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Fall For You

Act X: Forever

"Yuri, come on, what's taking so long?" Flynn called out as he went through the opened door of their apartment.

He searched for his lover, but Yuri was not in the lounge or in the kitchen.

Just when he was wondering where Yuri had gone, a voice called out to him from the bedroom; "Just a second. I need to get a few more things before we go."

Flynn frowned at that and joined Yuri in the bedroom. His lover had his back to him as he was in the midst of packing something in his bag. The blonde raised an eyebrow at his lover and leaned against the doorframe.

"What do you need now? I thought you already brought enough things. We're only spending a few days at the beach," he said.

Yuri zipped up his bag and put it on his shoulder. He turned around and smirked at the blonde.

"What, do I hear you complaining?" he said as he walked towards his lover.

When Yuri was close enough, Flynn grabbed his lover's forearms and leaned in for a kiss.

"No, not me," he answered just before their lips touched.

Yuri smiled before returning the kiss eagerly. When they parted, the dark haired male's smile turned into a smirk.

"Now you're the one who's wasting our time," he commented before leaving the room.

Flynn shook his head in discouragement and followed his lover out of the room. He made sure that the apartment was in order before leaving, locking the door behind them. Yuri was waiting for him outside the door, wearing a couple of the bags containing their personal affairs. Flynn took the rest of the bags and the two lovers departed towards the building's exit. Once they were out, they walked towards the car they had rented for their trip. Flynn opened the boot of the car and they put the bags in it. Once it was done, the blonde closed the boot and looked at Yuri. He could see his lover was excited about their short vacations at the beach.

It was mid July and Yuri had managed to get a few days off from his job, As well as Flynn. It had been more complicated for the blonde to obtain his vacations, because he was only working for two months. Flynn was offered a part-time job at the college's library. He accepted the job without a second thought. With this job and Yuri's, they would be okay for the time being. Even though Flynn still had the funds his parents gave him, he did not want to rely on that to live. He wanted to live with the money he himself would gain. In any case, it was only because he was a good worker that his boss let him take those few days off. Flynn was glad for it. Yuri had been bothering him for a while now for them to take some vacations and Flynn was eager for it too.

Yuri went to the passenger door and opened it, a warm smile on his lips.

"Okay, let's go!" he said with unhidden excitement.

Flynn laughed as he walked to the driver's door. "You sound like a child right now," he commented.

Yuri made a pouting face as he opened the door and sat on the seat. When Flynn joined him inside the car, he noticed his lover's expression. It made him smile as he leaned in to pinch Yuri's cheek.

"You can't convince me of the contrary when you look like that," he commented with humor.

Yuri batted Flynn's hand away and glared at him, but it held no venom. The blonde ignored it as he started the engine. He threw a bright look at his lover.

"Ready?" he asked.

Yuri regained his good humor. He smiled back at Flynn as he settled comfortably against the seat.

"Hell yeah! I've been waiting for this," he answered with eagerness. Flynn laughed at that.

He too had been waiting to spend some relaxing time with his lover. He could not wait to arrive at their hotel.

Yuri plopped down on the bed of their hotel room with a sigh of contentment. They finally arrived after five hours of driving. It may have been a long trip from home, but it would be worthwhile as both lovers would get to spend time alone at the beach. As he stared at the ceiling, the dark haired male's vision was soon invaded by a smiling blonde.

"Don't tell me you're tired already? And here I thought we would go out to spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach, have dinner out and then go for an evening walk. It seems we'll have to forget about it," he said, amused by his lover's actions.

Yuri pouted in return. "Come on, we still have some time," he said.

Flynn shook his head. "Yes, that we could use to undo our bags," he replied.

The blonde did not expect the hand that shot up to grab his collar, yanking him down. Flynn fell on the mattress on top of Yuri. Their faces were now only a few centimetres apart and Yuri smiled wickedly at his lover.

"How about just relaxing a little instead?" he whispered.

