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Chapter 20 – Walking in the Shadows

While Allen was alone in his house playing his precious black grand piano, he heard a loud knock at his door. I wonder who that is. Then he thought of what happened on the way back home. If it's Lavi then I'm telling him again that he's not sleeping with me tonight, Cross is in tonight and I really don't want him to know about our relationship, at least not yet, until I feel that he'll be fine with it and not throw me into the wall or someth- He opened the door to find his visitor; it wasn't who he was expecting, in fact, it was the last person he would expect.

There on his doorstep stood his ex-boyfriend.

"K-Kanda?" Allen tried unsuccessfully to hide the fear in his voice, however the sight of Kanda made him terrified as even his mere presence forced the memories of Lavi lying half-dead on the floor of his house out of the locked part in the back of his mind to the very front.

"Aren," From when Allen was in a relationship with Kanda, had always gotten used to his name being said differently as Kanda could never pronounce 'l's properly; instead, they came out as 'r's due to his Japanese accent. "I'm…s-sorry" He tried to stop his lip quivering by biting it with his pearl white teeth, but no avail. You couldn't smell the fresh scent of soap that would usually linger in his long, navy blue hair that would always be tied back save for his fringe and two long strands; no, it was hardly there, no one would probably be able to sense it if they hadn't been trying to. Speaking of his hair it looked very unusual: it was all let down and even full of tangles; the usual shine there was gone too, replaced by grease. This was very unlike Kanda; so much that anyone would be able to notice how out of character this was.

"For what?" Allen asked, although he had some idea of what it was.

"That time….." His whole body started shaking violently; his trembling hands griped his equally trembling upper arms. This was the rare side of Kanda Yuu that only Allen, as far as his knowledge goes, knew about: he would act like a small child who was lost on what to do next and had no help from anyone of adult age, or even his own generation. Kanda looked up. "I…" Allen took a deep look at Kanda's face, he forgot about those memories momentarily as in front of him stood Kanda with the most devastated look on his face with tears threatening to leak from his brown eyes. Then, unexpectedly, Kanda's eyes slowly became those of rage, the ones he showed when he was killing with Mugen in hand; wild eyes that seemed possessed by a demon; the same eyes that looked down at the limp body of Lavi which made Allen shiver at the thought.

"What has he done?" Kanda demanded.

"Huh? W-what do you mean? Who's 'he'?" Allen at least tried to sound innocent, but Kanda wasn't buying it.

"You know very well who!" He snapped. Allen's mind clicked; there was currently only one person who made Kanda this mad when it involved Allen's relationships. "He's hurt you, hasn't he?"

"N-no," He replied hastily whilst stuttering "h-how did you get to that conclusion?" Kanda quickly took a step towards him.

"This." He reached out to Allen and wiped an unknown tear with his thumb from his ex's pale, scarred check that had been formed from his red, puffy eyes. "You've been crying." Said eyes widened as even the owner of them was unaware that he had been crying. "I will ask again: What. Has. He. Done?" His voice rumbled with rage that increased with each word.

"He hasn't…"

"Allen, I want to know." His voice softened slightly, but there was still a hint of a demanding, possessive tone there. As if he was trying to convince Allen that the hinting tone he heard was false, the hand that he wiped Allen's tear away with started to caress his tear-stained cheek. Allen tried not to lean into his touch, it would be like betraying Lavi and he wasn't prepared to lose his current boyfriend, however, he was reminded of the time when it had been them two before Kanda completely changed into someone different and Allen couldn't stand to be near him anymore. He had loved Kanda for who he was, not the new person that now controlled his mind. However, Kanda never understood this, he had never seen how this transformation into this new 'Kanda' had hurt Allen, so when Allen finally broke up with him, Kanda flipped. Allen ran for his life for even he was powerless to calm him down and never tried to get back together with him, but Kanda tried. Then, soon after, Allen had started going out with Lavi and Kanda became jealous.

"Kanda don't." His Asian ex didn't listen to what was said. Instead he found a place near Allen's neck that was exposed and moved his lips closer to it. Allen felt a jolt when he started kissing it. Allen started struggling, managing to stifle a whimper in the process. Kanda continued to softly attack Allen's neck, causing him to blush from his skin being very sensitive. To avoid anyone nearby who might hear them from catching on to what was happening, Allen changed to the samurai's first language. "カンダ, それを止める!"* Kanda's eyes widened; Allen managed to push him away as Kanda was distracted by his sudden outburst despite Kanda being very strong. They both breathed heavily. Allen was stunned by what Kanda had just tried to do, whilst Kanda was shocked that Allen rejected him. It took both of them a while for them to calm down. After a few light breaths he said "Kanda…" He looked away. "Please look at me." He hesitated at first, but then obeyed. He faced Kanda, both making serious eye contact. Allen spoke gently, his new tone was soothing to one's ears; it was like a parent talking to a child. "What we had is gone now and I'm sorry but I chose Lavi."

