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The Agency

By MissKatt

Prologue: Stir-crazy

The old flea youkai looked through the glass window of his personal office. He just had a call come in and already his units were filing out, hurrying to the scene where the supposed rogue youkai was. This youkai, hanyou, rather, was the one they had been hunting for a year now: Naraku. He had slowly started to become more and more of an issue and harder and harder to find. This was the break they all had been waiting for so he sent all of his employees on the mission.

All ventured out, except for two.

Sango was his number one researcher and dialer. She kept in contact with his associates while they were out, providing any information they needed as they carried out the plan. She was a strong woman, even for a human, but she only went on calls when it was absolutely necessary. She was needed more in the office than anything.

The other employee was Sesshoumaru. To put it simply: he was his absolute best. He was strong, confident, fast, and could remain calm in any situation. Myouga knew Sesshoumaru could do more damage than Inuyasha and Kouga combined, but he just could not send the inuyoukai out onto the field without his counterpart. It was too risky. Plus, that was the one condition set by the Youkai Court and the Human Government for his agency to exist.

His company was created by him, Taisho Touga, and Shikon Midoriko. They had started to come together when Touga noticed many youkai becoming mad with hiding their power and having to succumb to the daily lives of being 'human'. When they gave into the evil within their hearts and began to lash out against the conformity of human practices, they were labeled as 'Rogue'. He, Touga, and Midoriko had taken it upon themselves to 'subdue' these youkai. Realizing there were more than just the three of them could handle, they had the idea to create an establishment in which the employees would rid Japan of rogue youkai.

For the longest time, the Human Government and the Youkai Court fought against the idea greatly for their own issues. The Youkai Court believed it was wrong for youkai to wipe out their brethren and allies, let along let a miko help with it. The Human Government, however, was too fearful that the agency would corrupt itself and the youkai would become too confident and begin to use their power for evil. Touga, the most confident and persuasive talker, suggested the law of the establishment which was still in effect to this day:

A youkai could not go out on a field mission without a miko partner. The evil of the youkai plus the purity of the miko balanced each other out, creating a sense of unity and stability. Once a miko and a youkai were paired together, they each received a token to link each other together to ensure the other would not get out of control.

Myouga and Midoriko had agreed hastily, having no issue with the condition. With more persuasion from Touga, the two power houses agreed. And thus, so far, in his office, there hadn't been too much of an uproar about the policy. They knew, as soon as they entered the agency, that the pairing was the number one rule.

However, the Human Government was running low on mikos and even monks.

He turned his beady eyes to his near empty office. Unfortunately, due to the shortage, his best was currently without a miko, thus confining him within the office walls. He let out a sigh as he watched the aggravated demon clench his pen tightly, the plastic snapping, causing ink to spill over his hands. With a growl, the inuyoukai roughly rolled back from his desk in his swivel chair, nearly knocking over the wall to his cubicle in his fury to stand. The flea youkai watched as the powerful demon disappeared into the bathroom.

Finally having enough of it, the boss picked up the slick black phone sitting on his desk and quickly dialed in the shrine's number. He closed his bug eyes as he listened to the repetitive sound of the ringing.

"Moshi moshi?"

He opened his eyes as his pointed ear was filled with the elderly lady's raspy voice. "Kaede-sama."

"Ah, Myouga-sama, good afternoon. What may I assist ye with?" She asked.

"I can't wait much longer, Kaede-sama," He replied, lowering his voice as he watched the inuyoukai move back to his cubicle and angrily stab at the keys on his keyboard. He knew he would need another one by the morning. "He is getting restless."

"I understand that he is restless. However, we already discussed this with him. He does not want another miko." She replied.

"He is just being stubborn! Once he has one I know he will be happy again. He is a natural field agent. He's not meant to be cooped up in an office all day. Plus, his brother is out there and I'm sure it bothers him!" He was trying to convey how important getting a miko to him was. Yes, Sesshoumaru indeed did not want another miko, but Myouga knew he couldn't deny it long; his need to go out on the field was too great.

