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Fall For You

Act I: Differences

Flynn Scifo woke up Monday morning before his alarm clock rang. The nervousness he felt woke him up early and kept him from going back to sleep. No matter how many times he went through this in the past – too many times to count –, Flynn never got used to it: a new town, a new school. It was always the same; having to say goodbye to the people he cared about, and for them to be replaced by new faces all over again.

Flynn sighed as he adjusted the tie of his uniform. He reset his mind to be once again the new guy in school, to feel the curious glances of the other students on him, since he was starting a whole month after the start of the school year. No matter. Flynn would do as he always did: go through with it with a complete indifference. He was becoming good at it. Flynn finished adjusting his uniform before leaving his room to grab his breakfast. He still had more than an hour left before his first class started. It was more than enough time to relax and drink his morning coffee.

The alarm clock ran loudly into Yuri Lowell's ears, telling him that it was time to get up if he did not want to be late at college. Yuri grunted, but he did not get out of his bed. Instead, he buried his face into the pillow and tried to ignore the annoying sound. Unfortunately, it was more than he could take and the young man rolled himself out of his bed discontentedly. Even though he did not want to go to school, Yuri knew he could not afford to stay in bed all day. His economics' teacher would kill him if he missed his class. His teacher was really scary at times. Yuri had less than thirty minutes left before his class started, but it was plenty of time for him.

He got dressed, not caring much about looking proper. He tied his hair up carelessly, like he always did. He left his bedroom and went to the kitchen to grab a quick breakfast. He was done eating in a matter of minutes, after what he grabbed his lunchbox – he prepared it the day before – and his schoolbag before leaving the small apartment he rented. Yuri lived in an apartment provided by the college, so he was really not far from the school. He was glad for it meant Yuri got to sleep more in the morning. He prepared himself for another boring day at school.

On his way to his first class, Yuri was still trying to get the sleep out of his eyes when someone threw an arm around his shoulders. He did not even need to turn his face to know who it was. Yuri smiled lazily.

"Hey, Judy," he greeted his old friend. The blue haired girl smiled back at him.

"You're early. That's unusual," she said with amusement. Yuri shrugged his shoulders and pulled an annoyed face.

"I know. I would have slept in, believe me, but I have economics today," he answered.

It was the only morning of the week that Yuri could not afford to arrive late at his first class. Yuri was not a morning person, so having to drag his ass out from bed at such a god damn early hour was a pain. Judith chuckled sweetly before leaning to whisper into her friend's ear.

"Guess what? There's a new guy in school. I just saw him going to the director's office," she said in a secretive tone. Yuri raised an eyebrow at that.

"So? Why are you telling me this?" he asked in an indifferent fashion, but Yuri was still a bit curious. Judith answered with a small smile.

"He's rather handsome. I thought you should know that," the young woman told her friend. Yuri rolled his eyes and sighed loudly.

"Why should I care about that? Judy, I already told you to stay out of my business," Yuri answered with exasperation.

No matter how many times he told Judith, she never listened. She knew of her friend's "preferences", and she kept bothering him about it. Yuri was constantly trying to make her understand that if he was not dating anyone right now, it was by choice. Dating someone was a drag, in Yuri's opinion. He already had enough on his hands taking care of himself. Judith finally released him and winked at Yuri.

"Whatever you say, Yuri. So, see you at lunch?" she said. Yuri waved at her as he walked past her to go to his class.

"Yeah. Later, Judy," he answered and ignored the chuckle his friend let out as he walked away.

Yuri's economic class was exactly as he predicted: boring. The only reason Yuri put up with it was because he needed that class to graduate. It was a wonder that Yuri did not fall asleep after the first fifteen minutes. He was starting to doze off when his attention was suddenly caught by something, or more accurately, by someone. A blonde male student that Yuri had never seen before entered the class.

Yuri immediately knew he was the new student Judith was talking about earlier; his good looks were evidence enough. The new student's blond hair was messy, but that was the only thing that was out of place on him. He wore his uniform impeccably in a way that made Yuri know he was the studious type of guy. The small glasses he wore only strengthened the feeling. However, something in the guy attracted Yuri like a moth to a flame.

It was his eyes. They were blue like the purest water. Yuri had no doubt those eyes made many girls swoon after him. He noticed he was right by the way the girls in the class whispered and giggled between themselves. Yuri snapped himself out of his staring when the teacher announced the guy's name: Flynn Scifo. That was an unusual name, but what really struck Yuri was that the guy's family name rang a bell. Only, Yuri did not remember where he heard it. No matter.

Now that his curiosity was sated, Yuri was about to go back to dozing when the teacher told Flynn he could take the empty desk next to Yuri. That was just Yuri's luck that it was the only unoccupied place left. As long as Flynn did not prevent him from getting his much needed sleep, there would be no problem. Yuri did not even spare a glance as Flynn came to sit next to him. He felt the blue gaze settle on him for a short while. It was not enough to make Yuri turn his face towards Mr. Perfect – that was the new nickname Yuri came up with for Flynn – and soon Yuri went back to dozing off.