"Tch." His eyes averted Allen's for a second, disgusted at the name of Allen's current boyfriend.

"However, I still see you as a valuable friend I don't ever want to lose." Kanda seemed taken aback by Allen's words. "Please Kanda, let me go, there are many other people out there, I'm sure you'll find someone better than me to be your lover." The samurai shivered even more, Allen knew what was coming although he hated seeing anyone like this. He felt strong arms around his slim waist. He knew Lavi would be suspicious if he saw this, but Allen knew that he had just broken Kanda's heart – again he added with a pang of guilt- and right now his friend needed comfort. "Even if I'm not your boyfriend Kanda, I'll always be there as your friend." He let his valuable companion cry into his chest, whose head was screaming in pain that needed to be let out.

They were like that for a while; all was silent save for Kanda's quiet whimpers and hiccups. Throughout that time Allen was thinking deeply. He's so upset by this, it makes me feel guilty to be the one who ended it, but I just couldn't take Kanda's change in personality. It was too much. Allen closed his eyes tightly in regret. Now I'm with Lavi who I know I love now more than anyone before. However, Kanda is still a friend of mine; I don't want to lose him over something like this. I'm sorry Kanda, but I love Lavi, please let my words get through to you. Some minutes later Kanda finally calmed down and stopped crying. He looked back up at the younger, but much wiser, 15 year old. "Do you feel better now, Kanda?" The child nodded. "Please understand." He nodded again, wiping some tears that trickled from his eyes. "Anyway, just look at yourself!" He pointed to his hair in particular. Kanda would usually look at him darkly right now, but he wasn't in the mood today. "I've never seen you like this. When you get home you should have a bath, okay?"

"Yeah, I will." He sort of mumbled as he said that, but it was much being than him stuttering from crying.

"Good. Take care of yourself."

"You too."

"I shall do." He smiled his unique Allen Walker smile and waved goodbye to Kanda. As soon as Kanda was out of his sight, he went back inside, convinced that everything between them was sorted out.

The mood seemed much brighter now, but little did he know that as Kanda turned and walked away, his face bore the darkest of eyes.

"No….."Said a crying voice, calling out to the couple before him.

"Why did you lie to me?" It constantly pleaded them to break apart.

"You said…..you said…" Tears started to fall uncontrollably as a simple kiss was placed on the girl's cheek; said female had long, black hair, with a hint of green, in pigtails, and her kisser had a roaring red mane. Everything was dark save for those two familiar faces of his most trusted people. They looked down on his with cold eyes, while when facing each other, they smiled warmly, but with an icy touch to them. The contrast was painful.

"You even….." His voice started to break as his throat dried painfully as he recalled those precious times with his redhead. "Why?"

"Why did you….."Allen slowly awaked as his dampened eyes fluttered open, revealing to him that he was no longer sleeping, even though his vision was blurred because of his morning myopia. I really need to stop waking up like this; it gets even less pleasant each time. He let the tears run their course down his cheeks, where many others had been too many times before this day; to calm himself down before decided to wipe them from his eyes as the sensation of their wet touch was soothing even though one might not think so. Seeing as though he would be too afraid to fall asleep again for fear of returning to that nightmare, he sat on his small, single bed with his chin resting on his kneecaps, replaying the scene repeatedly in his troubled mind. Out of the corner of his eye he spied at the time as he was trying to find any possible reason to not think of his nightmare. 3:30.a.m… it's too early to start getting my school stuff ready. This now left him to return to what he had been trying to avoid, thinking about the image his sub-consciousness had conjured. Of course, considering this was Lenalee, Allen had to admit she was cute (no wonder half the male student body wanted to go out with her. But they were rejected every time), however, that never wavered his feelings for Lavi.


It was still awkward seeing her with his boyfriend, even if was a dream, or an act; it just seemed too realistic. In fact, what Allen hated the most is that they actually seemed like they suited each other. As Allen usually would when he was sitting alone and thinking (it was almost a routine he did before sleeping, sometimes to review his day and some to reflect on his past with his father as something in the day had caused him to remember those precious, but some traumatizing memories), he let the front of his snow-white hair fall in front of his eyes, blocking his view of what was around him. Upon doing so, he felt his greasy hair on his face Time for a shower I suppose; I can't just sit here sulking. He collected a towelfrom the airing cupboard next door and made his way to the bathroom downstairs. He turned on the water and let the water heat up as placed the towel on an old shoe rack they had in there (it was rarely used since his and Cross's shoes would usually be lying near the door untidily after a long, tiring day) then undressed. He had perfect timing as the water was at a satisfying temperature as soon as he was done undressing. Knowing this, he got straight in, letting the warm water fall all over him from head to toe. In real-life scale, it only took ten to fifteen minutes, but to Allen, it felt so much longer as he continued to think and rethink about his unforgettable dream which was very persistent to not leave his mind.(Because the word 'nightmare' is over-used in this story, take Chapter 4 for example.) Wait, what am I thinking? Of course it's Lavi and Lenalee; they want the best looking people to play as the couple, a straight couple, which means it couldn't be Lavi and me. I mean, Lavi's just fit beyond all describing words he blushed at what he just said in his mind, but knowing that no one else he knew would know that he thought that, he continued his train of thought and Lenalee has about half the guys in our school drooling when she walks by. Everyone else is fine with it…..

