HEROES Rebirth from the Ashes
Chapter twenty-eight


Claire Bennet rushed through the complex corridors as the alarm rang in her ears and the strobing red emergency lights flashed across her vision. They knew she had escaped. She had to move fast, but not be noticed by the many guards rushing past her through the hallways. Her disguise made her blend into the background as the soldiers ran to their stations, looking for the small woman they just had run past. She smiled to herself thinking she might actually get away. When a group of soldiers called out for her to stop; from behind her in the hallway. She bolted! She ran as fast as she could down the hallway as bullets flew past her and hit the walls just inches from her head. She sprinted at full speed as her small white hat lost its hold on her head and hit the floor. Her hair strung out behind her as she raced through the passageway. Bullets tore into her flesh as she ran. She looked over her shoulder while a new soldier turned a corner directly in her path, forcing her to plow right in to his very large chest. The impact sent her small body sprawling straight to the floor. She landed on her rear-end and slid back a few feet to gather her legs underneath her as the other men crowded behind her and one grabbed her around the shoulders.

The lead Soldier watched with satisfaction as the three smaller soldiers lifted the woman off the floor and attempted to subdue her. With reflexes that surprised even Claire, she twisted out of the their grasp and dropped to the floor in the full splits. Her cheer-leading skills became her advantage. From her floor perspective she thrust her fist under the soldiers protective armor and with all her strength connected against the man's groin. The two other smaller soldiers grabbed for their weapons as Claire lifted the wounded man's machine gun and opened fire.

Claire emptied her weapon into the remaining soldiers and stood to face the big man blocking her way. She tilted her face forward. Her blond hair hung in sweaty locks over her young face. She glared through her cold eyes at the man before her, "If you want to live, get out of my way!" She growled. The man did not move and only laughed a deep gruff laugh of contempt. With a roar she launched her self at the man, her fingers ready to dig. Her arms ready to clamp down. Her teeth bared to bite. When a single hand swung in her peripheral vision and knocked her back to the floor with such force it made every bone in her body groan. The soldier grinned and held out his hand to help her back up to her feet, looking into her eyes and face. She was nervous, she was frightened, but determined not to get caught. She smiled as he changed his mind and reach for his weapon instead. "Time to play" Claire said out load as she placed her hands on the tiles floor and kicked her feet high and over her head. Her foot shot out like lighting at the big mans jaw and made contact, with a load smack. The Man fell backwards stunned by the blow and crashed into two other men, just then rushing in to help capture the prisoner.

Claire Bennet flipped back on to her feet, and swung her fist into the nose of the nearest soldier, blood exploded all over the man's face as he hit the wall. She used her toes and scooped up a machine gun dropped by one of the soldiers, and opened fire once more. Soldiers dove for cover as she emptied her clip. Blood covered the walls and floor, and she could hear moans of pain. Claire gathered herself and ran around the corner. But something caught her foot before she could get away.

With sudden power she was pulled backwards through the air, and smashed against the wall. The plaster cracked as she sunk to the floor, catching her breath. The first soldier, the big man rose to his feet in front of her. He grabbed her by the clothing and proceeded to smash her small body against the wall once more; plaster and concrete showered the floor and and ceiling; again and again he slammed her face into the wall as he roared in anger. Claire dug her fingers into the man's hand that held her neck, but the man would not let her go. He wrapped his large arms around her body and began to squeeze. She felt her ribs break as he bent over and put all his weight into a crushing embrace. Then he threw her to the floor, lifted his immense booted foot and stomped down on her face and neck.

Claire was broken and bloody, but not out of the game. The soldiers were dead except this one, if she could concentrate. She closed her eyes as the man continued to stomp on her body. She could feel bones break; she could feel internal organs burst. But she focused. The man reached down and grabbed her hair. He lifted her off the floor with one arm, and held her high as he drew back his fist for a final blow that would end it all.

Claire opened her eyes as the fist swung, her pulse raced, her body became incredible hot, every muscle in her body retracted. "No, you don't" Claire muttered, as the man's fist hit her face and every bone in his hand shattered. The soldier dropped Claire, with his other hand, like she was hot iron and grabbed his broken hand. "My turn!" Claire yelled out as she focused her mind on her right hand. She swung her hand open wide against the man's face and sent the man to the floor; her hand impacting the man like solid steel. She doubled up her fist and pounded the man in the side of his head, and felt something crush under her blow. The soldier fell to the floor dead.

