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The Agency

By MissKatt

Chapter Sixteen: Shock

Kagome had no idea what to do. She had been thanking Sesshoumaru for complimenting her and now he was kissing her. She was frozen in her place, unable to make her body move as his surprisingly soft lips pressed against hers.

Reality hit him hard when she did nothing in return to his advance. He pulled away and looked off to the side as rejection stung his pride. He had never been in this predicament before so he was not sure how to react. Did he apologize? "I don't know what I was thinking, kissing someone like you." That was far from an apology.

Her brows knitted together in anger at his brash statement. "It's amazing how much you can change in a single moment. And excuse me for making you kiss me!" She snapped sarcastically, using the back of her hand to wipe her lips.

His eyes narrowed at her action. "It won't happen again." He stated coldly before he walked past her and out the front door, leaving her alone in her kitchen.

She frowned as he left. What had just happened? She gingerly raised her fingertips to her tingling lips and touched them gently.

"Kagome, Kagome, come watch Scooby-Doo with me!" Shippou said, drawing her attention to him.

She smiled at the kit and made her way to the couch, sitting next to him as she watched the cartoon with him, happy for the distraction.

As she lay on her bed that night, she stared up at her ceiling as she thought about her unpredictable partner. He was rude, cold, and a man whore. She nodded firmly at that. He was always making fun of her, scolding her if she did something wrong, and pushing her innocent buttons to get a rise out of her. Truly a bully.

But, he was handsome, strong, and confident which were very attractive traits to her. Despite his cold attitude towards her, she trusted him to keep her safe if she were in trouble. She couldn't explain why exactly, but she thought back to their missions and gave a small smile as she realized that he had come to her aid when she screamed at the jewelry shop with Yura. He had come running in and, though he blamed her for starting it, picked her up when the hair was chasing after them. Then, he had used their bond to find her at the Frog Prince's house and helped her then too. And of course today he had run in and stopped the fake water God from hurting her.

She pursed her lips together when she thought of the Naraku and Midoriko incident. He had barged into the room to when he knew she was in danger. Plus, there was the next morning. He had never really stated why he had spent the night with her, only said that she had the Shikon no Tama and that she was Naraku's next target. Did he stay with her because he was worried Naraku would try something? Was he protecting her in her sleep? Why hadn't he just said that?

She blushed as she remembered what he had insinuated, that they had…sex. They didn't of course, but the memory of him leaning towards her, his lips on her ear and then on her neck made a knot twist in her stomach. Her eyes widened slightly when a subtle throb made itself known between her legs.

Her face turned red when she realized what was going on with her. She was attracted to Sesshoumaru. No, she liked Sesshoumaru. Taking it even further, she knew she wanted him. Yes, she knew it when he kissed her. She wanted so much to kiss him back, but she was too nervous too. And scared. Very scared. She had never kissed anyone before and she had no idea what to do! What if she had kissed him back and he realized how bad it was? He would never let her live it down.

"It doesn't matter," She murmured pathetically. "He didn't mean to kiss me anyways. He regretted it soon after." Even with that said, it didn't help the throb between her legs. She covered her eyes with her forearm and silently cursed herself. She really, really wanted to kiss Sesshoumaru. She wanted to redeem herself so that he wouldn't regret it, but she knew she didn't have the strength nor courage to initiate it, especially how things had ended earlier.

She blinked and quickly sat up when she heard a knocking at her door. She glanced at her clock and saw that it was 10:37pm. Since she had started working at the Agency, she knew it could only been one person. Swallowing nervously, she quickly made her way to the door and opened it.

As soon as she opened the door, Sesshoumaru opened his mouth to say something about their next mission, but stopped abruptly when the scent of her arousal hit him. She was aroused and the scent was deliciously intoxicating. It didn't help that she was in short pajama shorts and a thin tank top. He could easily see himself tearing it apart from her body. He tried to keep his stoic mask in place, but his heart began hammering in his chest as his own loins tightened.

She shifted uncomfortably under his stare. "D-did you forget something?" She stammered.

His amber eyes watched the milky smooth skin of her face turn into a pretty hue of red as she blushed. Damn this innocent miko. Even the way she shifted from one foot to another was sexy. How did this happen? How could he possibly want her this much? She was just a weak human.


He made his thoughts cease abruptly. She wasn't; and that was the problem. She was a strong female and miko and it enticed him. He had realized it when she fought against Naraku's puppet. The sheer power coming from it made his skin crawl in delight. It was a power he wished to dominate and make his own, but only in the most sexual way.

When he didn't reply, she fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. "Sesshoumaru?"

Oh, how sweet his name sounded when it rolled off her tongue. "Kagome." He couldn't stop his lips from saying her name and felt his chest swell when she shuddered visibly.

That was the second time he had said her name and the first time it sounded so sensual. Was it possible he wasn't disgusted with her? She took a step towards him, her courage the strongest it's ever been. She hesitantly reached up with a shaking hand and placed it on his arm.