But… will I be fine with someone else kissing Lavi, play or not?

With a sigh, he finished washing himself, hair especially, and hopped out of the shower, turning the water off as he went. But as he passed the shower curtain, he suddenly felt unusually exposed, as if someone was watching him. He shook his head, No, seriously Allen, who in their right mind would do that? He thought, whilst picking up his towel and wrapping it securely around his waist to prevent it falling. After all, he continued it's not like someone would be perverted enough to stare at me through the wind-

Then it suddenly came to him (he was also shocked at how he didn't think of this instantly) that there was indeed someone who would love to get a peek at him when exposed at any given opportunity without his victim having any knowledge of his presence; in fact, there had once been another occasion (which made Allen blush when recalling it) on which when he was finished showering that this person had indeed gotten a good view. His head turned stiffly towards the window to meet the gaze of a certain sneaky, one-eyed, nicknamed 'Idiot Rabbit'/'Baka Usagi' (depends on what language is more appropriate for the speaker), redhead, who he had just been describing.

"Oh….erm, hi….Allen." Allen was enraged at how calm he looked.

"LAVI BOOKMAN, YOU PERVERT!" He yelled, like a very livid housewife. As much as he wanted to kick him directly in the face with his deadly accuracy (it was fun the last time when Lavi was being rude to Lenalee, saying that she should be looking for a boyfriend instead of practising for exams, so upon seeing this, Allen kicked leaped and kicked him while in midair in ninja-like fashion), his prey was protected from behind the glass. Master will kill me if that breaks….again…..Resisting his urge, as it would just end him up in a lot of trouble with his 'guardian' which he would like to avoid if possible, he grabbed his clothes and shot out of the white bathroom to his (hopefully) rabbit-free bedroom. Still furious, his fuming mind commented on the recent scene: Screw privacy, you'll never get it with Lavi around….Anyway, what's that guy doing in my house at this time anyway?

Quickly, to avoid any more chances for said rabbit, he got changed into the clothes he had got out for the day: light blue skinny jeans, dark grey jumper, a blue hoodie that was nearly black and his favourite pair of black gloves to prepare for the cold weather outside, also to cover his hand, both to conceal it and protect it because it was sensitive to low temperatures. Realising he was near his Master's room, he kept silent before he awakened Cross, who was monstrous when someone had dragged him away from his place of slumber, it was never a sight for sore eyes, it'd make them a lot worse.

Now, here came his next problem: How was he going to avoid that stupid rabbit without making a ruckus that will awaken his Master (if he hadn't already)?

This one required some thought. But unfortunately, he had no idea that said Master was already slowly awakening.

*Cross's view*

Huh? What the hell's all the noise? Aaah, crap my head's killing, must have had too much booze last night. Anyway, I swear I heard a girl screaming downstairs in the bathroom. That's odd, I'm sure I bring any lady back home yesterday. Or is it just my head being foggy from the booze? Hmmm…. Nope, I'm pretty sure I didn't, so who else could sound that girly, especially at this time in the morning, its way too early. It must be that Idiot Apprentice of mine being a right girl again. Sometimes I wonder if he really is one or not, and he's (or she's) really just flat-chested (Yeah, I haven't looked down there and I don't plan to; I'm not into seeing manhoods). Well, he's gonna get it for waking me up at this indecent time, friggin' quarter to four in the friggin' morning, what the hell's he thinking making such a racket. Speaking of time this is in fact it's early, even for him, probably another one of his waking-up-screaming dreams that he's been having lately. Well, if he wants to spill, let him spill, but I won't pester him to ask about it. Shoot, now that I've woken up, I started thinking a lot and now I won't get back to sleep. Well, guess there's nothing better to do than get up. How troublesome, that Idiot Apprentice of mine's gonna get it when I see him (or her, for that matter). I'm gonna miss the warmth of my bed now thanks to that Idiot Appren- shit!


Dammit, that hurt, I guess I did drink one too many….


What was that? That came from Master's room, didn't it? Oh no, please don't say I woke him up! I'm gonna be in so much trouble for it! Well, I guess I'll be in more trouble if I don't help him up, so I'd better go.

Firstly, I better check if Lavi's found me yet. I looked to my left- no rabbits-, then right-not there either. It all looks clear to me.

