The Lucky One

Summary: Edward had always been lucky in life. Lucky in his climb to the top, lucky in his family life, lucky in every endeavor, really. Enter unlucky-in-everything Bella, will she be the one to break his lucky spree? AH, BxE, rated M for l&l.

This is for Sarah, I was supposed to write a One Shot for her birthday and couldn't do it in time... so, I hope you like this, hun! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! You're a lucky girl! :o)

I do not own anything Twilighty...but this Luckyward is mine!


Edward Cullen had always been a lucky man. He had graduated highest in his class and had been awarded a full scholarship to Harvard. He'd realized his every dream and had been successful in every endeavor, well, that was until he'd met Isabella Swan.

Isabella's arrival in Edward's path had put quite a few kinks in Edward's otherwise perfect life.

She'd managed to crack his shaky exterior, what with her pretty brown eyes and shapely figure, yes, Bella had shaken up Edward's life quite a bit.


At thirty years old, Edward had managed to become the very highly successful CEO of Masen Holdings. He'd climbed his way to the top through a lot of hard work and, should I say, a lot of luck.

Early on, his mentor has suffered a heart attack and Edward was chosen to take over the prestigious position. After that, climbing the ladder toward the top had been easy as Edward would use his charm and wit to acquire new clients into the firm, thus making him quite the commodity.