As he went to sit in his designated place, Flynn could not stop the curious glance he stole at the guy sitting next to him. The first thought that crossed Flynn's mind was negligence. Flynn did not know it was permitted to wear the uniform like he did. His neighbour chose to not wear his tie and his shirt had the first few buttons open. His hair was way too long and tied in a messy way. Flynn frowned as he found his neighbour's sense of fashion distasteful, but he showed no other sign of disapproval.

Flynn opened his book to the page the teacher told him to and concentrated on the lecture. He saw from the corner of his eyes the dark haired man lean his head on his desk, obviously trying to sleep into class. Flynn shook his head in discouragement, but he ignored his antics as it bore no consequences to him. After some time, the raven haired male seemed to give up on trying falling asleep and settled with tapping his foot on the ground instead. It annoyed Flynn. If he wanted to not listen to the teacher, could he at least do it in silence? When the source of Flynn's annoyance did not seem to want to stop anytime soon, Flynn quickly lost his patience.

"Hey!" he called in a seething yet low tone, as to not bother the rest of the class.

Yuri heard Mr. Perfect trying to get his attention, but he ignored him the first time. The second time, he decided to lift his head and look at Flynn as he was sure the latter would not let him go until Yuri listened. When he saw the annoyed pair of blue eyes glaring at him, a smirk appeared on Yuri's lips.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked, barely able to hide the amusement in his voice. Flynn did not seem amused.

"Could you please stop that? I can't concentrate with you tapping your foot like that," Flynn answered, trying to keep his annoyance in check.

Yuri smirked mockingly and leaned back in his chair as he kept on staring at the blonde.

"Sorry; what were you saying?" Yuri whispered back and was even more amused when he saw those blue eyes darken with annoyance.

He barely knew the guy, but he already knew teasing him was so much fun. If they were not in the middle of the class, Yuri knew Flynn would have likely blown up then and there. Instead, the blonde bit back a retort and turned his attention back to the teacher, but it was clear he was in a bad mood.

And just when Yuri was having too much fun, said teacher had to go and destroy his fun. The teacher gave them assignments in pairs to do. Yuri's humor dropped when he heard the name of his teammate: Flynn Scifo. Was he kidding? The newly teammates exchanged a glance and it was clear that both of them were displeased with the teacher's decision.

Way to ruin a good day.

Flynn was looking distractedly at his schedule to find the number of his next class' room. He was still in a foul mood thanks to that long haired bastard. Bastard might be a bit much since Flynn barely knew him, but he was not in the mood to choose his words right now. The other student had pissed him off in a matter of seconds, and that was something as Flynn was a really patient person. Not many people were able to get under his skin so easily, but his teammate succeeded quite easily. Now Flynn would have to put up with him. Flynn had not even bothered to talk to him as he left the class. Anyway, they did not have to start the assignment until the next class, so why should he try to have a decent conversation with someone who obviously could not?

Flynn was still mulling over his murderous thoughts when he felt a hand gently tap his shoulder. Flynn lifted his eyes from his schedule to see a girl with pink hair smiling at him. She waved at him.

"Hi! You're new here, aren't you? I'm Estellise! Nice to meet you!" she exclaimed with unbridled excitement.

Flynn was first taken aback by Estellise's cheery nature, but he quickly gathered himself. He smiled back.

"The pleasure is mine, Estellise. I'm Flynn," he answered.

"Oh, you can call me just Estelle. It's easier that way," she said and Flynn nodded. She seemed to realize Flynn was waiting to hear the reason why she approached him.

"Oh! Do you want me to show you around the school? It can be a bit hard to find your way at first," Estelle proposed was pleased by the offer. He feared he would get lost on his own. His sense of orientation was not bad, but it was not perfect.

"Okay. Thank you, Estellise," he answered, and ignored Estelle's slightly disappointed glance at the use of her full name.

That's just how Flynn was. He did not like to use nicknames for the others. Because then they will become too familiar. Just as the pink haired girl was about to say something else, a familiar voice reached Flynn's ears.

"Hey, Estelle! How was your history class?"

Flynn turned around to see the last person he wanted to see coming their way. Estelle's face brightened up at the sight of the dark haired bastard.

"Yuri! It was fascinating! The teacher taught us about the Chinese dynasty! Did you know that –" she began, but Yuri interrupted her with a chuckle.

"It's good, but would you mind telling me the details later? I have another boring class to go to," the dark haired bastard – apparently named Yuri – said. The latter's gray eyes landed on Flynn and that infuriating smirk was back on Yuri's lips.

"Hey, Mr. Perfect! I can't wait to begin the assignment with you. It will be fun..." the irony laced in the words did not go unnoticed by Flynn. The latter glared at Yuri. Estelle did not notice the tension between the two boys.

"Yuri, are you going to the meeting after school?" she asked. Yuri returned his attention on the oblivious girl.

"Of course. Raven will hunt me down if I miss it. Anyway, see you later!" he said and threw another grin in the fuming blonde's direction before heading off to his next class.

As Estelle turned her attention back on Flynn, the blonde tried to calm himself. How he hated that guy! He wanted so much to erase that damn smirk off his face!