Flynn smiled too. "You're quite convincing when you want to," he whispered back before claiming Yuri's lips in a loving kiss.

Yuri was right; they could relax a little. They were on vacation, after all.

An hour later, once they stopped their intense session of making out, they decided to go and visit the beach that was just behind their hotel. Once they were both dressed with their swimsuits, Flynn told Yuri to wait for him outside of the hotel for he had something he forgot to do. Yuri was waiting impatiently outside of the hotel, wondering what his lover was doing that was taking so long. He was really losing his patience when two hands suddenly covered his eyes and he felt a familiar body press against him from behind.

Yuri smiled when he heard his lover whisper against his ear; "I'm ready now."

Yuri pried Flynn's hands away and turned around, circling his lover's neck as he pressed closer to him, but not without looking Flynn over first. A smirk stretched Yuri's lips.

"It's about time. I was missing my sexy blonde," he whispered seductively.

Flynn chuckled in return while his arms found their way around Yuri's waist.

"Already? I'm not the only one getting addicted here," Flynn replied as he leaned in to claim Yuri's lips.

However, he never could as the raven haired male pushed away from him, smirking deviously.

"Don't count on it. You're the most addicted," he replied with amusement and before Flynn could say or do anything, Yuri was running towards the beach.

Understanding his game, Flynn chased after his lover, not minding the curious looks they were receiving from the people around. His feet soon met the warm sand and he kept on running after Yuri. A smile graced his lips when he noticed he was catching up to him.

Yuri never saw it coming. Two arms wrapped around his waist and lifted him from the ground. He let out a cry of surprise as Flynn kept on running towards the sea, carrying Yuri.

"Flynn, no! Let me go! Don't –"

the raven haired male never had the time to finish his sentence. Flynn had reached the sea and when he was deep enough, he dropped Yuri in the water without any ceremony.

When Yuri breached the surface, he was met by the sight of his lover laughing his ass off at him. A playful smile appeared on Yuri's lips. He splashed Flynn without any warning. The blonde raised an eyebrow and saw the glint of mischievousness in his lover's eyes.

"So, you want to play it like that," he said as he approached Yuri.

The latter took his distance and splashed water on Flynn again, but it had no effect this time. The blonde reached his lover and pushed his head underwater. Yuri grabbed Flynn just in time, bringing his lover with him under the water. When they came to the surface again, Flynn was quick to join his lover and caught him into his arms. They laughed heartedly together, until Flynn leaned in to capture his lover's lips.

Their kiss was sweet and loving, lasting a long time as they lost themselves in the other's embrace. When they finally pulled apart, Yuri kept his lips close to Flynn's while his body was still pressed against the blonde. He smiled wickedly at Flynn.

"Right now, I'd really like for you to lose that swimsuit," he whispered sensually.

A smile stretched across the blonde's lips as he caressed Yuri's wet hair.

"I'm sorry to tell you, but it's not really legal to do that on a public beach," he answered in a murmur.

Yuri faked a pouting expression, but his eyes still held that sensual glint.

"It's a shame. I always wanted to do it in the water," he whispered.

Flynn raised an amused eyebrow at that. "How interesting. I do remember there aren't a lot of people at the beach after midnight," he answered, playing his lover's game.

Yuri chuckled sweetly in response. "Tempting. The great Flynn Scifo would not mind trespassing the rules for me? I'm touched," he said with fake surprise.

Flynn's arms around his lover's waist brought Yuri closer.

"It's your influence. Besides, for that, I wouldn't mind. But for now…" he trailed on as his smile turned sly.

Yuri was suddenly lifted again. He did not have the time to protest that Flynn was throwing him into the water again.

Flynn could not stop laughing at the face Yuri pulled when he got out of the water. And as they began another playful contest, Flynn could not stop smiling like an idiot.

