Princess Mononoke- Sickness

Chapter 1

A/N-I finished watching the movie. I don't know much about it but this ficcie takes place after the movie. Enjoy! R/R.


Ashitaka mounted Yakkul. His belongings were packed and fastened to the elk. "Thanks for everything Lady Eboshi and Irontown." He said to the people, as he was about to leave.

"Wait!" Toki yelled out to him. "Are you ever going to come back Ashitaka?" She asked. "We're all going to miss you."

"I must visit San. I'll be back in a few days." He called out to Toki as he sped off towards the forest.

As he entered the forest, a warm sense of comfort came to him. San was close by. Spirits surrounded and greeted him as he continued searching for her. He hadn't seen her for many months. He was busy helping to reconstruct Irontown. He remembered their first encounter. Never would he be able to forget her fierce nature and enticing eyes. She would have to be around 17 cycles by now. Abruptly, his thoughts of San were broken by the bark of a wolf. He stared down upon the animal. It would lead him to her. He jumped down from the elk and followed the wolf.

They came upon a clearing with a gigantic tree in the middle. It was the grave of Moro, San's wolf mother. Kneeling on the ground, with her head down, was San. Askitaka, the wolf, and the elk concealed themselves behind the bushes.

"Mother I miss you so much. Grant me your strength and courage through these times." San prayed. She rose and started to walk away when the wolf came out of the bushes and ran towards her.

Ashitaka came out and approached her silently. He noticed that she was covered in blood. It was smeared all over her arms, legs, face, back, stomach, and hands. He placed his hand on her shoulder.

"What happened? Here let me help you." He said gently as he moved closer to examine her wounds. She hesitated and backed away trembling.

"Go away!" She yelled as she clutched the gash along her stomach. Blood oozed out between her fingers, wincing at the pain.

"But San.You're hurt." He said, concerned about her.

"Just go away Ashitaka! I don't want to speak with you right now. Your human, you wouldn't understand!" She yelled as she ran as fast as she could into the forest, the wolf following behind her.

Ashitaka ran after her. He ran as fast as his legs would push him. Catching up with her, he noticed her staggering in pain. He rushed forward and pushed her on the ground. Ashitaka fell on top of her. He grabbed her arms, but she turned over and they went rolling down a hill. When they stopped, San started to beat upon his chest, but Ashitaka pinned her to the ground so she couldn't move.

"I hate humans! Leave me ALONE!!!!!" She screamed.

"Your.human too. but I'll leave San." Ashitaka said. Then he looked down at her watering eyes and roughly kissed her lips before she could scream out again. Her eyes were wide with fear and her heart began to beat fast. Ashitaka felt her tense body relax within his grasp. He got up and whistled for Yakkul. The elk came and Ashitaka jumped on.

"If you want me to leave you alone, that's what I'll do." He said and went off deeper into the forest.

"What did I do to piss her off like that?" He pondered as the forest noises surrounded him as he traveled alone. He rode long into the night.

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