"Wow! You just arrived and you already know Yuri?" Estelle exclaimed with surprise. Flynn managed to pull a neutral expression.

"Yeah. We've been teamed up in economics. How come you know Yuri?" Flynn forced himself to say his name.

He could hardly believe that such a sweet girl – Estelle looked like one, at least – was acquainted with someone like Yuri. Estelle sated his curiosity.

"We are both in the theater troupe. We've known each other for two years now."

Flynn was surprised. That guy, part of the theater troupe? Somehow, Flynn did not see Yuri as the type to do any post-school activities. Estelle smiled brightly at Flynn.

"How about you join the troupe too? It would be fun!" she said and it was obvious in her voice that she was sincere. Flynn almost laughed at her proposition. Him, acting in the theater troupe with Yuri? Not a good idea.

"I'm not sure about that, Estellise. I'll already have a lot going on with my studies," the blonde evaded, which earned him pleading eyes from the girl.

"Come on, at least come to one of the rehearsals before saying no!" she pleaded and Flynn found it hard to say no when she looked like that. He sighed and a gentle smile graced his face.

"Okay, let me think about it. Now, I'll take you up on your offer to show me around the school," he said, just wanting to forget about the meeting with Yuri.

Estelle's face beamed up again and she grabbed Flynn's arm, already pulling him in a random direction.

When Yuri arrived at the cafeteria, Judith was already sitting at a table. He went to join her and sat across from her. She threw him a beaming smile.

"Hello, Yuri," she greeted him. Yuri greeted her in return and smiled as he noticed Judith was eyeing his lunchbox. He answered her silent request.

"Yes, you can have some. I made too much anyway."

Judith was very pleased. Yuri did not mind sharing his lunch with his friends. It meant they liked his cooking enough to crave it. As Yuri opened his lunch box, he noticed Judith's attention was drawn towards the cafeteria's entry. Wondering what caught her attention, Yuri turned around and smirked when he recognized Flynn. He was accompanied by Estelle. When he turned back to face Judith, the girl was smirking at him. Yuri frowned, not liking that smirk of her.

"What?" he asked dryly.

"So, you met the new guy, didn't you? Estelle told me so. What's his name, anyway?" Judith asked with genuine interest. Yuri pulled a bored expression.

"His name's Flynn. Let's just say I have some fun time ahead of me. We've been teamed up to do an assignment in economics," Yuri explained. Judith cocked her head to the side as she picked a piece of meat from Yuri's lunch with her fork.

"Is that so bad? He seems to be the serious and workaholic type," she said before putting the piece of meat in her mouth. That was the dark haired man's cue to start eating too before Judith stole everything.

"More like the stuck-up rigid guy, you mean. Working with him will be as much fun as hanging out at a funeral," Yuri muttered. Judith chuckled.

"Working is not supposed to be fun, Yuri. Anyway, it doesn't seem like Estelle will join us today," Judith added as she looked again at the other end of the cafeteria.

Yuri followed her gaze and saw the pink haired girl sitting at a table with Flynn, chatting happily with him. Yuri shrugged his shoulders.

"It's her call, I guess," he said with an indifferent voice.

He returned to his food, not sparing any attention on Flynn anymore.

When Yuri entered the small amphitheatre where the troupe was meeting, the troupe's director – who was also their theatre teacher –, Raven, flashed a lazy smile at Yuri.

"Oh, Yuri. It's nice of you to grace us with your presence. How 'bout you take a seat?" the older man said with faked exasperation. Yuri smiled back and took his time to join the others.

"Aye aye, captain," he answered, knowing Raven was not mad at him.

The director was much too used to his chronic tardiness. Yuri took a seat next to Estelle, who greeted him cheerfully. He glanced at everyone seated in the circle around Raven and saw that he was the last to arrive. Judith threw him a smile when he looked at her.

The two twins named Gauche and Droite sat beside her. Estelle's friend, Rita, was sitting on her other side. She was a young girl that was still in high school. Since Rita's school was close to the college, the theater troupe offered places for the students still in high school too, saying it was a good way to let them participate too and maybe find a passion. At first sight, nobody could guess Rita was really interested in theater. She was always plunged in books that were far too complicated for most kids her age to understand, even when Raven was giving explanations. But on stage, Rita proved to be gifted and passionate. There were nine other members in the troupe, whom Yuri was less acquainted with. Some of them were new to the troupe this year. They were fourteen actors in total.

Raven cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"So, now that we're all here, let's start! I gathered you all here because it's time to choose this year's play. Since there were some complaints about my pick last year, I wanna hear your comments, guys. That way, you won't say that I'm an insensitive jerk again. That kinda hurt," Raven said in a mock hurt tone.

As soon as he finished, almost everyone talked at the same time, each having something to say. Raven told everyone to calm down and said that everyone would have a turn to talk. He began with Judith, who was the closest to him.

"Judith darlin', tell us what you'd want. Besides me, that is," he joked. The blue haired beauty smiled sweetly, not taking offense to her teacher's words.

Her lovely smile contrasted with her words; "I'd love a play with lots of blood. Action, torture, murder, you know what I mean?"

Nobody made comments on what Judith just said. They were all too used to it to really care anymore. Raven sighed.