It was rather late when the two lovers came back to their hotel room. They had eaten at an open-aired restaurant near the beach and after that, they had taken a stroll on the warm sand as the sun set at the horizon. It impressed Flynn how Yuri could keep silent sometimes, just enjoying the present moment with Flynn and looking at the setting sun over the sea. The raven haired male was always so full of surprises and it was one of the things Flynn loved the most in him.

Yuri was about to enter their hotel room when Flynn suddenly covered his eyes. Yuri gasped in surprise and tried to pry his lover's hands away.

"Flynn? What are you doing?" he asked with slight annoyance.

"I have a surprise for you, so please keep your eyes closed," Flynn answered.

Yuri snorted in response, but he complied. So that was what the blonde was doing when he made Yuri wait outside before? Somehow, Yuri was scared about what the surprise could be.

Flynn released his lover when he made sure he had his eyes closed. He unlocked the door and gently guided Yuri inside. Once they were both inside the room, the blonde told his lover to open his eyes. When Yuri did, he froze at what he saw, unable to get his eyes away from what was on the bed. A jewel case. His heart began to beat faster at what he thought was inside. He barely felt Flynn guiding him to the bed and making him sit down. Yuri watched in silence as Flynn took the case and sat at his side.

Yuri felt numb when his lover opened the case and he saw exactly what he feared he would see: a ring. It was of a simple design; a plain silver ring laced with white gold. Yuri was completely stunned in front of it and Flynn was quick to notice it. His hand went to his lover's cheek.

"Hey, don't freak out. I'm not asking you to marry me," Flynn reassured Yuri.

The latter finally looked at Flynn with a mix of confusion and relief. Flynn took Yuri's hand in his and squeezed it with affection.

"I'm aware that we haven't been dating for a long time and that it would be too soon for that. That's why it's not an engagement ring; it's a promise ring," he said in a gentle tone.

Flynn's words only furthered the raven haired male's confusion.

"But why now? Why do you want to give this to me now?" he asked, searching into his lover's eyes.

Flynn squeezed Yuri's hand harder. "I... I have something to tell you, Yuri," the blonde said in a calm tone, but it did not hide the slight unease in it.

Yuri's gaze grew wary. "I really don't like it when you say that," he said.

It made Yuri think that Flynn had bad news to announce him. Flynn shook his head and his gaze held Yuri's eyes softly.

"No, don't worry. It's nothing alarming, but I have to discuss this with you," he said.

Yuri nodded and stayed silent, waiting for his lover to continue. Flynn soon spoke in a gentle tone.

"I've been thinking about what I wanted to do with my life for a while now, you know that. Well, I think I've found it," he said.

With the way he talked, Yuri knew Flynn had thought a lot about it and that his mind was set.

"What is it?" he asked in a soft encouragement.

Flynn smiled to Yuri. "I want to study law," he announced.

Yuri's face lit up at that. "That's great, Flynn!" he exclaimed, happy that Flynn finally found something he wanted to do for himself.

Yuri knew his lover's future had been weighting on his mind for a long time now; even before he stopped talking with his parents.

The dark haired male was surprised when he saw the blonde's gaze sadden.

"Yes, but the thing is... the College in town doesn't give that course, nor does the ones nearby," he said.

Oh. Yuri understood why he was so bothered by it and why he wanted to talk to Yuri about it. If Flynn was to go and study law, they would have to be separated the time of his lover's studies. Flynn was torn between Yuri and his future career. It was a difficult choice for him. Yuri would not make it any more difficult.

He smiled gently at Flynn. "You should go," he said with conviction.

Flynn's eyes widened at his words. "But Yuri, if I go, it will mean we won't get to see each other during most of the school year! The nearest good-rated school who offers it is really far from here!" he protested.

Yuri pinched his lover's cheek, never parting from his gentle smile.

"So what? It's true that if you go, I'll miss you, but I won't die from it! We'll still get to see each other during Christmas and summer break, right? Besides, it's only for a couple of years. A lot of things can change during that time," he said.

