The neighbourhood project

I made this except for the characters there from dinosaur king and other

Rex, max and Zoe were infiltrating a science lab owned by Dr Frubenstein. As they all go inside they see nothing but tubes of chemicals and potions. Max went over to one of Dr Fubensteins unfinished work. "Hey Rex come look at this your good at science, maybe you can complete it" said max.

"I don't no cos the c02 bubbles are mixed with the small helium atoms which can cause a reaction" said Rex

"(Sighs) you people are so boring" cried Zoe. Zoe went up to the experiment and removed the helium extractor... BOOM

Zoe checks her body to see if there was anything there but all she could see was smoke. Soon the smoke cleared terrified Zoe said "um Rex you have something inside you". Rex looked down slowly and saw a metal pole sticking right through him. Panicking Rex was saying why this not hurts. Rex looked over to max where he was on the floor with a wrench punctured in his knee cap. Max realising that it did not hurt, took it out of knee with a drip of shiny blood. Zoe stated "I think that experiment was an immortality experiment, but where is Dr Frubenstein". Rex seeing Max just took the wrench out of his knee, Rex took the pole right out through him and his blood was shiny red as well. They all stood there in silence for several minutes

Moments later they all departed and called Zoe's sister to abort the mission that they found something else. Zoe's sister said on the phone "you're all out of the team and the organization because you set free you animals to Pokémon land to get enslaved".

"What you can't do that... (Phone hangs up) do you want to check the lottery results Max" Rex said sadly.

"Ok why not, we better be heading to our houses" said max

"Ok see ya all" said Zoe slightly happy.