There was a brief silence on the phone and his sensitive ears picked up her walking around before hearing the squeaking of an office chair. "Ye and I know perfectly well he is going to fight this after what happened." She whispered.

They shared another moment of silence as grief momentarily consumed them. "Hai. But, perhaps he needs a new partner in order to move past this." He suggested seriously. Ever since the accident, they had all noticed that Sesshoumaru had reverted back to his ice-lord self. They tried to engage him in conversations, which were very short lived, and invited him to go out on a work outing, but he would always refuse.

Another bit of silence on her end made him nervous. Would she deny him one? "She is not quite ready, Myouga-sama," She sighed. "But, she has mastered the program already."

The flea smiled happily. "That's great! She's ready then!"

"Baka," She chastised. "I just said she is not quite ready. I want to make sure she is perfect to the 'T' to avoid another…accident."

"Kaede-sama," He began and leaned forward towards his desk, leaning his stubby elbows on the polished oak. "You can't blame yourself either. Neither you nor Sesshoumaru are at fault. Look at Kikyou and Hitomiko! They are great!"

"Kikyou I pushed too hard," She admitted. "It resulted in her coldness. Hitomiko was my first trainee I was very inexperienced so we taught each other a lot. But…"

He knew what she was about to say. "Don't speak of it. We all knew she didn't have a heart to kill. She was a great miko, Kaede-sama, just not in the aspect for this job." He sighed, shaking his head at the loss of his recruit.

"Which is why I want to make sure this one is ready and able. She must be able to defend herself properly. I have to make sure her barriers are impenetrable and her arrows true. She needs to be able to hold her own!"

The vehemence of the miko's words made him smile. She was such a strong woman. But, he needed a miko and soon. "She won't be on her own, Kaede-sama. She will have the strongest youkai I know, well, besides his father of course, with her in any dangerous situation. Please, Kaede-sama, we need her."

That time-slowing pause was back and he nearly bit off his bottom from the anxiety. "Oh, alright, Myouga. But, mark my words; if anything happens to this one, ye are to blame for pushing me into it!" She scolded and sighed. "I am sending ye her profile now. I will have her there tomorrow."

"Thank you, Kaede-sama! We all appreciate it! I will take all responsibility!" He said hastily and began to load his email, preparing for his soon-to-be employee's profile.

"Do not let me down, Myouga, for if ye do, ye will not receive any more mikos from my establishment!" She warned before clicking off the phone.

Myouga shuddered at her words and put the phone back down on its holder. He hurriedly clicked on his inbox as he saw he had an unread new message. He let it load before scanning the page quickly before looking at her picture. "Hmm, Higurashi Kagome, huh? Well, Higurashi-san, welcome to the agency!"

He picked his phone back up and punched in the number for his old friend. Within two rings, the old craftsman answered the phone.


"Is that any way to greet your old friend?" Myouga mused and shook his head. The older youkai had yet to update to recent phone technology that had caller-ID, so he never knew who was calling him.

"Ahh, Myouga!" Totosai greeted with his haggard voice. "What can I do for you?"

"I'm going to need a new set of links." He replied, cutting right to the point. "We are getting a new recruit tomorrow."

"Kaede finally gave in, ay?" He asked and coughed out a laugh before his tone grew serious. "Is this Sesshoumaru's new partner?"

"Hai," Myouga nodded and leaned back in his chair. They both knew the inuyoukai well. He had strength to challenge even his father's, but his personality was colder than his mother's. "Can you have them ready by then?"

"Oh, how you abuse my skills," The old demon wailed into the phone. "But yes; I can."

Myouga shook his head at his friend's oddness. "Thank you. She will be here early so try to be here on time, yes?"

"Ya, ya," Came the answer before he sighed into the receiver. "She's going to need a lot of luck if she's dealing with Sesshoumaru."

Myouga turned in his chair and looked out the window towards the stir-crazy youkai as he clenched his jaw and let out a growl as one of his square letters cracked from the pressure he was inflicting on it. "Indeed."

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