The story is set when our characters have discovered their Innocence and learnt how to use it to protect others. Therefore all events involving destroying Akuma and the Black Order have happened, but this doesn't include anything about the Noah (otherwise writing this story would be too confusing DX). The Noahs will (possibly) be mentioned at sometime but not as one of the Noah clan, we'll see if this happens (give me your ideas if you want these characters in and I'll see what I can do :D).Also, take note that Allen and Lavi have never fought as a team, there were only solo missions, so Lavi (or anyone) knows about his Akuma weapon. Currently, the Akuma have let up for now and everything is peaceful, so Komui says (to his precious "Lenalee-chan" mostly) that the younger exorcists should continue their education and live peacefully and called on if there is trouble. Allen was the most enthusiastic about starting school (as he's never been before due to his "circumstances" :'( ) Lavi dragged himself along for a certain "someone" (;D), Lenalee thought it'd be fun to hang out with everyone and tagged along, while Kanda (with his frown as usual) just did his signature "Tch" and went anyway for who-knows-what reason (how exactly does his mind work?)