"Okay. Then how 'bout you, Gauche, Droite?"

The two twins talked at the same time, as usual.

"We'd like Yeager to be part of the casting," said Droite excitedly.

"Having twins in the play would be fun," Gauche said calmly. Another sigh was heard from Raven.

"I already told you, Yeager is our costume designer. He can't do both at the same time. And I'll think about it, Gauche," Raven said.

Droite pouted, sad that her demand was yet again declined. Gauche tried to console her, but she too was disappointed. Soon it was Estelle's turn.

When she talked, Yuri was not surprised by what he heard; "Ooh, let's do a romance! A princess being saved from the bad guys by her prince in shining armor!"

Stars were sparkling in the girl's eyes and Yuri also felt the need to sigh. Raven made no comments yet again. Next was Rita's turn.

She distractedly said that "It would be nice if some things exploded". The way she said it was kind of disturbing. Raven then turned to Yuri.

The latter had only one demand, so he blurted it out; "I'm tired of always being the villain. Give me something else this time." Raven was surprised by his demand.

"I thought you liked being the villain," the teacher said. Yuri shrugged his shoulders.

"I got tired of it," he said simply. Raven scratched the stubble on his chin as he looked at his notes.

"Okay, if I sum it all up, it goes like this; Yuri doesn't want to be a villain and the play should have gore, romance, maybe twins, a character with superpowers, betrayal from one of the main characters, explosions, and almost everyone dying at the end... Okay guys, I don't think I'll ever find a play that has all this in it, but I'll try my best," Raven said.

Estelle looked completely ecstatic. Yuri did not care which play Raven picked, as long as he respected his demand. Yuri loved playing a role, but he was tired of always doing the same thing. Maybe he could play the hero this time. It would be a nice change. Raven rose from his seat and gave everyone the script of a different character.

"I want you to practice these dialogues for tomorrow. It will give me an idea of the progress each of you made and help me decide on the roles I'll give you for the play," Raven said.

Yuri read the name of the play on the sheets. 'The Importance of Being Earnest' by Oscar Wilde. Yuri did not know this play, but a quick look at his sheets told him it seemed interesting.

When everyone had their sheets, Raven dismissed them all. The members of the troupe bid farewell to their teacher before leaving the room. As Yuri was walking towards the exit, Judith, Estelle and Rita joined him. Estelle began chatting happily.

"Oh, I can't wait to see which play Raven picks!" she said with a joyful expression. Rita shrugged her shoulders.

"There's no point in thinking about it now. We'll know soon anyways," she said in an indifferent tone. Judith smiled back.

"Still, we'll practice it for the rest of the year! I'm curious about what the play will be myself. Aren't you, Yuri?" Judith added. Yuri snapped his attention on his friend as he was looking at the hour on his watch. He smiled apologetically at his friends.

"Yeah. Sorry, I gotta go. See you tomorrow!" he said before walking ahead of the girls as they bid him goodbye too.

They were used to Yuri disappearing quickly like that. They had once asked Yuri one time where he was going, and he told them he had to go work. The girls knew he was working in a bakery, but they soon found out that his shift was not at this time of the day. They guessed he had another job, but Yuri kept it absolutely secret. They did not push him to tell them though.

When Flynn arrived at his home after his first day at his new school, he unlocked the door to his house and entered. He removed his shoes and went to the kitchen. As he expected, he saw a note on the table and already knew what was written on it. He read it anyway. Your father and I are still at work. Some things came up. Go ahead and order takeout. We'll see you later.

Flynn sighed. He grabbed the phone and called for some Chinese food. He was getting used to it, but it did not mean he was not tired of it. Flynn climbed the stairs to his room and put his bag down on the ground. He was not in the mood to do his homework right now. His eyes fell on his sketchbook, lying on top of his worktable. Grabbing it, Flynn went back the stairs and into the kitchen. As he waited for his order to arrive, Flynn immersed himself in his drawings.

Drawing was what he usually did when he was alone and wanted to escape from the oppressive silence, which happened more often than not. Flynn always found it ironic that even if his family had money, possessions, and a big house, it always felt so empty, devoid of life and warmth. Flynn would gladly trade his every possession for his parent's' presence at home. But no matter how hard he wished for it, it would never happen.

Flynn's second day at school began on a better note. His morning class was interesting and the best part of it was that there was no Yuri to spoil his mood. However, the blond quickly found out that fate had a funny way of messing with him when the afternoon came by. He was sitting in his English class, waiting for the teacher to arrive, when his attention was diverted by a familiar student entering the classroom. Flynn's mood immediately darkened at the sight of Yuri. He just hoped the long haired man would notice his glare and stay away from him.

Unfortunately, it did not happen. When Yuri saw him, a smirk appeared on his lips and he went to Flynn.

"Aren't you lucky, Flynn? We're stuck in the same class again," he teased the blond.

"What is it? Do you want to mess with me again?" Flynn retorted. There was a biting edge to his voice. Yuri lifted his hands in front of him in a sign of peace.

"Easy, tiger! I was just messing with you yesterday," Yuri replied. Flynn's displeased expression did not let up.