I tiptoed to Master's room to witness (unsurprisingly) him on the floor; face down with one foot still on his bed and his long red hair (which was so unlike Lavi's sexy roaring red mane) spread out in all directions. I could tell how this had happened from the strong scent of alcohol and wine that weaved through the (very) small amount of fresh air that was still in there. I heard a small mumble from the half-asleep, half-drunk red haired man on the floor still alive I see said the dark part of my mind, who had been born from the torture this person put me through…just thinking about it makes me wanna- no Allen, none of that now, he did save you from death and teach you how to control your Innocence, so you do owe him. But I still can't forgive him for making me pay his debts. Right now he needs a hand getting up, so let's put that aside and save it for later. Fine. After finishing an argument with my other mind (Yu-Gi-Oh reference to anyone?), I took small, slow steps towards Master, like if I got too close he would attack as if he were a dangerous wild animal. I took another step towards him and became within his arm's reach.

That was the biggest mistake I made in that one morning.

His hand (which strangely still had a glove on it, so I could guess that his other did too) had grabbed my ankle, and any chance that I had to escape had just escaped out the window (I hate irony). He used me as support so he could get up and look at me in the eye. Man, was he pissed off, and I knew I was in for a rant. A very loud rant (great, now I'm gonna have an ear-ache from Cross. Can this morning get worst?). Cross's voice grew threatening when he spoke.

"You….." Oh no, here it comes.

"BAKA DESHI!" Huh, he still remembered from that time in Japan. I wouldn't have believed he would have done so considering his drunken state. "WHY'D YOU WAKE ME UP AT SUCH A TIME IN THE FRICKIN' MORNING WITH YOUR SCREAMING!?" He was dangerously slurring his words, a result of having one too many.

"That's because….." But never the less, I still did feel guilty for waking him up.

"WHAT POSSIBLE EXCUSE WOULD BE A GOOD ENOUGH TO NOT BEAT YOU 'TILL YOU'RE ON DEATH'S DOOR AND HAVE TO BE PUT IN HOSPITAL AGAIN?!" I mentally shuddered as I recalled the reason for my last visit, but never let him see it as I hid my emotions behind my well-controlled face from becoming a poker master.

"It was-"

"Ah, there you are my little beansprout." Brilliant, just brilliant. The reason why I'm being ranted at had just appeared in the doorway. Cross looked from the reason and back to me.

"Why the hell's he here?" I was glad that he'd toned down a bit, otherwise he wouldn't be the only one who'd be woken up by loud noises from voices (I send my apologises to any of my neighbours who may have been awakened), however, his gaze was more than enough.

"Who, me?" He says pointing at himself with a confused expression and a tone like, you know, like he's not the only person standing there "I just dropped by to see Allen" True, but I don't think that he had to peek at me through a window when I was getting out the shower. Speaking of that, how the heck did he get through there anyway?

"Seriously, at this time? Have you got anything better to do, like sleeping?"

"Not really." Oh really? "Couldn't sleep." That last part made me feel a pang of guilt from thinking cruelly about him. Lavi couldn't sleep? Why? Is he worried about something and was kept up all night? Would it be alright if I asked him about it? "Sorry if I woke you up, I didn't think that Allen would be up so I wanted to surprise him when he did, but I caught him at the wrong moment." He directly a swift apologetic glance at me which I returned also with gratefulness as I was glad he didn't go into detail about our 'eventful' morning. Also, I felt even guiltier for yelling at him when he only just wanted to come for a visit because he was unable to sleep. Gosh, I feel like such a jerk now.

"Alright then." Cross looked back at me "Just don't wake me up again" My eyes went to the floor as I apologized.

"Sorry Master." With that, Master made a gesture for us to leave him in peace and we acted upon it.

We went to my bedroom which was way out of earshot from the drunken man. It started awkwardly when both of us were silent, minds blank and unsure of what to command our mouths to say. Lavi was the first to break the silence.

"Sorry 'bout all that." I shook my head slowly at him.

"It's alright, I overreacted." I was hesitant in whether or not to ask him about why he was not able to rest. I was able to look at him more clearly now; his eyes had bags under them, not large ones, but they weren't small either; his hair, more ruffled than usual, giving the impression that he had been tossing and turning in his double bed, the fact that is was a large bed made it more possible than my single; whilst we were walking I noticed he usually didn't have his usual swagger, it was much slower and less up-beat compared to when he was fully awake. All these factors increased my worries for him, which were already many, depriving me of my hesitation to ask him why he had been unable to rest. "Lavi…..is something wrong?"

A reassuring smile stretched across his face. "No, what made you think so?" I wasn't convinced, I could tell that he forced that smile, if it wasn't me who saw that I would imagine everyone else would believe it, but I wasn't fooled.

"Lavi, I know something's wrong, just look at you" I stepped closer to him and pointed out everything I had noticed, his eyes, hair, and posture, all the evidence I had that would convince me of my theory. "Please tell me, I'm worried about you." I almost begged, but more like requested.