Flynn drew a sad smile. "I know, but still... I don't want to get separated from you. It hurts just thinking about it," he said in a pained voice.

The bright smile that Yuri shot his way destabilized Flynn.

"Come on, Flynn! I'm not going anywhere! Don't pass up that opportunity for me! I'll be waiting for you, so..." he said on a gentle tone.

Flynn's expression became touched beyond measure. He gathered his lover into his arms in an embrace that told of his gratitude.

"Thank you, Yuri," he said with a voice shaking with relief and gratitude.

When Flynn released Yuri, he leaned in to claim his lover's lips in a breathtaking kiss.

When they broke apart, Flynn whispered against Yuri's lips; "I love you."

The tone of his voice made the latter shiver. A second later, the blonde was lifting the box with the ring in front of Yuri's eyes.

"I wanted to give you this ring in the hopes that you'll be mine forever whatever happens from now on," he whispered in a serious tone filled with emotions.

Yuri stayed silent for a long moment, not telling Flynn what he was thinking of the ring, but his burning cheeks spoke for him. Flynn smiled gently at him.

"If you don't want it, I'll understand," he said.

A small smile finally dawned on Yuri's lips and he gave his answer, presenting his hand to Flynn. The blonde smiled brightly and carefully slipped the ring around Yuri's ring finger. Once it was on, the raven haired male took a few seconds to just look at the foreign sight of the ring around his finger. Then, he leaned in to give Flynn a kiss full of passion. The blonde was quick to embrace his lover and deepen the kiss.

When they parted, Yuri smiled against his lover's lips.

"Baka. You didn't need to give me this, you know. I already told you I'll be yours forever," he whispered.

The happiness that appeared on the blonde's face was one Yuri never saw before. The sight literally made him melt. Yuri wanted to always see that kind of expression on his lover's face. It made him crave Flynn more and more. Yuri acted on his desire. He yanked Flynn forward until their lips mashed together. Flynn's surprise quickly faded away and he returned the kiss with as much intensity. He pressed Yuri tightly against him. As the kiss grew bolder and more passionate, Flynn let his hands caress his lover's back, earning shivers of pleasure.

Yuri broke the kiss and panted against his lover's lips. A few seconds later, he leaned in to nibble and suck at Flynn's neck. The latter let out a gasp filled with pleasure.

"Hum, Yuri? I thought you wanted to pay a visit to the beach later," he pointed out in a slightly breathless tone.

Yuri looked at him and a sly smile stretched across his lips. "I changed my mind," he answered simply.

Flynn chuckled and was about to say something when Yuri spoke again; "Now it's your turn to close your eyes. I've got something for you too."

Flynn raised an eyebrow in curiosity, but he obediently closed his eyes. The blonde heard his lover get off the bed and rummage through one of their bags. Soon, Yuri came back on the bed and he made Flynn back off until the blonde's back was against the bed's headboard. Flynn frowned when Yuri grabbed his arm and lifted it.

"What are you doing? I don't – " Flynn stopped talking as soon as he felt something close around his wrist.

He snapped his eyes open and looked at his wrist to see it tied to the headboard with handcuffs.

Flynn turned his gaze to Yuri in time to see the dark haired male crawl towards him on the bed until he was straddling him. Yuri smirked playfully at Flynn as he settled comfortably on his lover's lap.

"I found your little secret, Flynn. You hid Judith's gifts well, but not well enough," he said with amusement.

Flynn's cheeks took a slight tint of red. "So that's what you were putting in your bag just before we left the apartment," he said with embarrassment.

Yuri let his hands caress Flynn's chest in slow and teasing movements.

"Yeah. I can't believe you hid something like this from me. We could have put them to good use way sooner," he whispered in a sultry tone.

Flynn sighed with resignation and stared at his lover. "You'll never change, do you? And here I thought we could spend a romantic, sweet evening together," he replied.

Yuri chuckled evilly as he leaned completely against Flynn, cupping the blonde's face into his hands.