"Well, it wasn't appreciated. You should save your jokes for someone else next time," the blond said coldly. Somehow, his tone irked Yuri.

"Jeez, sorry Mr. High and Mighty," Yuri replied as coldly and went past Flynn to take his place in the back of the classroom.

Flynn managed to piss him off with his prissy attitude. Yuri did not dislike him at first. He only wanted to tease him a little since it seemed fun. Now, he was starting to change his mind.

Flynn did not feel bad for treating Yuri like that. He figured he earned it after what he did the day before. When the teacher arrived and began the lecture, any thoughts of Yuri quickly fled the blonde's mind and did not return.

When the class ended, Flynn gathered his things and left the class with the other students. He was surprised to see Estellise waiting in the hall. He thought at first that the pink haired girl was waiting for Yuri, but when she saw him it was made clear that it was not the case. Her entire face lit up upon seeing him.

"Flynn! Do you have something to do right now?" she asked, excitement emanating from her voice. Flynn was taken aback by her eagerness. She was quite fond of him already, even though they had only known each other for two days.

"I was planning to go back home and do some work. Why?" Flynn said, even though the last thing he wanted to do was go back home to that empty house. Estelle clasped her hands together.

"The theater troupe has a rehearsal in ten minutes. I was wondering if you wanted to come and see it for yourself?" she asked with hope.

At first, Flynn was tempted to decline, both because he was hesitant to get involved into something and because of Yuri. On second thought, it could be a good way to get back at Yuri. Plus, Flynn was curious.

"Okay, why not?" Flynn answered with a warm smile. In the end, he decided to go and see. The joy that washed over the girl's face was worth it. Estelle grabbed Flynn's arm.

"Yeah! I'll lead the way!" she said happily as she dragged him away once again. Flynn almost chuckled at her earnest nature as he let himself get dragged around.

Estelle guided Flynn to a small amphitheatre. When they entered, many heads turned towards them. The people already there greeted Estelle and shot Flynn inquiring looks. Flynn's eyes drifted over the members until they fell on a certain dark haired male. Yuri was looking at him with a perplexed expression.

You weren't expecting this, were you? Flynn thought with satisfaction.

Yuri's attention soon returned on the text he was holding, but it was clear he was bothered by his presence. The older man in the room – whom Flynn believed to be their director – noticed them and came to meet them. Flynn had not seen him before at school. The man had grayish hair tied up in a ponytail. He had stubble on his chin and dark bags were visible under his blue-green eyes. He had quite a distinctive physique.

Before the man could say anything, Estellise beat him to it.

"Professor Raven, this is Flynn. He's new. Is it okay if he watches the rehearsal?" she asked her teacher. Raven looked at Flynn.

"Of course! Welcome, my boy. Are you interested in joining the troupe?" Raven asked.

"I'm not sure yet. I wanted to see what it's like before making a decision," Flynn said. Raven motioned to the rows of benches.

"Then have a seat. I just ask you to be silent while the actors rehearse," Raven told Flynn and the blonde nodded.

He took place in one of the front rows and watched as the members of the theatre troupe prepared themselves.

Yuri could not believe that Flynn was here. Why did Estelle bring him? Yuri did not realise he was glaring at the blond until he heard a whistle at his side. He turned his head to see Judith looking curiously at him.

"Did something happen between you too? I mean, if a gaze could kill, I'm sure Blondie over there would be long dead..." she whispered as to not be heard by the others. Yuri snorted in a displeased way.

"We just don't get along. I don't know why Estelle brought him here," the dark haired youth muttered darkly. Judith mused over his words.

"Maybe he wants to be part of the troupe?" she suggested.

Yuri hoped it was not the case because if Flynn did, Yuri would have to put up with him almost every day of the week as the troupe rehearsed quite often. That was something he would rather avoid.

Raven told everyone to take a seat. Flynn watched as the teacher called Estellise and a girl with blue hair named Judith onto the stage. He listened in silence as they recited their text. The two girls were really good. As the other members of the troupe rehearsed one after another, Flynn found out they were all very talented. Then it was Yuri's turn, along with a younger girl with brown hair called Rita. As soon as Yuri stepped foot on the scene, there was a drastic change in his behaviour. His cockiness and arrogance all melted away to give way to a seriousness Flynn thought him incapable of. It was like his arrogant attitude was only a facade. Or was it the other way around? Flynn could not tell.

"Alright, Rita, Yuri, when you're ready," Raven said and silence fell over the room.

Rita's character Algernon was the first to talk, greeting Yuri's character Jack as he entered the scene. As soon as it was Yuri's turn to talk, Flynn saw that his impression was right. Yuri felt like a totally different person on stage. He seemed to merge with his character and become someone else. Flynn had to admit that Yuri was talented, but there was something a little off about his interpretation. The blonde listened to Yuri and Rita's performance with a deep concentration. After some time, Raven motioned to Yuri and Rita to stop. Pleasant murmurs were heard in the room at Yuri's and Rita's good interpretation. However, Flynn was not sharing their enthusiasm as Yuri and Rita climbed down from the scene.

