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Angel flew above Jump City, enjoying the January weather. Plenty of snow, the air was crisp... and she could do a bunch of winter sports.

Landing next to the park (and scaring the crap out of an elderly couple), she untied her jacket from around her waist and zipped it up. She headed over to the ice rink and grabbed out of her bag a pair of light blue ice skates.

The park was mostly abandoned, mainly because it was Monday and it was two PM, so no one would pay too much attention to her golden eyes.

After tying her ice skates up, she glided onto the rink and began skating around. The cold air nipped at her cheeks and she giggled.

Then she heard a sound of a swishing cape and someone landed clumsily on the ice. She glanced over and saw her boyfriend, Kyd Wykkyd. "Kyd, what exactly are you doing?" She asked.

Kyd grabbed the side of the rink and said, "Trying to skate... I don't think its working." His ice skates were an older pair, and they were beat up severely. Angel giggled and skated over. "Need help?" She asked. Kyd shook his head no. "Elliot..." Angel trilled. Kyd finally sighed and said, "Fine."

Angel grabbed Kyd's hand and began skating. Kyd squeaked and clung to the wall like it was life support. "Elliot, you will not die if you let go of the wall." "Yes. Yes I will." Angel giggled. "I'll help you, Elliot, calm down."

Slowly, Kyd let go of the wall. "Just move your feet like you are walking or roller skating. It doesn't hurt too bad to fall." Kyd clung to his girlfriend and moved his feet slowly. "See, there you go."

At that exact moment, Kyd slipped and fell on his rear. He glared up at Angel, who was laughing. "Help me up." He said, glaring. Angel grabbed Kyd's hand and pulled him up, but slipped right into his arms. Angel blushed slightly. "Did... you do that on purpose?" She said.

Kyd nodded and hugged her close, kissing her forehead. "Maybe..." Then the both of them slipped and fell over again. "Woah!" Angel looked over at Kyd, and the two just burst out laughing.

And it was quite a fine winter day overall.

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