"If it really bothered you, you would have thrown those gifts away instead of hiding them. Besides, I know you love my wickedness," Yuri teased in a whisper.

Flynn smiled in return. "I never said that," he replied.

Yuri circled his lover's neck and brought his lips against his lover's as he stared straight into his blue gaze.

"You wouldn't be ready to spend forever with me if you didn't like it. You're stuck with me now," he said, his words reflecting the love and the desire he felt.

Flynn's free hand went behind Yuri's head and caressed his lover's dark strands as he smiled back at him, his eyes shining with endless joy.

"And I wouldn't have it any other way," he said in a whisper before bringing Yuri's lips against his own, melting in a perfection that spoke without words.

And as they kissed, a feeling imposed itself to their minds; the feeling that they belonged here, in each other's arms. The feeling of emptiness they both carried all those years faded away to be replaced by the other's presence. No matter what life would throw at them, they would face those obstacles head on together. Nothing would ever separate them, and if they could turn back time, they would not change a thing.

They would fall for each other again and again, until the end of time.

The End

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In a desolated world raged by war and tragedies, two opposite souls befriend each other despite the conflict separating their two races. Can they change the fate of their ravaged world? Flynn/Yuri, Collab, AU

Okay, so you all know I'm a cruel person because of my cliffhangers, right? Let me be even crueller! Here's a preview for you ^^ Have fun reading!

How glad was the boy to have discovered such a paradise! No one else would ever come here, it would be the place where he would come to feel at peace and escape reality.

"Die, you fiend! Ah yah!" a childish voice filled with determination resounded in the cavern.

Suddenly, a child holding a branch and waving it back and forth in the air emerged from the bush that was just beside the blonde boy. The latter turned in surprise. The child, who had now stopped his movements in surprise, had silky ebony hair that cascaded in his back, gathered at the bottom with a dark purple ribbon. His gray eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared at the blonde's shocked blue gaze. He wore dark clothes that could only belong to someone of a high class; a light gray long sleeved vest atop a black shirt, which was held at his waist by a thick chocolate belt, and a simple pair of black pants. His clothing contrasted starkly with the blonde's clothes: a simple and worn white long sleeved shirt with dark blue pants that were torn at the bottom.

And then, the shock was gone and the dark haired child was moving again. He lifted his branch up in the air, pointing it in an accusative way at the intruder.

"Get out of here!" he ordered. "No one's supposed to be here except me. I don't want any strangers in my special place!"

He took a better look at the newcomer and his eyes became wide once more, this time in pure outrage.

"And you're an Angel! My dad told me that Angels are vile humans who deserve nothing but to be punished for the bad things they've done!"

Those last words irritated the blonde to no end. Seeing another child his age, he had been ready to share his secret place, but now he wanted nothing more than to throw him out.

"Hey, I didn't do anything wrong!" he exclaimed in irritation. "So what if I'm an Angel, I could say the same about you Demons anyway! And besides, this isn't your place! I came here before and you were never here, so this definitely makes it my special place!"

He crossed his arms in a finality stance, as though he were saying 'There, that settles it!' and glared at the Demon.

But the dark haired boy did not back down. Instead, he only grew more annoyed and he jumped on a rock to increase his height while he continued to point the branch at the Angel.

"You know what? There's only one way to settle this! We'll fight for our special place! The loser must leave this place forever. Sound all right?"

Before the blonde could even agree, the dark haired boy continued. "But I'm warning you, my father is a really powerful general. So I'm pretty sure you can't beat me!" he bragged.

The Angel rolled his eyes and sighed before his gaze trailed up from the ground. He quickly found another stick lying around. Once he picked it up, he took a fighting stance. He waited, carefully examining how the other would start. The dark haired boy took time to attack; he too was analysing the situation. When the long haired boy did charge, his weapon at his side, he moved it up in order to hit the other's shoulder. However, it was parried by the Angel's branch as they collided. Both boys took steps backwards only to charge again. Every time the dark haired boy lashed out, he was met by the other's weapon. The branches clashed a few times as the boys moved in circle. After a few seconds, the blonde's foot hooked the other's ankle, tripping him, and then pushing him right into the lake. The only sound the Demon made was an exclamation of surprise before there was a loud splash.