"Impressive, young lady, "a voice said behind her. Claire turned and faced Hitler. He was young, powerful; his face and skin tone and ageless. Claire scooped up a new machine gun and fired. Hitler moved with amazing speed. He twisted and ran faster than she could aim, and then his fist hit her stomach and she flew through the air, down the hall. She crashed against a barred window and slumped to the floor. The wall cracked around the window from the impact. Hitler charged after her, pushing up the sleeves of his shirt over his arms.

Claire was dizzy, broken and hurt, she needed to escape.

Hitler rushed at her with his fist cocked and ready for a massive deadly blow. Claire waited, she was not afraid of his strength. He was just a normal man. There could not have been time to complete the process, right?. She breathed slowly as in her mind time seemed to elongate. Could they have finished the process? Could what the doctor had proclaimed come true? At the last second she dodged to her left and out of his angle of attack. Claire rolled onto the stone floor as Hitlers fist exploded through the native stone outer wall of the building. The window bars broke free of the bolts as the outer wall crumbled over her legs and body. With new fear in her heart Claire pulled herself free from the rubble as Hitler lifted a giant section of the wall over his head. The stone section must have weighed several hundreds of pounds, but he lifted it like it was nothing. "Now little lady, you will come with me! You are my prize. You have made me a god and you must stay to witness my world wide conquest!" Hitler bellowed as he threw the massive stone section at her to crush her against the wall.

Claire grabbed at the bars in the window off the floor and threw the metal frame at Hitler, as she rolled away from the wall. The massive stone smashed against the native stone wall and broke away another section of the wall. She could see rain and wind whip in through the broken wall. Just then the hallway lit up with a lightening strike and thunder shook the floor. A storm was rolling in! She needed to get away. She looked over her shoulder and out the opening in the stone wall. She was more then two hundred feet above the rocks of the island shore. Hitler batted away the bars like it was a fly and reached out to grab the small woman. He would have his prize, nothing would stand in his way! Claire took a short breath and threw herself through the opening at to the rocks below. "No!" Hitler yelled as he rushed the last few feet to the window, as more soldiers finally rounded the corner coming to attention at the sight of their leader.

"Hail Hitler!"

Hitler watched as Claire lay still for only a moment as her body was broken over the rocks then she sat up and struggled to her feet, she had fallen over 200 feet to the jagged rocks of the shore below, but she had lived. She stood to her feet, swaying a little and looked back up the way she had fallen. She covered her eyes with one hand to look back up at the window, high above through the driving rain and flashing lightening. She waved one hand back at Hitler and ran amongst the rocks to her temporary freedom. Hitler was furious. He grabbed the nearest soldier by the collar, and with a heave, tossed him through the hole in the wall head first. "Go get that girl!" he yelled as he glared at his men. His men paused, would he throw them out the window next?

"NOW!" Hitler bellowed as his men turned on their heals and ran for their lives after the miracle girl.


Adolph Hitler stormed through the compounds hallways. His men ran in terror as his feet impacted the stone tiles and sent fear through their hearts. "Get that Girl!" He commanded in his fury. That little girl had escaped again! He needed her to be contained. He was down to the last resources available to him, His massive wealth had been greatly depleted. He had waged his entire fortune on this campaign to capture this girl. He had planned, prepared, and invested for the last sixty-six years. He had murdered, manipulated, swindled, and corrupted hundreds around the globe to get what he wanted. He could not loose, it was not an option. If she escaped the island, his remaining personnel would loose faith in his ability to lead and command. He would be broken. His vast wealth expended. He would have to spend years rebuilding to have an opportunity to strike again. His options were limited. This little girl was loose on the island, and men were dead because of her, already. He found himself at the infirmary. The alarms blared, the sirens wailed. The emergency lights flashed.

He stepped into the infirmary and lifted the receiver off the wall. "Attention all personnel! This is your master speaking. The girl has escaped! She is on the island. I want every soul out the doors looking for that girl. I want her in my presence within the hour, or I will kill the men that fail me!" He slammed the receiver down onto its cradle hanging on the wall and turned back to the room.

Hitler recognized his personal doctor was now in Medical ward looking over a wounded soldier with a broken arm, bodies laid in the corner of the room covered in tarps. A single Nurse stood beside the doctor as he attended to the injured man. Hitler caught the soldiers eyes as the man looked up. His arm was gruesomely broken with bone sticking through the skin, that the doctor and nurse were attending too. "What is your name son? Hitler asked with a smooth voice that deceived into trustworthiness. "Private Stevens, at your service sir!" the young man blurted out as he jumped to his feet. "Hail Hitler!"

