The Neighbourhood Project

The characters used in this story were not created by me

"Such a wonderful week it's been could it get any better" said rex


Zoe came in the room quietly and shy fully said "rex we've know each other for some time and I want to be more than friends with you."

"Zoe what are you talking about." Confusingly said rex

"Rex I really like you" said Zoe blushing

"Zoe I ... also like you" rex said trying to hide his blush. Rex and Zoe go up close to each other, first staring into each over eyes, rex gazing at green Zoe gazing at blue. Zoe and rex's lips meet both happy with the decision. What they didn't notice was that max was peaking through the door "I knew they had a thing for each other now who am I going to go out with" said max as he walked down the corridor aimlessly.

Zoe and rex both remove their lips, Zoe smile's at rex and walks out of his room and went back to hers. "Best week of my life" said rex happily

(7:00 am)

Max wakes up and goes to the bathroom to do his morning duties. As he entered something else caught his eye. At the end of the corridor there was a shadow there, was it rex or Zoe? "Rex... Zoe you down there" max walks down to the end and looks right...

(8:30 am)

Rex wakes up and also goes to the bathroom on the upper floor. As rex went up the stairs there was a big force of wind hitting him "Zoe is that you, there's no need to blow the fan at me. Rex got upstairs and what he saw shocked him for the rest of his life...