The dark haired boy, now dripping wet, pouted as he sat on the rocky bottom of the shallower part of the lake. He spat water and the blonde immediately burst out in laughter. At first, the Demon glared at his opponent, but then the laughter was too contagious and he was soon following the other's example. They were now laughing so hard, their stomachs hurt.

When they both calmed down, the defeated boy sighed heavily and placed his hands behind his head as he let himself fall onto his back, enjoying the warm water caressing his hair and skin.

"Aw man, I guess you really are stronger than I am," he complained.

He did not look up when he heard splashes coming his way, knowing full well his opponent was approaching. Soon, the latter's face was in view. A grin shot towards him that he answered immediately.

"Do I really have to leave?" the Demon whined as he took the hand that was offered to him to help him up.

The short haired chuckled and raised an eyebrow. "I don't know..." he trailed off, feigning a pensive look as he considered what he should do.

"Wasn't 'leaving and never coming back' your terms?" He reminded, shrugging nonchalantly as though he were ready to throw his opponent out.

And yet, when he saw the Demon's saddened pout and pleading look, the blonde child could not help but laugh harder as he smacked the other's back.

"Of course you can stay! This place's too big for just me anyway." He smiled widely as he reached his decision and turned around to go back to the shore, followed quickly by the dark haired child.

"My name's Yuri Lowell, by the way." The Demon finally offered his name and the blonde happily answered, "I'm Flynn Scifo."

Now that they knew each other's identities, Flynn felt like they could become friends. The mere idea thrilled him and he hoped very much that Yuri would want him as a friend as well.

"You know, humans are so weird."

Both boys were currently 'stargazing' in their hiding spot, contemplating the shimmering gems incrusted in the inner surface of the mountain. Side by side, they were lying on the soft grass, resting after a hard afternoon of training and playing together.

"I mean, even though there are Angels and Demons, we're all humans. We're the same," Flynn continued, sighing softly.

"But we keep fighting each other as if someone has to be superior to the other. It's because of this stupid war that our world ended up like this. It doesn't have to be that way! Look at us. We're friends!"

It had been bothering him for a while now and he really needed to share it with his friend, Yuri could tell. He wondered if there was a reason why he chose to share it then. He waited for his friend to continue to see where he was going.

"I want... I want to change that," the Angel suddenly admitted, turning his body onto the side to take a better look at his friend.

"When I'm old enough, I want to join the army. I'll work hard and rise up the ranks so that, one day, I can change everything and help bring peace!"

His blue eyes shone with fierce determination and, as the Demon stared at them, he found himself smirking proudly. He too had had the same train of thoughts for a while.

From the way Flynn's smile grew, Yuri knew that his friend had understood they had both the same goal.

"We should make a promise, then," Yuri announced as he hopped onto his feet, grabbing the wooden sword he always brought with him these last few months.

Flynn raised an eyebrow, interested, as he too grabbed his wooden sword, a gift from Yuri on his last birthday. They stood face to face and raised their swords, crossing them.

"Even though we don't have real swords for now, let's swear on them," the Demon started.

"We swear to make people smile..." Flynn told with assurance and unbreakable resolution.

"Even if we follow different paths..." Yuri added, conviction spread across his features.

"Even if we bear different burdens..."

"Even if people praise us, or hate us..."

"There are places that you or I can't reach, but if we work towards our goal, we'll never be alone," Flynn finished with a nod of his head.

"Because I'm sure that if we both make a difference in each of our sides, we'll gain allies in the end."

