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The flames rose higher and higher as Percy watched in horror. Without a second thought he rushed into the building, intent on finding his mother and Paul. He ignored the shouts of the firemen and concerned citizens; he had only one thing in mind…protect his family. As he rushed into the building, he couldn't ignore the strange sensation that kept attacking his senses. The ominous feeling caused Percy to speed up, to hurry to his mother. When he opened the doors to their room, he let out a shout of horror.

There, on the ground was the motionless body of his mother and Paul. He resisted the urge to gag at the rancid stench of blood and burning furniture. With shaky legs, Percy crouched down and checked for a pulse. He felt his heart clench and blood leave his face when he felt the ice cold body of Paul; he didn't have to check further…Paul was dead. He turned his head towards his mother…he should have gone to her first but he knew she would be mad that she risked another's life for her sake. With shaky hands, he felt for a pulse on his mother and cried with relief when he felt the faint beating of the heart. It was faint and slow, but the fact that is was beating made his heart soar with relief.

As he reached down to carry her to safety, he felt her hands, her cold and almost lifeless hand touch his wrist as if to stop him

"Mom! We have to get you out of here…the building is going to collapse soon"

He made the mistake of looking into her eyes, and when he did, he knew her eyes would haunt him for the rest of his life…

Her eyes said everything…she wouldn't make, he was too late this time, she didn't blame him, she loves him, she is proud of him…all her love and pride for him was visible in her eyes, and it made it all the worse as he began to realize that her time was up…the Fates had deemed it time for her to cross into the Underworld

He swallowed the thickness in his throat as he let the tears fall freely

"I love you Mom"

She let out a small smile and gave his cheek one final stroke before the light dimmed in her eyes

Suddenly, the earth trembled under him and the building began to collapse

"I'm sorry…so sorry"

Percy ran out of the building, tears blurring his vision

The first blood in the new war has been shed…brace yourself hero, for I will cause much more pain and destruction

Percy halted in his steps as he heard the ancient and cruel voice of the Earth Goddess…the primordial mother of all, Gaea

"You'll regret this Gaea…you'll regret this"

Percy watched from the sidelines as his new half-brother was introduced to the rest of camp. He did find it slightly odd that his brother was the same age as him, but he wasn't going to complain. His mother had taught him to give everyone a fair chance and that family was everything. But that didn't mean that he couldn't think that his brother was somewhat of an arrogant jerk.

Because his brother, Mark-short for Marcus-had completed the twelve labors of Heracles, he became an instant star among the campers. He didn't mind fading to the background, in fact, he welcomed it because he wanted a break from the spotlight, but the fact that his friends, the people he fought alongside, the people who he almost died for, had ignored his very existence made his heart clench

It was only made worse as they began to believe the rumors Mark had spread about him…the rumor that he had been the one to kill Tyson. It hurt, but he kept himself in control…barely

He didn't mind that his cousins and best friend didn't spend that much time with him; it just hurt to see them wave him off without another glance. Thalia had ignored him in favor of being with the hunt and being with her 'sisters', Nico was busy with the Underworld, and Grover was reorganizing the Nature Spirits

His friends at the Roman Camp were busy with their own lives and needed time to reorganize their own camp; surprisingly, only Octavian remained in constant contact with him from the Roman Camp

As Percy watched from the cover of the shadows, he felt his heart clench, so painfully he wondered why he was still alive.

He saw his girlfriend, the girl he fought alongside, the girl he carried the sky for, the girl he fell in love with. He saw, the one person who could cause him this much pain…he saw her with her back against the tree, her legs wrapped around his waist…her mouth on his neck

Percy stepped back into the cover of the shadows, silent tears cascading down his face

He could her cheering, loud and joyful…and he wasn't part of it

The camp cheered as Mark held the cloak of the Nemean Lion he had supposedly defeated, its fur glinting gold in the sunlight

Percy watched as his father stepped up to Mark and clasped him on the shoulder, giving him a smile

"Congratulations, you, my son, are truly deserving of the title Son of the Sea god"

Mark gave a triumphant smile at the comment

Annabeth ran up to give him a kiss as the whole camp cheered, forgetting that Annabeth was already dating Percy

Poseidon laughed and gave a wolf whistle

"Now I can see that I will expect a lot of grandchildren from the two of you!"

Percy turned away angrily, it had taken him weeks to get his father to see that he truly loved Annabeth…but Mark had gotten approval in just a few minutes!

