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Rogue awoke to a splitting headache. She really didn't want to open her eyes. Finally she managed crack her eyes open just a bit.

"Rogue! Hank! Rogue's awake!" A voice said.

Rogue was puzzled. That voice was familiar but she couldn't place it. She open her eyes the rest of the way and gasped. Gambit was standing over her. What the hell was he doing here. She couldn't seem to find her voice to ask.

The door opened and Hank walked through it. "Rogue I'm glad to see you awake. We were getting worried. How are you feeling?"

Rogue struggled to find her voice. "My head hurts."

"Yes I imagine so. You hit it pretty hard when you fell."

"I fell? Where?"

"So you don't remember?"

Rogue struggled to remember. "No nothing."

"Well what is the last thing you remember."

"We had just defeated Apocalypse and were outside talking to the Professor." Rogue said thinking hard.

Hank looked startled and Gambit gasped loudly.

"Rogue that was five years ago." Hank said quietly.

"What are you talking about?" Rogue said starting to panic. She began to hyper ventilate.

"Rogue you need to calm down."

"How can I! You're saying I can't remember five years of my life!"

"Rogue just let me check your vitals and then I will get Charles and we will sort this out. Okay?" Hank said gently.

Rogue nodded. Her mind was on overload as Hank checked the bandage on her head and took her blood pressure. What had happen to her? Why was she missing five years? And why was Gambit here?

"Okay Rogue you seem to be fine physically. I'm gonna go up and get the Professor. I will be right back." Hank said. And he left the room.

Rogue sat quietly trying to take in what Hank had told her. She looked up at Gambit. He looked devastated. "Why are you here?" Rogue asked.

Gambit winced. "I'm an X-men now." He said after a long pause.

"Oh. For how long?"

Gambit paused again. "Almost five years."

"Oh." Rogue said again. "Are we friends? Is that why your down here with me?"

Gambit sighed. "Yeah were friends."

Rogue wondered why he looked so sad.

"Hello Rogue. How are you feeling?" The Professor said as he wheeled into the room.

"My head hurts. And I'm a little confused." Rogue replied.

"Yes Hank said you lost some of your memories. May I take a look?"


The Professor came closer and brought his hands up to her head and was about to touch her when Rogue jerked back. "What are you doing?" She demanded. "Do you wanna get hurt!"

"I'm sorry Rogue. Of course you don't remember you have your powers under control."

Rogue was shocked. "I do? How?"

"About four years ago, There was an incident and you forced your self to get them under control." The Professor said glancing at Gambit.

Rogue wondered why he looked at Gambit. "How do I control them?"

Gambit spoke up. "After the first time you turned them off you said you could feel your power in your skin. Like a soft electric current running through it. After that you were able to turn it off and on."

Rogue looked at him. He had a far off look on his face like he was looking at a memory. Why did he look so sad? Rogue pushed him out of her mind and concentrated. She could feel the current. Then she willed the current to stop and it did. "I can control it!" Rogue said happily. Gambit smiled at her but she noticed it didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Rogue would it be alright if I took a look in your mind now." The Professor asked.

"Oh yes fine." Rogue said still a little distracted by her new found control.

The Professor raised his hands again. He entered her mind. "I believe the memories are still there. I would be best to let them come back on their own. I feel that I would do more harm than good if I tried to bring them back myself." The Professor said as he leaned back into his chair.

"Oh are you sure?" Rogue asked.

"Yes, We can try to help you using normal methods. Such as pictures and see if we can jog your memories."

"What happen to me that caused me to lose them?"

"You were out helping people out of a building that had been attacked by Magneto's men. Part of the wall started to collapse and you managed to get everyone out of the way but part of the wall broke off and hit you."

"No one else got hurt?"

"No just you." Hank said.

"How long was I out?"

"Almost two weeks."

"Wait, I thought you said I fell?"

"You did, you were flying at the time."

"I can fly?"


Rogue was having trouble wrapping her head around all this. "Am I well enough to go back to my room? I really don't want to stay down here." She said. She wanted to be alone to think.

Hank and the Professor looked at Gambit.

"I don't see why not. But there is something you need to know." Hank said.

"What?" Rogue asked confused.

"You and Remy share a room." The Professor told her.

Rogue stared at them and then turned to look at Gambit. "We share a room?"

"Oui." Gambit replied.