"That is not quite right," Flynn mumbled to himself. He raised his head when he felt several gazes on him. He only realized now that he talked aloud. Raven frowned.

"What are you talkin' about, my boy?" the teacher asked with confusion. Flynn felt embarrassed at being the center of attention against his will, but he explained nonetheless.

"Jack Worthing is indeed a proper and serious character, but there's more to it than that. I mean that he's a hedonist, and a liar. He has a deceptive nature that did not appear in Yuri's play. I'm not saying that it was bad, but it missed a little something..." Flynn said, not quite able to describe it perfectly.

Yuri was quick to reply in an annoyed tone; "Oh yeah? Then let's see you try to do better." Raven threw a disapproving look at Yuri.

"Yuri, hold on a minute, okay?" the teacher asked and Yuri's expression darkened. The teacher returned his attention on Flynn, intrigued.

"Go on," he probed him.

Unable to explain better, Flynn closed his eyes and kept silent for a few seconds to gather his concentration before reciting Yuri's lines. Yuri felt his mood darken even more as he heard Flynn say his text with an intensity Yuri did not have. He was good, Yuri admitted it, and it pissed him off. It only made Flynn seem even more perfect.

When Flynn finished, the expression on Raven's face was one of genuine and pleasant surprise. Flynn had, after all, recited the dialogue without actually reading the script.

"Did you learn it by hearing it only once?" Raven asked, baffled. Flynn's embarrassment only deepened because of the attention he was receiving.

"No, it's just that I read Oscar Wilde's work not too long ago," the blond explained, ignoring the impressed whispers of the actors.

Another look at Yuri told Flynn that he was not pleased at all. Flynn had not intended to show that he bested him, but he did it anyway. He felt a little guilty about it.

Raven spoke. "Well, good work. That will be all for today, folks. There won't be any meetings until next Monday. I'll have chosen the play by then."

As soon as he was finished, everyone picked up their things and began to leave the room. Flynn wanted to do the same, but Raven stopped him.

"Do you have a minute? I'd like to have a word with you," Raven asked.

Flynn nodded and waited until everyone left the room. Many of the actors congratulated him for his performance. When Yuri left the room, he shot Flynn a dark glance. It made Flynn change his mind. Why should he feel bad for Yuri? He brought this upon himself.

Soon, Flynn was alone with Raven in the amphitheatre. The director threw him a beaming smile.

"That was impressive, boy! I'd really need someone like you in my troupe. What d'you say?" Flynn smiled politely.

"I'm flattered, really, but I don't know if I should. I mean, I'd like to, but with my studies and all..." Flynn replied hesitantly.

In fact, he knew that he would have the time to be part of the troupe. But if he decided to join the troupe, it would be for the whole year and he did not even know if he would still be here at the end of the year. Flynn never knew when he would be obliged to move away again.

"With your talent, I don't think it will be too much of a hassle. Besides, it would be a good way for you to fit in the mob here. Well, think 'bout it. Could you give me an answer Friday? I'll have to find you a role if you decide to join," Raven said with a gentle smile. Flynn nodded.

"Okay," he answered. Raven put a hand on the blonde's shoulder.

"Good! I'll wait for a positive answer," the older man said with a wink.

Flynn chuckled. He said goodbye to the teacher and left the room, his thoughts already debating on Raven's offer.

On Thursday, Flynn had another economics class. The thought of having to actually talk to Yuri today was not pleasant to Flynn. He had not seen the other boy the day before, but he had a feeling that Yuri was still mad at him. Flynn was proved right. When Yuri entered the classroom and passed by Flynn to take his seat at the back of the room, he did not even spare a glance at Flynn, but Yuri's stiff posture told Flynn that he was mad. The blonde sighed. He knew he would have to apologize for his behaviour the other day at the rehearsal. Just when he wanted to do just that, the teacher entered to begin the lecture. Flynn would talk to Yuri after the class, then.

Once class ended, Flynn rose from his seat and went to Yuri, who was putting his things in his bag. When Yuri noticed Flynn, he smirked at him, but it held no humor.

"Well, isn't it Mr. Perfect?" he said coldly. Flynn sighed.

"Look, I'm sorry for the other day," he said with exasperation. Yuri shrugged his shoulders.

"Whatever. What do you want?" he said curtly, but his tone was a little less biting. Flynn was about to answer when his eyes caught sight of something. It was a very visible bruise on Yuri's left cheek. Flynn frowned at that.

So, Yuri was also the kind to get into fights? Flynn should have known. The blonde only noticed Yuri was waiting for his answer when the dark haired man raised an eyebrow inquiringly. Flynn snapped himself out of his thoughts.

"We'll have to begin the assignment, so I was wondering if we could talk about it. When are you free?" he asked. Yuri sighed.

"I forgot that we have to work together," he muttered with annoyance. This irked Flynn.

"Look, shouldn't we try to get along? We'll have to work together anyway, so it'd be better if we didn't fight over little things," Flynn said insistently.

He too was not happy about having to work with Yuri, but he would suck it up. He just wished Yuri would do the same.

