A/N: I just can't stop making new stories. This is another AU of Sora no Hikari or should I say Sky Light in English. A very sweet story, a story about Ventus and Hikari. And a lot more like, Kairi and Sora, Xion and Roxas, Namine and Riku! And I've change the chapter a bit.

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Ah, yes… Forbidden love. The love between royalty and non-royalty. Romantic huh? Meet Prince Ventus, the royal family who is searching the whole world for the perfect girl to be his bride. He was given the chance to choose one girl from a big ball made for him and Roxas to celebrate their 17th birthday. None of the girls seems to catch his eye. But, the day before his and Roxas's Birthday, he take a walk to some part of the town. Prince Ventus found a girl, who might be perfect enough for him.

Ventus will appeared in later chapter as the main character!

Hikari (C) me

Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy characters (C) Square Enix

Let's begin!

Chapter 1: The Fateful Night

Long ago, in a far far away land, 4 kingdoms were build. The four Kingdoms live peacefully. Even though the four Kingdoms are separated by forests and rivers. They manage to live peacefully and prosperity. One of the Kingdom has a prince and princess that lives in harmony. And that Kingdom is Kingdom Hearts.

The first Kingdom is Kingdom Hearts. The loving and cheerful kingdom. The King and Queen of Hearts has 2 heir to the throne. One is a boy and the other one is a girl. Both of the Prince and Princess played together with the other Kingdoms. They love to play with Kingdom Spade and Kingdom Clover. The two never played with Kingdom Diamond before. The two sibling are the most cheerful one of all. The Prince is named Prince Sora Heart and The Princess is named Princess Hikari Heart.

The second Kingdom is Kingdom Spade. The courageous and kind kingdom. The King and Queen of Spade also has 2 heir to the throne. One is a boy and the other one is a girl. The two sibling play a lot with Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Clover, and Kingdom Diamond. The Prince is named Prince Riku Spade and The Princess is named Princess Xion Spade.

The third Kingdom is Kingdom Clover. The kindhearted and forgiving kingdom. The King and Queen of Clover has 2 daughters. The two are the most lovely girls in the Kingdom. The princesses always plays with Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Spade, and Kingdom Diamond. The first Princess is named Princess Kairi Clover and The second Princess is named Princess Namine Clover.

The fourth Kingdom is Kingdom Diamond. The wise and caring kingdom. The King and Queen of Diamond has 2 sons. The twins are a lot alike. The Princes always played with Kingdom Spade and Kingdom Clover. The Kingdom can't play with Kingdom Hearts because the distance is too far. The first Prince is named Prince Roxas Diamond and The second Prince is named Prince Ventus Diamond.

One night, Kingdom Hearts decided to set sail to the open ocean. The King took Prince Sora and Princess Hikari to come along and see the world.

" Sora! Sora! Look!" Hikari shouted as she saw a nearby island.

" Uwoooo! I see it!" Sora shout back as he went to the railing with Hikari.

" Sora, Hikari. Be careful, the wind is very strong and the waves are getting rougher." Their father said.

Both Hikari and Sora look at each other then they both giggled. Suddenly the ship got shaken up. Hikari and Sora fall flat on their bottom. The King quickly ordered the sailors to make the ship steady again but, the wind and waves got even rougher.

" Sora! Hikari! Come here!" The King shouted as he reach out his hand to grab the 10 and 11 year old Prince and Princess.

Sora and Hikari both ran to their father. But, a big wave hit their ship and they all went off balance.

" Keep it steady, Xaldin!" Xemnas yelled as he grab hold of the rope.

" I am!" Xaldin yelled back as he turn the wheel around.

" Demyx! Any land yet!" Luxord shout as he set the sail loose.

" Nope! Can't see a thing from up here!" Demyx shut his eyes as the wind blew harder.

" Crap! Leon! Grab Hikari and Sora! Get them inside!" The King ordered.

Leon nodded. He went to grab Sora and Hikari. But, a big wave hit the ship. Leon garb hold of Sora and reach his hand out for Hikari.

" Princess! Come here!" shouted Leon.

Hikari also reach out her hand. The ship got shaken up again, Hikari fell overboard. She fell to the violent sea of waves. Leon and all of the others eyes widened.


" No! Leon! Lemme go! I wanna save Hikari!" Sora struggled to break free from Leon's grip.

" Prince Sora, calm down! We'll save Princess Hikari! But first you have to be inside!" Leon thrown Sora over his shoulder and ran towards the Captains room.

Hikari was coughing as she began to drink water and gasping for air. She look to her father's ship and the wave swallow her up.

" Hold on Hikari! I'm coming!" Her father yelled.


A girl with short brown hair, lying unconsciously at the sandy beach. A few hours later, four teenagers was walking threw the beach doing a morning patrol. The four Soldier started to chat and discussing about the training they had everyday.

2 of them has long light pink hair. One of them has short silver hair. And the last one has long spiky black hair. The four was wearing the annual Soldier uniform, considering; a dark green-ish black baggy pants/skirt, dark green turtle neck with long sleeves, high black army boots, and white gloves. The younger one with pink hair and the white haired teenager has a dark green beret.

" Éclair! Look!" the silver haired boy point to the brunette laying unconsciously at the sand.

Éclair quickly rush to the brunette's side. She placed the brunette's head gently on her lap. The black haired boy bend down and took a look at the unconscious brunette.

" Serah. Can you perform Healing magic?" Éclair ask.

" Alright. I'll try my best." Serah placed her hand on top of the brunette. A light green aura appeared on her hand.

" Mmmm…." The brunette moan a bit.

" Ah! She's awake!" The silver haired teenager chirp happily.

" Are you alright? Can you talk?" Éclair ask.

" Ugh…. My head." The brunette rub the back of her head.

Serah bend down and pat the brunette's back gently. "Careful, I just finished healing you." Serah gave a warm smile.

" Thank you…." The brunette smiled back.

The silver headed boy reach out his hand. "Hey! My name's Hope Estheim! And your name is?" Hope ask.

" Um… Hikari. My name is Hikari." Hikari smiled.

" I'm Éclair Farron."

" I'm Serah Farron, Éclair's little sister."

" Zack Fair's the name! don't wear it out!"

Éclair smiled as she saw Hikari giggled at Zack's childish act. Éclair examine Hikari for a moment. Hikari's age is around 10-11 years old. She looked like the girl who nearly drown by last night's storm. Éclair frown a bit, a girl this young has to experience something so terrible at one night.

" So, Hikari. Where did you came from?" Hope ask as he help her up.

" I- I don't know…" Hikari put her head down.

Zack lean to Éclair and whisper, "You don't think she has amnesia, do you?"

Éclair shook her head. "I dunno. Maybe, she only remember her name though."

Serah pat Hikari's shoulder as she smiled down to the 10 year old girl. "Don't worry. You could stay with us!" Said Serah.

Hikari smiled and nodded happily. Hope grinned as Zack put his arm around Hope's neck. Éclair and Serah smiled to each other. They were going to have another family member to their team.

A/N: Alright! The beginning! There isn't any Ventus or anyone yet but… it's still the opening! Next time there will be Ventus and the others! Don't worry! I'll make all of your favorite FF and KH characters appeared before you guys know it! :3


Name: Sora Hearts

Age: (In chapter 1-2) 11, (in other chapters) 16

Residence: Kingdom Hearts

Family: mom, dad, and little sister (Hikari)

Status: Engage with Princess Kairi