My first multi-chap for TMI. I'm excited. Most characters are OCs. That's all I can say. Please enjoy. Read On!

"Magnus!" Marie Nightshade pounded on the door of the only person she trusted to keep her secret. Everyone else she knew was incapable… or dead. She knocked again yelled loudly. Magnus Bane opened the door, yawning. His unnerving eyes flashed with anger until he saw the woman's face.

"Marie," he said in shock. Too shocked to notice the still bundle in her arms. Alec walked up behind Magnus.

"Who's there?" he asked. Magnus looked at him.

"An old friend." Looking back at Marie he waved her inside. Marie obliged, relieved. "What brings you here?" he asked. Breathing deeply, she revealed the bundle in her arms. A baby girl, fast asleep with a shock of black hair. The dominant features, however, were the silky grey cat ears atop her head.

"Help me," she pleaded. Magnus looked confused.

"A warlock child?" Marie nodded.

"She is my daughter." Magnus looked taken aback.

"Impossible," Alec spoke up. "A Shadowhunter cannot produce a warlock." Marie shrugged. She knew this. That didn't make the situation go away. Magnus, recovering from shock, looked Marie in her pale blue eyes.

"How can I help, Marie?" She took a breath.

"No one must know of her origins, not even she. She must have something to help me." Alec spoke again.

"A glamour, enchanted with magic. Draw it on her ears and they will disappear from sight." Magnus, silent, retrieved a liquid from a chest in the closet.

"This potion will ward off the pain and madness of receiving Marks too early. Rub it on her ears every night before drawing the rune. It will also add the spell needed to complete the glamour."

"Thank you, Magnus. Thank you." Marie hugged him, grabbed the vial, and walked out the door. Alec looked at Magnus.

"Who was she?" Magnus laughed at the look on his face.

"No need for jealousy, darling. I did business with her parents in Idris. I haven't seen her since she was nine." Alec looked suspicious but appeared to take his word for it. Alec yawned. Magnus smiled at him. "Come darling. Let's get back to bed."

In an apartment thirteen blocks away, Marie laid her daughter in her crib.

"Everything is alright now, baby. Everything is alright," she crooned. She loved the child already, as she had loved the child's father. She hadn't known he was a demon. She heard his voice now in her head.

"And what will you name our child, Marie?" he would have said, his grey eyes sparking.

"Stevie," she replied to the voice. Looking down at the small baby in the crib, she whispered, "Your name is Stevie." Marie brushed her own black hair back from her face, yawned, and went to bed.

She dreamed. In her dream, she saw a young girl, no more than ten. Her blue-black hair was in a pony tail. Her eyes were a silver blue-grey. She had grey cat ears. As Marie watched, the ears disappeared and the silver leaked from the girl's eyes. She was pale, even more so in comparison to her dark hair.

The world dripped away and now the girl was in a house. In front of her sat a girl with dirty blonde, almost brown hair. Her eyes were hazel. The girl with the black hair offered the blonde girl a hand.

"My name's Stevie," the first girl said. The second looked at her, assessing her. Finally, she accepted the offered hand.

"Luna. Mom made Uncle Magnus watch me while she went on some Clave mission with Uncle Alec." The first girl giggled.

"Mine too!" The girls smiled at each other. The surroundings melted away again. This time, there was just a blank white space left. The girl was much older. Her black hair was free and the ears and silver in her eyes were back. The girl grinned, her canines like a cat's. Here eyes flashed to the side suddenly, then back, and the girl hissed. She crouched and leaped towards Marie.

Marie awoke, screaming. She quickly regained control. Her waking mind knew what her sleeping one hadn't. The girl was her daughter. The Nightshades were named such for their bizarre dreams- prophetic ones. Every other generation was usually who inherited the curse. No one really remembered how these dreams came to be. Stevie woke then, crying, as if on a cue. Marie shushed her. She fed her, she burped her, she rocked her. Eventually, her silvery blue-grey eyes closed and she fell asleep. Marie placed her back in the crib.

"Good night." Marie never slept again that night. Every time she tried to close her eyes, an image of Stevie leaping at her flashed behind her eyelids.

Short, I know. But, it's only the prologue. Stay tuned for more. Next chapter takes place approximately seventeen years later. Thanks guys, StevieRae2011, signing off!