HEROES Rebirth from the Ashes
Chapter one

Claire Bennett climbed to the top of the 3 story tall carnival Farris Wheel. The people below, both carnival staff and patrons; crowded around to see what she was attempting to do. Was she going to perform a carnival acrobatic stunt, or was she a private citizen attempting suicide? Claire Bennett gathered herself together as she stood tall at the top of the amusement park ride. She looked around slowly. The crowd looked so small far below her feet. She made eye contact with her father, as he looked up with a pained expression of betrayal. He was going to ground her forever after this, everything he had sacrificed these last few years she was just tossing away. He loved her so much; he was going to going to kill her. She was rash, young, she was impulsive and she didn't care. She had been hunted like an animal; caged like a criminal; and experimented on like a lab rat. All she wanted was to be normal; to have a normal life; to meet a great man and know true love. She wanted to grow old, have children, and with her abilities it was all ripped away. Well if she could not be normal, then she was done trying.

Her uncle, Peter Petrelli watched with a stoic expression. He could not save Claire from her choice. She was going to change everything. If she jumped she would expose them all. She would change the course of the future and bring to the world's eye the knowledge of the freaks that live among them. The world would not see them as a progression of the human species; they would see them all as marvels and carnival freaks. Freaks to be captured and cut open; to learn how we all tick. His mother went through that in the early 1960's and promised she would never be a captive by the government again. Everything was about to change.

Hiro and Matthew Parkman stood by her father talking rapidly, arms raised and pointing her way. She was too far away to hear them. She better finish this before they decided to stop her, she thought. She paused so that the reporters below and their television camera crews could get her in proper focus. She looked up into the night sky briefly as Helicopters hovered above shining flood lights on the carnival grounds and her. One flood light's brilliant light lit up her figure from behind, giving her a halo effect with the light catching the dust in the air surrounding her small frame. She could hear one child's voice break the silence of the crowd and proclaim, "Look, an Angel!"

Claire searched among the hundreds, maybe even thousands of faces watching her now. She wanted one person to see, he was not there. Where was he? Claire craned her neck one way and the other looking for him; when Sylar Grey stepped out from amongst the crowd and into an open space. Their eyes met for just a moment as he smiled with wicked pleasure. She shuddered for just a moment at his smile of evil pleasure, not sure of its meaning, and then she stretched out her arms and jumped.

She fell through the air as women and children screamed, Camera's flashed, and men shouted out in surprise. She hit the ground with a thud, a broken and bloody mess. Some spectators fainted, while others turned away in fear, as the body of such a young and beautiful girl lay mangled in the dirt. The crowd was completely silent and everyone held their collective breath. What had just happened? What had they just witnessed? Then slowly, the broken form before them began to move. Claire pulled her arms underneath herself and lifted her body to its knees; she slowly stood to her feet, as she reached over with her left hand and pulled on her right arm back into place, with a jerk and a snap. As the crowd stood silently staring at the miracle before them, she turned and looked directly into the nearest media camera and said, "I am Claire Bennett, and that was suicide number 17, I can not die."

The crowd erupted in noise as children began to cry, spectators turned to each other in amazement and wonder, and reporters shouted out questions, shoving microphones into the young girls face, each wanting to get the exclusive interview with this incredible girl. Camera crews yelled out to each other "Did you get that? Did you get that on film? Something is wrong with my link to the studio. Please tell me you got that on film!" Camera men all around checked their equipment, each camera was down and the data files wiped. They shouting back and forth over the noise of the helicopters, and crowd "Something is wrong, all our equipment is not working!"

The dust on the ground began to swirl, as the wind from the helicopters above began to build. The noise and wind became unbearable, as the crowd began to cover their faces and everyone looked up into the night sky.