"Allen…." His eyes sunk to the floor before he faced me. It seemed like all time stopped and wouldn't continue normally until he answered my question truthfully, both me and him could sense the pressure of it. He finally answered. "I just feel that…you won't be happy by what's happening with the R and J play and it might cause something to go bad between us….and I…." His eye was filled with sorrow, as if he was on the verge of crying. "I can't bear to lose you, you've just become such a great part of my life, losing you would be losing that great part and I wouldn't be able to bear it."


That was what I felt because I had no idea that I had such a large part in his life. He looked away guiltily, even though he had done nothing wrong. But he had a point, even I am feeling dodgy about the arrangement and I think he knew that too, but I promised Lavi that I wouldn't tell anyone about our relationship. If we randomly just asked for Lavi not to be Romeo in the play they people might get suspicious, that, in my view anyway, would be the same as telling them there's something between as there is no reason, besides ones that we can't explain, for him not to. It would all just cause unnecessary problems for us. We couldn't see a way out of this situation, we would just have to try and put up with it, even though it wasn't the best strategy, it was the best we could do; it was all we could do. Suddenly (scaring both of us to death), my alarm I had set on my phone went off. It had been set to play '5 O'clock in the morning' (yes, I am very aware that this song is over-used but it was the only song I could think of that fitted the situation) since that was the time I usually got up for school. I went to turn it off when Lavi stopped me "This song's quite fitting don't you think?" He reached for my wrist and gently pulled me into his arms. "Can we…..just stay like this for a while?" My small arms found their way towards his back and pulled him closer, my way of fulfilling his request. Never before have I seen Lavi like this. His voice was quivering as much as his body trembled. He snuggled his head on my neck as he towered over me, so close that I could feel irregular warm breathes travel down my spine, the sensation was like a chill, but it was warm instead of icy cold; at the same time, I felt his arms tighten around me as he towered over me, my cold body (as many have told me) instantly and uncontrollably taking his body heat, which, we discovered, was enough for two people as we shared it between us.

We stayed like for some time, even after the song had finished and the only sounds bouncing off the walls of my bedroom were that of the small vibrations emitted from our almost silent breathing, just enjoying each other's warmth (although, most of it originally belonged to Lavi). I felt his weight lighten as he slowly pulled away from the hug. "Thanks, Allen." He smiled down at me, this time I knew it wasn't a fake one as I beamed back at him.

"Lavi, you know you can always come to me to talk about these things, okay?" He nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, if I didn't know before, I know now." He grinned. So typical for him and I was glad of it. I never wanted to see Lavi so depressed ever again; it just…wasn't the Lavi I have always known. Once again, just like our date to the cinema, we were trying to find a topic to talk about to break the uncomfortable silence. And just like last time, Lavi spoke first.

"Hey, I know this is an extremely random question….." He started.

"Go on." I was curious so I encouraged him to ask whatever question it was.

"Why do you get up at this time in the morning? I usually get up much later." Okay, I wasn't expecting that but I answered anyway.

"Usually Master asks me to do stuff in the morning, however, I guess I'm lucky today since he fell asleep last night before he could ask me to get anything sorted."

"They're not too strenuous right?" I had once told him of what Master had put me through, so I knew where that came from.

"Not to me." I answered. But I don't know what it would be like for anyone else since I apparently have capabilities beyond your average person. (Taken from -man Wiki. Yeah you know what this is going on)

"Then I guess that's fine." This isn't getting anywhere. Suddenly, an idea jumped into my mind.

"How the hell did you manage to get through my bathroom window?" He scratched the back of his head, his finger intertwining in his red mane.


*Flashback in Lavi's view*

3:30 a.m.

Not gonna sleep tonight am I? Not with all this stress. I wonder how Allen's doing. I left my bed as I easily overpowered the weak grasp of sleep which was unable to tempt me to stay. I knew the Old Panda wouldn't mind if I went out at night since it was something I do if I couldn't sleep, as long as I didn't get up to any trouble it would be all fine. I stepped over my boots which were untidy heap from when I kicked them off last night from a long day helping the Old Panda with some stuff around the house. My boots weren't the only untidy thing in my room; in fact, from what I could see in the darkness, the whole place was a mess (I made a mental note to clean it when I got back later). I got dressed into my clothes from yesterday (yes 6th form college is awesome, you don't have to wear a uniform which is always a good thing): white pants (with my wallet and phone already in them from yesterday), black tank top with my favourite navy blue jacket with sleeves to the elbows and signature orange scarf and my knee-high black boots on with them. Then, I quietly made my way downstairs towards the front door, twirling my keys on my finger before unlocking the door and left the house.