Hitler reached out and with a hand like a vise and clamped down on the broken arm of the young man, "I am your lord and master. You very life is to serve me! There is a task I desire of you to do. Find me that girl bring her back to me alive." He growled into the man's face. "If you fail me I kill you a slow and painful death. I will break every bone in your small and fragile body. I will rip open your chest and pull out your heart. I will crush your skull between my hands as you give your last breath." The soldier gulped visibly as he broke out in a cold sweat. "Do you understand me soldier?" He asked in a voice soft and gentle. The soldier nodded his head in fear, "Then go find me that Girl!" He roared as the young soldier cupped his wounded arm and raced out the door.

Hitler looked around and settled his eyes on the doctor and nurse before him, "Doctor! now that you are no longer busy; I require your assistance." Hitler demanded as he moved over next to the bed underneath the only window in the ward. He still had one option left: his greatest warrior, his closest friend, for more than twenty years. "Hail Hitler!" the doctor saluted as he rushed to Hitler's side. "I need this man up and fighting now. Give him a dose of the serum." Hitler commanded. With the serum he would be greater than Samson, more that Hercules. He would be a one man army. "Your excellence," the doctor pleaded, "there is only one dose left of the serum. To make more we will need the girl back. Once that is gone we will no longer have any serum for you to use if we do not catch the girl."

Hitler rubbed his chin with his now power hands, in thought. "What else do you have?" The doctor looked into his supplies, and lifted a medicine bottle in triumph. "Ahaa! I thought I still had some left." The doctor lifted the bottle towards Hitler. "This is a vial of adrenaline. This will boost his system, and wake him up. It may take a few minutes to work, but he will be on his feet in less than 30 minutes." Hitler nodded, and stormed out of the medical ward, "Do it, and send him to me as soon as he is on his feet, tell him is Master commands it."

The doctor, prepared the man's arm, and inserted the needle, "OK Captain Mitchell it's time to rise and shine."


Captain Jack Gorden of the SS Calvary stood on the deck of the trawler off the coast of Maine. It was a bitterly cold morning and he could feel it deep in his bones, the rain beat down upon the 50 foot crab boat as his men rushed to secure the gear and baton down the hatches. The wind whipped about his face and the rain plastered his hair and unkept beard against his flesh. It had been a long night of fighting the sixty foot swells and the driving pellets of rain that seemed to burn with bitter cold when they hit exposed skin. The weather reporter warned of more the same; forcing him to summon his first mate to the bridge to direct the crew that they would have to wait it out below deck.

The window behind him was open so he could hear the radio reports that flowed over the wireless. He breathed deep as he could also smell the aroma from down in the galley. At least that lazy boy, Rupert was good for something more than complaining. He had only come aboard at the last port, just three days back. He was late to the deck every morning. He smelled of shaving cologne and peppermint. And he failed so far at every task they tried him at. But...he took another deep breath, he could cook. Was that Bacon?

The rain and waves crashed down on the ship. His men struggled across the deck. Captain Gorden lifted his field glasses to his eyes and scoped the horizon. Visibility was down to only a few hundred feet. But something was heading towards them through the rain, very fast. It was a small blur in the rain, like a rocket that cut through the rain like a knife. He focused his glasses but it was too fast, and was only a shimmering ghost through the rain. It passed over them moving faster than he had ever seen something move before. He dropped his glasses as he grabbed the micro phone. "Hold on!" He bellowed as a wave crashed over them with a blast of air that tossed the trawler about like a tug boat toy and shook his very soul with the fear of God, while he made a mental promise to be sitting in the front pew next Sunday.


Claire Bennet squatted behind a large boulder amongst a small crowd of trees only a few feet from the ocean and sands that surrounded the small island. She rested in the shadows of the small grove of trees to catch her breath and let her body heal. It had been only a few minutes since she had thrown herself out of the window. She had quickly left the sands of the shore not wanting to leave foot prints that the soldiers could follow. The rain pounded upon her from all sides, but she ignored the rain. She needed to find a way off the island. She needed to find someway to reach out to her family. Was Peter alive? Was her father looking for her? Would they save her or would she need to save her self? "Dear God. I know I don't talk to you like I should. I know I was a holy terror in Sunday school. But if there was anytime in my life that I can use your help, it's now. I need you to save me!" she cried to to the darkness around her.

