My first Millennium fanfic. I've been a fan of the books and movies for a long time. And just seen the American version, it was really a good movie. And of course I'm a true fan of the Blomkvist-Salander relationship. And it was truly beautiful in the movie so here's a small fanfic. It plays during the end of the movie, only Blomkvist notices Salander before he goes off with Erika.

What she nearly broke her heart.

How could she ever think he would be interested in her. He had Erika fucking Berger to fuck, and she was of course not good enough for him.

She turned around, taking a small peek over her shoulder.

Mikeal Blomkvist turned around and saw her standing there. He could see the pain in her dark eyes. He didn't think twice and took his hand from Erika's shoulder and ran for the stairs. "Mikeal where are you going" she yelled, but he gave no reply.

He ran down the stairs, and directly went her way. She was almost at her motorcycle. "Lisbeth wait" he yelled. She turned to him as he stopped running right before her.

"What do you want. Don't you need to go of with your girlfriend?" she asked, you could hear the disgust in her voice when she mentioned Erika. She shoved the package into his hands and he opened it "for me. But why?" he asked.

"Christmas present" she said. "Lisbeth you don't seem like the type to give out presents all of a sudden" Mikeal said.

"Can't you just accept it and don't ask questions. I'm a little bit in a bad mood" she said. "I'm sorry maybe I can help" he said as he laid his hand on her shoulder.

Suddenly she just broke at that point.

"You don't realize it do you" she said. "What" Mikeal said still oblivious.

"Alright let me just say it right here. I like you okay, let's say it to everyone. I am in love with Mikeal Blomkvist, there now you get the clue" Lisbeth said to him.

Mikeal's expression was unreadable.

"And whatever you say about that you are to old for me, I don't care. I like being with you, to have sex with you. I know you probably don't feel the same because you have Erika fucking Berger. But please don't try to break my heart even more" she said to him, she turned her back to him.

Mikeal was at a loss of words. He never expected this.

"Lisbeth" he said. She turned to him and immediately he grabbed her shoulders and kissed her softly.

Although surprised, she returned his kiss.

After a while they left each others lips and Lisbeth said "don't you need to get back to your girlfriend?" she asked.

Mikeal gave her a smile and he said "I rather be with the woman I love" and for what seemed like the first time. Lisbeth smiled.

As it suddenly started to rain. They kissed each other passionately. Not broken at all.

I hope everyone likes this short story. It's not the best, but maybe someone out there likes it.

Greetings from Shock.