I locked the door behind me then put my keys safely into my pocket. It was breezy outside and a little chilly at night due to the sun's absence which was replaced by the moon which reflected the light from said star beautifully, almost as if it emitted the pale light itself. When I'm out at night, it reminds me of how that one time myself and Allen were going to my house and how the light of the moon seemed to make him glow because his skin is extremely pale. It was a beautiful sight; almost as if that light was made just to shine on him. All these images bounced around in my mind as my feet unconsciously lead me to Allen's house due to the many times they had walked to and fro from our houses in which I was glad wasn't a far distance from each other. But even if it was, I'd still walk it, even at this time when there is a more dangerous atmosphere compared to daytime.

As I approached the front door I stopped. Doesn't this make me look like a burglar? I thought. Going in through the front door isn't an option, it's locked tight. I looked around the house, watching for any lights in other houses that would signal that someone was there. However, it seemed that no one else was awake at this time thank goodness so I looked for an open window since I knew Allen doesn't like his house being stuffy and prefers fresh air so he keeps some of the windows open to let, in which he sometimes forgets to close. He's lucky it's only me and not some rapist. I better make sure to remind him to lock them every once in a while if he forgets again. I looked around for an (hopefully) open window. When I found one I was glad I had found an entry, but also worried that someone else apart from me would use this entry.

Also, I was shocked about what I saw.

From the small gap in the shower curtain I could see Allen from the back at an angle, from what I could see it was like he was in deep thought as his head was bowed down slightly. The shower was placed in the right corner (from my view) of the room next to the window, so he hadn't seen me, yet. However, he did when he got out and then legged it upstairs after yelling at me and accusing me of being perverted.

Well, who wouldn't in that situation?

I climbed through the window about five minutes afterwards when I finally got over what just happened. It was pretty easy since some little beansprout of mine decided to leave it so far open, that or I'm really skinny. Seriously, does he want someone to break into his house at night? I thought. Well, I guess that includes me but that's not the point I'm trying to make here. Suddenly, I heard Cross shouting at Allen upstairs and followed the vibration of his voice to where they were.

The rest we both already knew what happened after that.

*Back to regular time*

*Still in Lavi's view*

"So…I left the window open?" He asked. His face was absolutely priceless; I stifled a laugh.

"Yes. You did."

"Enough so that you could slip through."


"….." All I could see on his face was him thinking about how stupid he was. I could already tell he made a mental note to never again leave his windows open. "What are you, Bed Intruder?"I chuckled at his comment.

"Sorry, bout all that, I didn't think you'd be up."

"Same back to you." Touché.

"I guess neither of us could sleep."

"Yeah….." He yawned and damn what a big yawn it was.

"Are you still tired?" It was a pointless question since he just demonstrated that really obvious that he was, but that's common courtesy for you.

"Just a bit." He replied drearily, rubbing an eye.

"Want me to stay with you?" He hesitated slightly – It took me a while to figure out how that would make him seem like a little kid- but agreed anyway.


He wobbled back to his bed and literally fell on it sideways. Bless him, the tired lad, he probably woke up from a nightmare again this morning, and I think I have a pretty good idea what it was about, in fact, it was the same for me too. He might not seem that he's bothered about our situation, but I can tell that inside he's stressed like crazy about it. Looking back at his tired state; his eyelids were barely able to stay open as he was dragged into the world of resting. He looked back at me groggily over his shoulder before asking me "Aren't you tired?"

"I'm alright, you just get some rest." I replied as I sat down on a chair next to his bed.

He nodded in agreement since he was most likely too tired to argue (Again, bless him). As his breathing became heavier, my hand found its way into his recently washed hair, which was still slightly damp as I'm guessing he let it dry naturally, and patted it slowly. Whatever he used on his hair smelt nice, I'm pretty sure it was some kind of tea tree fragrance. He seemed to relax more as I patted his head; his breathing becoming even heavier until eventually he was fast asleep. I loved how his chest rose and fell ever so slowly with each breath; how his facial features were so relaxed; he looked so peaceful despite all that's happened to him, and I probably don't even know the half of it. To be honest, I always think that he deserves this peacefulness. It reminded me of another meaning of 'Allen': 'harmony', I thought that was quiet ironic since he was a pianist, but my point focuses more on the other meanings of harmony; how he was always in tune with others (yes that did include Kanda) at the Black Order, and other places where he's been. It just shows how perfect his name is for him.

By thinking about all this, I began to feel sleepy…I felt the grasp of sleep pulling me into its world…..slowly…my legs felt like there weren't there….then my arms lost their feeling…..my hand was the only thing that hadn't become numb as it was still on Allen's warm head…..the last thing I saw was that white hair of his…..and his slender body rising and falling…then, my eyelids couldn't stay open any longer and it all went dark….

It was a comfortable darkness. I've always wonder why some people fear it when there is nothing scary at all. Or maybe, it's 'cause they fear what could be there because they can't see anything. Personally, I love it, there's nothing to see:

No blood,

No war,

None of the fatal mistakes that mankind has made which I've been forced to bare witness to repeated over and over throughout history as my life as a Bookman.

However, that also means there's no one to see either,

No precious people.