She had heard over the compounds public announcement system loud speakers for all guards and personnel to drop what they were doing and to search the island for the escapee. She had watched a few moments after that from the cover of the tree a Helicopter lift off into the air, searching for her. She needed to evade any patrols until she could sneak back into the compound and try to find someway to contact her people and then plan her escape. The thunder and lightening of the storm helped her and covered her escape, but it would not last long and soon she would be exposed like a lizard sunning itself on a large rock.

It was cold. She needed a weapon before she could sneak back into the compound, and then find some means to contact her father; only then could she get off the island. She had thought of swimming, but then shuddered to herself, thinking back to when she was "dead" on the bottom of the sea when Gabriel and Tracy saved her. She did not know how far the island was from the mainland. She didn't even know where on the planet she was, and where the island was in relation to any mainland. No, she had to be thoughtful and careful. She had to remain free until either help arrived or she could fashion an escape.

A crack of thunder caught her attention as the sky lit up with a flash of lightening. She peered through the trees and could see a patrol of five soldiers with dogs working their way through the trees. She hadn't considered dogs. A dog's nose being far keener than humans will catch her sent and she would be in trouble. Just as she caught sight of them, one of the dogs head came up and it began to bark in her direction. It had caught her sent. The Soldiers released the hounds and they bolted straight for her position. The men ran after the animals, calling out to another patrol a few hundred feet behind them. Claire took a quick breath and ran with all her heart.


Captain Leslie Mitchell opened his eyes with a start, where was he? He took a fast gasp of breath as he heard alarms blaring through the room. He carefully looked around; he was in a medical ward. A Doctor and nurse moved from one bed to the other as wounded and dead soldiers were brought in and laid on available beds, or piled in the corner under a heavy tarp. They were under attack, soldiers were dieing. He had to get to the furher! He tried to sit up in the bed. The blankets fell from his shoulders as the muscles in his back flexed with power. The shoulders rippled with strength as he swung his feet to the floor.

His head spun as dizziness hit him hard. He grabbed the bed frame to steady himself and knocked a bed pan to the floor. The loud noise made the Doctor and nurse look up and around. Captain Mitchell nodded at the Doctor and the Doctor nodded back. He had his orders, the master commands that he find the girl. That small girl was free somewhere on the island. Men were hunting her, like an animal. He needed to do something. He needed to get out this bed.

Captain Mitchell stood to his feet on the cold floor, as the blankets from the bed fell away from his body. His nude body radiated power as every muscle was sculpted and cultivated into the perfection of man. He was larger than any man Hitler had ever known. His shoulders spanned wider than two normal men. His hands and arms bulged with power. His body hurt all over, but his feet and legs were strong, his whole body seemed to be drained of energy But that had never stopped him before. "Where are my clothes?" he demanded of the nurse.


"Command, this is wing escort Alpha, I have a bogey on my screen and its closing fast!" The pilot spoke into his comm system. He flashed his runner lights in warning to the cargo plan he was escorting for them to be on alert.

"Commander Davidson, this is central command. Please confirm your reading, we have nothing on our systems. Take evasive maneuvers and protect that cargo at all costs. Command out!"

"All right boys you heard the orders, Beta black and Delta orange circle about and move for interception."

"Commander, this is Delta orange, roger that. We are breaking formation. The bogey is now less than a mile and closing fast."

"This is escort Alpha, cargo plane prepare to drop to 15,000 feet and hold. We have an unidentified object closing in at more than mach 4!"

"Commander, I have a visual on my starboard at three o'clock, banking and in pursuit."

"Roger that Beta Black, what is your evaluation? Is it one of ours or a hostel?"

"Commander I am in pursuit of the bogey about 3 clicks from your current position. The bogey is small, no reflective coating, no heat generation. The rain is too heavy to see with the naked eye. I can see the rain blur against the object."

"Roger that Beta Black, Delta orange what is your 20" Commander Davidson asked into his comm system.

"Commander I am dropping out of the high clouds now, I am right on top of the guy. Sir it is a man. No plane, no motor, no way this is possible."

"Delta orange go weapons hot, if this "man" crosses our air space and compromises this mission. You have orders to shoot him out of the sky."

"Aye commander. Commander we have been spotted, the bogey is increasing speed."

"Mach 4.5, now 5 sir!"

"Mach 5.5 sir firing afterburners we are at Mach 6.25 sir! My instruments are going haywire sir I can't keep this speed up for much longer!"

"Mach 6.5 sir, the bogey is pulling away!"

"Commander this is Beta Black, we are returning to formation, weapons cold. The bogey has just passed Mach 7 and still gaining speed."

