Princess Mononoke

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"Toki!!!" Ashitaka shouted as he pounded on the door, shifting San in his arms. "Dammit, open up!"

"Who the hell could that be. urgh its way past midnight. Doesn't anyone sleep anymore?" Toki grumbled. Adjusting her robe, she opened the door. There in front of her stood Ashitaka. "Nani? Ashitaka your back so soon?!"

He shoved past her and went to place San down on the futon. "Help her Toki.please." He whispered as he knelt beside the unconscious girl. Toki stared at the site before her.

". Quick! Boil water and get towels. I'm gone to find the healer." She shouted as she ran out on the street, the door sliding shut after her.

As the minutes pasted, the water boiled. Toki appeared soon after. "Shit, the healer went to another village. Shove over!" She grabbed the cloth from his hand. Stripping San of her clothing, Toki cleaned her wounds. With the wet cloth, she wiped away the red sticky blood.

Brows furrowed together in thought, Toki gently prodded at the open wounds. "We're going to cauterize them." She stated. "Grab her dagger and hold it in the fire until it's hot. She's lost too much blood, we can't wait for it to heal over."

"Nani?! We can't do that. Are you crazy? You haven't even done this before, have you?" He said in disbelief. Toki ignored him and handed him the blade.

He stared at the sharp weapon, grasped in his hand. 'Damn her! She always sounds so confident in herself. Does she honestly know what she's going to do?' Ashitaka pondered silently as he obeyed her whim.

Soon after, the metal was glowing. "Hold her steady for me while I do this." Toki said.

Ashitaka gathered up her naked limp form. He couldn't help the blush that came to his face as he cradled her in his arms, turning her slightly so that the wound on her side was visible. He placed his hand in her mouth so that she wouldn't cry out in pain. Blood from the cuts on her face pooled on his skin.

Toki approached with the dagger in her hands. Beads of sweat covered her forehead. She quickly pressed the flat of the blade against the wound. Ashitaka held San steady as she jerked in pain. Her teeth clenched down hard in his hand leaving deep cuts and marks. Her breathing became ragged as her skin seared together. The smell of the burning flesh was nauseating. Toki pulled away leaving behind an ugly red mark. Ashitaka gently turned San over. There was one more on her shoulder blade. They repeated the process over again. Luckily San remained unconscious through it all.

Toki stood up and washed the dagger off of burnt flesh. Ashitaka looked down at the woman before him. She continued to whimper as a tear escaped her closed lids and rolled down her cheek. He pulled out his cut hand from her mouth. Blood dripped off her face and fell on his hand. Her blood mingled with his. Ashitaka gently brushed her tears away with his fingers as Toki reappeared.

"Here it is!" She exclaimed as she held up a weird shaped plant. Kneeling beside San, she broke off a part of the plant. Using the inside of the plant, she rubbed it on the wounds. "Its aloe." She said quietly, "It will help with the burn." After applying the plant medicine, she wrapped San in many blankets and laid her on the futon to rest. "Now that that's done, let's get some sleep." Toki said to Ashitaka.

Too tired to argue, Ashitaka agreed. 'What can tomorrow possibly bring?' Ashitaka thought. Without another word said, they both fell asleep.


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