"You should have thought of that before pulling that stunt in rehearsal," Yuri retorted with a smirk. When he saw Flynn's eyes darken, Yuri sighed and pulled his schedule out from his schoolbag, offering it to Flynn.

"That was a joke. Man, you should lighten up," Yuri said exasperatedly.

Flynn took the schedule, trying to ignore his annoyance at the other man's antics. He read Yuri's schedule with attention.

"Your schedule is a little loaded. There is always the Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. I don't have classes then. Or we can work on it after school," Flynn suggested. Yuri shook in head.

"I can't after school. There are the rehearsals and I work after that. I also work Friday morning, so that just leaves Wednesday afternoon," he answered. Seeing Flynn's displeased expression, Yuri sighed again.

"I guess there is also Saturday morning and afternoon. I usually have the day off. Not this weekend, though," he said without too much spirit. Usually, Yuri tried to avoid making homework in the weekend. Flynn nodded.

"Okay, I'm free too. We can begin the assignment next Wednesday, if it's alright with you," the blonde suggested. Yuri shrugged his shoulders, as if he had no care in the world.

"That's fine with me," he said as he took back his schedule. He grabbed his schoolbag.

"See ya," Yuri said before leaving the classroom.

Again, Flynn was amazed by Yuri's lack of manners. It would be a wonder if he ever got used to Yuri Lowell.

On Friday, Flynn was on his way to meet Raven when his name was called. The blonde turned around to see Estellise running towards him. He smiled gently at the beaming girl. In only one week, Flynn grew fond of the girl. She was always so full of joy that it was hard not being affected by it in her presence.

"Estellise! It's good to see you. Is something the matter?" he asked curiously. Estelle's cheeks reddened a little as she fidgeted.

"Hum... I was wondering if you had something planned tomorrow?" she asked in a small voice as she was obviously nervous.

"Not really. Why?" he asked. Flynn had some homework to do, but he had plenty of time to do them. Estelle gained more courage.

"Since you're new around here, would you like me to show you a little bit around town?" she proposed.

Flynn was pleased by her proposition. He had planned to go around town, but having some company would be even better.

"Yes. Thank you for the offer. When and where do you want us to meet?" he asked. Estelle seemed thoughtful for a moment.

"How about here around ten in the morning? Is that okay with you?" the pink-haired girl proposed. Flynn agreed. Estelle's face brightened even more, if that was possible.

"Alright! See you tomorrow!" she exclaimed.

Flynn bid her goodbye too and watched as she went away towards her next class. Flynn resumed his walk towards the teachers office, intend on giving his answer to Raven's proposition.

Flynn was impressed by how much knowledge Estellise had. As they walked around town Saturday morning, the girl told him of many historical and interesting facts about the town. Estellise seemed to be really passionate about history. When Flynn asked her why, she told him she wanted to become an historian. That explained her passion for history. Estelle showed him a very nice park and Flynn took note to come back there. It would be a nice place to sit and draw. She also showed him where the movie theatre was, and many good places to eat. Flynn discovered that it really was a nice town. He would not mind staying for a while, but he was not the one to decide.

In the afternoon, Estelle told Flynn about a famous bakery. She told him there was no place that baked sweets better than there. Curious, Flynn agreed to check it out. Not more than five minutes later, they were in front of the bakery, named Exquisite Delights. Estelle opened the door and went inside. Flynn followed her. The place was small, but the atmosphere was comfy and welcoming. There were a few tables that were almost all occupied by customers.

Flynn froze when he recognized a familiar person standing behind the counter. Said person raised his head to look at the two new customers and smirked.

"Hey, Estelle! You brought a friend this time around?" Yuri said, apparently amused by Flynn's crestfallen expression.

Just when Flynn thought the day could not be ruined by anything, he had to meet Yuri. Talk about bad luck. Estelle made her way to the counter and Flynn followed her, not pleased at all. He began to doubt the bakeries here were any good, if it was Yuri doing the baking. Yuri leaned over the counter, a sly smile plastered on his face.

"So, what can I get my dear customers?"

Flynn's eye twitched in annoyance at the way Yuri was talking. He controlled himself however, for Estellise's sake. The pink haired girl seemed totally delighted.

"Hum, did you make any new cakes? If you did, I'd really like to taste it! Oh, and Flynn too!" she said, totally oblivious to Flynn's darkening mood.

Yuri threw an amused look at the blonde, but he said nothing. Instead, he went behind the show window where the cakes were. He bent down and took two pieces of a cake that looked particularly delicious. Yuri put them on the counter in front of Estelle and Flynn.

"I made it yesterday. Since it's you two, it's on the house," he said with amusement. Estelle was overjoyed.

"Thanks, Yuri! Flynn, let's take a place over there!" she said as she took the two pieces of cake.

Flynn was not about to argue. He would take any excuse to get Yuri out of his face.

They went to sit at one of the free tables. Flynn looked at the cake and was hesitant to taste it, even though it looked delicious. Seeing Estelle was taking a bite of it without too much thought, Flynn decided to take a chance. Taking his fork, he cut a piece and carefully brought it to his lips. He put the piece of cake into his mouth and tasted it. Flynn's eyes widened. This was... delicious. In fact, it was more than delicious. There were so many flavours in there! It seemed to explode on his tongue and make him crave more.

