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Xander was getting extremely tired of his cast. It was awkward hobbling around on it and it made it much harder for him to sneak out of the hospital. But Willow was in danger. And as long as this Ted guy was loose, Mrs. Summers was in danger.

But the cast still had to be dealt with and so he managed by stealing a crutch when no one was looking and dodging into the storage room of the hospital where they kept everything they took from patients, and victims, until they could go through it themselves or dump it al in the local goodwill or other similar charity shop. On occasion some stuff would be returned of course but the rate of Sunnydale General Hospital check out amongst those that entered for any reason other than flu or pregnancy was as low as the Sunnydale death rate was high.

Of course with the demon dead, Xander supposed that the number of people that Sunnydale General actually healed would increase at least when it came to the kids. He'd have to make sure that Giles or Willow or someone would start to make general sweeps through the hospital to make sure it stayed demon free.

Buffy's sword, and a surprising number of other weapons, had all been stashed in the store room and Xander felt there was nothing wrong with essentially helping himself. The stakes were all well and good but a nice big claymore was always great for intimidation, or other things if the intimidation didn't work out. And there was a shovel right there.

Whoever had put stuff in the storage room was now Xander's favorite person.

It was tricky balancing all of the stuff that Xander wanted to take out of the storage room while using a crutch and being super stealthy and dodging the nurses and doctors and other hospital employees.

Okay, he didn't really dodge them. He ducked into a locker room, stole someone's scrubs and a lab coat and then pretended he knew where he was going and hoped that no one would notice the cumbersome cast. And it seemed that no one cared if he was stupid enough to go out after dark while injured.

He caught sight of a blur of white and yellow against the dark sky, flying ahead of him, and he followed after the barn owl, slowly though as he tried to avoid using his broken leg. He was vaguely sure that putting weight on it at the moment would be a bad idea, even though it felt fine.

He continued, trying to hurry down the dark streets of Sunnydale. He had to make it, he had to get to Willow. This creep had killed people and he took Willow. While the young man wasn't entirely sure what he would do if the creep wouldn't let Willow go when he found them, he had an idea. He didn't think Giles, or anyone, would approve of the idea, but it was an idea.

He made his way, thankfully unmolested, following his flying guide through the winding streets of Sunnydale and found that he recognized the neighborhood. He and Willow had generally avoided it since anything louder than a whisper always had cranky old people coming out of their house to yell at them for being nuisances.

His guiding barn owl screeched to get his attention and he saw a man floating, just barely, above the street. He had a dark scowl on his face for a moment before, Xander assumed, he realized he was being watched. Xander felt some small bit of relief when he didn't spot Willow anywhere. His friend had gotten away. She was safe.

From this monster at least.

Xander felt some of the anxiety and urgency drain away from him, but he was still left with a dilemma, what to do with the man who had kidnapped Willow?

"Hello," the man said amiably, his features schooled into a pleasant expression, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm afraid I need some assistance."

Xander barely had time to blink before his guide swooped down and embedded her claws in the floating man's head, or tried to at least. The owl came away with part of the man's scalp, revealing nothing but metal and circuitry beneath, which it then dropped some distance away before wheeling back to land on a nearby mailbox. It stared at him expectantly.

"Huh," Xander took in this new piece of information, "well, that simplifies things."

The owl screeched again and Xander watched as his guide took off from the mailbox and flew off in a different direction. It wasn't flying very quickly but he got the feeling that meant Willow wasn't out of the woods just yet.

He looked back at the floating robot and decided to experiment. He didn't have a magnet handy but he wasn't about to leave this Malcolm 2.0 to just float there, at least not while he was still working. He was a proven danger to Willow and to Mrs. Summers. Dangers to Willow and Mrs. Summers were not to be tolerated.


His guide screeched again to gain his attention and the king of cretins made a decision.

Ever since Halloween he'd been having trouble with static electricity. His sheets and towels were always clinging, he kept zapping people by accident and he would often zap himself. More than once he'd awoken to smoking bed sheets and the scent of ozone.

Now, Xander figured, was as good as a time as any to try to use this little talent on purpose. Even if it didn't work, blunt force trauma was always an option.

The robot opened his mouth to speak but Xander didn't take the time to listen. Instead, he used all the force he could muster and shoved his sword through the robot's torso. He could feel the sword protest, the robot's torso was perhaps made of better quality, harder, metal than the sword, but it still went through. He thought for a moment as he twisted the sword, concentrating on sorting out how he usually felt just before the static became strongest. There was an energy there, crackling below his skin, just begging to be let loose. He obliged and watched with glee as the robot was fried, lightning crackling over it, causing the robot man to seize and jerk as lightning crackled across its skin. When it finally finished, the boy wobbled slightly, feeling as though he'd just come down from a sugar high. Xander was pleased to note that the robot still floated. Since he wasn't sure that he would have been able to drag the robot after frying it, he was relieved.

His guide screeched impatiently as he tore up part of his lab coat to make enough rope to drag the robot behind him. But it would be stupid if he left it behind for just anyone to claim, and besides, it was Willow's birthday soon. He was pretty sure a robot, even a fried one, would totally blow anyone else's gift out of the water.

His guide, and he knew he should probably come up with a name for it if it was going to stick around as She had mentioned, wheeled in the air, screeching for his attention. He looked and frowned when he spotted a column of spoke, stark against the night sky.

"Well, what have we here?" a sly sounding voice came from behind him. He looked and sighed to see two vampires, their demonic visages already out, staring at him like he was a box of twinkies. One of them, a boy who looked vaguely familiar, licked his fangs. The other, a girl who'd draped herself over her vampiric fellow, smirked.

"Seriously?" he asked the sky and then back at the demons, "I really don't have time for this."

"Don't worry," the female vampire purred, "you'll never have to worry about time again."

Xander sighed and pulled out his back up sword. The Scottish variant of the traditional long sword wasn't what he was used to, but then what he was used to was running away and what Perseus had been used to was actually a weird sickle sword thing. But he didn't have either weapon and the one he did have had a very sharp edge, it would do. And the sight of the blade made the two vampires take a step back which was another plus in its favor.

"Like I said," Xander growled, "I don't have time for this. Now either go away and stake yourselves or I'll kill you, take your pick."

The girl took off running. The guy growled and lunged after him. Xander sighed.

The swing of the blade was slower than he was used to but it worked and Xander spat as he tried to rid the taste of ash from his mouth. His guide screeched again.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Xander growled as he limped after his increasingly impatient guide, the robot obligingly floating after him.

His guide screeched for his attention yet again, causing him to wonder if there was something, anything that he could do so the owl could get his attention without sounding like nails on a chalkboard. Maybe tie a bell to one of its legs? He looked up and cursed as he saw a column of smoke rising in the sky and tried to hop faster.


So yeah, dude attacking Willow right now? Not Ted, though Willow doesn't know that, thought you guys might enjoy that twist and the owl is here to stay, I've decided I like the owl

Remember that Xander has an injured leg so he's a bit slower than he would be normally

Traditionally, from what I could glean, Greek warriors liked using spears, swords were sort of a back up "crap my enemy is right here in my face" sort of weapon. Lots of traditional Greek and Roman depictions of Perseus, at least the ones I saw in a few museums, depicted him with a sickle-sword. Willow had Xander dress as what I remember Perseus looking like in the original 1981 version of Clash of the Titans and he had a short bronze sword, like a spatha. So Xander really doesn't have any experience with a claymore but minion vamps aren't going to know that.

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