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Since I had some time I decided I would write this to pass time and keep my mind off of things

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus, Rick Riordan does

Alpha stared at the small package in his hand, feeling the power of the ocean in its small form. Without having to open the package, he could already tell what was in the small box. With surprisingly gentle and tentative hands, Alpha began to unwrap the package. Sea-green and molten-gold eyes stared at the small object in his hand as misty green eyes watched warily. Hand trembling slightly, Alpha gently curled his fingers around the small item and whispered in a broken voice


"I kept it all these years, hidden in my temple, waiting for the right person to come and claim it. Seven hundred years have passes, heroes have come and gone, but not once has this blade trembled in joy…until you came along. All these years, it has been waiting for you"

Gentling uncapping the pen, Alpha watched as a golden hue lit up the room. The sword in his hand seemed to tremble.

"Foolish blade, why wait for an incompetent master such as me? I abandoned you, not bothering to honor our bond which was forged through our many adventures"

The only response was a light hum

"Percy…I warned you to never return to camp because…because…"

Rachel let out a choked sob as tears cascaded down her face


The oracle let out a harsh laugh

"Oracle, Oracle…that's what everybody calls me nowadays; sometime I forget my own name. Getting back to what I was saying before…I warned you to never return, but since you have…I want you to have the best chance, and Riptide is the only one that can help"

Staring the blade in his hand, Alpha muttered a few words and watch as it shrank into a small brooch. As he moved his hands to fasten the brooch, a pair of small hands stopped him

"Allow me"

He watched silently as she worked to fasten the brooch and wipe away her tears once she finished.

"I wish there was another way, but the Fates are cruel…forgive me Oracle"

"Will you call me by my name, just once?"

Alpha shook his head slightly

Nodding, Rachel saw herself out of the room, she walked away just as Alpha whispered the words

"I'm so sorry Rachel…"

As the door shut, Alpha let out a breath of relief; he could finally get some rest after a tiring day; nodding to himself, Alpha slipped into bed, and closed his eyes.

The world gently fell away as he entered the world of dreams

The scent of wildflowers permeated through the starry night sky; thousands upon thousands of blossoms littered the ground and seemed to go on forever. Trees bloomed with fruit as the wind swept more of the sweet air around the lone figure.

Before him stood a long road the split into two

The destination for both roads was covered by a silvery mist


The single worded echoed in the still night


As the lone figure made a step forward, the ground broke away from underneath his foot, sending him into a spiral of darkness

Landing on his toes, the figure turned, revealing mismatched eyes

The darkness melted away to reveal a brightly lit throne room; a young woman sat on the throne with a smirk on her face as she saw her husband toss their children into the Pit; the woman was beautiful, impossible to describe with earthly words, but the dark expression marred her beauty

As the doors of the throne room opened, the woman hurriedly plastered on a sorrowful expression on her face

'My children…oh my children"

Her wails echoed in the large room

"You don't have to pretend, mother…it's just me"

Hearing the voice of her son, the sorrowful expression melted away to reveal the cold and cruel face

"Ah, my beautiful boy"

The said boy flinched at the coo in his mother's words, knowing that her next words would bring pain and suffering

"What is it mother?"

"Your father has tossed your siblings into the Pit…he has become a tyrant; I want you to kill him"

The golden eyes of the boy widened in shock

"B-but father would never do that!"

The woman laughed cruelly, her high pitched laughter bounced off the walls

"Oh, he was easy enough to convince after a while"

The boy turned pale

"What have you done, mother?"

The laughter abruptly stopped as the woman looked sharply at her son; her dark eyes blazing with madness

"Nothing, and it will stay that way unless you want something to happen to your siblings…perhaps, your sister?"

"No, I will do as you command"


The young boy walked up the steep hill, wearing neither armor nor a shield. All he carried in his hand was a simple dagger

At the top of the hill stood a man, his beautiful face blank as blood ran down his arms


The man turned and an insane smile slowly blossomed on his lips

It all happened so fast, the boy could barely see through the debris; a loud clatter drew his attention to his left; a golden scythe lay beside him

His father walked toward him, tears fell down the blank face

'I'm so sorry, my son'

The words didn't come from the mouth but from the heart

The man lunged and a spray of blood filled the boy's vision

Trembling, the boy looked at his hand which held the golden scythe; he then looked at the scene before him and gagged; in front of him his father lay in pieces

The eyes turned to stare at the boy


Then they shut

With trembling arms, the boy lifted his father's head to his chest an wrapped his arms around it

A wail of grief echoed through the air

Alpha opened his eyes and was shocked to feel hot tears running down his cheek; his left eye prickled with more tears. Raising a hand to wipe away the tears, Alpha let out a weary sigh

"So, that's how it is…"

Forgive me for the short chapter; I promise I will make the next one longer!