The Epidemic of Jace and Simon\

Simon had just come home from a long day shopping with the girls. He hated how just because he was gay, they decided they needed him to be dragged around to shop.

He plopped himself on the couch, surprised to find Jace sitting right next to him.

"Hey Mundane…No, wait, it's Downworlder now." Jace gave Simon a brutal smirk.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You think you could head out for a bit? I kind of need some alone guy time, and the main television has the best access for the show that will…help me along."

"You really having that much trouble finding a boy willing to screw you? That's shitty. Wish I had that problem." Simon looked at Jace, totally confused. "I mean, it get's old to be admired by my looks and hit on so much…after the while I have had to deal with it."

"Well, you are sexy enough I guess." Simon looked away as soon as he said so, and was shocked to find that Jace was using his hand to pull Simon back to look at him.

"I am still going to call you Mundane…because I miss you as a mundane. But, I am not sure what you are getting at here…and do not want to make you feel uncomfortable if I take the wrong assumption."

Simon pondered for a moment…"Do you want me, Jace?"

"Shut up, Mundane," Jace practically hissed through his teeth, trying to draw attention away from the flush of his cheeks.

Simon moved painfully close to Jace on the sofa-hip to hip, leg to leg. "I can tell you want me, even though you don't know why. You just feel that lust building up inside of you, eating away until you finally-" Jace cut Simon off with a rough kiss.

Simon shoved Jace to be lying down on the couch, and starting letting his hands roam around Jace's gorgeous body. "This what you want, Jace? Admitting it yet?" Jace shook his head to say no, in an obviously fake way. To further prove his point, he grinded himself against Jace-and Jace let loose a loud moan. "Want me to stop?"

Jace wanted to say yes. Wanted not to want Simon, the useless mundane boy that was closer to his sisters Clary and Izzy than he himself had been lately. He didn't care in that moment though, He had a need for Simon, and he wasn't able to deny it as he grinded Simon back.

"I'd take that as a sign to keep at it," Simon said in a breathless voice, starting the process of shredding away at each other's clothes. When they were bare nude, they continued rutting against each other until Simon decided it was time to start stretching out Jace for him.

First he used one finger, then two before Jace mumbled incoherently. "What was that Jace?"

"Now, please, now. I am ready now." Simon laughed at the weakened tone in Jace's voice. It was visible how new he was to all of this.

Simon slid himself in slowly, and Jace winced in pain. "You want me to stop now?" Jace shook his head furiously, and then bucked his hips to signal Simon to start moving. Simon moved slowly at first, but then it grew more and more to the fast and hard. When they both were finished off, Simon couldn't hide his wide grin.

"What?" Jace asked impatiently.

"I always knew you wanted me." Simon said with a wink before pulling out and crashing himself on top of Jace gently. "Be mine?"

Jace nodded furiously, and Simon began to kiss him again. That is when Izzy, Clary, Jordan, and Maya walked in. They all wore shocked expressions on their faces.

Simon just cut the silence by saying: "I think you have met my new boyfriend, Jace.