Was it really Yuri who did this? Flynn looked at Estellise, who had a dreamy expression on her face. Flynn was sure he had a similar expression on his own face.

"This is good," he admitted aloud, but not loud enough so Yuri could hear his comment. Estelle nodded.

"Yuri is the one who made them. He keeps coming up with new cakes every now and then," she explained.

Flynn was impressed. He did not know someone like Yuri could have such a gift as cooking, especially at such a young age. Flynn did not want to admit it, but he was jealous of Yuri as he himself had no talent with cooking. In fact, Flynn's cooking might even be considered life-threatening.

Yuri made his clients pay, all the while throwing an amused glance at Flynn. From what he could see, the blonde seemed to really enjoy his cake. Of course, Yuri was sure Flynn had too much pride to tell him it was good. No matter. Yuri was confident in his skills and the face Flynn made as he ate his cake gave him away. Even when the blond left with Estelle, he did not comment on the cake. Yuri watched them leave with a smirk on his lips, knowing he surely got the blonde addicted to his cooking.

When Yuri arrived at the theatre rehearsal Monday after school, excitement was floating in the room. Yuri understood why: the troupe would be given the name of the play they would practice for the year. Raven placed chairs on the stage in circle and almost everyone was already there. In fact, Yuri noticed only Estelle was missing. Raven was standing in the middle of the circle and Yeager, the costume designer, was standing at his side. Yeager would take their measurements to begin working on their costumes.

Yuri climbed on stage and took the empty place next to Judith. She smiled at him.

"Hello, Yuri," she said simply, but she could not hide her excitement. She too was eager to know which play their teacher chose. Raven would not tell them until everyone arrived.

"Hi, Judy," he greeted her back. She was about to say something when Raven spoke.

"Oh, there you are! I want you all to greet the new member of our troupe, Flynn Scifo!" Raven exclaimed.

Yuri snapped his head towards the entrance, where he saw Estelle and Flynn walk towards them. This was a joke, right? The look on Raven's face told him it was not. Great.

"Scifo? Well well. That's interesting," Judy whispered, which had Yuri frown.

"Why? You heard the name before?" Yuri asked, curious. He remembered the name also rang a bell when he first heard it. Judith chuckled.

"Of course. That's the name of the famous businessman and businesswoman that opened many five stars hotels all around the world. Their name is Scifo, so I'm guessing Blondie is their son."

Oh. That was why it was familiar. So, Flynn was a rich kid. Figures. It was just another thing to add on the list of why Yuri could not stand the guy. Flynn and Estelle climbed on stage. Everyone greeted Flynn with enthusiasm. Yuri, however, did not try to hide his discontentment. Estelle took place next to Yuri and Flynn took the empty spot next to Estelle.

Raven waited until the group fell silent. He was holding a thick pile of papers, which were the scripts for the play they were going to do. However, they could not read the title from where they were. Raven smiled at his students.

"I bet you're all eager to know what the play is, right?" he said tauntingly. Many whispers were heard. Raven's smile widened.

"Well, before telling you that, I have an announcement to make. This year, we won't present the play here, in the college. I presented a request to the mayor and he granted me one night at the grand theatre. You are going to play in front of a lot of people, folks," he announced.

Yuri's eyes widened. Was he serious? There would be a lot more pressure this time around! He was wondering what the play was now. It was surely something big, if Raven managed to get them a night at the grand theatre. Raven believed he made his troupe wait enough now. He took one of the scripts and presented it to his students.

"We are going to play 'Romeo and Juliet' by Shakespeare." As soon as the words left Raven's mouth, many squeals were heard from the girls, especially Estelle.

Yuri groaned. Was he serious? Romeo and Juliet? That was girly crap! Raven asked for the silence again.

"I chose this because it has many of the requirements that you wanted. It may not seem like it, but it's a play with violence and death, so I'm sure you men will also take a liking to it. It's not to be taken lightly. Also, we'll play the modern text, which means I won't make you suffer by trying to learn the ancient Elizabethan language," Raven explained and earned relieved murmurs this time around.

Yuri was relieved. He had read the original text once, and he had trouble understanding anything.

Seeing everyone was waiting to have the roles distributed, Raven took the first script.

"Okay. I won't make you wait anymore. I'm sure you're all eager to know which character you'll play. The one who will play Romeo is..." Raven made a small pause, making everyone wait impatiently to hear his choice.

"...Flynn," he finished, giving the text to a surprised Flynn.

"Don't be so surprised, boy. You impressed me last week, and I thought fitting to give you this role. Now, for the role of Juliet..." he began and his gaze traveled over the actors.

Yuri thought he would name Estelle or Judith. In any case, it was obvious the choice would be on one of the girls.

"...Yuri," Raven finished with a grin, handing the text to Yuri.

Surprised exclamations filled the room. Yuri's eyes widened in surprise and he mechanically took the text. He looked at the name written on the script, thinking Raven was joking. The name Juliet was emblazoned across the cover sheet. Yuri slowly lifted his horrified gaze until it locked with Flynn's equally horrified gaze.


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