Like Broken Glass

Chapter 1 of ?

Pairing: Buffy/Dean

Rating: T for now.

Summary: What if Sam had never been able to get Lucifer back into the cage? Two warriors find each other as the world falls apart, but an angel gives them the chance to go back and change it all.

Disclaimer: I own nothing; this is done for entertainment purposes only. Don't sue.

Timeline: Post Btvs/ Supernatural season 6 and later Btvs season 6 and Supernatural season 2.


It wasn't supposed to be this way.

When he was younger, hunting with his father, he never could have imagined his future being like this. Except where she was concerned. Yeah he definitely could have imagine being with her, fantasized about it even. But when his dad told him he might have to kill Sam one day, he never actually believed it. Not really. But everything was different now. Now it was either find a way to kill Sam… what used to be Sam, or watch the world be destroyed, taking him and the only thing on the planet he still cared about with it.

They'd had a plan before. Sam would trap Lucifer, lock him back in the cage. That plan backfired. Badly. They'd been stupid. Really stupid. They hadn't known what would happen once the Devil himself got his chosen vessel. If he'd known… he'd have killed Sam long before he ever said Yes. It wouldn't have made any difference, because Sam was dead either way. At least if Dean had been the one to take his life, he could have kept his soul. Instead Sam's soul had been incinerated during Lucifer's transference into his body. Now there was no Sam, not anymore. Not ever again.

Now the world was ending. The ultimate battle had been fought and Michael lost. Lucifer had all the power now, and unleashed hell on earth. Litterally. He'd popped the lock off every Devil's Gate and Hellmouth in existence, many of them no one had even known about. Dozens of portals to hell just left wide open. Every damn demon is existence now walked the earth, possessing and devouring humans left and right.

To sum it up, they were fucked.

It had been a month since Hell came to earth, 3 months since he met her. It's funny how life works. He met his soulmate in The fucking Apocalypse.

Apparently even pompous angels have back up plans. She was Michael's back up plan. Or maybe he was the backup plan. He wasn't quite sure. He hadn't known that Michael had another chosen vessel. Michael had jumped into Adam because he'd had no other choice. She'd said no too.

Buffy Summers, The Vampire Slayer, The Chosen One, had been a second Michael Sword, and just like Dean, she'd told the angels to stick it where the sun don't shine. That there was no way she was gonna let herself be some stuck up bastard's meatsuit. And just like Dean, she'd meant every word.

When things went sour with the Sam/Lucifer plan, she'd shown up, trying to stop him. That's how he met her, watching her try to lop the head off his baby brother's shell with a shiny red axe. She hadn't done a bad job of it totally would have worked if the bastard hadn't instantly healed. Then Lucifer had gone after her and Dean had tried to help, only succeeding in getting both their asses handed to them. Somehow they had managed to escape with their lives and had stuck together ever since.

It took him 2 months to realize he was in love with her. Fighting alongside her, hiding out with her, getting through every day with her, had ingrained her into his heart. But of course since he's still Dean Winchester, that means he still had the worst luck on planet earth, because the same day he'd confessed his feelings for her, the same day he'd found out she felt the same, was the day Lucifer decided to pop the cork on Hell. Every day since then had been a not stop fight for survival. He hadn't even gotten a chance to make love to her. Yeah, he really didn't like Lucifer.

Dean knew he'd never get that chance. He'd known it the second he'd heard the first hellhound outside their hideout. They'd been found and he knew in his heart that this was it.

The small steel shed was quaking and he knew they had only seconds before the salt lines fell away and the demons and hounds got in. His only hope was that he'd get to see her on the other side.

Dean reached out, grasping her wrist, pulling her flush against him. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, his lips lingering there for as long as he dared. "I love you, Buffy." He whispered.

He saw a tear slide down her cheek. "I love you too."

Dean pressed a kiss to her lips, before pulling away. "See you on the other side babe." Dean said, his trademark smirk back in place.

"Only we would meet our soulmate in The Apocalypse." Buffy said with a humorless laugh.

"Let's give em' hell."

Buffy's nod of agreement was the last thing he saw before the demons swarmed them.

They fought fiercely, a helluva team, tearing down demons left, right, and center. Then he heard her scream. Seconds later, everything went black.