Her skin was like fire against his. He wondered if he would get burned if their bodies were naked and bare against each other. Wait, did this mean she hadn't rejected him? At this discovery he put his own hand on hers, eyes staring down at her, daring her to do something.

She was always one to take his challenges. She took another hesitant step forward and swallowed nervously. "I'm sorry about earlier," She murmured. "I've never kissed someone before."

Her words filled his ears with understanding. "I will take away your right to say that." He growled and pressed his lips against hers once again.

She happily allowed it, enjoying the feel of his lips against her. She inhaled sharply when she felt his tongue dart out and run against her bottom one, making her lips part. She gave a soft mewl as his tongue met hers before exploring her mouth. Her hands moved to his chest and fisted his shirt.

Her mouth was so sweet and small; he felt as if he could devour her. However, when he felt her hands on his chest, he made himself pull away. He took a step back and put his hands on her shoulders. "Go get dressed." He ordered reluctantly.

She blinked and took a step back as insecurity took over her. Was it bad? Was he displeased? Ah! She was so stupid! "O-okay…" She muttered with a dejected tone.

He sighed at her reaction and stepped forward to place a quick kiss on her lips. "Do not over think it, Miko, we simply have a mission to get to," he let a smirk lift his lips. "We will continue this later, my untouched partner."

She bristled angrily at his words, much to the contrast of her bright blush. "Pfft, good luck with that, jerk." She snorted and quickly ran to her room.

He watched her go with a smirk. He would never tire of teasing her and he could not wait to really tease her later.

"So, where are we going? What file is this?" Kagome asked, now dressed in black slacks and a pink blouse, and in the passenger seat of Sesshoumaru's car, all previous contact seemingly forgotten.

How did he tell her this without her completely freaking out? "It's Naraku," He began, tightening his hands on the steering wheel. "It seems he openly attacked someone."

She blinked. "What? Why would he do that if he knows I have the jewel?" She asked, looking down at her side that supposedly held the Shikon no Tama. Then she perked up a second. "Wait, was this really him or a puppet?"

"It was him." He answered.

"Ah! Then this is our chance to defeat him, Sesshoumaru! He's not hiding behind his puppet! Did you bring Tenseiga?"

His brow furrowed. "How do you know of Tenseiga?"

"Sango," She replied, unfazed by his irritation. "I know it let you down in the past, but you should still bring it with you, Sesshoumaru. It may be able to help! Especially help the person if they are dying! Who is the person anyways? Are they okay?"

He tightened his jaw. "He attacked your caretaker, Miko." He stated, letting his golden eyes glance at her as he drove to the shrine.

Cobalt eyes widened as his words sunk in. She lifted her hand to her racing heart. "K-Kaede-baachan?" She breathed. When he nodded, she shook her head rapidly as tears gathered in her eyes. "No…no! Why would he do that?! She has nothing to do with this, Sesshoumaru!"

The taiyoukai felt his chest constrict at her tears. Damn, now her tears were affecting him? What was the woman doing to him? "I know, Miko, but we believe he is using her to get to you."

"Is she okay? Is she still alive?" She asked desperately, her body turned towards him as he drove.

Her wide blue eyes stared at him helplessly and again he felt his chest tingle. "She is alive and well despite a shallow wound. He is holding her hostage, telling Miroku and Ayame that he is waiting for you."

"Then drive faster!" Kagome shouted at him, her bottom lip trembling.

"Calm down," He demanded. "We need to think of what we are going to do first. We can't just run in there blindly."

"The heck I can't! She is like a mother to me, Sesshoumaru! She raised me since I was five!" She cried, balling her hands into fists.

"I understand that, but we can't risk him obtaining the jewel."

"He can have the damn thing!" She cursed, chest heaving at the thought of Naraku hurting Kaede.

He sighed as he pulled to a stop outside the shrine steps. "Listen, him getting the jewel could be-" He stopped as he saw her bolt out of the car, running up the stairs as fast as she could, taking two at a time. "Miko!" He growled, he fumbled with his seatbelt before getting out of his car and bolting after her.

"Ah, ah, ah, I do not think so, Sesshoumaru," Naraku taunted, throwing up his barrier as soon as the black haired miko reached the top of the stairs and entered the shrine, causing Sesshoumaru to run into it with a growl.

"Naraku." He snarled, glaring at him as he showed himself, walking towards the stairs but staying safely behind his barrier. "Let down your barrier, you coward."

"What fun would it be if you joined us? I am looking forward to spending alone time with this one, especially after her threats against me." With that, he turned towards the miko as she almost reached her fallen mentor and grabbed a fist full of her hair, pulling her back towards him.

"Kaede-baachan!" She cried, reaching out to her. Before she made contact, she felt a firm grip on her hair pull her away from her mentor. "Let me go! I have to help her!"

"Oh, do not worry, I'll killed her after I kill you." He replied and then shot Sesshoumaru a smirk before running his hand down Kagome's body, making her shiver in disgust. He stopped when he reached her left side. "Ah, I feel it; the lulling power is calling to me!"

