And so it began, in the weeks that followed their impromptu meeting, Edward helped Bella get settled in. She never did go back to that spare bedroom, opting to sleep next to her boyfriend instead.

Edward introduced her to his family. They were all so shocked but happy to see him like this. He seemed so much more relaxed around Bella. His guard was down and he laughed more. Alice and Angela noticed a slew of subtle changes in their sibling. Bella was obviously good for him, no matter how they'd met.

Bella eventually got a job in Edward's company. She'd refused his help at first but as Edward probed her with questions regarding her education he'd found that she was actually pretty bright. She had graduated high school with honors regardless of her home life.

Given her experience, Edward had found the perfect job for her as his personal assistant. He hadn't had anyone in that position for a while because the last girl he had hired had been a bit of a stalker. He knew there was no chance of Bella doing that, she owned him already, mind, body and soul.

Bella graciously took the job. There were other options but this one meant that she could somehow pay him back for everything he'd done. Not that she owed him, because she would not have stayed with him simply out of obligation. No, she truly loved him.

He'd shown her what family was when he'd introduced her to his own. They'd all welcomed her with open arms. His mother had hugged her like a mother does her own child. Bella had felt so loved and cherished; she knew she'd never want to let that go.

Alice had quickly become her best friend, calling on her all the time to gossip or to invite her over for coffee. Edward loved seeing them together; it solidified his resolve in asking for Bella's hand in marriage.

Six months after meeting in that dank bar not too far from where they lived, they were married.

Carlisle, Edward's father, gave her away. It was bittersweet knowing that her own parents would never see her happy like this. But then, if it weren't for her streak of bad luck, she would never have stumbled on to Edward.

Edward, on the other hand, had always been lucky but his luck had run out when it came to matters of the heart. He would be forever grateful for that night where he'd stumbled into that bar feeling lonely and doubtful of himself.

He never did find an explanation to the pull he seemed to have to Bella. She had bewitched him with her brashness from the moment he'd met her and he couldn't imagine how truly lucky that night had been for him.

Either way, Bella and Edward would both always be the lucky ones.


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