Dear Graduates:

As you embark on the next academic phase of your lives, I challenge you to play your parts well with the understanding that during this process, you will affect the lives of many people in this world which you share. This is of particular importance to those of you who will continue to pursue careers in health related fields.

As you advance in age, be sure to advance in wisdom. Build on the knowledge, values and virtues that your teachers here at Clara Barton have instilled in you during your four years here in high school. To all of you, but especially those of you going away to college, heed Bob Marley's word: "You think you're in Heaven, but you're living in Hell. Time alone, only time will tell." The temptations and distractions are there, and they seem enticing, but in the end, they will prove to be destructive. Choices can make or break you – choose wisely!

Finally, on a more personal note, I love you all and I'm proud to have been a part of your high school years. Remember when you shine throughout life, Clara Barton and its staff shine also. I know that I echo the sentiments of the entire Clara Barton family as I wish you success in all that you encounter. May God keep you always in His care, and as my Granny always say: "Walk Good." One Love, and always be considerate of the less fortunate.

Mr. Keith S. Holgate

Assistant Principal, PPS