Two weeks passed since the first time Yuri went to the battlefield. That day, the Schwann brigade clashed against Duke's brigade. Yuri was separated from Schwann at some point in the battle, but he could hear the captain fight not far from where he stood. It was mid afternoon and Yuri was already covered in his enemies' blood. He had sustained an injury to his arm, but it was not deep enough to prevent him to fight. He kept up the fighting, killing Angel after Angel with a terrifying emptiness.

The Demon blocked the sword of his current opponent. He skilfully broke the Angel's guard and his sword pierced his enemy's chest. He pulled his sword quickly out of the Angel and watched him fall lifelessly on the ground.

"Yuri?" The long haired man froze when he heard his name being said in barely a whisper.

That voice... Despite being deeper and lower than Yuri remembered, he could still recognize that voice between any others. He slowly turned his head to the side, towards the voice he had heard. His gaze fell into eyes as blue as the ocean, widened under the surprise. Yuri would recognize them between no other.

Flynn. It was unmistakably him. Yuri found himself taking in the sight of his childhood friend. Flynn's blond hair was kept a little longer than in his memories with soft strands falling in front of his eyes and still as messy as before.

The blonde repeated his name in no more than a bewildered whisper again. "Yuri? Is that really you?"

The Demon swung his sword back until it was lying on his shoulder and he rested a hand on his hip, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

"And who are you? Sorry, but I don't remember being acquainted with an Angel," Yuri said on a tone that showed no care in the world.

The Demon saw the betrayal shine into those blue eyes, but the pain in the Angel's eyes soon faded to be replaced by bitterness and anger. Flynn lifted his weapon and aimed the tip of his sword at the Demon's chest.

"I see. It seems I was mistaken," the Angel said coldly.

Yuri crouched into his own fighting stance, his eyes glued to his friend, watching his every movement. They began to circle each other and the tension rose in the air.

Flynn landed the first attack. He quickly slashed at Yuri's right side, aiming for one of the Demon's weak spots. Yuri was quick enough to block the first strike. He stepped aside and closed fast on Flynn. His strike to the Angel's shoulder was however parried as Flynn pivoted quickly and blocked it with ease, counterattacking rapidly. He grabbed Yuri's arm and twisted it painfully behind the Demon's back. Flynn pushed Yuri harshly away. The latter turned around to look at Flynn. The Angel was looking at him with a blank expression. A second later, Flynn charged at him again in a series of fast strikes. Yuri blocked every last one, but he was pushed backwards with each strike.

Flynn's sword managed to get past Yuri's defense and cut the Demon's cheek. Yuri blocked the next strike and in a graceful, fast movement, he danced around the blonde. Flynn did not see his movement in time. Yuri slashed at the Angel's back, but since Flynn moved out of the way at the last second, the katana cut at the Angel's arm instead. The knight took a few steps back before he relentlessly attacked him again.

Yuri barely managed to meet the strikes of the furious Angel. The Demon sustained many injuries, but he did not care as they were only scratches. The two childhood friends fought for a long time and the Demon felt that his stamina was running low. He was breathing hard and his muscles screamed under the strain he put them through. Flynn seemed to be in the same state, but he never stopped attacking. They exchanged no words and the only things Yuri could hear were the sounds of their harsh breath and the clashing of their swords. The outside world did not exist anymore. There was only him and Flynn, lost in a deadly dance. A dance that Yuri did not want to lose.

A sudden feminine voice shattered the illusion and Yuri saw a female knight run towards them. The two opponents broke their swords apart and Flynn turned his head sideways, but his fiery gaze never left Yuri's.

"What is it, Sodia?" the Angel asked the girl that had called his name.

The woman called Sodia threw a worried glance at Yuri, and her hand gripped her sword tighter.

"Didn't you hear? Captain Duke sounded the retreat! We are to return to the capital!" the female knight answered.

Flynn nodded at her attention. "Alright," he said.

His eyes finally left Yuri's and he turned around, hastily retreating from the battlefield with Sodia.

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