isabella: hey phineas i got to go to the fireside girls camp i"ll be back next week phineas: ok see ya hey ferb theres a new neighbor moving in lets go meet them.. (phineas and ferb went to the new house) phineas: (knocks) girl: come in ferb and phineas: woah (they saw a girl with blonde hair blue eyes and flawless skin) phineas: uh im im im-ferb: phineas phineas: yeah and hes hes- ferb: ferb and we are your new- phineas: neigbors girl: im elzabeth hey im still unpacking but when im done could you show me around. phineas: yes see ya (phineas and ferb leave) ferb: so let me geuss u like like elzabeth phineas: I DO NOT ferb:... phineas: OK OK I DO but i dont know how to u know ferb: easy ask her to go on a date while your showing her danvill phineas: but i- (ferb pushed phineas) elzabeth : hey phineas phineas: um hey u wanna go on a date while i show u danville elzabeth: sure phineas phineas: ferb u were right but where should i take her ferb: the park and wear something differnt phineas: like what? ferb: ask candace phineas ok good idea (phineas and ferb walked home) phineas: candace what should i wear for my frist date candace: (laughs) no why are you here for real phineas: im serious candace: oh you are? just be yourself but buy her a gift phineas: like this 2 karrot diamond necklace candace: wow 2 KARROTS and yes (next day) phineas: well im here by the way ferb thanks ferb: hey no biggy phineas: bye (knocks) elzabeth: hey phineas phineas: wow you look great (by the way ferb is spying on them) elzabeth: so where you takeing me phineas: the park (at the park) phineas: i got you this elzabeth: woah thanks i got you something too phineas: what? elzabeth: this (grabs phineas and kisses him) phineas: O_O ferb: WOW AND HE DIDDNT EVEN TRY (after the date) phineas: ferb she kissed me im so happy (next week) isabella: bye rosey (enters the phineases backyard) hey...uh phineas whos that girl phineas: elzabeth aka my girlfriend isabella: girlfriend! part 2 when i get 5 reviews