"Central command we are once more in clear air space and continuing on our escort mission."

"Roger that Alpha, Central command out."


Claire dashed through the trees at the far end of the small island in a panic, she was only a few feet in front of a barking pack of dogs. The second patrol had also released their animals and had joined in the chase. She had run through a small stream, jumped across a narrow cavern, and climbed a boulder and jumped from rock to rock for more than a hundred yards before she dropped back to the ground, and they still followed. She was desperate.

Claire plowed through a grove of trees and saw a small cave opening. She dropped to her knees and dashed into the cave, smashing headfirst into a large wasp nest. The nest broke free from the wall of the cave and fell into her lap as she far into the darkness of the cave. Claire clamped down her open palm over the opening of the nest, and held her hand over it to keep the insects from escaping. She could feel dozens of wasp stinging and biting her hand. Her hand was on fire from the venom of the stingers, but she held still as the dogs sniffed around the cave opening. She rested her ear to the side of the nest and could hear millions of angry wasps desperate to get out of the nest and protect the hive and queen at all costs.

Outside of the cave Claire could hear the dogs begin to howl and bark, summoning their masters to their cornered prey. Claire began to shake the hive. "Get very angry little friends, very angry." Claire whispered to the wasps. The soldiers leashed their animals and gathered around the cave mouth. It was a small opening and they would have to come in on their knees. Claire waited, shaking the hive even harder. She could feel the bees trying to get past her hand. Claire struggled to her feet in the dark as she held the wasp nest in one arm. Her eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness and she could see a shelf in the rock wall just above the cave mouth. She scurried up the rock face and onto the shelf as the searchers cautiously entered the cave.

The Soldiers pushed the dogs into the darkness of the cave first, following after wards with guns ready. The cave was quite large on the inside with a small opening of only a few feet across. "Now," Claire whispered to the wasps and using her knee cracked open the hive like a massive egg and dropped the broken nest behind the soldiers between them and the mouth of the cave. Hundreds of Millions of angry wasp swarmed out of the nest forming a vengeful cloud as Claire dropped to the ground from the shelf and slid out the cave back into the pouring rain.

She ran away from the cave as men screamed out in pain. All sanity lost as the cloud of wasps expanded and stung everything in sight. She needed to get back to the compound. She needed to be within eye sight of the base, before the rain let up.


General Ezra Abramson sauntered into his 2nd floor pentagon office a few minutes before his scheduled start time for the day. It had been a long night at home as the Grand kids had been over late since his Son was on deployment in IRAQ and his daughter-in-law Louise had to take a turn on the swing shift at the local restaurant she waitressed at. He loved his twin Grand daughters, but they wore him out. Three hours of pretend tea parties and dolly dress-up was hare work. Thank God for his beautiful wife. She had saved him from the abyss of the next activity, makeup makeovers. He gave an involuntary shudder of his shoulders.

"Good Morning Private Hollander" He greeted his personal Assistant as he checked his messages in box, that occupied the front corner of the young woman's desk. "Any new development on project Angela? Any messages or communication?"

"None sir at this time, and Good morning to you sir!" the Private smiled back. "You have an executive meeting with the joint chiefs in 30 minutes and a luncheon budget review scheduled for 12 noon. You had a call from operations and acquisitions, to have an inspection tour of the new MR-93 in conference room 12a subbasement level 11 at 1400 hours this afternoon."

It had been more than a week and nothing from Angela, he was worried. He had Seal team bravo geared up and ready for the last 10 days just in case. "Thank you Private." he spoke as he opened his inner office door, "Private please have a dozen roses sent to my wife this morning. I would like the note to say...See you tonight."

"Special occasion General?" The Private asked as she noted his request on her to-do list.

"Hopefully it will be tonight!" He bantered back as he closed the office door and made his way to his desk.

Deep in thought he placed his briefcase on his large desk and sat down to look over the memo's placed on the center of his desk. He looked up as a soft voice cleared her throat. "Good Morning Ezra."

Angela Petrelli sat in the chair across from his desk. Her clothes were covered in dirt, grime, smoke, and blood. One leg was wrapped in a make shift cast. Her hair hung at odd angles around her face; but her posture and pose radiated aristocratic like always. Beside her stood Noah Bennet her company man, Molly Walker the visionary, Tracy Strauss the shape shifter, Hiro Nakamura the time controller, the young child whose name skipped his memory and two others he did not recognize. One of them being so large he was the size of three fully grown men. "We need your help." Angela pleaded as she rest her hands on his desk.

