As I remembered of how I become best friends with Sasami

I run through the sunset with sadness and tears

The reason is that now I know I'm Pixy Misa

The dark magical girl causing everyone's troubles

Now I know all this time

I've been hurting my best friend

What have I done?

I felt pain in my chest as I felt my other self

Trying to get out, but I won't let her

That night, I was still walking away in sadness

Miyuki approaches me and gives me advice

She said Sasami would forgive me if I talked to her

But I think she won't

I walked to the place where I met Sasami

As she tries to get me to come home

But I felt pain again as I felt transforming into

The other self that I was afraid of

Sasami transformed into Sammy then goes inside me

I was trapped in some shell as the only thing I could do is

Watching Misa, my other self, taunting her

Nevertheless, Sammy tried to reach me by remembering our experiences

But it doesn't work

As I heard her saying that even if I'm Misa she'll still love me

This breaks the shell to a crack as I started talking to the best friend

That I've been hurting all this time

We started to exchange words of friendship

Until the shell is completely broken

I fell into Sasami's arms wanting to say an apology to her

But she said I didn't have to

Just then, I saw more magical beings coming

She said that is the dark magic that transformed me

I find courage in myself helping my best friend get rid of this evil

As I have peace in myself

I see my other self in happiness and flying away to the light

I guess this is goodbye, for now

But I finally found forgiveness for myself