As Alpha let the hot water soothe his muscles, he couldn't help but think of the last seven hundred years as Chaos' Commander and Assassin. For Seven hundred years he has been recruiting heroes from all over the galaxy; he has been commanding the Warriors of Chaos in battles; and he has been taking on assignments that others couldn't and wouldn't know about.

For Seven hundred years, his hands have been continuously stained with blood, blood that will never wash away no matter how hard he scrubbed

His head throbbed as memories flashed through his head. Memories of each person he killed, memories of each government he helped overthrow, memories of every family he separated, and memories of every person he made curse his name filled his head

The first kill had been bad, the first battle he had seen as the Commander had been worse…but the hundredth kill, the hundredth battle had been the worst because it was then that he realized it was his hundredth kill…he had allowed himself to go all the way up to a hundred, something he would never have done in the past. It hurt, the truth hurt so much that it was unbearable. So unbearable that he erased any semblance of emotion he had left when on a mission…

He could remember the screams, the destruction…and most of all; he could remember the hate he saw in his victim's eyes. The way their eyes focused on him, forcing him to watch as the life left their eyes. To this day, he could recall every single kill…all because of the hatred in their eyes…and he cursed that hatred, cursed it for making him remember things he would rather forget

As if sensing his thoughts, his left eye throbbed, causing Alpha to grip it tightly and watch in morbid fascination as blood dripped down his fingers and onto the floor, blooming into red flowers that faded away with the shower

With a sigh, Alpha stepped out of the shower and into his closet. He then proceeded to pick out his outfit for the day. Deciding on a black skin tight long sleeved shirt with one of the sleeves missing and loose dark grey pants that hung low on his hips, Alpha paired them with dark steel toed boots with a soft rubber sole to minimize the sounds of his footsteps. He then grabbed a belt and attached his various weapons and pouches to it making sure to secure the strap. As he walked out the door, his eyes caught on the mirror and stared into his mismatched eyes. Grabbing a dark green eye patch with a golden border, he secured the straps of the eye patch on his left eye, hiding the golden iris from view

Chaos sat upon a obsidian throne with streaks of silver and purple racing across it. He sat calmly and almost indifferently. When Alpha entered the room, Chaos sat up straighter with a look of…concern and…regret in his eyes. As soon as Alpha saw this, he sighed internally.

He knew what Chaos was going to say; after all he too had seen what was happening on Earth. He had long since prepared himself to one day return to the place of his torment, the place that held his best and worst memories…the place he loved and hated the most

Is it possible to love and hate something at the same time?


Chaos made a move as if to walk towards him, to explain things more personally, but the slight movement from Alpha stopped him

Alpha shook his head in a show of silent understanding, his dark hair swaying side to side with the motion; it was better to distance himself now then to be hurt later

"I know…truth be told, I've been expecting this for a long time. I knew it would be too good if I actually got what I wanted. Besides…I think it's time I face my past…though I will request to not revealing who I am"

Chaos nodded, a look of guilt on his face

"I am truly sorry"

Alpha turned and walked away, as he reached the doors, he gave a response, not trusting himself to look back

"Don't be…I'm used to it"


Alpha paused, his hand on the door, his head bent as a shadow passed over his face. It was not a shadow caused by light, it was a shadow of…sadness? Of regret? Of exhaustion?

Whatever it was, it caused his sea green eye to shimmer, turning into a beautiful shade that put shame to the seas. Alpha gently brought a hand up to his eye, as if calming another presence that lay within it

"Percy's been dead for a long time…"

The Olympians sat at the head table, discussing with the immortal campers on their course of action for the next Great War.

Athena wanted her children to lead the battle as it had been her daughter who came up with the plans for the last war. Ares wanted his children to lead the war as they knew battle strategies and the best way to take down an enemy. Artemis was trying to get her hunters to be able to move independently while Apollo was trying to convince Artemis to join the campers. Hera was bringing the Roman Campers into the war.

The Athena Cabin agreed to make plans for the war but refused to follow Annabeth if she was made leader. Annabeth was trying to convince her siblings to follow her lead while Malcolm glared at his sister but seemed to hold back judgment. Clarisse was already making plans for battle scenarios that ran through her mind. Thalia was trying to convince Artemis that it was time for the Hunters to take a more active role.

Nico was off to the side staring at the growing portal that appeared

"Hey guys…"

They campers and Olympians continued to argue, their voices rising higher and higher


He was ignored once again; Nico felt an oncoming headache and took a deep breathe


There was complete silence as everyone turned to stare at Nico who had grown into a young man from the awkward boy he was once before…in fact he looked a lot like his father, the handsome version of his father at least…

"Speak young demigod"

"If you would all pay attention to the growing black hole in the middle of the room I would appreciate it"

Just as he finished his sentence, Chaos appeared from the portal and stood to his full regal height

"Olympians…half-bloods…I have come with a message that Gaea is indeed rising and that she has gained more power than before. In fact she has gained enough power to cause Ouranous to stir…"

There were gasps and mutters around the room

"They must not be allowed to meet…so in order to prevent her from completely rising and waking Ouranous I have come to offer you my aid"

"How will you aid us My Lord Chaos?"

Everyone was shocked at Zeus's display of submission. Never before had the King of the Gods so blatantly respect another being.

"I will send some of my finest Warriors to assist you, but that is the best I can do for even I am bound by the laws of the universe"

"Thank you…"

The words of gratitude were echoed by the others in the room

As Chaos made his way back into the portal, a voice stopped him in his tracks

"Wait My Lord…let me ask you a question"

Narrowing his eyes at the god of the seas in confusion, Chaos nodded his head

"Do you know where Percy Jackson is located? I have searched for him for seven hundred years…I need to tell him I'm sorry…I need to tell him the truth"

There were murmured agreements as others in the room also voiced what they wanted to do

"He will find you when he is ready"

With those words, Chaos stepped back into his portal to wait out the war

As soon as the Creator left, a loud rumbling resounded through the sky, signaling the arrival of the Warrior of Chaos

Within the ship, Alpha gripped his left eye tightly

Perseus…no…Alpha…are you sure you want to do this? I can always leave and come back later

Alpha seemed to think a moment before whispering his answer

"It's fine Kronos…the Olympians need to learn to see things outside of their narrow ways"