Sesshoumaru watched in horror as Naraku stabbed his hand into Kagome's side, her scream echoing in his ears just like Rin's had. He lurched at the barrier as he saw Naraku move his hand around in her flesh until he laughed and roughly pulled his hand out, a blood covered jewel now between his fingers.

"I have it," Naraku whispered to himself. "I finally have it." He roughly pushed Kagome away from him, letting her fall on to the cement.

"Kagome-chan," Kaede wheezed, crawling towards the woman as her blood seeped along her blouse.

Inuyasha ran up the shrine stairs as he and the rest of them finally arrived. He unsheathed Tessaiga and let it glow red before swinging it at the barrier, shattering it. Sesshoumaru wasted no time in hurrying to Naraku, poison whip already striking to attack, Inuyasha, Kouga, and Ayame a step behind him.

Naraku easily deflected them all, another cold laugh escaping him as the jewel turned black from his evil heart. "It is no use! I have won! I will take over this pathetic world and make it mine!" He shouted before swallowing the jewel.

As the jewel disappeared inside of him, his body began to contort and expand, taking on the shape of a large spider.

"Ladies, shall we?" Miroku asked, nodding at Hitomiko and Kikyou. Without hesitation, the three split up to three different points around Naraku and dropped down to their knees, murmuring the same prayer quickly. As they did, a shining blue light connected the three of them, creating a triangle around him.

"What is this?" Naraku snarled, looking at the small barrier around him. As he tried to step out of it with one of his eight legs, it shocked him, burning him with their holy power. "You think this can stop me?"

"It only has to stop you long enough!" Ayame shouted as she attacked. She had known that the three had been working on this for a while now for exactly this occasion.

Kouga joined his mate and together they dealt him a powerful punch. However, Naraku raised his legs and blocked them, using another to swing and hit them from the side. Kouga grabbed Ayame to him, taking the kick to protect her.

"Kouga!" The red head cried as she hovered over her fallen mate.

Inuyasha frowned as he looked at his coworkers and then at his sword. He couldn't use any attack with Tessaiga because he knew that he risked injuring them all in the confined space. With a frustrated growl, he sheathed Tessaiga and readied his claws, using his blood blades to attack, but Naraku hit him back.

Sesshoumaru felt his eyes bleed red, his markings turned jagged as the scent of Kagome's blood continued to fill his nose. Another partner dead. He failed to protect her like he failed to protect Rin. Why did he have this curse? And right when he was becoming aware that might feel something for her.

"Get back." He commanded to the others, his youki flaring dangerously around him.

Inuyasha scoffed. "Keh, no way you're going to get all the credit for this, Sesshoumaru. We're all going to have a hand in defeating him."

"I said get back." He repeated, the ground indenting with every step he took, his youki breaking the ground beneath him. Without waiting for their answer, he charged at Naraku with every intent on tearing him apart with his claws.

"Sit! Everyone get down!"

Even though he was forced to the ground, he could not be mad. Instead, he was shocked, happy, and surprised all at once. She was alive and her voice soothed his raging anger. However, he processed her other words before he heard the THWANG of an arrow being released from its string. He covered his head as her arrow flied through and only looked up when he heard Naraku's scream. He watched as the hanyou wailed and crumpled to the floor, the shinning pink arrow sticking out from his chest and coating his body is a soft hue of pink.

"Kagome-chan!" Kaede called when the girl sank back down next to her. She had tried to stop her from pushing herself, but failed as she stood up and picked up Kaede's bow and arrow and fired. She knew she had put too much strain on her body and it was only proven when the girl fell to the floor. "Idiot child," She sighed lovingly and pet her hair. Still, she had hit Naraku and she could only hope her effort was not in vain. "Just hold in there."

"I will not," Naraku growled, forcing himself back to his feet. "be defeated! I have the jewel!"

"Sesshoumaru!" Miroku called, sweat beading around his forehead. "We can't hold this for much longer!"

Not letting his partner fail, Sesshoumaru leapt to his feet and charged at Naraku again. Using his claws, he shoved his hand into his chest and pulled out the jewel. He felt the jewel's evil promises, the power begging him to use him, but he would not be swayed. After that, he let his fingers glow with his whip and swiftly decapitated him. With the jewel unable to heal him back together and the reiki from Kagome's arrow still embedded in him, his body began to burn away, turning to ash before them.

"Kagome-chan?" Kaede asked, shaking the girl slightly.

Fearing the worst, Sesshoumaru turned towards them and quickly made his way over there. He lifted the still miko up into a sitting position and looked down at her. "Kagome," he said softly. He frowned down at the wound in her side and lowered his free hand to cover it, trying to stop the blood from seeping out of her. "Kagome."

Her eyes fluttered open a bit. She smiled weakly up at him. "I like when you say my name." She whispered.

He let a small smirk tilt his lips. "Don't get used to it."

"Jerk." She murmured before her eyes slid shut again.

He would have panicked if it not for the faint heart beat that was still audible.