"Screw this shit…I can't take it anymore"

He turned away and left

Percy leaned his head onto the wall of the cabin as he watched the waves lap on the shore, their gentle and rhythmic sounds lulling him to sleep. He let his eyes draw close, listening to the lullaby of the ocean. The crash of the waves, the call of the albatross, and the voices of the ocean resounded in his very soul and Percy felt at peace. Though the peace was short lived as he saw a shadow appear in his vision

He could make out the bright and curly red hair, the piercing emerald eyes, and the freckles upon pale skin. He let a smile stretch across his lips


"I knew I'd find you here"

"You are the Oracle for a reason"

Rachel shook her head, the fiery locks swaying with the movement, glinting in the sunlight and illuminating her features

"I meant, I figured you would be here…you always come here when you need to get away"

"…you remembered that?"

"Of course I did you idiot…you're my friend"

Percy smiled at her, his sea green eyes sparkling

"Thanks Rachel"

Once again the Oracle shook her head

"Don't Thank me; I came to tell you that your life is about to take a turn for the worse. I came to tell you don't come back to camp because the-"

The sound of her voice was blocked out by the sound of a ship's horn blowing in the distance, but from the movement of her lips, Percy's face paled and he nodded a silent 'thank you'

Leaning his head against the wall of the alley, Percy let the last couple of months wash over him as he caught his breath. For the last couple of months, he had been secretly taking out Gaea's army to at least slow down her awakening. It was difficult, mainly due to the fact that some of the monsters he had battled were ancient being that were released from Tartarus…and the others…the other monsters were newly created monsters, straight from the womb of the primordial goddess herself

Even now, he clenched the wound on his heart that continued to bleed and throb no matter how much nectar or treatment he gave it. His breaths came in shallow gasps as spots appeared before his eyes. He slowly stood up straight and prepared to run for it when something wrapped around his ankles and pulled him into an abandoned room in the alley

Percy cursed at himself when he saw the horde of monsters surrounding him

They were out for blood…his blood

The next few moments passed in a blur as Percy was beaten within the crowd of monsters; their shrill cried ringing in his ears, Percy couldn't hear the sound of the air around him ripping in half

A Drakon, older and deadlier than the ones he was used to bared it fangs and swiped at him with his tail, the poisonous spike upon it scraping his left eye

Suddenly, all motion stopped as a figure appeared in front of him. The dark robes shimmered with unrestrained power and Percy instinctively knew he was looking at the universe. The figure knelt down next to him and gave a silent curse

"I was a little late…I hope you forgive me"

Percy gave a weak chuckle

"What's there to forgive? You saved my ass…Thank you"

The figure faltered for a moment before taking a deep breath and opening his mouth, or what seemed like his mouth to speak

"I want to make you a proposition. I want you to be the first soldier in an army I am building up to keep the balance in the universe"


"The world is falling into disarray…complete and utter destruction will occur if the balance isn't restored. I want you to be the first in the army I am building"

"Why me?"

"I have seen you life and I realize that you are just the type of person that I need. You are someone who does what is best for everybody and will, if the need arises, do what is best for the majority, though it will tear you apart to do so. I will also tell you that by joining me…you will have a chance to battle Gaea, and make your peace with her"

Percy glanced up and only then realized that they were no longer in the building but at a clearing in a forest. He could see the thousands of stars twinkling in the night sky

"How long will it take?"

"For what?"

"How long will it take for me to be able to fight against Gaea?"

The figure sighed, the sound ancient and weary

"I may be all seeing but I am not all knowing…it may take days, it may take eons, but you will get your chance"

"Will I have to come back to Earth in order to fight her?"

"Not if you don't wish it; I can take the both of you somewhere to battle"

Percy was silent for a few more moments before sighing

"I accept"

"Then I welcome you, Commander-"

"Alpha…Commander Alpha; it is my new beginning"

"Very well…I welcome you Alpha, Commander of the Chaos Legion"

A Sea green eye opened and found itself staring at a glove covered hand; the arm was stretched out, as if reaching for something. Tiredly the hand clenched as it was brought down to lay upon the chest, right over the heart

A knock sounded at the door

"Commander Alpha…Lord Chaos wishes to see you whenever you are ready, though he requests that you see him as soon as possible"

"…Very well, tell him to expect me in about half an hour"

"Yes Sir"

Alpha stared at the ceiling and let out a weary sigh as he sat up and pulled the covers off his body. He pulled his hand through his long hair, brushing it away from his face…

"I wonder what brought on all the memories…?"

He glanced at the small box on his dresser and got up to open it, revealing a golden ballpoint pen and a clay necklace. He ran his fingers over the pen longingly and clenched his hand around the beads

"Has it really been Seven hundred years…?"