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Chapter 38: Bonus

Iris, Rinoa, Tifa, and Zack approached Hikari, Ventus, and Sora. They all have gotten a year older, a bit more mature than last year and stronger of course. Zack saw the Wayfinder was back into Ventus's hands and he just smiled. He approached Ventus and put his arm around his neck as he dragged him into the castle. Iris, Rinoa, Tifa, and Hikari shook their heads as Sora only laughed nervously.

"You know, man…" Zack paused to see the confused look on Ventus's face.

"Know what?" He asked.

Zack chuckled, "Hikari risked her life to safe that Wayfinder from a wave of Heartless." He whispered as Ventus's eyes widened.

"No way… She could've just left it got taken by the Heartless… It's not that important." Ventus said.

"Well…. It might not be important to her but, it's important to you." Zack continue.


Sora glanced around as Hikari raised an eyebrow, "Um Sora? What are you doing?" She asked.

"Looking for the rest of your team of course!" He chirped happily.

Hikari, Iris, Tifa, and Rinoa look at each other and started to laugh. Sora tilted his head as he was confused. Hikari put her hand on Sora's shoulder as she saw still laughing. She wiped her tears away and started to explain on what's going on right now.

"Sora, the only Il'Cie remaining is us. The rest of the Il'Cie has gotten back to their lands. But, we've promised to meet every two months on the same day at The Land of Departure." Hikari explained as Sora nodded.

Sora put his hand over Hikari shoulder as he and Hikari went inside the castle along with Iris, Tifa, and Rinoa. They all glanced around but didn't found anybody except Ventus and Zack that was going up the stairs. They all nodded at each other and went into the back gardens where the house of the servants, are staying. Rinoa saw Leon was polishing his weapon. She giggled as she approached him. She tapped his shoulder and Leon turned back to see Rinoa and Iris. He quickly stood up and hugged the two girls he loved so much.

Leon released Iris as she smiled at him. Then Vanitas came in just in time. He saw Iris and he was speechless. Iris smiled at him and he quickly hugged her as Leon glares at Vanitas. Iris laughed as Vanitas kept on hugging her tightly. As for Tifa and Cloud, they both stared at each other as Tifa nervously holds his hands. Then in a flash their lips meet as Sora quickly covered Hikari's eyes and himself as the two brunette blushes.

Iris, Vanitas, Rinoa, Cloud, Leon, and Tifa laughed as they saw the brunettes was walking out with their eyes closed. Sora and Hikari sat on the ground as they were out of the house. The two started too laughed as they see each other. They both stood up as Sora quickly grabbed Hikari's hand to drag her towards where Riku, Kairi, Namine, and Xion are while Roxas was in his room.

They both arrived at the garden and saw Riku, Kairi, Namine, and Xion was having tea. "Riku! Kairi! Namine! Xion! Guess what? Hikari is back! And she's right here?" Sora trailed off as he turned back and couldn't saw Hikari anywhere.

Sora walk under the tree and searched for Hikari. Someone tapped Sora's shoulder from above the tree. Sora turned back and quickly saw Hikari's face was right in front of him. He screamed as he fell on his bottom. Hikari laughed and jumped back down as Kairi, Namine, and Xion's eyes were wide as Riku was only smiling. Hikari helped Sora up as she felt someone blocking the sun in front of her.

"A-Are you really Hikari?" Xion asked.

"Yep! I'm back and I'm never leaving again!" Hikari chirped as she and Sora got up to their feet.

"We're so glad!" The trio said as they hugged Hikari but, luckily they didn't fall again, like last time. Now, Hikari has become a bit stronger. She could lift Ventus again if she wanted too. Riku ruffed Hikari's hair as he approached her. Hikari laughed and playfully slapped his hand away. She smiled at her old friend as he smiled back.

"Glad to have you back…" Riku said as Hikari nodded.

Roxas and Ventus came to the garden as Zack ran pass them to Twilight Town to meet Aerith again. "Hi 'ya Roxas!" Hikari greeted as she waved her hand.

"Hi back." Roxas smiled.

"Alrighty then! Let's play!" Sora shouted as he pumped his fist up.

They all played a game of cards, swords, archery, and a lot more. They all spend the rest of the day playing with each other. Until it was sunset, they all fell asleep under the big tree. Hikari was snoozing up in one of the branches of the trees as Ventus sat next to her. Hikari peek thru one eye and saw Ventus was swinging his legs. He was somehow nervous.

"So um… Hikari?"

"Hm…?" Hikari hummed.

"D-Do you want t-to share this fruit with m-me?" Ventus said nervously while blushing.

"What fruit is it? It looks like a star…" Hikari said as she peeked again and closed her eyes again.

Ventus smiled, "It's a Paopu Fruit. Some say that if two peoples shares it, their destiny will become intertwined." He explained.

"Oh? We don't need it…. Because I know that our destiny has already intertwined." Hikari said as she smiled.

"You're right…" Ventus said as he smiled.

Hikari approached Ventus slowly and sat next to him, "Can I have that?" she asked for the Paopu Fruit.

"Sure but, what for?" Ventus asked confusingly.

"This." Hikari stood up slowly and threw the Paopu Fruit to the house hold of the servants. It hit someone's head as the two was presuming it was Vanitas's. "There you go, Iris! Vanitas! Hope you like my gift!" She shouted.

"And speaking of gifts," Hikari reach thru her pocket and grabbed a small box. She opened it and Ventus saw a ring. "It's almost the exact same symbol as your Wayfinder. So I just bought for you. And here's for Roxas." She said as she handed Ventus another box for Roxas.

"Thank you." Ventus said as he stared at the ring.

"Don't mention it."

"Hikari! Ven! Come in inside! It's time for the Feast!" Sora and Kairi shouted in union as the two laughed.

Iris, Rinoa, Tifa, Zack, and all of the others are invited to the feast with the King and Queen of Diamonds. While Ventus and Hikari was walking thru the halls towards the dining room, they both hold hands knowing they'll be together and won't be separated again. Sora smiled as he saw Hikari and Ventus. Then he also felt a hand grabbed his. It was Hikari, she was holding Sora and Ventus's hand. Their bonds are connected. Sora and Ventus smiled as Hikari laughed. They were greeted by everyone inside the dining room happily. They all cheers for Hikari's return and for Roxas and Ventus's eighteen year old birthday.

Truly, this was the best gift Ventus ever received as a gift for his Birthday.

The End

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