Chapter 13

The Doctor walked out seeing Martin, and Frasier still there. He walked over to Martin.

"Martin go home he is resting comfortably, there is nothing you can do for him right now. He will be here for a while maybe 2 weeks, you sitting here is only making it harder on yourself"

"I hate being so far away from him what if something should go wrong, I want to be with him to tell him how much I love him"

"He knows that Martin, I think the only reason he is still alive is he is fighting his way back to you. He knows you love him, and he obviously loves you, but you getting sick will not make things better he needs you to be strong for him when he gets home"

"OK I get it you don't want me sitting here in your office"

"I don't want you sitting here worrying, I'm taking the best care of him, and I will call you if anything happens you need to know about. You can call anytime to check up on him, I just want you to take care of yourself Martin"

"OK I will go home"

Martin got up putting his coat on, Frasier was glad the Doctor talked some sense into him. He was not listening to him, and Frasier was worried about his Dad. They left, and were driving home when Martin turned to Frasier.

"Frasier what you have done for me this week has been pretty amazing. I'm sorry for treating you so badly, but I was so worried about Eddie, the thought of losing him was so scary to me"

"I know how much Eddie means to you Dad, but remember you have your Family too, and we all love you so much"

"I know"

Frasier smiled as they drove up to the apartment he parked, they walked over to the elevators, and went up to their floor. They were walking down the hall when Martin whispered.

"Oh do you smell that Frasier that smells like Daphne's Pizza"

"It does, but I doubt it is she didn't say she was coming over"

Martin smiled as Fraser unlocked the door, and David came running over right into Martin's arms.

"Grandpa your home"

"Wow did you skip school"?

"No Mom, and Dad picked me up , Mom is making pizza your favourite"

"I can smell it, I'm so hungry, I haven't eaten all day"

"How is Eddie Grandpa is he coming home soon"?

"Not for a while but he is getting stronger, but he will be home soon"

"Great I was so worried, and I was real worried about you too"

"I'm sorry David, but thank you for thinking about me, and Eddie"

"Do I get a hug young man"?

"Oh I'm sorry Uncle Frasier, I was just excited to see Grandma of course' David hugged his Uncle Frasier as Daphne walked out of the kitchen.

"You both are home, I was getting worried"

Frasier smiled, "We stayed with Eddie but he is resting, he is getting stronger, but your Pizza smells amazing"

"It does doesn't it". Daphne walked over giving Martin a kiss on the cheek, and helped him take his jacket off. Martin was happy to have all his family with him, he just wished Eddie was here too. He loved Family, and he got over excited seeing everyone especially David.

Niles walked out of the kitchen carrying the pizza putting it on the table. Martin walked over, and sat down as David sat beside him. Niles was serving the pizza as Daphne was pouring some cola for them to drink. Frasier sat down, and was so happy Daphne, Niles, and David were here, he could see his Father was coming around, and seeing him smile again made him smile. They all ate, and talked, and David was telling him stories about school, and Martin listened, and for a moment everything seemed perfect again, the only thing missing was little Eddie laying behind them waiting for them to finish dinner, and waiting for David to hand him some of the crust from his pizza. Martin knew that would happen again, Eddie was going to make it, and he would be home with them very soon, he just knew it, and he thanked God for hearing his prayers.