General Abramson reached over and placed one warm hand on his old friends, and patted her hand gently; with the other hand he activated the intercom. "Private Hollander, mobilize Seal team Bravo. I want to be on the air field in ten minutes. Cancel or reschedule all my meetings for today, I will be otherwise unavoidably detained."

"Yes General, understood."

"Private!" The General spoke up once more. "General?" The Private responded.

"Please change the words to my wife's card accordingly."


Claire Bennet squatted behind a small building on the outskirts of the compound watching the activity in the courtyard below her. It had taken her longer than expected to make her way back to the base. She was covered in mud from a detour she had to make, to escape detection from the Helicopter above. She passed two more patrols, as she had made her way back to the base. The Base was the best place to find a phone line or computer connection that she might make a call for help. The building she hid behind was one of four buildings that lined the area of the courtyard where they stored their unused equipment, like broken down jeeps and trucks for spare parts or repair. It looked like this area of the base was not frequented often. The rain had eased up and the lightening had stopped. The cloud cover was still too thick for her to know if it was morning, noon, or even night.

Claire saw a larger building of the opposite side of the courtyard that looked like a repair center, with large bay doors to pull in automobiles for service. That would be a likely place to find a phone or computer. Claire ducked low and ran for the building. Suddenly she could hear the Helicopter in the distance. She dove for the door of the repair shop and burst through it like a linebacker. She fell to the floor and slammed the door shut with her bare foot just as the Helicopter passed. "Yes!" Claire called out with a gasp.

Claire waited until she could no longer hear the aircraft far above before she got to her feet. She dusted herself off as she looked around the small room she found herself in. A computer that looked like if was older than Moses sat on a desk behind a counter. She tried to power the unit on, but it was dead. She found a phone sitting on the desk, but there was no dial tone. She looked around the room, and found nothing of use for her situation. She looked through a glass wall into the repair center garage area of the building and could see a phone hanging on the far wall. Claire, opened the door and dashed across the room and grabbed the handset off the wall, no dial tone either. Claire hung up the phone and ran for the door. It looked clear, so she ran out the door and across the compound yard. The rain beat down on her stronger than before. Claire stopped in her path as five guards stepped out from amongst the broken down trucks and vehicles to surrounds her.

"Hello Boys!" Claire smiled at the men and attacked. She swung her fist with all she had, her small hand sailing through the air making a whistling sound. She smashed into the first man closest to her; as their weapons opened fire. One man was shot by his comrades in the face through the crossfire. Claire leapt to the top of the small automobile and swung her foot into the jaw of another man. His head snapped backwards as he fell to the ground out cold. She grabbed the nearest mans weapon as he pulled the trigger against her stomach. Several bullets passed right through body her and into the chest of a soldier behind her.

She threw herself onto the man before her and wrapped her arms around his neck, his gun firing off a dozen rounds as she drove the man to the compound floor. The man hit the floor with the back of this head, his eyes blurred then closed. Claire then grabbed his gun and turned; firing off the entire clip at the last man. She got to her feet, exhausted. She needed to move. The weapons fire from the fight would draw attention.

Claire heard the command to open fire before she could react. Bullets hit her and tore through her from all directions. She fell to her knees on the stone ground of the courtyard. Hundreds of bullets ripped through her small body as she was wrenched back and forth. Blood exploded from her body in all directions, Claire screamed as the bullet onslaught engulfed her and tore into her flesh. "Save me!" she cried out choking on her own blood. Her eyes lifted to the sky as the thrumming of a helicopter bore down upon her. The weather created a sheet of water that bounced off the helicopter and something behind it. It was a blur of movement that flashed past the helicopter, past the men surrounding her. Faster than the speed of sound. Faster than her own breath. Then it hit the ground beside her.

The impact and explosion engulfed her in white flames. The ground blasted away in a rain of rock and debris, creating a crater dozens of feet wide. The ground shook and sent the soldiers surrounding her to their knees. Dirt and smoke filled the air and rained down upon the soldiers. The ground shook from impact as Hitler stepped to the crest of the crater, what was that? Hitler squinted as the smoke thinned and faded. He signaled the helicopter to come lower. The rotating blades blew away the smoke and revealed a sight he that brought fear too his very soul. The Girl was in the center of the crater. Her body broken and bloody. But a tall figure stood from kneeling beside her. The man turned to face him. His eyes glowed a pale white light as he looked right through his soul. Gabriel Gray spoke in a voice that made the very ground rumble as he braced himself for an attack, "Today you will die!"