Putting the plates on the breakfast bar, he then came round to sit next to me and mushed my hair before beginning to eat.

"mmmmmmm this is good, if you cook like this every morning I might have to stay over more often" I said tucking into my breakfast

"Is that so" Draco smirk and winked at me. This earned him a punched on his arm

"Dirty git, get your head out of the gutter" I couldn't help but laugh at him

After breakfast I went home and packed a bag as he insisted I stay at his house. On my way back to his house I stopped in the book shop and told the manager that I wouldn't be able to work for a while making up some bullshit excuse that he bought. Once I was free from the book shop I scouted the area with my mind. I focused and pushed my mind over the small town searching for any dangerous thoughts. All I got was the locals daily worries.

Did I lock the door, Is he cheating on me, which one should I buy the red or the blue, Do I look fat in this, I wonder which one Hermione will prefer

The last one caught my attention, it was Draco deciding which car he was going to buy. I was completely shocked, he didn't need a new car, where the hell did all this money come from?

Checking he was alone I teleported directly behind him and whispered in his ear

"Hermione would like the convertible" I giggled when he jumped as the sound of my voice and spun round to face me.

"What the hell? How? Ohh yeah she teleports forgot about that" He wandered off to go buy the car I had pointed out.

The car was a red convertible and looked extremely expensive. I was mystified as to why he would buy something like this out of the blue. Finally after what felt like hours but was probably about thirty minutes he sauntered towards me whistling. He opened the passenger door and indicated that he wanted me to get inside. Then walked around the car and climbed inside to start the engine which purred beautifully.

I couldn't stop the gob smacked stare on my face and my mouth was slightly open. He looked so good with his sunglasses on driving this amazing car and having his hair ruffled by the wind. Damn he looked delicious right now.

"What? Its for a quick get away" His voice broke me out of my inappropriate thoughts and I assumed he was referring to the car.

"Hey you don't have to justify your actions to me, I saw you eyeing up this car last week" Ohh boys and their toys.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a black SUV zooming around the corner to my right. Shit they had found me.

"Draco I need you to drive faster" He seemed to notice the urgency in my voice as he sped up

The SUV was following us and the window was slowly rolling down to show a hooded figure. Damn those Death Eaters and their crazy fashion sense. The figure looked to be lifting his hand and I didn't have the heart to let this magnificent car be ruined by bullets so I teleported into the back seat of the SUV.

"Are you really that stupid" Angrily I shouted at the two men in the front of the SUV. "Didn't daddy mention I can teleport" I asked sarcastically

I didn't even give then a chance to turn around as I punched the driver in the back of the neck. He lost control of the SUV and in began to spin round. The passenger turned firing his gun but wasn't quick enough to hit me. I slammed his head into the dash board until he passed out. The car stopped spinning and the driver looked back at me. Big mistake for him as he made direct eye contact.

"You will run the fuck back to Riddle and tell him to give up trying. I always win he should have learned that by now" His pupils dilated meaning he was under my control

With a loud "toodles" I teleported back into the convertible with Draco. He sped back to his house and when we got inside I explained everything. We both then proceeded to lock all doors and windows before settling down and forming a plan of action.

"Whatever we do Draco, we need to do it quick because more are coming"

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