To me, that would be my friends, the people I've met at the Black Order, the Old Panda,

And that one special person of mine called Allen Walker.

You can't even see yourself; you can only hear your own breathing and feel through your nerves to prove that you're there.

Other than that there's nothing else to indicate that you're alive or existing there.


Wait, I know that voice.

"-avi" Slowly, my only remaining eye's lid heaved itself open, like a bridge that is opened at its halfway point to let boats through without destroying it..

Is that….Allen?

"Lavi!" My eye instantly shot open. I was face-to-face with whom I thought it was.

"Whoa!" I looked around dumbfounded. Then I remembered the events from much earlier this morning: I couldn't sleep, so I went round to Allen's house, and it turned into an eventful morning. When I looked forward again, I realized how close our faces were, which was too close for Allen as his face was literally tomato-coloured. "Oh, hi there Allen." I said awkwardly.

He moved back slightly to give me room to get up. "You fell asleep."

"Sorry 'bout that." His first response was his perfect smile.

"It's alright; you looked half-asleep when you got here. I'm not surprised that you did."

"What time is it?" I asked, unable to see the clock on the other side of the room since my sight was blurred slightly from the sleeps in my eye.

"Just gone half 7. I was just about to go make breakfast so I thought I better wake you up."

"Thanks for doing so." I replied, rubbing my eye.

He led me downstairs where I saw Allen that had already left his stuff for 6th Form there.

How long has he been up for?

Allen was preparing breakfast and started humming something. I saw that he had got out eggs and bread, looks like we're having eggs on toast for breakfast and that triggered my memory of the title of the song he was humming. (Sorry, this idea wouldn't leave my mind, just a warning in advance)

Knowing the lyrics to the first line; "How do you like your eggs in the morning?" (This ironically was the song's name) I sung back the reply.

"I like mine with a kiss." He seemed to catch on so he started singing with me.

"Boiled or Fried?" I'm surprised he could sing like Helen O'Connell

"I'm satisfied, as long as I get my kiss." He gave me a peck on my cheek with perfect timing. We both imagined the music in the background as the next verse started.

"How do you like your toast in the morning?" Just as he sung it, he had put the toast in.

"I like mine with a hug." I sang as I hugged him from behind.

"Dark or Light?" I could tell he was having as much fun as I was singing this.

"The world's alright, as long as I get my hug." I almost forgot the next part which started instantly. "I've got to have my love in the morning."

"Or the rest of my day is positively mayhem" He made a gesture timing the cue before my next line started.

"I'm a regular monster." For no adequately explained reason, I love that line in the song.

"How do you like your eggs in the morning?"

"I like mine with a kiss."

"Up or down?"

"I'll never frown. Eggs can be almost bliss." Then, we both sung together.

"Just as long as I get my kiss." After an imaginary instrumental which I hummed, I started the next verse.

We were both musical people, you could just tell that from how we smiled when we were singing. We hadn't been singing too loud so Cross wouldn't get mad at us again, which is always a good thing. We sung just above a whisper, which made the song seem like it surrounded us and our voices wouldn't let anyone else into the atmosphere we created in our little world of song.

"Well," I said when the song concluded. "That was a fun way to start the day."

"It was indeed." He replied, tending to breakfast. We were again greeted by our little friend called silence.

I've noticed a lot that we always have this problem with what to say next, there's always some awkward moment when we're stuck to find something to keep the conversation going. Well, it's not like I ever thought of Allen as a professional conversationalist or anything, but it sometimes seems like we don't have that much in common, or we just haven't found those things that we do yet.

"Lavi?" I snapped out of my mini mind babble as I heard my name being called.

"Wha- yeah?" When I looked back at him I received a look from him which seemed curious with a hint of worry.

There was a pause before he answered. "Nothing really. You looked like you just spaced out. You alright?"

"I'm alright, just a bit tired."

"Well, if you're sure. Anyway, breakfast's done." And how delicious it smelt. My mouth was watering as my nose detected the cooked scent, causing my saliva glands to moisten my mouth out of innate reactions.

"Thanks." I managed to sneak a quick glance at the clock before we started eating. "We'd better be quick, 'cause we'll be late if I don't grab my things."

His eyes followed the direction of my gaze, and his eyes widened slightly as he only noticed the time there and then. He looked back at me. "Better hurry then."

I nodded and dug into breakfast. It felt unusual since I was usually make breakfast myself and I had forgotten the gratefulness one felt when someone else made breakfast for you. As soon as my tongue tasted the food my instant thought was wow. It's friggin' delicious. Who would've known Allen was quite the chef. Well, I guess he'd have to be with that huge appetite of his. Allen rapidly finished his way before I had even got halfway through, which was oddly timed with my thoughts. I hastened to eat mine to not keep him waiting as he went to grab his things. As soon as I finished I quickly washed my plate and found Allen next to the door, standing patiently for me.

"Sorry, I don't eat as fast as you do."

"I wouldn't have expected you to." He gestured to the door. "Shall we go then?"

"'Kay. First stop, my house." He nodded in agreement and we both quickly set off to my place.

Once again, I am so glad that my house isn't too far away from Allen's, otherwise, I have no idea how we could of made it to college on time that day.

We ran as if we were chased by Akuma** (yeah, that got us moving real fast). Allen was annoyed that I could run faster than him in which I taunted him back about his shortness. That made him even angrier and he started chasing after me thank goodness I'm tall. Panting, we managed to drag ourselves into the building before having to lean against a wall for support.

"I'm…..not…..short." Allen took a big breath between each word.

"You're….shorter than me." I breathed back.

"You're…..just older…you've…..had more time…to grow….."

"I'm not…that older….than you."

"This argument isn't…..getting anywhere…"

"Let's just…. get to class." I suggested as we both got our breath back.

We then focused on what our first lesson was. As always on a Wednesday (This semester started on a Tuesday), our first lesson was History.

Now, I don't know if anyone of you knew this but since I'm a Bookman I'm talented in History. I almost skipped to my lesson with my head held high but I was exhausted from earlier so that was out of the question. On our way there we were greeted by someone from this so-called group called 'Noah': Road Kamelot. As soon as she saw us she leapt towards Allen, as usual.

"Allen ~~" She sounded like a proper fan girl. Before I could react she already had her arms around his neck.

"R-Road?" Allen stuttered. Road made some random noise which I think could be classed as a squee. Then I saw what she was about to do and intervened immediately.

"We're having none of that!"

"Awwwww" Road whined like some character from My Little Pony and that's not something I can stand. "Why not?"

"Because-"I had to stop myself from revealing what I wanted to keep secret. I had to improvise quickly. "Allen doesn't like that. Can't you see he's clearly not interested?"

"Huh? What are you on abo-"

"He's right." My little moyashi said bluntly. I must admit that Allen has the best 'I'm-not-interested-in-you-so-you-can-get-off-me-now' face ever; it looked kind of manga-ish if I had a way to describe it. Well, it's not like we're actually characters from a Manga or something because that would be really ironic right now. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud so I wouldn't lose the little breath I had and collapse on the floor.

She sighed. "Fine, I'll just try another day then." Will she ever give up? I don't want to get my hopes up. "Bye Allen!" She shouted back as she bounded away.

"She is one strange girl." I said."

"She's not strange she's just…different." He's too nice sometimes.

"I still stand by my claim about Road." He shrugged it off and continued to our History class with myself trailing behind him.

Speaking of Road, I haven't seen her in a while; she has always been distant from our little group. Road tends to hang around with Jasdero and Devit, otherwise known as 'Jasdevi'. They're all about my age, 18, and, thank goodness, they're in different classes to Allen since they tend to pick on him sometimes by always asking him about how he got his scar and white hair even though it's perfectly obvious that he doesn't want to tell them; heck, even I still don't know, so it must be personal to him, but I'm not planning on prodding on about it to him like they are, he'll tell me when he wants to. Also, for some reason, I sense they're something dark about them, kind of like a messed-up Alice in Wonderland sort of feeling that's full of madness. However, they've never seemed to live up to that feeling so I would always shrug it off and leave it. Road apparently has an adoptive uncle who she currently lives with, whom I've known for quite a while now, called Tyyki Mikk (I must admit, that's a damn cool name). How I know him? Road once dragged (kidnapped) me to her house for her 16th birthday party and what a strange day it was. The reason: she couldn't find Allen so she dragged (kidnapped) me instead. Well, I've seen stranger things happen. Sometimes I get a really funny feeling about that stare of Tyyki's, it kind of creeps me out for some reason which I still haven't figured out yet.

"Hey, Allen~"

"Hmm?" I might get a kick from this but I just had to ask.

"This might be random but how is me seeing you exposed in the shower different from when we have-" I was cut off from a hard elbow to my stomach. Ouch, that's gonna leave a nasty bruise.

"They're different things." How does he keep a straight face even when he nearly winded me?

"I…see…" I rubbed my torso which had been struck by the unexpectedly very strong moyashi. Speaking of him, I'm glad that we've finally managed to come to an understanding at trying to make the situation with the whole Romeo and Juliet play less awkward. We could walk with our heads high and forget about all the worries we had previously which resulted in a sleepless, nightmarish night.

I always hate the fact that as soon as we fix things between each other, someone else decides to severe those as we found out later that day.

Translation (sorry if it isn't accurately translated for those people who actually know Japanese) *Kanda, sorewo yameru! – Kanda, stop it!

** Okay, I know this is very random (can you expect any different from me?) but has anyone ever watched the English dub for -man? It irritates me every time they say "Akuma" because then I always say: "IT'S AA-KU-MAA, NOT A-KUU-MA!" and then go into a rage. :/

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